Grand Imperial Bird's Nest Swallow Nest Silk Mask

Face masks are one essential skin care savior for me.
To be honest, I'm a very big fan of face masks, especially face sheet masks.
Not only because they are convenient, and full of good nutrients to your skin, but they are also relatively inexpensive.
I always think they are like the one-night-stands of skin care which provides more intensive treatments after a long day out.
I have tried many face sheet masks before, and this time I have tried out the Grand Imperial Bird's Nest Swallow Nest Silk Mask.

Grand Imperial Bird's Nest Swallow Nest Silk Mask is a product from Taiwan.
As we know that bird nest is well known to promote a radiant complexion and good inner health, and also riches in protein and other nutrients.
Hence, this Nest Silk Mask extracted from cave's swallow's nest which is rich in collagen, minerals and other nutrients.
It uses only bird's nest that have been carefully harvested and is manufactured using advanced technology in a GMP and HACCP certified facility.
Keep in mind that it is also 100% natural and free of preservatives, artificial flavourings and colourings..

Swallow Nest Silk Mask claims to have several kinds of active ingredients which helps to:
#1 Lighten skin dark spots and tone
#2 Brighten and smoothen the skin complexion
#3 Increase and maintain skin moisture level
#4 Improve skin fine lines and wrinkles
#5 Promoted skin elasticity and suppleness

How to use?
#1 After cleanse your face, place the mask gently on your face and adjust it accordingly
#2 Leave it for 20 - 30 minutes
#3 After that, gently massage the extra serum on your face before wash it off or continue your skin care routine.

There are a lot extra serum inside the package, you may want to massage these excess serum into your neck, chest, hands, or even feet.
Well, just get as much as moisture you can from one single package!

My thought after using it?
I like the texture very much, because the sheet is so thin and smooth like a silk.
You can feel the mask is pretty wet, and it's quite drenched in serum.
I think it has a great function to restore the moisture to the skin, as I can feel the moist after having it.
After I took off the mask, I also could definitely see my face is brighter, refresh, and softer.

You can check out the Grand Imperial Bird's Nest Swallow Nest Silk Mask at
It is now selling at RM69.90 which contains total 5 sheets inside a box.
If you are a fans sheet masks, I think this is worth for a try!

Very Bad Infection with Pus @ Pantai Hospital Bangsar

Hey guys!
It's been 3 weeks since I updated my blog.
For those who have been following on my Instagram and FB, you guys would probably know that I fall sick after returning home from my Hong Kong trip.
I stayed at home for more than a week, and admitted to hospital.
People asked me about my condition, but sorry that I wasn't exactly sure what's to tell.
Since I am recovering now, so I thought might just sharing this post with you all, as well as a personal review about the Pantai Hospital Bangsar that I stayed for 4 days.

It all started on the last day of my Hong Kong trip.
Me and my sisters thought I was lucky enough as we wouldn't know how will it be if this happened during the trip.
My left face started with pain and swelling, while I was taking the flight back to Malaysia.
It was such a long journey to be back home, although the total flight was just 4 hours, as my face was feeling so discomfort.
On the next day, I went to see my ENT doctor, Dr Chang at Pantai Hospital Bangsar, because I thought the discomfort probably causes of my sinuses and watery eyes.
Dr Chang was shocked to see me with my swollen face.
He asked me to take some strong antibiotics to reduce the infection before knowing the main reason causing it.
I took the antibiotics for 2 days, but condition didn't go so well.
My parents were worried, they asked me to seek advises from our "family doctor", Dr Nadarajah (Consultant Physician & Endocrinologist) at the same hospital too.
He first thought that I may diagnoses diabetes as my father has it.
He gave me stronger antibiotics which he thought that could probably help to relieve while waiting for the laboratory results.
I was happy with the antibiotics as I can see the improvement on my face, also glad that the body check up said that I don't have diabetes.
Truly, it was a bit worrying what if I diagnose with diabetes.

