Note to Myself 2023

Just took a few minutes to read back the new year resolution I wrote in 2021.
Sometimes I like the feeling when reading back the old posts, it reminds me of certain important events and parts of my life, enable me to experience back the emotion and feelings at that time, yet it's like a dream yet so real.
Reading back the past year post, I realized I did not set any targets for myself on 2022. 
I did not plan or set any resolution for year 2022 instead I told myself to live to the fullest. 
I want to live a free, peaceful and enjoy life; eat what I like, buy what I want and no more restriction in life. 
To my surprise, I indeed achieved it by looking back in each month of 2022; no plan, no dateline and no restriction. 
I let the time swift me around and I had live freely without thinking too much.
There are so many things (good and bad) to be grateful for and remember in 2022; here, I want to thanks everyone for the unconditional support, cares and patients that given to me, and thanks for showering me with lots of love from the people I met in the year!
2022, you has treated me well! 

Plant Origins Christmas Exclusive Event @ See Cafe, Arcoris Mont Kiara

Do you guys remember I blogged about Plant Origins before?
If you are new to my blog, you can check out my previous post about their products at HERE.
I have been a happy user of Plant Origins and also Signature Market (sister brand) for at least 3 years now.
Indeed, I am one of their "Platinum" member for years. #hehe
One of the reason I like about both Plant Origins and Signature Market is because they promote their food products without any preservatives and artificial flavours, and their personal care products are pretty much affordable, and most importantly they always offer a variety of gift sets which solve my gifting problems to my friends, families and clients during special occasions. 
I highly recommend you to check out their gift sets if you are looking for gift ideas to your loved ones, because I think they really did a pretty good job here. :)
I myself also can't wait for their Christmas gift set for this year. #hehe
And speaking about the holiday gifting season, I was very excited to be invited to their Plant Origins Christmas Exclusive Event located at See Cafe located at Arcoris Mont Kiara to check out their special arrangement for the holiday season in last week!

YIPPI x FIFA World Cup 2022 @ Koh Tiki Old Klang Road 泰式海鲜吧

Yes! The World's greatest sporting event, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is returned!
Any football fans right here? Raise your hands up!
I am sure football fans are all very excited to witness history and probably hosting a viewing party to get your friends and families together to scream at the screen for hours till the end of the match.
I was invited to join the viewing party to witness the Netherland vs USA match at Koh Tiki 泰式海鲜吧 located at Old Klang Road last Saturday.
I am not a football addict, but I had so much fun to gear up together with a group of my friends to eat, drink, and cheer for our favourite team!
It's my first time visiting Koh Tiki, and I love everything here, from the vibe to the food and the impressive atmosphere, I'm sure I will come back again!
So, without more ado, let me clue you in what's that night all about in this post! 

UNIQLO x MARNI Second Collection @ Winter Colors Interwoven with a Fusion of Simplicity and Creativity

Time flies! It's the first week of December now!
Can't believe we are celebrating Christmas in another 23 days from now. :)
December is always my fav month of the year, it's the time for partying and also family & friends gathering.
Also, during this time of year, I like to do my best to get myself switch off, relax and go to a long holiday to recharge my batteries. :)
Yea! I seriously can't wait for my upcoming winter trip in 2 weeks now! :)
Well, speaking about winter holiday, UNIQLO is back with the second collaboration with Italian designer MARNI, after the success of the spring/summer 22 collection.
It's my honoured to be invited to the launch of the latest UNIQLO x MARNI collection, the entire series features artistic & progressive designs with a wide array of wonderful highlights.
When I first looked at the bright colours and unique graphic prints on the clothings and accessories, they really lift up my mood, and also make me feel so excited and happy.
So good to have this fun and colourful collection just in time for the winter season around the corner, I am sure the colours and designs will surely brighten up the mood during the gloomy weather in winter! :)
After the long introduction, it's time to show you guys more about this UNIQLO x MARNI new collection!
Let's go!!!! xoxo

