Fish Soup Base Steamboat @ Kuchai Lama

If you asked me what my favourite food is, the first answer would always be steamboat.
People always like to eat steamboat during raining or cold weather, but I tell you, I can eat steamboat at anytime and any places.
That's because I am a soup lover; I guess this is the practice since my childhood as my mum cooks soup for us of every dinner. *whatacaringmum*

I usually go to the Restaurant Shabu-Shabu at Puchong when it comes for steamboat.
That's the place me and Lik love the most as we can eat all you can at just RM30 plus for 1 person.
However, I will always want to try out new steamboat everywhere in KL.

I know about this newly opened HoChiak Steamboat & BBQ from my brother.
He also the same kind of person who love soup like me.
So I'm kinda believe in him whenever he recommended me a new place with nice soup. *hehe*

No fancy interior decorations, yet a simple and traditional Chinese restaurant look with all wooden furniture.
There are few tables inside the restaurant and also 2 tables are available at outside.

For just 2 person, we ordered a set of seafood platter @ RM 26.90.
It's quite big for 2 person though.

Also, the "yee mee" noodle and egg come with the set as well.

We also ordered 3 side dishes just in case not enough for us. What a big eater!
This is the home-made fish ball @ RM4.00 for 5 pieces.

This is the squid pork meat ball @ RM4.00 as well for 5 pieces in total.

We at first thought the dumpling would be in raw and we can put them in the soup (the menu never mentioned it)
Yet, we were pretty surprised when it came in fried, also the size of each dumpling is very small.
It costs RM7.80 for 6 pieces, and we think this is not that worth it.

This is the best recommended fresh fish soup base from the owner.
They do have other soups like Tom Yam, yet I strongly recommend this fish soup as this is the most highlight from them.
Each soups cost RM8,00.

Each person will serve with their in-house source with the steamboat.
Love the fried garlic so much especially you deep it in the soup!

Looks so #yummylicious, right?!

I really enjoy having their fish soup.
We asked for few times refill, because I can drink one whole bowl by myself! *haha*

The boss is a nice and friendly man, he speaks to every customers who dine in and ask their opinion about their food and dining experiences.
He told us that he has actually spent 2-3 months to get this distinctive and perfect soup base.
Plus, he also pointed out that the soup is free from any artificial flavourings, unlike the others soup that available in the menu.

This is actually my second time to this restaurant, yet I still feel satisfy with their food quality, and services.
Please do try out their lamb BBQ as my brother said this is their best BBQ among the others!

If you are a steamboat lover like me, you probably no harm to try this new place out!

HoChiak Steamboat & BBQ 
39, Jalan Kuchai Lama Maju 7, 
Entrepreneurs Park, 
58200, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 012-359 2262
Opening: 1130am - 3pm / 530pm - 11pm (closed on Wednesday)

Business Hours: 11:30 a.m. –

Wish comes true at Brighton Beach, Melbourne

Travelling to Melbourne is one of my to do list in 2014!
And, visiting to Brighton Beach is one of my wishes if I have the chance to visit Melbourne.
When Lik asked me if I have any particular places I wanted to visit in Melbourne, the very first place that came into my mind was to see the colourful bathing boxes on the Brighton Beach. 
I always wanted to go there ever since I seen people posted beautiful pictures on their social media.
Glad that I have achieved both dreams in 2014! *clap hands*

This post is just gonna bloat up with many colourful pictures.
Do not say I never warn you in advance.
You should get a cup of coffee before you start enjoying the beautiful pictures! *hehe*

Brighton Beach is a beach-side suburb of Melbourne, Australia.
It is located only 11km from central Melbourne, along the south-east edge of Port Philip Bay.
We came here by driving, and the carpark is free of charge.
But, I trust you can come here by public transports like trams, trains and buses that run from central Melbourne to Brighton Beach. 

It was a lovely afternoon with blue sky, comfort wind, clear water, clean sand, and fresh air. 
What else can you ask for more?!

The striking colours of these boxes are really interesting as the colours bring the happiness to the visitors.
Don't get it wrong from the picture.
All the bathing boxes are being locked although we tried to open one of the box #7. *haha*

Brighton Beach is famous for the 82 colourful bathing boxes.
The different and unique boxes just make this beach so stand out!
The sporty design of bathing box is #63.

Each of the bathing boxes have their own unique iconic which made of weatherboard timbers, and corrugated iron roofs.
I looked extremely high in front of the complete red box #19. *mybirthdaydate*

Let's fly to the last #82 bathing box from box just #8.

Me and Lik feeling love in front of box #24. *sweetlove*

Box #27, with just simple green and blue colour.

My red outfit just fit the striking yellow and light blue of box #35.

I named this as pacman box, don't you think the graphic looks like a pacman head?
Here comes the box #38.

Box #41, like a rainbow box.

All these beach huts makes the entire place look so cute and lovely!
The #47 box!

Listening to the sound of splashing waves, and chill out with the sunshine for a day probably the best relaxing day after a long week of hard work!

If you come to Melbourne, make sure you drop by for a few pictures before leaving Melbourne.
Drop by box #66 to have the same shot like me! *feelinggreat*

To get the best shot of these boxes, I would suggest you get there in the late afternoon.
No hot sun while taking pictures, yet you can also enjoy the sunset over there.

It would be nice if you can bring your dogs to walk or run along the beach.
How nice if we can bring Zoi D for a walk here.
I am sure he must be extremely excited and happy running around!

it is a beautiful place that I will never forget about it!

Enough for the pictures? Yay or Nay?!

And yup, ending this post with a mixture of me posing in front of the 16 colourful bathing boxes!
Hope you enjoy the post.
I will see you guys again very soon!

Namoo Grey Korean Cafe @ IOI City Mall

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!
I hope you all enjoyed your new year countdown.
Mine was nothing interesting; I had a good Japanese dinner with Lik and also watched the new Hobbit movie before the year ended.
Anyway, hope you all had a fun celebration to greet the brand new year.
Let's us finger-crossed for a better 2015!

Today, I am going to blog about the Namoo Grey Korean Cafe, a Korean cafe that I visited last year.
Also a very nice dessert cafe that I like the most *hehe*

I haven't been write my own review about this cafe even though I have been to the Publika branch few times. 
One of the reasons is because I don't like the services at Publika; their waitresses are very arrogant and not friendly at all.
My US friend told me that he will never want to pay a visit there again no matter how good their food is. #thisissosad

Since now they have a new branch at IOI City Mall, I might give them another try.

It's not difficult to find it because it is just out of the Parkson baby department, located at first floor. 

Very comfortable environment with it's nice furniture and dim lights set up. 

We started our today's meal with their starter, spicy chicken n vege stew @ RM18.90.

It is quite full-filling because of it's rich ingredients. 

Tried their main course of white cream omuto chicken @ RM19.90.

If you like the malay nasi pattaya, then I am sure you will like this as well from Namoo!

If you know about Namoo cafe, I guess you will know about their highlight dessert sweet potato cake.
This is also one of the reasons I like it here so much.

I know you are expensive, one slice @ RM12.90, but no worries because I seriously couldn't resist you!

Well, I guess these pictures have well explained how good the taste is. #yummylicious

Besides the good food they served, the decoration of the cafe is also very attractive. 
As it is located at the corner side, the environment is pretty tranquil compare to the crowded and noisy restaurants located at LG floor.

Namoo Grey Korean Cafe
L1-72, First Floor, 
IOI City Mall Lebuh IRC, 
IOI Resort City, 
Putrajaya, KL
Tel: 03-89591269
Instagram: namoogrey

Hope you like the post for today.
Till next time, see you again!