Obviously, things didn't go well.
After taking the antibiotics on the 3rd day, areas around my left eye was swelling badly, with pain, redness and tenderness.
It was getting worse day by day, which makes me most worried about!
This picture was taken on the 2nd day after the antibiotics, my final condition is 10 times worse than this!!!
I patiently wait till the weekend is over, and went back to Dr Nada again.
Everyone in the clinic were shocked when I took down my sunglasses (I couldn't go out without any sunglasses as I'm sure my condition can be frightening).
Dr Nada said he can see the pus is building inside the affected area, that's why the skin is getting red, hard and firm.
Without any discussion, Dr Nada admitted me straight away.

It's not my first time at Pantai Bangsar.
One thing I don't like about it here is the hospital administration.
It consider lucky that it only took me 1 hour plus to get into the ward.
I remembered few months ago, my aunt waited like 2 hours on the wheel chair before she entered to the room.
It's so ridiculous that the patients have to wait for so long to get lay down on the bed.
I think this should be seriously improved!

I was at ward 4.
Nurses and staffs are very friendly, nice, helpful and patient.
Indeed, everyone I met at the eye clinic, operation theater are all very good, except the unfriendly ones I met at the administration counter.
Ultra scan in the afternoon confirmed that there are a lot of pus inside the affected area, and need a minor surgery to drain it out.
Since it happened on my face, Dr Nada recommended a plastic surgeon for me, to prevent any scars.
Dr Kuladeva Ratnam (Consultant Plastic,Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon), is a well experienced surgeon, and he explained that he needs to cut a 0.5cm hole on the affected area to drain out the pus.
What actually causing all this infection is probably because of the blockage of my eye vein and the watery eyes I have.

Food in Pantai Bangsar are so so.
Well, what should I expect as a patient?
But one thing good is the menu has variety choices with Asian, Western, vegetarian, porridge and noodles.
If you want something better, there are Papparich, Starbucks, Subway, Secret Recipe etc at the G floor.
I remember the staff at the Hot & Roll is always very friendly; and trust me, their hot rolls are the best!

Now, I am feeling so much better after the surgery done.
Although the wound and the infection area need time for recovering; at least 3 months for reducing the redness, and a month for the wound healing with the bandage, I think nothing gonna be better than the super red and swelling face.
Anyway, whatever happen, life still goes on.

I want to thank my family.
Their unconditional loves and support are always so warm.
It's really touched to receive daily messages and calls from my both sisters.
I know you all have been worrying about my condition a lot.
I want to thank my hubby, Lik.
He is the one who stay with me to monitor my condition, and pamper me like a princess everyday.
He is the one who transmute my negative to his positive energies.
I want to thank everyone who message me no matter it's on my FB, or Whatsapp.
Thanks for all the encouragement and words of comfort.
I didn't get to reply each messages, but don't worry, I get them all and read them all.

The greatest wealth is health.
So everyone, live healthy!

Pure Caffe Tea @ Mid Valley Exhibition

I am back to talk about coffee again!
#lol! Please don't get bored with all my coffee stories!
Well, I have been talking about Pure Caffe Tea on my blog, my FB page and Insta.
Oh Yea, I just created my FB page recently, so do support and click like at ya!
Back to today's topic; so Pure Caffe Tea was having their first and also the biggest fair at the I Love Coffee & Tea Expo during the last weekend at the Mid Valley Exhibition.
If you been to the expo, or maybe to their booth, I am sure you will know how busy and crowded the booth was.
I guess everyone just can't get rid of the good smell of the coffee once you enter to the expo. #lol

It's the biggest booth among the others, and I really love the entire presentation and design of the booth. #greatjob

You got it right!
They are giving 9000 FREE premium Italy coffee during the expo, as well as many attractive vouchers and even FREE trips to Italy if you sign up their special package during the expo days.
Excited, don't ya?

Well well well...Let's keep calm, and drink a cup of cappuccino from Pure Caffe Tea! #hehe

Before I go through the special packages, let me give you some idea about the brand.
Pure Caffe Tea is a fully imported Italian coffee brand from Milan, Italy.
By using their imported in-house machines and capsules, you can make a perfect cup of Italian coffee by just pressing a button on the machine.
For just RM2, you can now enjoy a cup of premium Italy coffee or tea!