MELILEA @ MELILEA Lavender, Frankincense Oil & Phyto-3 Carrier Oil Blend

I am a huge fans of essential oils.
I remember I first started using essential oils was about 8 years ago, when my best friend, Kay introduced the Lavender oil to me.
The first time I smelled it from the little bottle, I fall in love right away because of the scent is so calming and soothing that makes me feel soooo good. 
Then I slowly invested different types of oils according to my needs; for instance, when I had acnes popping up on my skin, I like to use tea tree as it helps to reduce the redness, I use peppermint oil to treat headache, muscle joints and joint pain if I had any, and I also use orange and lemon essential oils to diffuse our home everyday because me and my family love how these scents help to refresh our space and we somehow find the lemon oils can promote feelings of motivation. :)
There are indeed many benefits about the essential oils and how the oils can be used in different ways to incorporate in our lifestyle, that's the reason why I would invest my time and money to explore the scents and uses of different oils.
To be honest, I've tried quite a few brands before, either locally made or imported, and I'm excited to hear that one of my fav brand, MELILEA has recently came out their own essential oils series.

KitKat® Bar Dark with Southern Australian Orange Flavour

Hello KitKat fans!
Following the highly popular launch of the KitKat® Bar, NESTLÉ would like to share with all the Malaysians about their new indulgent variant, the KitKat® Bar Dark with Southern Australian Orange Flavour.
The new KitKat® Bar Dark is the first of its kind in Malaysia, offering an innovative marbling effect with an unique blend of swirled rich dark chocolate and chocolate orange.
The new variant is set to excite and take chocolate-lovers on an indulgent experience from the comfort of their own home or turn cozy moments together with friends into more indulgent sessions. 
I was indeed very excited about the new KitKat flavours because I love oranges and chocolates! #hehe
So, if you are chocolate plus orange fans, I am sure that you will surely enjoy the new KitKat® Bar variant, which tastes as good as it looks!
Let's read on to find out more about this new limited edition KitKat flavour!

Wright Life 萊特維健 NMN15000 & 清肝至尊 @ TopzMall, Lazada & Shopee

近年来, 发觉身边的家人还有朋友们都特别关注健康.
特别是大家经历过这两年多的新冠肺炎后, 大家更是比之前更加关注照顾好自己身体的需求, 开始吃起对自己身体有益的保健品.
其实我自己也不例外; 像是维他命C之类的保健品我也是这两年里面才开始吃. 
因为大家都在说自身免疫力很重要之后, 我每一天都会按时吃来帮助我们免疫功能的运作.
而我妈妈也会定时定日给我添加不一样的保健品, 比如说益生菌来改善肠胃功能, 鱼油减低高胆固醇, Ginkgo补脑益智来提升专注力以及预防脑部退化, 等等.
其实随着我们年龄的增加, 身体各项功能或多或少都会出现不同程度的衰退; 消化能力下降, 视力衰退, 肌肉萎缩, 睡眠不好, 等等都会导致我们自身健康的焦虑.
那其实为了改善生活质量, 正确服用对的保健品就可以保护和促进机体能正常发挥, 延缓机体某些功能的退化和下降的趋势, 调节和纠正机体出现的不正常生理指标和不良状态, 补助某些疾病治疗和身体康复.
就像老妈每次都碎碎念的说, 不要等到大病了才来预防, 早点调节机体健康状态, 毕竟保健品是不能完全治疗疾病的. 
上个月底, 从朋友那里认识到来自香港的Wright Life萊特維健, 据朋友说这个品牌在香港很火红, 各大著名的药房 (香港万宁, 屈臣氏, 及其他连锁药房) 都有上架, 感恩Wright Life萊特維健已入驻TopzMall马来西亚电商平台了.

TinyTAN BTS 祝福語巧克力 @ TopzMall马来西亚电商平台独家热售!

Calling out A.R.M.Y fans!
这里有关防弹少年团的好消息要带给大家! #呵呵
那就是红遍全球的BTS防弹少年团的 “TinyTAN 祝福语巧克力” (TinyTAN Message Chocolate) 终于登陆马来西亚了!
阿米粉丝们是不是很我一样很兴奋很激动呢...我们终于不用再感到孤单了, 太好太棒了!#尖叫声给我!
当我手中握着充满浓浓爱意的 “TinyTAN 祝福语巧克力” 的那一刻, 心情真的超兴奋!
要是你有看过我在二月份分享过的Topzmall文章, 应该知道TopzMall是一家马来西亚跨境电商平台.
成立于2020年6月份, TopzMall致力于为消费者提供 "品质生活" 的额线上购物平台.
消费者们除了可以以最低的价格享用24/7的线上购物, 还可以参与他们每月的重日节促销活动, 线上清仓活动以及年终促销优惠.
另外, TopzMall也为忠实消费者们量身定制年度订阅计划, 提供普通消费者无法享有的独家折扣以及优惠, Topz+ 会员也能够享受每个月的专属优惠配套.
而这次TopzMall很荣幸成为 “TinyTAN 祝福语巧克力” 的授权经销商.

