MELILEA @ MELILEA Lavender, Frankincense Oil & Phyto-3 Carrier Oil Blend

I am a huge fans of essential oils.
I remember I first started using essential oils was about 8 years ago, when my best friend, Kay introduced the Lavender oil to me.
The first time I smelled it from the little bottle, I fall in love right away because of the scent is so calming and soothing that makes me feel soooo good. 
Then I slowly invested different types of oils according to my needs; for instance, when I had acnes popping up on my skin, I like to use tea tree as it helps to reduce the redness, I use peppermint oil to treat headache, muscle joints and joint pain if I had any, and I also use orange and lemon essential oils to diffuse our home everyday because me and my family love how these scents help to refresh our space and we somehow find the lemon oils can promote feelings of motivation. :)
There are indeed many benefits about the essential oils and how the oils can be used in different ways to incorporate in our lifestyle, that's the reason why I would invest my time and money to explore the scents and uses of different oils.
To be honest, I've tried quite a few brands before, either locally made or imported, and I'm excited to hear that one of my fav brand, MELILEA has recently came out their own essential oils series.