An Autumn Retreat @ A Celebration of Unity at Sunway Velocity Mall

The Mid-Autumn is just around the corner.
This is the opportune time for families and friends to gather together to enjoy mooncakes, have a good chat, play with lanterns and appreciate a bright moon.
In conjunction with annual Mooncake Festival, Sunway Velocity Mall is holding their celebration at the shopping mall for visitors, with special campaign, "An Autumn Retreat" happening from 21st August to 13th September 2019.
Like in many festivals, Sunway Velocity Mall hopes "An Autumn Retreat" to bring families and friends together through the many exciting activities and fun workshops as well as various mooncake vendors that are gathered for this campaign.

Murad City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA++++ @ Murad

Ladies, what is the one beauty product you can't ever live without everyday?
Some said concealer, some said lipstick or lip gloss, and some said mascara.....
Yeah. Well for me, I can't live the house without putting sunscreen on my face.
Sunscreen is definitely the most important when it comes to take care of a beauty skin.
I always think sunscreen is important to everyone with every skin types, even if you don't burn easily or staying outside in the sun, it's an immediate action to protect your skin by slowing down the development of wrinkles, fine lines and hyper-pigmentation, giving you an even skin tone, and also decreasing your risk of developing skin cancer.
I've been introducing quite a few Murad products in the past few months; if you followed on my blog, you shall know that :) and this time I'm going to share my most favourite sunscreen product, which is the Murad City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA++++.
I've been using this sunscreen for almost 2 months, it leaves my skin in great condition and without a doubt, my skin loves it very much.

Clinelle @ Let’s celebrate 15 years of Happy & Healthy Skin!

My great honour to celebrate this special day with Clinelle!
Thanks for having me! :)
2019 marks another milestone for Clinelle, being in the skincare industry for 15 years and successfully launched more than 70 skus regionally.
Over the years, Clinelle believes true beauty comes from a happy face, and healthy skin.
The brand has received numerous prestigious beauty awards, putting the brand as one of the most established skincare experts in the industry.
Today, Clinelle is turning 15 this year, let’s celebrate together!

I'Milky 沐白小農沐場 @ Kota Laksamana, Melaka

Last week was a busy yet fun week.
Had a food commercial shooting day with a new team on Wednesday, it was really fun, I can't wait to share it with you guys the final production. #hehe
And then went to Melaka for a one day trip with my girls, Cinda and Reiko.
I enjoyed to have a road trip with friends, coz I think road trip is a great way to spend time together doing things you love, chatting, having fun with each other, and creating memories.
It's our first trip together, and I hope we could do that more often in the future. :)
So, we started our journey very early in the morning, and then stopped by at a newly opened bubble tea house to chill a bit before we headed to have lunch.
Well, all of us know that Malaysians are crazy about bubble teas, there are so many names floating everywhere on social media.
Seriously, I always not too sure which shop to go. :p
Well, I'Milky 沐白小沐場 has a little bit different with the other bubble teas in the market.
Why? They mainly use FRESH MILK to prepare their wide range of beverages!

Yuk Sou Hin 玉寿轩, Tea Lounge, The Deck Gastrobar @ WEIL Hotel

Hello! Hello!
After sharing with you all about the hotel rooms and facilities at WEIL Hotel in Ipoh, it's time to talk about my food adventures, from brunch, high-tea to fine dine at this 4-star hotel.
As the main purpose of this Ipoh trip is to have a relaxing break with my girls, so we thought of doing nothing adventurous or planning any special activities, but just laid back at the hotel to chill and spend some quality times together.
That's also one of the reason we choose WEIL Hotel for our trip instead of the others. :p
So, this post is gonna be a long post because I'm gonna try my best to share all the info and food pictures with you guys.
Hopefully you will bear with me until the end, and also hope you guys enjoy reading it too ya!

Where to Stay in Ipoh @ WEIL Hotel

Hey guys!
Greetings from Ipoh!
If you guys are following my Instagram, you would probably know that I just visited Ipoh last weekend with my girl friends.
I've shared a lot of my Ipoh moments through Instagram Stories, do check out my highlights if you're interested to know what's happening during the trip ya!
We had a short gateaway in Ipoh over the weekend, and in this post, I will be sharing with you all about our 3D2N stay at WEIL Hotel.
I've been eyeing on this hotel since my last trip in Ipoh with my family in early February, and glad that this time I'm able to book my stay with them.
The hotel is located in the Ipoh city, that gives a very warm and relaxing vibes to the guests.
Can't wait to share more! Let's check out the WEIL Hotel with me now! :)

NIVEA All-New Whitening Deep Serum Deodorant @ Hokkaido Rose & Sakura Deodorant

You probably already using one now.
Or maybe you are thinking to get one for your everyday use.
When it comes to choosing a deodorant, it has to do with one thing; it must have good scent to cover the smell of sweat and also prevent you from smelling funky.
I always think deodorants is one of the essential items for everyone all year round, especially Malaysia has its summer all year long.
NIVEA, has been one of my favourite brand when it comes to deodorants, one thing I like about their products is it has nice neutral smells, that not only keep my skin cool and fresh, but also able to get rid of body odor and prevent from sweating.
Yea, good news from NIVEA! They are launching the all-new NIVEA Whitening Deep Serum Hokkaido Rose Deodorant to give users a brand-new way to enjoy its luxurious and uplifting fragrance everyday!

KITKAT Popcorn @ Celebrates World Chocolate Day

Hey ya! Are you a chocolate lover?
In conjunction to celebrate the World Chocolate Day with chocolate lovers from all over Malaysia, the leading trendsetter in the chocolate category, KITKAT is introducing a new level of break, the limited edition KITKAT Popcorn.
KITKAT has established a record of creating unique combinations of flavours such as the Jpanese-inspired KITKAT Green Tea, the local favourite KITKAT DUO Teh Tarik, and KITKAT Rose Bandung; and this year, KITKAT leveled up its innovation by bringing an extraordinary new variant, KITKAT Popcorn, the first sweet and savoury variant in its range.

Places to Visit in Guangzhou @ Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou travel blog update again!
Oh! It's been more than a month since I last updated my Guangzhou trip!
Sorry guys if I kept you waiting on the post, I was really busy in July with a lot of posting schedules, and my works are quite busy recently too.
Well, I think my July was pretty much fulfilling with many fun activities..
I'm hoping and looking for a better month in August!
Yeap! To kick start my August, I'm going to do a short post regarding the places I visited in Guangzhou.
I hope this post will give you some ideas about how Guangzhou looks like, how the busy city makes you feel like, or what you can expect when you are traveling to Guangzhou.
Without further ado, let's start it now!