Where I Stayed in Kuching, Sarawak @ J&J Blessing Homestay

Hello guys! Welcome back to my blog.
I feel so excited to be back for a new travel post of my recent trip to Kuching, Sarawak.
Can't believe I haven't been on the plane for about 3 years, where I used to travel around at least 4-5 times in a year.
I told Lik that the first place I wanted to go when the pandemic ends is Kuching, Sarawak.
It's not somewhere very far, but I look at Kuching like my second home in Malaysia, I always enjoy going back; not only because I have a bunch of good friends there, the people there are always very nice and friendly to give a very welcoming feeling, also the food there are so damn delicious too! 
Well, it is actually a kind of mixture feeling, excited to be on the plane again, but at the same time also fear of the crowds in the public, but after all I'm happy that I actually took the courage to fly again.
It's sooooo good to meet my friends in Kuching (no more video callings), and also can eat the Kuching food (Kolo mee, Laksa, Belacan Beehun, Kuay Chap etc) that I always thinking about. 
This time, I'm traveling with a friend from Sibu, Winnie; she flew from Sibu and I flew from KL, and we thought it would be a good idea to rent an apartment instead of the hotels.
Thanks to Winnie...she found J&J Blessing Homestay through Airbnb, where we had our 7 days 6 nights stay. 
We both enjoyed our stay very much, so I thought it would be good to share with you guys all the bits and pieces about the apartment with you guys.

UNIQLO LIFEWEAR 2022 Fall/Winter @ Today's Classic

Hello everyone!
It's the second week of July.
This week has been an amazing and fruitful week for me; I've been doing good and completed most of the pending jobs on hand in a week, especially the tax submission that I dragged for monthsssss. #lol
Anyway, how are you guys doing lately?  
I believe most of you are returning to "normal life", I realized things are getting very normal in the outside world; no more working from home, people started traveling around etc.
For me, I also go out more often than last month; meeting friends, visiting new cafes, dining out, and also joining some physical events too. 
It's been 3 years since my last events, and I really miss attending events; seeing friends, meeting new people, taking photos, chit-chatting etc, the feeling was great! :)
So, if you are outside, don't forget to follow SOPs; wear face mask, hand washing, and keep good hygiene.
Right, today I'm going to share with you guys about the first physical event that I went after all the 3 years lockdowns and restrictions, which is the Uniqlo Lifewear 2022 Fall/Winter new collection that I attended on last Wednesday. :)

Lucca Vudor @ Stylish & Comfortable shoes from Singapore

Whether I'm off to work, traveling overseas or attending a wedding, it's important for me to have a pair of comfortable and supportive shoes for all-day wear. 
I've had quite a few bad experiences with poor quality shoes, where the shoe suddenly came completely off the sole while I was traveling overseas, it was such a shame that I had to run to a random shop to ask for glues to stick it back. 
Also, there was one time when I wore a wrong high heels to my friend's wedding, which not only make my feet feeling so uncomfortable, but also causing my feet so painful for the whole week. :(
From that time onwards, I no longer wearing uncomfortable shoes in my life anymore, because I always remind myself that wearing the wrong shoes or bad quality shoes can lead to several problems with my feet; not only injure and scar the feet through blisters and cuts, they also negatively affect foot health, posture and well-being in the long term.
Also for myself, I always think that a pair of beautiful comfortable shoe is worth to invest as not only it protects my feet, but also can be one of the easy and quick way to give my daily outfit a boost. :)
I love shoes, prob lost count how many shoes I have on my shoe rack. :)
Whenever I try on a comfortable shoe with nice design that fits me well, I will just buy without a second thoughts. #hehe
I recently came across Lucca Vudor, a footwear from Singapore which I never expect myself to love them so much. :)

KANIKA Japanese Frozen Food 日本冷冻食品 @ 6月份特别优惠!

