That Flower Shop @ Thing to Focus on When Staring a Florist Business

Recently, I'm thinking to pick up a new hobby to enhance myself.
I'm looking for something that can calm my mind and also reduce stress because I like to have some personal space to unwind myself after having all the hectic work schedules.
Besides yoga, I thought of going to pottery, flower arranging or crafting classes.
I pretty much interested in pottery classes as I find that is very unique yet I had never try it before.
Then, my girl friend suggested me to go for a flower arranging classes together with her, because she loves flowers and she is thinking to have her own florist one day after she retired from her full-time job. :)
While searching for some flower arranging class information, I stumbled upon some useful tips of starting up a florist business.
Thought it's good to share it here with you all and also my girl friend who wanted to own a florist in the future. :)

Go Thai @ Atria Shopping Gallery, Damansara Jaya

Hey foodies!
Today, I wanna spread my love through some spicy and fiery flavours!
Any Thai food fans here?! Hands up!
Thai food is always a favourite cuisine that gained a lot of popularity among Malaysians.
There are a number of new Thai restaurants popping up in the town recently to tickle our taste buds with sweet, sour, and spicy flavours
Recently, I visited Go Thai, a franchise Thai food restaurant that lead by all-Thai kitchen team who are very well-experience in Thai-style dishes.
Therefore, at Go Thai, you can be assured that you got to enjoy the authenticity of the Thai food and drinks
It's menu is comprehensive but nothing is overly expensive yet very affordable.

Sunfeet International Rehabilitation Centre @ One Stop Foot Health Centre

Hey guys!
Have you ever thought about the important role your feet play in your daily life?
Many of us tend to focus merely on the face, and ignore the feet is really important as well.
Our feet are the foundation of our body, which allow us to touch the ground no matter if we are standing, walking or running.
We only born to have one pair of feet, so whether you like it or not, you still cannot change it.
Therefore, it is important to protect your foundation and keep your feet healthy.
Last Saturday, I paid a short visit to Sunfeet International Rehab Centre.
It's my first time having my feet checking at such a professional foot health centre, and I was very impressed with the valuable knowledge given about the feet and also the process of checking each foot through their examination.
To be frank, if you have any feet problems or knee pains, please do not ignore it.
Continue to read on this post to find out more about the Sunfeet International Rehabilitation Centre and how they can help on your feet problems.

Sonno Mattress @ Sleep better, Live better

Before I start my post, I have a question that I would like to share with you all today.
What are the most important item that you willing to spend on when you are ready to move into a new home or renovated house?
A leather sofa?
A big wardrobe?
A bed frame?
A dining set? Or???
For myself, I 'm more willingly to spend on a quality mattress for my bedroom.
A good mattress plays an important role in our daily life.
A quality mattress guarantee a quality sleep that helps our body generate good cells to produce a quality life.
Without any doubt, a good night sleep on a comfortable mattress helps to rejuvenate our energy for the usage on the next day.
Recently, my 2 years old mattress which we bought on our marriage day broken down.
Very obviously one side of the mattress is moving down to another side, symmetric of the mattress was off the hook.
This caused my back to feel pain and I encounter discomfort in my sleep which really affect my daily routine.
Due to this, I realize having a good mattress is an important issue to consider as it really affect the life quality.
A good mattress is not only an important item but an essential item to ensure a quality life forward.
Before that, I never realize the necessity to seek for a good one but now I know.

Moist Diane @ Japan's Leading Hair Care Brand

"When your hair looks good, it improves your self-confidence".
Agree not?!
So, how should you take care of your hair in a hot and humid environment all year round in Malaysia?
Moist Diane, Japan's leading silicone-free haircare brand, has launched it's new Perfect Beauty series, with total six shampoos and six treatment products to fulfill different needs and requirements of Asian hair.
The new hair product series have combined the wonders of nature and the powers of science, which is the renewal of their signature Argan Oil to address the hair concerns of Asian women have, such as frizzy & coarse hair, damaged, permed, & coloured hair, dry & dull hair, flat hair & sensitive scalp, oil scalp & dry ends, and lastly weak hair prone to breakage.
The wide product range can help to differentiate which hair care needs would meet your specific hair care needs.
Ever since the new Perfect Beauty series first launch in Japan in September 2017, the product range has hit a million bottles in just 10 days!

MR. D.I.Y. is Now ONLINE! @ Beli Online MR. D.I.Y.!

I've got some very exciting news to you all!
MR. D.I.Y. has officially launched it's E-commerce platform to make your shopping experience at MR. D.I.Y. a breeze!
MR. D.I.Y. is Malaysia’s largest home improvement retailer which mainly selling household, hardware, electrical items at very affordable prices.
They created it's own tagline, "Always Low Prices", to promote its brand value of affordable pricing which has been successful in garnering 128 million customers yearly.
I guess many of you have heard about MR. D.I.Y. before, and probably have also purchased from the their store at least once in your life time.
And now, less the hassle, more the ease, you can buy a bunch of household stuffs without leaving your house!

