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belif @ Welcome to belif Moisture World!

Who doesn't love Korean skin cares?
I'm a big fans of the products from Korea because I find they suit to my skin the most, also most of them are very affordable and effective to deliver healthy and beautiful skin.
I have been using Korean skin care products for at least 5 years from now.
When I traveled to Korea, there are many skin care products everywhere with many different brands; sometimes it can make me feel confuse which to buy and which to use.
I have used a lot of Korean skin care and cosmetic products during these years, of course some brands make me happy, while some may not.
And, belif is one of the skin care brand that makes me feel satisfied without failed.
Their products have been kept under my skin care solution for at least 1.5 to 2 years.

If it is your first time meeting belif, here's a little bit of intro about this brand.
Belif is the most truthful and skin care cosmetic brand that you have ever come across because it applies the knowledge and traditional method passed down from a British herbalist since 1860.
All the products are completed with traditional approach with superb natural herbs ingredients to treat the body and mind in a safe way and also efficacy for the skin.
The name itself, belif presents a level honesty unrivaled by any brand with it's inimitable tradition and reliable science to deliver true value to customers.

In this post, I will be reviewing 4 types of belif product that are suitable for oily/combination skin, which includes:
#1 Cleansing Oil Fresh
#2 Aqua Gel Oil
#3 Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh
#4 Tinted Moisturizer Powdery B.B

# belif Cleansing Oil Fresh @ RM140 (150ml)
The cleansing oil is suitable for dry or combination skin types.
It helps not only melt your make up, but also eliminates blackheads on your face.

Ingredients of the Cleansing Oil Fresh contains Soapberry and Sweet Flag, which both of them are able to help to keep skin clean and also prevent future breakouts.
Also, it is packed with oil and herbs which helps to remove excess oil, dirt, impurities and heavy makeup.

The packaging comes in 2 pieces; the plastic bottle with screw on cap, and a sturdy plastic pump with a clip-on lock mechanism.
It's travel friendly as you can lock the cleansing oil with the clip on lock mechanism to avoid any split out before putting the bottle into your travel bags. 

The cleansing oil is in oil-textured facial cleanser that refreshes and clears skin without stripping moisture.
I can smell a kind of olive oil scent, but the smell is not strong at all. 

How to use?
Step #1: Pump one or two drops in your palm
Step #2: Gently massage onto dry face to wipe away make up
Step #3: Concentrate on blackhead areas with special care
Step #4: Rinse off with lukewarm water

My thoughts
Testing it on my hand with the water proof eyeliner and lipsticks that I use everyday.
Just one wipe with face cotton, 95% of the residue were removed out from my skin.
Then, I tried it on my daily eye makeup, it's so easy and gentle to wash them off.
It's best to start with dry hands and dry face to make sure the oils clean the dirt from the pores of the skin.
I have been using it for 2 weeks, and this has immediately become one of my favourite cleanser in my list now as not only the gentle and light texture that helps to break down my daily makeup, it also helps to make my skin feel cleaner without irritating my skin at all. 

#2 belif Aqua Gel Oil @ RM205 (50ml)
Aqua gel oil is to help to boost your moisture level on your skin.
This refreshing gel oil is a moisture concentrated that turns into a light moisture oil, delivering soft and moist hydration to your skin.
It provides long lasting hydration and maintain your skin moisture without giving your skin additional burdens too.

Ingredients of Belif Aqua Gel Oil includes:
Passiflora See Oil which has high amounts of essential fatty acids that can keep the skin properly hydrated.
Oat Kernel Extrac that can be treated a wide array of different skin disorders such as dryness, acne, and itchy skin.
Raspberry Leaf Extract, a leaf that frequently used for soothing and healing irritated or dry skin.

The gel texture is very lightweight that absorbs into the skin very well.
And, it smells exactly like it's blue liquid too, something like the fresh aquatic scent.

