Grand Imperial Bird's Nest Swallow Nest Silk Mask

Face masks are one essential skin care savior for me.
To be honest, I'm a very big fan of face masks, especially face sheet masks.
Not only because they are convenient, and full of good nutrients to your skin, but they are also relatively inexpensive.
I always think they are like the one-night-stands of skin care which provides more intensive treatments after a long day out.
I have tried many face sheet masks before, and this time I have tried out the Grand Imperial Bird's Nest Swallow Nest Silk Mask.

Grand Imperial Bird's Nest Swallow Nest Silk Mask is a product from Taiwan.
As we know that bird nest is well known to promote a radiant complexion and good inner health, and also riches in protein and other nutrients.
Hence, this Nest Silk Mask extracted from cave's swallow's nest which is rich in collagen, minerals and other nutrients.
It uses only bird's nest that have been carefully harvested and is manufactured using advanced technology in a GMP and HACCP certified facility.
Keep in mind that it is also 100% natural and free of preservatives, artificial flavourings and colourings..

Swallow Nest Silk Mask claims to have several kinds of active ingredients which helps to:
#1 Lighten skin dark spots and tone
#2 Brighten and smoothen the skin complexion
#3 Increase and maintain skin moisture level
#4 Improve skin fine lines and wrinkles
#5 Promoted skin elasticity and suppleness

How to use?
#1 After cleanse your face, place the mask gently on your face and adjust it accordingly
#2 Leave it for 20 - 30 minutes
#3 After that, gently massage the extra serum on your face before wash it off or continue your skin care routine.

There are a lot extra serum inside the package, you may want to massage these excess serum into your neck, chest, hands, or even feet.
Well, just get as much as moisture you can from one single package!

My thought after using it?
I like the texture very much, because the sheet is so thin and smooth like a silk.
You can feel the mask is pretty wet, and it's quite drenched in serum.
I think it has a great function to restore the moisture to the skin, as I can feel the moist after having it.
After I took off the mask, I also could definitely see my face is brighter, refresh, and softer.

You can check out the Grand Imperial Bird's Nest Swallow Nest Silk Mask at
It is now selling at RM69.90 which contains total 5 sheets inside a box.
If you are a fans sheet masks, I think this is worth for a try!

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