Isaac Toast & Coffee @ 1 Utama Shopping Mall

The first time I heard about Isaac Toast & Coffee was from a friend of mine, who just traveled back from Seoul at that time.
Apart from the shopping spree she talked a lot about, she also highlighted about a famous toast she ate in Korea.
The way she described the toast was very unrealistic because to be honest I don't really like to eat bread.
Anyway, towards the end of our conversation back then, she reminded me again and again to try the Isaac Toast whenever I have the chance.
Well, for a person that never fancy about toast or bread, I really could not imagine how delicious it can be.
Unexpectedly, I had stumbled a chance to taste Isaac Toast in Malaysia on the last week.
To my surprise, the first bite into the toast had changed my view about a toast!

Travel with Hippo to Perth @ Travel Guides For First Timers!

Hello peeps!
Finally, I have time to blog about my beautiful journey in Perth.
Well, this is not my first time visiting Australia, but I think I'll never get bored traveling to Australia again and again. :)
Australia is always a pleasure to visit.
I have been to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and words just can't describe how much I love about this lovely country.
Love the natural wonders, nice weather, stunning architecture, dazzling beaches, good coffee and the friendly people there.
I'm so happy Perth is finally checked from my travel bucket list in early June.
The trip with my family and Lik was truly awesome and unforgettable.
We really enjoyed our times traveling around Western Australia for a week.
I will be seperating the post according to different days, and each posts will include the places that I've been to in Perth.
Will definitely try to include as much useful information as I could and hoping the travel posts will benefit those of you who are making your travel plans to Perth.

SOTHYS Malaysia @ Brand Story about Sothys

I met Sothys Malaysia during my teenage years.
It was introduced by my mum, who always concern about my facial when I was growing up.
As a teenage, I was awe each time I watched my mum apply her skincare in front of the mirror.
So from time to time, I've picked up the beauty advice and also followed some of her beauty practices even till today.
Yea! I'm pleased that my mum is my personal beautician, because she is the one that installed beauty concept in my life.
So, how do I reconnect with Sothys?
It's just happen I finished my face serum and was looking for a new product to keep my skin moisture and youthful.
While browsing through the brands with all kinds of reviews, Sothys again caught my attention.

NYX Professional Makeup Flagship Store Opening @ Suria KLCC

It's been a while since I attended a beauty event.
A week ago last Friday, I was invited to NYX Professional Makeup flagship store grand opening at Suria KLCC.
I attended their 3rd flagship store grand opening at Sunway Pyramid in early February, and from that time onwards, I left a deep impression on NYX.
First impression of NYX is their full ranges of cosmetic and makeup products that you don't have to go elsewhere.
Second impression of NYX is their products are great and very inexpensive.
Third impression of NYX is they have professional makeup artists at their outlets to give you professional makeup advises.
If you've never purchased NYX cosmetics before, you should visit there in one day.

Kimi-Ya Japanese Restaurant @ Avantas Residences, Old Klang Road

Are you a Japanese food lover?
Lik loves Japanese food, and always on the hunt to find a good Japanese restaurant in town.
There are tons of Japanese restaurants in Klang Valley, from affordable to mid-ranged price and then right up to the fanciest restaurants that will break your wallet for some bites.
Over the weekend, we came across Kimi-Ya by chance, an eye-catching Japanese restaurant with a superb interior, nice furnishings and great seating options for both inside and out.
We both thought that it was a great find because the quality of foods were very satisfying.
If you are looking for good Japanese food in Klang Valley, you must carry on reading this post to find out more about Kimi-Ya Japanese restaurant.

Red Seal @ Why I am Choosing Natural Toothpaste

Toothpaste is generally considered a basic necessity in our daily life.
We brushing our teeth twice a day, and flossing at least once a day; there is no doubt that it is very important to be sure what are the main ingredients included in the toothpaste we use.
Seriously, don't you think there is nothing more important than knowing what we put into our mouth everyday.
However, there are hundreds of options in the market, how do you decide on the best product for you and your family?!
At most of the times when I shopped for toothbrush and toothpaste, I always standing in the toiletries aisle, and wondering what kind of toothpaste and toothbrush are best suit me and my family needs.
Until I met the range of Red Seal Natural toothpastes which provide a more natural and safer brushing experience!

LittleFlowerHut @ How to Save Money for a Wedding Flower Arrangement

Time flies, it's been two years since I got married with Lik.
These 2 years are full of adventures, learning and growing for us, and everyday I'm looking forward to many more future together.
Every time when I looking back to our wedding, I always feel so thankful that we were filled with so much fun and laughs.
Though planning a wedding is so stressful, it's still a fun memory to look back at the photos and smiles from times to times. 
Recently, I have a girlfriend in Singapore is getting married by next year. #congratulations
She is feeling a little stressed while planning her wedding, then she asked for my advises. 
I shared my personal experience with her, and told her that one of the most important things that she has to prepare for her wedding is the venue. 
Of course, the venue should look beautiful because this is where to comfy and welcome your guests to enjoy the occasion with you.
However, if you want to add drama and style to the venue, then you can also hired the wedding planners to plan and take your hassle away.
For instance, hiring a favourite florist can be one of the best options since flowers are the most common thing when celebrating various events, like celebrating a wedding. 
The flower experts will know what type of flowers will suit the event also with the appropriate flower arrangement.