YIPPI x FIFA World Cup 2022 @ Koh Tiki Old Klang Road 泰式海鲜吧

Yes! The World's greatest sporting event, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is returned!
Any football fans right here? Raise your hands up!
I am sure football fans are all very excited to witness history and probably hosting a viewing party to get your friends and families together to scream at the screen for hours till the end of the match.
I was invited to join the viewing party to witness the Netherland vs USA match at Koh Tiki 泰式海鲜吧 located at Old Klang Road last Saturday.
I am not a football addict, but I had so much fun to gear up together with a group of my friends to eat, drink, and cheer for our favourite team!
It's my first time visiting Koh Tiki, and I love everything here, from the vibe to the food and the impressive atmosphere, I'm sure I will come back again!
So, without more ado, let me clue you in what's that night all about in this post! 

Koh Tiki 泰式海鲜吧 is a Resto-bar with Thailand beach bar concept.
It is located at Old Klang Road, same location as Thai In Mookata.
The restaurant has its own parking space, so getting a space for your car isn't a big problem. :)

The restaurant creates a very pleasant feeling, I somehow feel like I am dining out on the beach.
Look at the interior design, it's so amazing that they use beach kind of environment and natural materials to create a memorable Thai dining experience for their customers.
Besides, all waiters and waitresses are very professional, quick and offers us a great service during our first visit too. :)

Contributing to a real festival of football, Koh Tiki also turned the entire dining place with discreet decorations with an explosion of colours.
The whole set up makes you feeling like you are watching a live football match in the stadium. #hehe

There is a big projector right in front of the center for perfect view of matches, and also provide a good sound system that bring realistic experiences to the customers. 

There are different country flags hanging on the ceiling during for the whole football season. #socool

Koh Tiki served variety of Thai food & drinks; Thai street food, Thai soup, appetizers, main course dishes and  desserts, I am sure you will find your favourite Thai food right here!

Mooping (3 sticks) @ RM15.00, my most favourite Thai pork stewers in Bangkok. 
The meat texture is so tender, soft and juicy, and I enjoyed it very much as my appetizer.  

Papaya Salad (Somtum) @ RM18.00, light up my taste buds on fire but still I enjoyed this salad very much!  
It has a range of flavours and a well balance of spicy, sweet, sour, and salty, and this Tok Kiti version turns out to be better than what I expected.

Tomyam Fried Rice @ RM18.00 makes me constantly crave for more after the first bite. #hehe
The prawns are very fresh, and the aromatics are infused deeply into the dish that has an ingenious balance of sweet, salty, sour and spicy, makes every bite so incredible. 

Never ever go to a Thai restaurant without ordering my favourite Pad Thai @ RM18.00. :)
The sweet, sour, and slighly fruity taste goes so well with the nuttiness of the peanuts and fresh lime!

There are also different types of grilled seafood and in-house cocktails that worth a try!

#drooling The grilled seafood pairs perfectly with a glass of cold ice beer!

In conjunction with FIFA World Cup 2022, Yippi and Koh Tiki host a series of football games "Yippi's Predict and Win contest" throughout the World Cup season, for instance: -
1. Yippi users who watch the World Cup 2022 football games at its participating venue, Koh Tiki at Old Kang Road,  would stand a chance to score a mug of beer if they vote the winning team.
2. Yippi’s Predict and Win game also gives users a fun way of participating in ongoing sports games while earning Yipps, where Yippi is giving out up to 41,400 Yipps across all 64 games in the span of one month.

Koh Tiki expects to fit big crowd of between 30-50 per game.
So good that we not only get entertained in watching football, we also got so excited to win the game with a glass of FREE beer. #haha

Some info about Yippi apps for your guys!
Yippi is an all-in-one app that allows users to shop, dine, travel and socialize with their favourite people and communities.
Established by TOGL Technology in 2016, Yippi boasts over 2.8 million users centred around Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and more. 
Members can collect points while shopping at over 1,800 merchants in the dining, shopping, entertainment, beauty, and medical categories.
Additionally, Yippi partners with TopzMall eCommerce and TogaGo Travel, which provides a complete ecosystem for earning and spending Yipps. 
These points can be used to pay bills, and be converted into products and services via Yippi’s wide range of merchants.
Yippi Business is a class-leading consumer rewards program with a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management platform.
An integrated system allows merchants to better understand and interact with their customers, increase brand recognition and awareness, and tap into an international referral program.

To hype up the football fans, Yippi's 2022 FIFA World Cup allows users to predict the winner of each match.
The users who manage to successfully predict the match winner will win a share of 31,400 Yipps.
With more successful predictions, users will stand a chance to secure a place on our and win a share of the jackpot prize pool of 10,000 Yipps.

Whoever gives the correct answer on the prediction, you can win a mug of beer from Toh Kiti and also Yipps points.

Here's how to predict and win a FREE mug of beer at Koh Tiki!

Oh Yes!!! I got that right!!!
Netherland defeat USA 3-1 and storm into the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup 2022!
Cheers Netherlands!!! ^^

Thank you Yippi for the invitation, it was really a great night spending at Koh Tiki with a group of friends watching match on big screen while drinking and eating good food together.
So guys! Wait no more! Faster "jio" your friends and family to Koh Tiki to capture the thrill and excitement together.
Last but not least, don't forget to download Yippi apps and join the "predict and win" to stand a chance to win a glass of beer!
For more information about Yippi, do check out their official website at http://www.yippiweb.com, or follow them on their FB at http://www.facebook.com/yippiofficial and IG at http://www.instagram/com/yippiofficial.

Koh Tiki Old Klang Road 泰式海鲜吧
Add: Lot 4426, OKR Auto City
Batu 4 1/2, Jalan Klang Lama, 
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 010-8832628
Opening hours: Everyday 4pm - 1am

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