Hello! 最近大家都过得如何?
转眼间, 2022来到了六月份, 时间过得还真快呢!
自从马来西亚开放了过后, 我每天的工作都忙得匆匆忙忙.
好想好想给自己放个长假, 可是工作实在放不下走不开.
希望下半年, 可以抽时间出外走走放松心情.
虽然说平常日工作忙, 很多消遣的活动都牺牲掉, 但唯一坚持住的就是还会在家做饭吃.
要是你们有追踪我的IG @mizhippo的话, 大概都知道这两年来, 因为疫情的关系, 宅家久了, 我这个完全不会下厨的竟然爱上了烹饪.
以前只会煎蛋的我, 现在竟然不管是中餐西餐都会做了.
偶尔周末有空, 还亲手做饭给爸妈吃, 这对我来说是件非常幸福的事情. :)
可是因为工作上的忙碌, 所以最近都比较常弄些简单的料理.
 一来省时省力, 二来住家饭还是比外卖来得健康. 
所以啊, 今天想和大家分享最近我发现的好康.....
那就是来自HSH Frozen Foods Sdn Bhd, “Kanika” 的日本冷冻海鲜, 鱼类以及其他的冷冻食品.
要是你和我一样也想在家弄个完美的日本餐, 一定要看到最后,  因为有特别优惠要送给大家! :)

Sticker Printing @ Hellosticker

Recently, I realize there are lots of changes during pandemic time. 
Apart from the normal life norms, there are also lots of new trends in every industries, where I noticed human are really creative in a way to survive thru tough time. 
One of the biggest business pattern changes during MCO is many businesses started shift to online, from physical to virtue store.
As for myself, I had also started venture in online business. :)
To all the netizen; who had followed my Instagram @mizhippo knew I had a humble startup of my own clothing line
This online store has been in my to-do-list for years and I am glad that I finally had jumped start it last year.
There are indeed a lot of things to look after when developing own brand, especially I'm running "one man show" all by myself. 
Not only focusing on the collection, product quality, packaging also plays an important role when it comes to online business as I always believe a good packaging will give good impression to the brand and products. 
So when I was looking ideas and designs for, I stumbled upon Hellosticker, an online sticker printing services that operating in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

MURAD @ Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum

Hi guys! How's life treating lately?
Hope everything's going great, and I wish you all a happy new month, a month filled with happiness, love, and good health. :)
Today I'm excited to come back with a new skincare review, which is the latest product from Murad.
Yeap! It's Murad again! One of the top 5 favourite skincare brands from my list. 
I've been using Murad since 2017, and to be honest I really enjoy using their products.
I've shared quite a few Murad products from different ranges, and if you are interested to know more, you can check out my previous posts which I labeled them under "beauty".
For today's topic, let's talk about the solutions for dark spots, acne-scars, pigmentation etc and also how to preserve your youthful and glowing complexion. :)
Well, first of all, do you know that there are few factors that can increase someone's chances of developing dark spots, dark marks, pigmentation and so on?
That could be UV explore, pregnancy (melasma/cholasma), skin conditions like acne, trauma or injury to the skin, like post-acne scarring, and medications that are known to cause pigmentation.
All these skin problems could be happened to any skin type and tone which is part of the natural aging process. 
For those who is facing the same kind of skin issues, continue to read on this post because the next generation's Dr. Murad Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum could be the savior as it contains brightening ingredients to take on the most stubborn dark spots while treating your skin with the same care that a dermatologist would.

Australia is Excited to Welcome You Back!

Can't believe it's already 2 years plus, been that long we can't travel to overseas.
I guess this the longest time I stayed in Malaysia without stepping out from the country. 
I really miss traveling; missing exploring a new city, missing navigating the new and unfamiliar experiences, missing meeting new people and learning new culture etc.
As much as I miss traveling, I received a good news that I wanted to share with you all!
Yeap! Tourism Australia is excited to be welcoming back travelers from Malaysia to Australia, with Australia reopening its borders for fully vaccinated visa holders, tourists, business travelers, and other visitors around the world from, 21 February 2022 onwards.
It is indeed good news to me and Lik, as we were thinking about the first country to visit once the border re-opened, and guess what, the first country we wanted to visit is Melbourne in Australia!
We really miss the chill weather, miss hanging around the city, miss sitting at the cafe, and of course miss our family & friends in Melbourne. 