How to use?
Step #1: After toner, gently apply 2 to 3 pumps on your face
Step #2: For natural makeup, free from rough skin surface and dead skin cells, apply a small amount as the last step in skin care to balance it before makeup

My thoughts
I used it twice in a day, one application in the day time and one application in the evening before the moisturizer.
I feel very refreshing upon the application without any doubt.
The product said it provides hydration deep into the skin, and so your skin will be less oily as you have enough moisture in your skin.
For the first few times I used, I can see my face is less oily after my makeup, probably because the product has "eaten" my excessive oil by providing enough hydration to my skin? :)
Well, that non-greasiness and refreshing texture really makes my skin so happy!

#3 belif Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh @ RM160 (125ml)
It's a mineral oil-free moisturizer without oil which also helps to tighten widened pores created by excessive sebum.
This oil-free moisturizer is good for those with oily skin, but would like to have a light finishing without excess shine, and at the same time keeping the skin moisturized.

Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh is formulated with ingredients of rosehip extracts rich in vitamins and tannins along with oil controlling powder, which both help to tighten pores enlarged due to excess sebum and improves suppleness, leaving skin clean and smooth.

Packing wise for the oil control moisturizer fresh is very simple and clean.
It comes in a opaque white plastic bottle and a black colour pump dispenser opening.
This type of packaging provides a better hygiene purpose, and the additional small cling that use to attach to the mouth of the pump dispenser is good for you to carry this product without any leakage problem. 

The texture is in gel based, not greasy at all but indeed it is in a very light weight and fresh feeling.
It is in translucent white colour, and without any strong smell at all.
For me, it smells more like a fresh pure water which works totally good with me.

How to use?
Step #1: Apply it after toner and essence
Step #2: Pump 2 to 3 times on your palm
Step #3: Apply evenly over your face and neck

My thoughts
I'm feeling so refresh! That's my first expression once I have the oil control moisturizer fresh on my skin.
I can easily spread the liquid on my skin without any residue left over.
When I applied it on my skin during day time, I can see the moisture not only helps to hydrated my skin all day long but also keep my makeup last longer.
For hydration purpose, I think it has achieved what it has promised, my face is very hydrated and moisturized after the application.

#4 belif Tinted Moisturizer Powdery B.B @ RM99 (30ml)
This is a BB cream which provides you a clear, translucent, and natural skin tone.
It comes with UV protection function that up to SPF43/PA+++ to block strong UV rays during outdoor activities and at the same time it also leaves a matt feeling after pat the product into your skin.
The BB cream only comes with one shade which is in light nude colour for your choice.

The tinted moisturizer powdery B.B contains Canna from the Caribbean, which has a natural ability to control excess sebum.
Also, the cream helps to leave the skin smooth and refreshed all day long.

The BB cream comes in a squeeze tube, which are best for storage and also for usage.
The packaging is so handy to carry around with you for any touch-ups when you need it because it's small and not heavy at all.

Pretty like the texture because it is very smooth and light, and also it's very easy to apply and spread over with just my hands.
Oh btw, the smell is quite pleasant which smells like a a true cream. :)

How to use?
Step #1: Use it as the last step after all the essential skin care
Step #2: Dispense a small amount (I usually use about 10 cents amount)
Step #3: Gently apply to the skin and slightly pat for absorption

My thoughts
Here's my before and after photo with the BB cream.
You can see my skin tone on the left is brighter and the overall complexion is much even compare to the right side.
Another reason that I like about this BB cream is it provides a very natural complexion without looking very cakey or like having a heavy make up on me.
Well, heavy make up is always not my type!

