IDW 200 Design Collections - All-In-One Package for Home Interior Design

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog.
How's everyone doing?
New Covid-19 cases are on the rise again in Malaysia, I hope everyone is keeping well and safe in the Corona situation.
Remember to follow the SOPs when you are out and I believe things are gonna be alright soon, stay positive!
For myself, I reduce frequent outings, enjoy staying at home after work hours with my family.
By saying that, home has become my most favourite place now...well, you know, I used to travel at least once in every 3 months, so indeed this is kind of a new norm to spend more time inside ever since the outbreak happened in one year ago (wow can't believe it's been a year since it started).
Since home has become our daily base and place to hang out, me and Lik plan to refurnish and remodel our house to have a new view after 6 years of staying at this house. :)
Honestly, we didn't spend much effort and money on home interiors since we got married as we thought we would be moving out to somewhere near to the city center. :)
Yet, we changed our mind since last year; so from the day we decided to stay back, we have been looking for interior design and decoration all over places, such as pinterest, magazines, and thankful that we found IDW 200 Design Collections to give us a hand. :)
The design book offers many interior home decorating tips and ideas if you're starting from scratch which makes the whole process of decorating is so fun and easier than you think!