Sasagawa Japanese Cuisine @ Sheraton Imperial KL Hotel

Remember the recent post on my FB and IG about the food review of an authentic Japanese Cuisine I did at Sasagawa?
If you overlooked it, it's okay.
Today, I am going to share the unique and unforgettable dining experience I had with Sasagawa on that evening.

Sasagawa, has it's name borrowed from the main chef of the restaurant.
Mr. Sasagawa is trained under the Iron chef "Tadamichi Ota", and now he is using his skills and knowledge to create a traditional and authentic Japanese Cuisine in Malaysia.
He aims for continuing to provide full-scale Japanese food in Japanese style whereby he is not only import the best ingredients directly from Japan, but also perform the drew taste of the material through his own recipes.

At the entrance, we were greeted by all the staffs in the Japanese way of greeting.
Besides, you will also feel the classy of the entire atmosphere once you stepped into the restaurant, which maybe because it is located inside the elegant of Sheraton Imperial Hotel. #lol

The design of the restaurant has utilized the Japanese tradition, with pinky plum flowers next to the window, and also the Zen-inspired interior with wood and stone materials all over the place.
While you spending your time there, you probably can recall your Japan trip memories or you can have a Pre-Japan feeling if you have not been yet. #hehe

This is my most favourite spot inside the restaurant whereby the walkway covers with the wooden dividers which reflected the Japanese theme.
The dim lights just captured so right to give a warm feeling while you walking through the walkway.

Everything inside the restaurant are display perfectly well, simple and clean.
Sasagawa wants to create a tradition architect yet an atmosphere with the good old ancient city like in local Kyoto.

It has different dining experience for you, like sushi bar seats, open dining areas and private rooms.

Their biggest private room can hold up to 10 guests for a seated lunch or dinner.

I realized the restaurant provides lots of privacy space to maintain customers' privacy, whereby all the tables are subtly set at great distance from each other,

There are 3 kind of dinner courses and the one we are having is Hana course, also known as Kaiseki Cuisine, which costs RM350 with total 10 courses. 
They also serve A La Carte with more than 90 kind dishes. like Sashimi, Pot Stew and Steak, all available for lunch and dinner. 
For lunch bento, they have Chef's Special Bento, Tempura Bento, Sushi Bento, and Teppan Bento,
Please keep in mind that all the ingredients are freshly import from Japan and prepare as a market value.
The menu might have a slight change if the ingredient is not fresh enough to prepare on that day. 

A proper dinner always starts with an appetizer.
There are 3 courses of appetizers which includes tofu, fish and fruits

It is an egg tofu which has a topping with salmon egg, golden powder, radish and a bit of wasabi.
The tofu is made from egg, mixed and steamed well with Japanese Dashi Stock.

The middle one is the cutlass fish nanbanduke, which prepare with loofah marinated vinegar and kikka flower.
It is a dish of pickled vegetables with red pepper called "nanbanzuke".

For the fruit side-dish, we have the fresh tomato from Kochi prefecture, Japan.
Taking my first bite surprised me because of the natural sweetness. #sosweet

Sashimi is the main attraction in any Japanese restaurants.
I love raw food a lot, especially all kinds of Sashimi.
A plate like this includes Maguro (tuna), Chutoro (medium-tuna berry), Shimaaji (striped jack), Salmon Aburi (braised salmon), and Botan Ebi (sweet shrimp).
All these raw food are direct fly and import from Japan,
The presentation looks so great with the assortment of decoration.

The texture of each pieces are wonderfully textured and they perfectly melted in my mouth.
As a sashimi fans like me, I couldn't stop my enthusiastic from one piece to another piece.
Every pieces were soft on each bites in my mouth.

I have to be careful when biting one piece to another piece, seriously toooo good and amazing to be explained well. ! #lol

Next we have the Grilled Kuroge Wangyu Beef, which comes from the black hair cow.
It has a beautiful crispy top skin, and the meat is very juicy, moist and tender.
It's definitely one of the best beef that I ever had!

2 pieces of Wangyu beef serves with Japanese Seasonal fresh vegetables like mushroom, cucumber, lotus and eggplant. Nice touch!

One of my Japanese food favourite is the sukiyaki pot, because I am a lover of soups and everyone around me knows that. #hehe
The sukiyaki pot from Sasagawa is slightly different than what I usually had, it is less watery.
They named this as Pot Stew 

The soup cooks with the Japanese style onion soup stock with Kujo green onion. 
It looks pretty dull before we put all ingredients for making it better.

The raw food which have prepared are the braised pike conger, sea-bass, octopus and accompany with some mizuna, rolled Chinese cabbage, maitake mushroom and a piece of lime.

Put everything into the pot and wait for a minute, then the seafood soup will be ready to serve!