In addition, I'm also very convincing about it's great light coverage job.
I actually have a small scar left under my left eye area due to the previous tear dust surgery that I did in last year.
If you looked into the picture on the right, you can see the scar is concealed by the BB cream, whereby can temporarily hide the scar mark on my face. :)

All products from belif are formulated without Parabens, Sulphates and Phthalates.
Also, it is all dermatologist tested products that are free of mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic preservatives, dyes, fragrances and animal origin ingredients.
Though the prices of each products are pricey compare to other brands, I think it's worth for your investment if the products are able to deliver effective results to your skin.
Belif is available at different outlets; Sunway Pyramid, IOI City Mall, Mid Valley, KLCC and Queensbay Mall.
For more information about the products and the brand, you can also log on to to check it out too! :)

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Abin方泂镔 我不是神 大马签唱会

Been thinking if I should write this post in English or Chinese.
Indeed, before that many people asked me why don't I blog in Chinese since I know it well.
I used to write in Chinese, but after blogging with English for so long, I just thought it's better do not confuse my readers and also I think my Chinese isn't as good as before anymore lol. :)
But today, I wanna blog this post in Chinese 因为我希望我可以用最亲切的语言来表达这一篇. :)
Actually. I thought what if he read this post. #lol

我很小就很喜欢音乐, 不知道是不是因为颜爸爸小小就要我把钢琴练好的关系, 所以很小的时候就接触音乐了.
中学的时候很喜欢本地音乐, 特别是创作型歌手, 所以终是特别注意当时的创作歌手.
在我17岁那一年,我参加某个音乐会, 远远听见一把很温柔细腻的声音; 就像冬天的围巾一样,可以安抚人心的那种声音.
那一刻,真的很想冲上台告诉他: 你唱得真好, 真的很喜欢你的声音.
幸运的, 演唱结束后我可以和他合照留下我第一次见他的纪念.
他, 就是方泂镔.

在他还没有加入年少之前, 我参加过他很多的歌友会.
只要有他, 我都一定会去!
想想当年的我才17岁,没有车牌,当时的交通也没那么发达,去哪里找Grab/Uber Car啊!:)
所以每一次见他的机会 都会很珍惜 是真的很珍惜
20年前 没有现在的网络那么发达,哪来的面子书,Instagram, Twitter 什么的.
所以那时候只要哪份杂志报章有他, 我都会买下然后一张张剪下来贴在我的剪贴里.
当时的零用钱大概就花在那两大本的剪贴! :)

因为我第一次见他认识他的时候,我就是叫他方泂镔. :)
我真的很喜欢他, 除了他我不知道有哪位马来西亚歌手可以让我那么疯狂.
认识我的朋友们都知道; 只要看到方泂镔或是听到方泂镔的歌都会想起我. :)
听起来或许有点变态,可是那时候我真的很想嫁给他. #haha
在美国的那几年, 在我难过伤心的时候, 只要有泂镔的声音什么都会变好的.

所以当我知道他会带着他的新专辑, 我不是神回来的时候, 我兴奋得几天都睡不着, 还失眠了好几天.
我在想, 10年了, 他会不会不记得我了; 他会不会已经忘记我的名字了(我还记得20年前他帮我取过王琳草因这个名字).

那么多年不见, 第一眼见到你的时候, 真的很激动.
第二眼, 第三眼, 直到今天心情仍然还是很激动.

That's our first picture after 10 years
Trust me, I was so nervous when he sit beside me, my hands start to shake uncontrollably, and my heart was beating sooooo fast!

一直以来, 泂镔就是一个实力创作型歌手.
这新专辑, 我不是神, 一共收录了5首他全自创的歌曲.
真希望有一天, 他可以有一张完完全全属于他个人的全创作专辑.
我还是很喜欢他当年自创的"很想很想你". :)

声音还是一样那么温暖, 柔柔细软的, 有着非一般的感染力.
神情还是一样的浪漫, 看着他的眼神让我可以陶醉很久很久.

I didn't say anything to him, I was so stunned, just stared at him the whole time.
I can't even called out his name because I was too nervous, I know it sounds so crazy!
I should have at least asked him "how are you doing?".

Oh boy! He remember me! He remember my name!
That's really the most precious in my collection now!