There are few coffee machines are available at Pure Caffe Tea.
Both Barista Beans and HLF3600 are able to make all kinds of coffee such as cappuccino, flat white, latte, espresso, double shot and so on.
These 2 coffee machines are more suitable for high frequent user which is suggested for office users.
Downpayment for these machines is only RM4,000; however you will get this amount back after one year.

Virgo and Freedom C11 Plus are designed for less frequent users.
If you want to enjoy a cup of premium coffee at home, you can consider the Freedom C11 Plus.
This coffee machine is specially made for the non heavy user such as 3-5 cups per day.
Although it looks small, but it's a complete machine which allows you to make your own latte art too!
Downpayment for the Freedom C11 Plus is about RM2,000 and the downpayment will pay back to you after one year,

Just a single push button and you can have your coffee or tea in a second!

Even young kids can make their own latte art with their smart designed coffee machine!

Coffee choices from Pure Caffe Tea includes Arabica 100, 24 Seven, Nero and No Limits.
All comes in either capsules, tin packed or vacuum packed.

There are actually few other companies having the similar concept like Pure, however the best thing about Pure is you aren't only make coffee with their machine, you can also make variety of teas, such as English breakfast tea, peppermint, Camomile, green tea, early grey tea, and lemon tea.

So now!
What's the promotion that Pure has for their customers during the expo?
No matter what packages you purchase, you will get all RM3,000 vouchers which includes 3 days 2 night in Bangkok, 50% off cafes and restaurants vouchers, and so on.
Besides, you will also can stand a chance to win the ITALY trip for 2 person if you sign up their package!
And, the most exciting news is this promotion is still valid while stocks last!
So peeps, hurry up and get these before the best deal is gone!

Coffee lovers!
Do check out Pure Caffe Tea at follow them at their FB page Pure Caffe Tea.
You can also contact them directly at 603-9284 3228 now!

Candid Shots @ Sydney Australia

While I was blogging about the 15 things to do in Sydney, I realized I have many candid shots leftover during the trip.
You can check out my first Sydney post at here, I hope it gives you a good idea about Sydney. 
Well, for this candid shots post, I thought of just making a short one; or else all pictures will be like forever staying inside my hard disc.
I edited the pictures with different color tones and settings especially for this post, hope you guys will like it.
So get ready!

Blue background matches with my outfit

My side angle can be good too

Looks like Spring, but it's not

One candid in front of the Sydney Opera House

Don't look down, but always look up

Where should I up next?

Simply love the green wood painting

So, what should I pose next?

Love the red

Trying to act cool, but failed I guess

My pose mixed well with the bench

Where should I put my hands?

Strong wind at the Manly Beach

Standing right in the city centre

Just because the ladies have a big mirror

One of favourite retail shop in Australia

Posing with posters is cool

That's pretty much sums up my Sydney trip.
I hope you enjoyed reading my travel posts in Sydney.
Till then!

I Love Coffee & Tea Expo @ Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

Hey guys!
It's middle of the week and 2 more days till weekend again!
Well, how did you spend your last weekend?
As you can see from my FB and Insta, I was at the I Love Coffee & Tea Expo which happened at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.
The expo was very happening with lots of crowds and fun!
And, what a coincidence that I met some old friends during the expo too.
Anyway, today I am going to share the expo with you guys!

I am so happy to be at the expo to explore new coffees and teas again!

Found a Korean coffee at the expo, 3B Inc Drip & Dutch.
They provide one stop solution for coffee business and enthusiast by supplying various coffee equipment and coffee tools, also a showcase of coffee products, coffee roasting, coffee cafe and professional coffee training.

A really cool and eye-catching art piece right in front of the main entrance.
Only 7 units available in the world, and this is one of them.
Such an honour to have met it at the expo!

There are many other smaller and delicate art pieces such as the drop towers which made of solid bamboo and also anodized alumimum.
Check out their FB at 3B INC - Three Bears Dutch Coffee 더치커피 is a coffee platform which bring all coffee lovers together all over the world.
From here, one single web platform, you can taste the unique and special coffee beans from London to Melbourne, Singapore to Beijing. has a simple booth design, but it has a very good concept of offering best coffee to us!
It launched in June 2016 in Singapore, and it will be official launch in Malaysia in Nov 2016, continue to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Most of the coffee now at are mainly imported from Australia.
For coffee lovers, we all know that Australia has very nice coffee everywhere in the country.
So, now you can taste the quality coffee from Australia within 7-10 days by just paying RM10 flat shipping rate!
For more info, you can check out their FB at cafebond
What's more? Use special code "CAFEBOND10" for RM10 off on your first order at!