The soup is so clear that you can taste the most original and natural taste of seafood. 
I could drink the whole bowl of the soup alone. #haha

I believe this would be everyone's favourite, chawanmushi! #hehe
But wait a moment, this chawanmushi is totally different than the one you always have at other Japanese restaurants. 
It's a special chawanmushi made with Goma tofu which includes the ground sesame paste, so you will gain the sesame taste inside the tofu.

The egg custard also fills with sesame cream, and that's why the egg texture is a bit creamy.
By adding the secret recipe of all kinds of sesame, the chawanmushi is not as simple as that anymore!
Besides, the top has a thin sliced winter melon and wolfberry too.

One of the highlight of the Hana course is the Deep Fried Dish which they created a special tempura recipe.
When this tempura was served, I was a bit surprise as I can't justify it is tempura because what we usually have is the deep fried seafood and vegetables.
Well, that explains well how special it is Sasagawa.

This tempura set is made of Cha Soba Sushi with stock sauce and glazed daikon radish.
The topping has a bit of white onion and wasabi.
The mixture of the soba with the crispy tempura skin are definitely perfect match.

Shokuji rice, cooked in a small kettle topping with salmon, salmon egg, and shiso leaf.
I personally don't like the smell of the shiso leaf, and that's why this is not my top favourite after all.

Miso Soup is a must when it comes to any Japanese cuisines.
It is also a must serving for Japanese when celebrating something like wedding, baby shower etc

A bowl of Shokuji rice, miso soup and pickles are a good combo meal for a day.
The pickles is seaweed with Arima-Ni which is simmered using green Japanese peppercorn.

Last, desserts were served! #ohyea
There were choice from Yuzu Sorbet, Maccha Ice-Cream, Black Sesame Ice-Cream, and Yukimi Daifuku. 
This is the Black Sesame Ice-Cream, one of the top pick!

Yukimi Daifuku is the most special among the others.
It is vanilla ice-cream warpped with a mocha skin, a MUST try!

Maccha Ice-Cream is in green tea flavour, which is quite a common one we can see from other places.

Yuzu Sorbet means lemon lime flavor. I didn't get to try this as I think Black sesame and Yukimi Daifuku have win them all!

Thank you chef Mr. Sasagawa for all the delicious food for that night.
I truly enjoyed all of them, and this is the most yummylicious Japanese food that I ever had.
とても おいしい です!

Also, thanks to Mr. Naoto Yoneda for all the arrangement and hospitality during our dining experience.
You did a great job!

Sasagawa Japanese Cuisine
Level 2, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel
Jalan Sultan Ismail,50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2602 3288

Website: Sasagawakl
Facebook: Sasagawaasia

Business hours (open everyday):
Lunch: 12pm to 230pm
Dinner 6pm to 10pm

Ending the post at my favourite spot with the outfit of that night.
Top: GuangZhoug / Bottom: TaoBao / Shoe: Bangkok / Watch: Casio

Squid Ink Pasta and Rice @ Franco One Utama

I am pretty sure many of you must have heard of Franco from any social media sites recently.
It is quite a well known Japanese-French restaurant nowadays in the town, and they are opening a few more franchises; the new upcoming one will be at Berjaya Times Square.
Well, today I am just going to give a short review about my dining experience in Franco.

For those who doesn't know about Franco yet, Franco is a French-Japanese Fine-Casual Dining Restaurant, so their food are a bit of Japanese and a bit of French.
I have seen Franco few times whenever I walked past by at One Utama, and usually it was crowded and with a long q outside.

So, I have my first time visited with Kay, when she was in KL during the Raya breaks.
It was already very crowded when we stepped into the shop before 6pm.

I like the casual setting of the shop.
With the chesterfield sofa at the side, it just bring a bit of french with vintage style.

Welfie with Kay for that night!

We ordered everything in squid ink for our dinner on that night.
First with the Squid Ink Pasta @ RM26.80
The pasta has a bit of wasabi taste inside with the black source, and it paired with squid ring which is very chewy and tender.

Make sure you have your tissue with you to wipe off the black ink inside your teeth and lips.
If not, you will look horrible after this dish. #lol

Another squid ink dish we ordered is the Squid Ink Rice @ RM28.80.
I like how the rice taste with a bit of sticky feeling, that probably because of the mixture of the cheese inside.
Not only that, the rice also comes with fresh prawns and squids.

We both like this beautiful dish very much!
It's definitely my top pick from Franco!

I am sure you may have a better dining experience in Franco, maybe more other food you ordered from there before.
Let's share with me what are the other good ones that I must order when I pay my second visit there!

Franco Malaysia
Lot 146, Ground Floor,
One Utama Shopping Center,
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya,
FB: Franco Malaysia

End the post with the outfit of that day!
Top: Zara / Bottom: from Germany / Shoe: from Bangkok / Bag: MCM Korea/ Watch: G Shock

GIVEAWAY @ 2 VIP passes of The Transporter Refueled

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