AEON Wellness @ Lishan Horse Oil & Charcoal Face Wash Foam, M&Y Kiss Eve Kiss All-In-One Gel & Plump Pink Melty Lip Serum

Hello and welcome back to my beauty blog!
I hope you all are having a wonderful Chinese New Year Celebration with your loved ones.
Whether you're indulging in delicious traditional foods, enjoying time with family and friends, or participating in cultural activities, I hope you're all having a great time and making lasting memories. 
Today I am excited to share with you all the latest Japanese beauty products that I recently started incorporating into my routine.
From skincare to makeup, these products have truly impressed me with their high-quality ingredients, luxurious textures and effective results.
I can't wait to share my personal experience with these exclusive products I got from AEON Wellness and give you all the details on how they have improved my beauty routine.
AEON Wellness, is an one-stop pharmacy and healthy and beauty store chain that offers a wide range of products, including over-the-counter medications, personal care items, health and wellness products and also simple health check-ups and skin analysis.
Besides, they also have a wide range of beauty products such as makeup, skincare and hair care.
Pay the physical store a visit to find out more about AEON Wellness, but for now, let's get ready to discover the best of Japanese beauty together. 

Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort Ski Tour @, Korea's #1 Travel Shop

Welcome back to my Seoul post! :)
Today, I want to share one of the highlights of my trip so far - skiing!
To be honest, I never really planned to travel to Korea during the winter because I knew it could be really tough with freezing temperatures that sometimes drop below -10 degrees Celsius.
I've been there during the winter back in 2013 and it was quite a shock for me.
But since Kay and Stella only had a long break in December, and it had been a long time since we had  traveled to a country where it snowed, so we decided to plan our trip to Seoul during winter. 
We hope to be able to relive some of the memories from our time in Michigan, and experience the joy in the snow again. 
So, I looked for fun winter activities that we could do at, and skiing was at the top of our list.
Kay had never been skiing was Stella's first time at a ski resort in Korea...and I had only had a short ski experience in Korea back in 2013, so we were all excited to hit the slopes in Korea and experience the unique culture and beauty of the country. 
We are pleasantly surprised that it ended up being one of the highlights of our trip, and it was a trip we'll always remember. :)
Big thanks to Trazy, Korea's #1 Travel Shop for taking care of all the arrangements, we had an amazing time on our ski trip, and they really made it a memorable experience for us!
If you're planning your first ski trip to Korea, I hope this post has given you some useful information, and hope that my experience can be helpful for anyone planning a similar trip in the future.
And, if you want to see some videos of our skiing experience, you can check out my Instagram stories, find me at @mizhippo, I've highlighted them into "Seoul Dec 22" for some funny clips. :)

Carina “We Love We Care” 礼盒 @ 纸巾/湿巾/化妆棉/棉耳棒/厨房纸巾

2020年突如其来的一场新冠疫情, 相信大家对自身的卫生都提加警惕.
除了口罩成为我们生活上的必需品之外, 我个人觉得纸巾也是我们现今日常必备的消耗品.
不管室内或室外, 擦灰擦水擦桌子, 抹脸抹手抹鼻涕, 纸巾真的已经成为我们生活中的必需品.
因为纸巾时刻与我们有着 "肌肤之亲", 所以在选纸巾也要特别的留意, 比如说纸巾的韧性, 吸水性, 柔软度还有价格等等.
另外也因为疫情的关系, 我对湿纸巾的要求也一定要达到有效的抗菌功能.
感谢好朋友的介绍, 我第一次接触到来自本土, 马来西亚制造的纸巾品牌, Carina.
Carina纸巾使用的是原生纸浆和100%天然纯棉, 保护我们的皮肤之时, 还可以保护我们周遭的环境.
如果这是你第一次听说Carina这个品牌, 也想了解多点的话, 记得按Read more来一起了解更多吧. :)

Yippi LIVE Streaming Broadcast x 32nd Seoul Music Awards 서울가요대상 @ K-pop Merchandise Giveaways

It has been a long and difficult 3 years for the entertainment industry, as lockdowns and restrictions have made it challenging for concerts and other events to take place.
To be honest, I am eagerly anticipating the return of concerts and music awards shows and I am so looking forward to experiencing them again in real life.
Maybe iKon or BTS concert soon?! :)
If you also enjoy concerts and music awards, I have some good news for you!
With the brand new year 2023 begins, the South Korean entertainment industry will kick off the start of its annual award season on 3 January 2023. 
It's so excited the 32nd Seoul Music Awards, one of the most highly anticipated events in the Korean entertainment industry, will take place on 19 January 2023, at the Olympic Gymnastic Arena in Seoul.
I believe this marks a special occasion for both fans (meeeee!) and performers as it will be the first time in years that the awards ceremony will be able to take place in person.
For the K-pop fans, don't miss this opportunity to be part of this exciting event; watch the music awards live for free and have the chance to win some amazing prizes from the comfort of your home!

Hakka Rang Restaurant SS2 @ Celebrate the Reunion Feast with the Delicious and Modern Hakka Cuisine

Hello and Happy New Year!
Can't believe we are celebrating Chinese New Year in less than a month now.
We just finished celebrating the holiday season with Christmas and now we are excited to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
In case you not sure about the culture of Chinese New Year, we have one important tradition for the Spring Festival, which is the reunion dinner 年夜饭 that usually takes place on New Year's Eve.
It is a time for families, no matter how far the distance to travel, to come together and celebrate the festival by enjoying a meal together. 
Some of you may be considering preparing your own dishes at home and some of you maybe considering going out to a restaurant, which I believe both options can be a lot of fun.
Here...if you are looking for a special place to celebrate the Chinese New Year, look no further!
Today, I would like to introduce Hakka Rang restaurant as the perfect destination, whether it's a family reunion dinner, lunch gathering with friends, or even with business associates for your Chinese New Year Celebration. 

Where I stay in Seoul Korea @ Travelodge Myeongdong Euljiro

Can't believe that I just came back from Seoul!
For 3 years on non-stop talking on revisit to Korea, my dream finally came true when the border was reopen. 
I remember the last time I blogged about Korea was 3 years ago, about a year before the Covid lockdown, can't describe how happy I was when I hopped on the plane to fly to Korea!
This time, I traveled with my best friends, Kay and Stella.
Three of us have been talking about traveling together once the border open, and we finally made it!
Yes! One of the 2022 bucket list ticked!
Can't wait to share you guys where we stay, what we eat, and where we go during the 9 days trip in Seoul.
Anyway, for the first post, as usual, I will be sharing the hotel I stayed in Seoul. 
So, I was up to plan the itinerary since I had been to Seoul few times, Kay and Stella entrust on me to make plans for this Seoul trip.
I looked at several hotels nearby Myeongdong areas, at last I decided to book our stay at Travelodge Myeongdong Euljiro.
I hope to share everything about Travelodge Myeongdong Euljiro with you guys, and hopefully you guys can find some useful information before you book your stay with the hotel.
Let's not drag tooo far, and keep on reading!