MeCan Trade @ Everyone Can Trade Anytime, Anywhere

I believe 2020 is going to be a year we all won't forget forever.
We rang the new year and welcome 2020 with celebrations and who knows the year turned into an unexpected year of pandemic in just few months later.
And due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our mobility has become severely restricted; more than half of the world's population are stuck at home, people are trying to keep social distance from each others, we hardly see the gathering of people or tourists group walking in the city, 
Well, not only the pandemic has changed our lifestyle, but also the way of doing retail business is also cannot and will not remain the same like in 5-10 years ago.
It's not easy to retain the traditional bricks & mortar entities such as the chain store model which requires large upfront investment and commitments, people are looking for new ways to do businesses such as reduce business costs in order to survive this rough economical period.
New businesses which requires little investment and provides quick & smart solution such as start-up online businesses may be a good way to start earning passive income.
Agree yay?!

Murad @ Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum & Vita-C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

Hey pretties! Let's talk about vitamin C today? :)
Do you know what are vitamin C's benefits for skin?
Indeed, there are plenty...Vitamin C is an essential building block for firm youthful-looking skin, promotes collagen production, and helps diminish fine lines.
On top of that, it also acts as an antioxidant that able to combat free radicals and protects skin from UV damage, and also inhibits melanin production in the skin, helps to lighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots, even out skin tone and enhance skin radiance.
All in all, the reality is that if we want to slow the effects of aging, then vitamin C should be an integral part of your skin regimen. :)
I'm so excited that one of my favourite skincare brand, Murad had recently launched two new products which are the Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum and Vita-C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector, both mainly to give a brighter and healthier looking skin.
I've been testing out these two products for the past 2 weeks, so here's my sharing and personal thoughts that I would like to share with you all today.

Bye Bye Pores From PINK BY PURE BEAUTY @ A Clear Complexion with Korea’s Beauty Care New Range Added with Activated Carbon

From time to time, when I look in the mirror, I hope that I could do something to shrink those large pores on my skin, especially on my T-zone areas.
Those big pores on my T-zone areas are probably due to my appearance of combination skin, where I have quite an oily skin condition, excess oil production on these oiliest areas.
It's not easy to change the size and look of the pores, but I always believe there are some ways that can help minimize their appearance, maybe make pores less noticeable.
For instance, cleanse your face well to get rid of excess dirt and oil, exfoliate your skin one to two times per week, switch up the skin care products that designed to clear excess sebum and acne, use a product with an SPF of at least 30, stay hydrated and moistures always etc.
Speaking about skin care products to help shrinking the pore appearances, PINK by Pure Beauty recently returns with a comprehensive new range for a healthy beautiful skin that will leave your skin smooth and glowing, and most importantly, the products are mainly targeting to solve clogged pores, pigmented pores and sagging pores.

SUDIO ETT @ Completely Wireless Model with Active Noise Cancelling

Hey guys!
How's everyone doing lately with the new Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO)?
I believe most of us are slowly getting back to normal and I can see people are slowly return back to their workplace and going outside again.
I hope everyone is doing fine, do keep in mind that no matter what you do and where you are going, maintaining personal hygiene is very important; hand washing, face mask, and social distancing.
Stay safe and take care you all!
Anyway, going back to the topic today, do you guys still remember about the Sudio earphones I blogged in the early of the year?
If you missed that out, you can click HERE, and have a read on my personal sharing of the Sudio FEM.
Sudio FEM is such a lovely truly wireless earphones that not only comes with a sleek and beautiful design, it also does a fabulous job of blocking out external noise allow you to focus on the music or audio you are listening.
Yea! I love my Sudio FEM earphones!
And for today's sharing is about the new collection from Sudio; Sudio ETT is another true wireless earbuds feature active noise cancelling, up to 30 hours of listening time and IPX5 water resistance rating.
If you are looking for a pair of earbuds for yourself or as a gift to someone, don't forget to continue read my review till the end because I will have a special discount code for your purchases!

OctaPLUS @ Earn up to 2.6% Cashback from Eat Cake Today!

Recently, I've been sharing several online websites where you can earn cashback while doing your online shopping.
The most recent one is the OctaPLUS, an online platform that gather all the best deals and discounts around the internet and put them in one place, so that you can rest assure to get the best deals for your online shopping by using OctaPLUS.
These days, I've been hooked up with OctaPLUS when I wanna go to online shopping sites and look at the things I'm looking for because through the OctaPLUS cashback site, I'll earn a certain amount of money on my every purchases.
Although it doesn't sound a lot, but the money can add up quickly and you can actually boost the amount through their different ways such as referring the website to your family members, friends and even strangers with your personal referral code.
I would said that for anyone who spends money online should consider signing up to OctaPLUS, there is extra money to be made and the registration is free!
How great, isn't? #hehe
And last weekend, I discovered an online cake ordering site, Eat Cake Today through OctaPLUS.
I have sweet tooth, I like eating sweet foods, especially cakes or cupcakes, feel so happy that I can buy a cake online for myself or send a cake to my family and friends today without stepping out from my house but at the same time earning extra cashback in my pocket!