如果泂镔看到这一篇, 我希望他看到我对他的热诚.
二十年了, 说长不长, 说短不短
所以希望你会坚持继续做你喜欢的音乐, 就像我一直在支持你一样.
我也知道这次以后, 真不知道什么时候可以再见面, 所以你一定要好好加油, 继续给我你音乐的正能量!

Watch the Vlog of that day!


Saturday, December 23, 2017

Domino's Pizza @ With the New Domino's Cheese Tarik Crust

Hello! Cheese lovers! Pizza lovers! Are you here?!
I love pizza, especially cheeseeeee pizza. :)
The more cheese, the better!
It's true that you may genuinely feel guilty for eating cheese, but I think it's not easy to find a way to stop if you are a cheese lover. :) #amiright?
I was excited when I got to know my all-time favourite Domino's pizza is launching a brand new recipe, Cheese Tarik Crust to customers who love for more cheese.
The new Domino's Cheese Tarik is looking forward to present a unique pizza experience for their customers, by not only creating with great care and selection of high quality mozzarella, Domino's also continuously striving to introduce better tasting and consistent cheesy bursts in each bite. #ohyea

The new Domino's Cheese Tarik Crust is baked by Domino's pizza maker with special technique to handcraft the pizza crust and also to achieve the skillfully cheesiest crust ever!
While searching for the familiar tantalizing cheese flavours, Cheese Tarik Crust features the earthy goodness of cheddar cheese tucked in a parmesan-sprinkled crust, then baked to a golden, molten perfection.
Besides, all pizzas are freshly made for each order with a serving of cheddar cheese, whereby the molten cheese filing oozes out of the crunchy crust; not only giving it a soft crust, also stretchy and stringy texture that will keep you tarik-ing for more.
If you are looking for more variety, the Cheese Tarik is also available with the original Mozzarella Cheese Tarik, which they previously known as the Extreme Edge Crust.

Finding the perfect to enhance your Cheese Tarik Crust?! No problem at all!
You can pair it with Domino's Pizza's new Cheesy Four which featuring four different side dishes, such as:
#1 Garlic Cheese Onion Rings: crunchy, breaded thickly-sliced sweet onions, sprinkled with parmesan cheese
#2 Cheesy Cheddar Stix: loaded with flavourful cheddar cheese and sprinkled with parmesan cheese
#3 Stuffed Cheddar Bites: tasty bites filled with chicken pepperoni, busting with cheddar cheese, backed to perfection
#4 Crazy Chicken Crunchies in Tom Yam flavour: Dip away the Crazy Chicken with the delicious cheese dipping that will get you dipping to the very end.
This combination is great to enjoy with the Cheesy Tarik Crust, and also will take your cheese experience to new heights.

In conjuction with the launch of the new Domino's Cheese Tarik Crust, Domino's will be kicking off the very first Malaysia's Cheese Tarik Challenge to everyone.
It's a fun and simple challenge to aim to see how far you can creatively "tarik" the cheese of the Cheese Tarik Crust! #hehe
How to join the challenge?
Step #1: Snap a photo of the stretched cheese with your most creative way
Step #2: Tag it with @DominosMY, and hashtag with #cheeseTarikChallenge on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
Step #3: Wait for weekly winners announced on the website to see who will walk away one-year supply of pizzas from Domino.
The challenge starts from 27th Nov till 7th Jan 2018!

Can you make a longer Cheese Tarik Pizza than mine?!
Come! Let's challenge! :)

Lastly, all new Cheese Tarik Crust and the Cheesy Four are available in all Domino's Pizza stores from 18th Dec 2017 onward.
To make your order, you can visit all Domino's Pizza stores, order online at or call their direct line 1300-888-333.
To learn more about the ongoing promotions of Domino's Pizza Malaysia's Cheese Tarik Crust and Cheesy Four, you can also visit their official website at too.
Enjoy your Cheese Tarik Crust yea!