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I met Sothys Malaysia during my teenage years.
It was introduced by my mum, who always concern about my facial when I was growing up.
As a teenage, I was awe each time I watched my mum apply her skincare in front of the mirror.
So from time to time, I've picked up the beauty advice and also followed some of her beauty practices even till today.
Yea! I'm pleased that my mum is my personal beautician, because she is the one that installed beauty concept in my life.
So, how do I reconnect with Sothys?
It's just happen I finished my face serum and was looking for a new product to keep my skin moisture and youthful.
While browsing through the brands with all kinds of reviews, Sothys again caught my attention.

It's never too late to start caring for your skin, let's enter to the world of Sothys together!

Sothys is a an expert skincare brand based in Paris.
It was founded by the physician and biologist Dr. Max Hotz, and born from a philosophy of curative treatment.
The brand has a 70-year history of professional skincare treatments and specializes in high performance home treatments developed by sophisticated laboratories.
Their complete range of products, including lotion, creams, serums, sun treatments and makeup have been sold exclusively to many countries such as USA, Europe, Asia, Africa etc.
Sothys aims to maintain its professional identity while offering astonishing new solutions in the constantly evolving beauty world.

They respond to all skin problems in a targeted, specially formulated way, offering complete program and new concepts to improve effectiveness and overall well-being.

Sothys has won many awards in the beauty industry with it's beauty's winning products and services, also it has been highly recommended by many fashion & beauty magazines and newspapers.

Hydra3Ha from Sothys Advanced Research offering the main actions, restore + plump, re-activate and regenerate.

#1 The Hydrating Youth/ Comfort Youth Cream is to restore + plump and reactivate. Preserving hydration and youth day to day.
#2 The Hydra-smoothing mask is to restore + plump and reactivate. Target for dehydrated skin and to prevent signs of ageing.
#3 The Intensive Hydrating Serum is to reactivate and to regenerate the skin for lasting hydration. Target for dehydrated to very dehydrated skin.

All these three signature products have given proven efficiency results of continuous hydration for 8 hours, increase +30% smoothing and up to +60% hydration on the skin. 

There are plenty of skincare products available, such as ampules, cleanser, moisturizer, face oil, serum, mask, scrub, lotion, eye care and sun care.
Different products are aimed at various types of skin, for instance, brightening, anti-aging, hydrating, purifying, soothing, strengthening etc.

You can easily find the right products from the variety of lines to best suit to your skin types and needs.

The best seller and editor's pick items at Sothys' official website.

The "Me Set" is so tempting!

I can mix and match the Deep Cleanse Me and Oil Free Me sets which completed with total 5 skin care steps to remove impurities, unclogs, hydrate, and protect the skin, giving a long lasting matt complexion.

Another eye-catching items from Sothys is the wide range of face serums that cater for different individual needs.

While browsing through the serum products with its functions, it seems like whatever my skin needs can be found in one place. :)

On the other hand, the Essential Ampoules also comes in a series of four variants, include Oxygenating Essential, Hydrating Essential, Anti-Ageing Essential Ampoule limits the appearance of ageing and Brightening Essential Ampoule for luminous glow and prevents dark spots to cater to different skin types and concerns. 
The easy-to-use re-sealable plastic ampoules are meant to be utilized with existing skin care regime for a greater outcome. 
Results are almost instantly seen and felt with the concentrated active ingredients that easily reach the lower levels of the skin to bring about outstanding results.

While I was thinking which face serum I should purchase, I took the skin test to find out.
According to the evaluation result, Sothys recommended the Detoxifying Anti-Free Radical Youth Serum to give my skin radiant, firm, tighten, and wrinkle-free.

Don't you think it's such a good way to discover what you need for your skin?! :)

Sothys has nearly 57 beauty outlets throughout Malaysia.
The beauty saloons not only offer a wide range of product lines, it also provides sophisticated saloon treatments, and exclusive services, such as specialized care tailored to the needs of every skin type.
The professional Sothys Girls, also known as Sothys Skincare Solution Specialists hold an internationally-recognized certificate and goes through extensive training on the Sothys signature methodology, as well as product knowledge and customer relations knowledge.

They have fully meet the company's objectives and commitment to excellence to provide expert advice that solved your skincare frustrations.

Well, take a look at the pictures of the saloon ambiance, it looks like a private treatment suite.
Imagine yourself bathed in a soft dim lighting, surrounded by fine decor, soothing aromas, gentle music and therapeutic beverages etc.

All these interior details and external cares will absolutely enhance your treatment experience at Sothys.

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More information about Sothys can be found at
Alright, that's all for the sharing!

Do comment and let me know which products you are eyeing already at Sothys!

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