FeiyuTech @ VLOG Pocket Foldable Gimbal

So...I was looking back on my traveling vlog on my Youtube channel (@miz hippo) that day, was enjoying the good memories back on those traveling days.
Can't denied that I deeply miss to travel. :(
I started realizing I haven't been updated my vlog for quite a long time; the last travel vlog that I filmed was in one year ago when I traveled to Seoul and Perth.
Wondering what have I been doing lately. :)
Vlog has been a different sensation for me and I wish to continue doing it.
One of the most challenging aspects of creating travel videos is keeping my camera steady while moving, well we all know that a shaky camera effects can ruin good footage and also time consuming for you to re-shoot again and again.
Typical me, I think that's the main reason causing me to stop vlog for sometimes as I always hoping to produce a quality video.
But now, I'm ready to do a lot more because I have found something that suit my's the FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket Foldable Gimbal!
So, a few weeks ago, I received this gimbal stabilizer and spent some time playing around with the different options and settings that the compact device could offer.
If you are interested to know more about it, keep reading and I'll be sharing with you what I've got so far with this FeiyuTech VLOG Pocket Foldable Gimbal!

Cellapy @ South Korea's Leading and Most Trusted Dermatologist Skincare is Now Available Only at Watsons!T WATSONS

From face toner to sheet masks, Korean beauty products and trends are taking over many other beauty markets.
Actually, I am a big fan of Korean beauty products.
If you are a loyal reader of mine (ahem...), by now you should have probably known that. #hehe
I've been using and also sharing with you guys many different beauty products for years; toner, serum, essence, lotion, face cream, beauty masks etc.
I think because one thing I certainly like about the Korean beauty products is I always admire the beautiful and clear skin of the Korean women and hoping to achieve the same smooth, radiant and dewy skin like theirs. :)
Not only the Korean women beautiful complexion have captured my attention, the ingredients in the skincare products, their innovation & technological advancements, comparative pricing, attractive packaging etc are also the reasons why I'm so into it. :)
It's exciting to know that Cellapy, South Korea's leading and most trusted dermatologist skincare is now available at Malaysia Watsons!
It's really an interesting collection because the brand is developed by a dermatologist and is the dermatological skincare choice of more than 2,500 dermatology centres in South Korea.
Curious about it? Let's get going!

NUViT @ Instant Restoring and Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask with Quintuple Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hey pretties!
It's been a while since I blogged about the face masks products. 
The last time I shared about beauty face masks on my blog was in January 2019.
Time flies and I didn't realize it's been a year since then.
But anyway, if you followed me on my IG profile @mizhippo, I actually shared some of my recent favourite skincare and face mask products over that channel.
Remember to check them out if you are interested ya. :)
This month, I got the chance to try out a new face mask from NUViT, which I think it's worth-sharing here with you all.
So, NUViT is a beauty brand originated from Taiwan.
The name of NUViT comes from the combination of "New" and "Vitality", with mission of creating products that are effective and safe with knowledge in science and natural plant extracts.
To ensure safety, their products are free from harmful chemical ingredients, preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, fragrance, alcohol and non-allergenic.
NUViT carries a wide range of skincare products, and the NUViT Instant Restoring and Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask with Quintuple Hyaluronic Acid Serum is their latest product that just launched in this month.
Continue reading to find out my personal review after using this new bio-cellulose face mask for the first time.

PGMall @ Maybank QRPay 20% Cashback

I guess most of you know that I love online shopping, after sharing some interesting online platforms recently on my blog. #lol
Online shopping is no longer a rarity in this world, especially in the face of the current pandemic.
There are number of reason why we all like to go for online shopping, not only it keeps the desire for convenience alive, it also has make more enjoyable by helping to save money with every purchase you make.
I remember my first online experience is few years back with Taobao, a foreign shopping platform from China.
Well, online shopping was not so popular in Malaysia during that time as e-commerce was a new business concept that was still not very familiar to the local consumers.
However, in recent years, many traditional brick-and-mortar stores are shifting to online basis.
Compare with the oversea shopping platforms, I find Malaysia has better customer services, smooth communication, easy access, fast delivery etc.
Apart from that, local expenditures will also be rewarded such as cashback and discount which are the huge encouragement for me to spend on these local platforms.
PGMall, is another online shopping platform that I recently came across through my girlfriend.
It's my first time knowing about the PGMall, so yea let's dive into this online shopping mall together and see what are the numerous advantages and benefits they offer. :)

Libresse® @ Introduces “KNOW YOUR V” Campaign to Raise V-Zone Awareness Among Women

Hey, ladies!
Let's talk about our lady parts today.
How much do you actually know about your intimate parts after you and her have been through a lot together for so many years?
I guess it's not a surprise that a lot of you do not know very well about this little essential piece of your body parts as we do not have a proper education about it at the school and also sometimes we tends to forget about it easily as we can't see her properly. 
A recent survey conducted by Libresse®, a female hygiene and health company, revealed that V-Zone knowledge is low among Malaysia women; with 69% who have mistakenly identified a diagram of a woman's reproductive system, 63% of respondents have not seen and know what a vulva was, and also found that almost 4 out of 10 women feel uncomfortable using the world "vagina" in conversations, perpetuating the cultural taboos surrounding V-Zone conversations.
Indeed, we should not let our shyness to hold us back from talking about our intimate part, it's important to know and talk about our intimate parts in order to prevent women from taking the appropriate action when faced with common problems like infections or lead to a delay in identifying symptoms of serious health conditions.
So today, let's prepare and learn our intimate part together through the "KNOW YOUR V" Campaign from Libresse®, a "V Boardgame" to break down taboos and educate you about the V-Zone, with real-life scenarios to gain social confidence.