Mister Coffee has supplied more than 25 million cups of coffee in every year.
They are not only selling their coffee to many shops and private companies, but also offer private labeling service to numerous brands in the market; so probably the coffee that you are drinking now is also considered one of their brands. :)

It has a wide range of the coffee selection starting from traditional black coffee, 100% coffee which roasted on their own without any other foreign ingredients added, espresso, instant soluble beverages and also some coffee machines and appliances.
Well, I think now everyone can make a great cup of coffee at your home or office with Mister Coffee!

Ice Lemon Tea is my favourite!
It's such a refreshing cold drink to have during the hot weather,!
Check out their FB at Mister Coffee for their product selection.

Essenso is a new coffee brand from Super Food.
What makes it different from the others is it has a very smooth texture, since the coffee grinds with 100% Arabica coffee beans in an oxygen free and ultra low temperature.

They are 2 different packaging from Essenso.
The red one is 3 in 1 and the red one is 2 in 1.
I personally like the yellow one without any sugar as I find the coffee bean taste a little bit stronger than the red one.

Coffee Origins is a cafe located at Bandar Botanic in Klang.
There are so many vintage look posters on the wall, which has stand out among all the big vendors at the expo.

Now, they are not only selling coffee at their cafe, but also have their new Mocktail drinks on their menu.
Follow them on their FB at Coffee Origins for more updates!

Liselle Tea, is a fashion and illustration servicing company which provides commercial clients, licensee and business partners a further massive platform to broaden their interaction with consumer of their brand engagement.
They craft their fashion art work and digital projects in collaboration with a network of graphic designers and digital media developers saturated with innate talent, professional devotion and fashionable enthusiasm.

Artist, Lisa Lee used a feminine character of a fashion young woman which portrays an image and personality of confident, elegance and charismatic that fuels an intrinsic potency for feminine lovers.
This fascinating character addressed a luxurious sense of belonging with great emphasize in her intimate love of her lifestyle, ambition, thoughts and mind.

Said: coffee, tea or me?
Check out more artworks on their FB at liselle!

If you read about my previous post regarding the expo in Empire Shopping Gallery, you must know about Huang Chen Hao tea Art.
They have a very special tea business, whereby they harvesting, withering stage, roiling tea leaves, leaves drying, and selecting out dead leaves and stems all by themselves in China.
They will not rely all these jobs on the others just to ensure the tea qualities.
All teas they supplied are handcrafted with no chemicals, and they only source healthy tea tress but not commercialized tea bushes.

If you want to gift your business clients, partners or VIPs with a special tea sets, you should look for Huang Chen Hao Tea Art as they will help you to customize with your favourite design, logo, messages, taglines, on their existing packaging.
Look for them at their FB page Penang Tea Shop Huang Chen Hao Tea Art!

Lastly, you must be very familiar with Pure Caffe Tea.
I have shared a lot about this premium coffee from Italy on my blog, FB and insta.
If you missed that out, no problem! Here's the short one for you!

NO selling price!
NO rental cost!
NO maintenance cost!
Only pay RM2/cup for a premium Italy coffee at your home or office!
Sounds so affordable and worthwhile right?
If you are still interested to join their Italy trip giveaway as well as the attractive vouchers that worth RM3800 from the expo, do follow them for the latest updates at Pure Caffe Tea!
All these exclusivity deals will be available till stock last! #hurryup

Well, other than all the interesting coffee and tea vendors I met during the expo, there are also many activities happening during the 3-days expo such as latte art workshop, tea ceremony, coffee art painting, and Thomas Kok "Me-Coffee" Sharing and Autograph Session.

A picture with Thomas Kok!
Do check out his new book "Me-Coffee" which shares his coffee experiences in Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, Bangkok and so on.
Lot's of nice photographs has shown in the book!

Thanks to Forte Expo for having me again at the I Love Coffee & Tea Expo!
I will see you again next year!!!