TopzMall @ 女神●女王节●妇女节, Ramadan sales, 6.6 狂欢节促销活动

说到网购, 相信大家一定不会感到陌生.
特别是在这两年, 疫情的关系, 网购在马来西亚更是越来越普遍.
就我自身而言, 网购对我来说不但只是方便快捷, 而且很多时候价格比在实体店来得还要更优惠.
所以那么喜欢网购的我, 常常都会留意各个不一样的购物网站, 看看哪里有好康, 哪里最划算, 哪里比较多选择, 等等.
那今天我要和大家介绍的是一家新开的网店, TopzMall.
TopzMall成立于 2020 年, 是全马首个落地大马主攻跨境马来西亚, 中国及菲律宾的电子商务平台. 这个网购平台, 不但提供便捷, 快速, 安全的网购体验, 同时也让客户透过屏幕体验线上跨国购物的乐趣.
就在刚过的农历新年, TopzMall 2022 CNY Goods年货节把大马文化产品成功的推荐给海外的朋友,销售额还突破了220万令吉! #恭喜恭喜
短短两年的时间, TopzMall不断扩大市场至全东南亚, 打造电商小程序建构自己的私域流量并开启更多销售渠道, 提供创意行销策略以提高销售额, 以现今爆红流量KOL 营销策略提高品牌知名度并提供大马中小型企业一对一有关电商培训.
相信在不久的将来, TopzMall会获得更多大品牌加盟与支持, 也即将成为全亚洲最大的在线购物网站之一.

illy Y3.3 iperEspresso Espresso Machine @ illy Malaysia

If you are following me on my Instagram, you probably know that I recently have a new coffee machine for my home. :)
It's been a while I wanted to get a new coffee machine as I'm thinking to cut down the cafe visit and takeaway coffee at the local coffee shops, so honestly speaking, a good coffee machine is really important for my daily life.
If you are a coffee lover, I believe illy coffee must be familiar for you.
For a long time, I've been drinking illy coffee, either visiting their coffee shop or making a cup of coffee at home with their instant coffee sticks, so the new coffee machine really got me super excited! :)
After using the coffee machine for 3 months, since November 2021, I would say this is really the best decision ever as now everyday I can easily make my best home-brewed cup of coffee at home. 
So today, let me share my personal review with you all, and if you are looking for a decent coffee machine, you must read this till the end. :)

远离烟草危害, 当好自己健康的”第一责任人“

自疫情发生以来, 大家都意识到健康的重要性.
确实, 人最大的财富就是健康!
保持健康非常重要, 因为身体健康才可以享受没有任何忧愁的生活.
那天和身在美国的好友通电话, 聊大家的近况.
好友说, 因为疫情的关系, 他男友下定决心戒烟, 一来不想影响身边的朋友还有家人, 二来新冠病毒对肺部的损害最大, 所以希望借此戒烟.
她分享说刚开始戒烟的几天确实比较难, 所以她男友改用危害较小的加热不燃烧产品来做替代品, 他希望通过这个替代品, 可以慢慢的摆脱烟瘾. 
我好友发现这些加热不燃烧产品给他们生活中带来不少变化, 她说至少她再也闻不到那股烟臭味了, 呵呵.
盖上电话后, 上网搜寻了一下关于烟草对人的伤害力以及她口中说的加热不燃烧产品, 想借此分享一些知识给大家. 希望大家从中也获得一些有关资讯. 

Elevate Your 2022 with JACK ‘N JILL CALBEE’s Bowls of Joy

Spring is here, I smell Chinese New Year festival.
It's blessed that we can have CNY celebration with our families and friends this year where the past 2 years were affected by the pandemic badly.
Let me wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and hope you all will have a lovely warm celebration with your loved ones, but do keep all celebrations and gatherings safe and take care. 
Looking back, can't believe that we've been living under the pandemic for 2 years...and these 2 years have taught us to appreciate the little things in life, do not take things for granted and everyone can help in their own little way. :)
I believe these 2 years are definitely not easy, especially to the underprivileged Malaysian, who have been struggling before the pandemic, and the past 2 years must have made things even more difficult for them. 
With the challenging for many Malaysians and in the spirit of  #KitaJagaKita, JACK 'n JILL Calbee wants to herald the New Year of 2022 with its Bowls of Joy campaign built upon the true spirit of togetherness and festivity.
This unique initiative will see the popular snack brand making rice donations to those in need on behalf of their consumers with the purchase of just RM12 worth of JACK 'n JILL Calbee products. 
It's meaningful, right! :)