OctaPLUS @ Shop at Reebonz and Get Cashbacks

Hey guys! How's life going on?
Can't believe it had been nearly 2 months of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, I hope everything goes well to all of you.
As the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) has been extended for another 4 weeks, from 12th May until 9th June 2020, I guess I will still gonna stay at home as much as possible if it's not necessary to go out.
Honestly, this pandemic experience has a great impact on everyone including me.
For me, it changed the way I behave and think in a way, most importantly I learn to be more appreciate and thankful what I have in life.
As I also see lots of businesses are now taking their online presence seriously, we get to purchase the goods we want online without entering someone's store to shop.
I think it's a good move as online purchases is better than conventional walk-in in order to reduce the amount of contact, lesser change of hand, lesser infection.
No doubt that I have been spending more time online; other than purchasing primarily essential goods like groceries, household supplies and even health supplements, sometimes I also cannot stand not spending money on things I don't need such as clothing and handbags. :)
You know that, shopping somehow can make you feel happy and satisfied.
So, that's the reason why I'm here today to share a new shopping website that I found the other day while I was looking for a new handbag to cheer up myself. #lol

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong @ Hong Kong

So guys, here's the Hong Kong hotel review post for your all.
I received some DMs asking me about my stay in Hong Kong, so I decided to write a blog post about it and hopefully it gives you detailed information on every pieces of the Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong.
I knew about Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong through my friends, but indeed this hotel is quite famous in Hong Kong based on its location, affordable and cleanliness.
Like I said in my previous post before, I've been to Hong Kong many times and also have stayed in various hotels before, from a budget one to a high-end one; however this is surely my very first time staying around Mongkok area, probably because I always thought that the hotels in Mongkok are pricey due to its convenient location, and surprisingly this time I found an affordable one that worth the price. #yeayea
We stayed at Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong for a couple of days, and we are happy about it.
So without any further ado, let's have a hotel tour with me right away!

Instagram-Worthy Places in Hong Kong @ Hong Kong

Finally, I'm back to Hong Kong!
It's been about 5 years ago since I last visited Hong Kong.
For me, it's been quite a long time because I used to travel to Hong Kong for at least once a year.
Hong Kong is really one of my favourite city in the world, and I miss this gorgeous city that full of excitements so much!
The city is always very busy, but it has the beautiful night view with the most incredible skyline, it also has the street foods like curry fish balls that I like, and one of my favourite things to do in the city is to shopping. #hehe
So, me and Lik booked our trip just 3 weeks before we departed in early January.
We traveled from Malaysia to Hong Kong on the 27th January, just few days before the Covid-19 outbreak occurring in China.
We were about to cancel the trip, yet when I asked my friends in Hong Kong, they said Hong Kong is safe to visit at that moment.
So we thought it's safe to do so.
Along the trip, we were very cautious; we wore the surgical face mask without taking it out during the flight, we brought many hand sanitizers to sanitize our hands every seconds, we avoided going to crowded places, and also make sure we used anti-virus spray every time before we entered to our hotel room.
It was a stressful trip ever.
After we came back, we also did our 14-days self quarantined at home to self-monitor.
If you were to ask me again, I think I will not take the same risk again; it's not worth as it's not just the risk to yourself, but also the risk from you families, friends and your loved ones.
Thank god that we both are okay and do not feeling sick or unwell after the trip.
On a side note, I'm hoping you all are safe and try stay at home all the time since the outbreaks continue at several countries, including Malaysia too.
Take care and stay safe, everyone!
So, without dragging it too far, me and Lik did not visit those mainstream attractions since it's not our first time visiting Hong Kong, so we just went to the interesting sights that we never been before, basically they are the Instagram spots that I always wanted to visit.
I've compiled all the photos with some details to share with you guys, so let's get started! :)

Kleenso @ Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant

Hey guys!
As we are all currently in the midst of the Covid-19, good hygiene is the key to prevent infection and lower your risk for diseases and illnesses that commonly spread through viruses and bacteria.
With that in mind, washing yourself and keeping home clean are so important for you and your family to stay healthy.
Ever since January, the Covid-19 outbreak, I started to maintain different hygiene practices; like wash hands regularly, wear face masks when I go outside, spray disinfectant sprays on my clothes occasionally and also shower each time I get home after being out in the public.
I also wash all the clothes and towels not only with laundry detergents, and also a bit of  Dettol in the wash to kill the bacteria or germs.
Other than maintaining my daily personal hygiene, it's also very important to clean and disinfect my home everyday, especially those high-touch areas such as doorknobs, handles, tables, countertops, light switches, keyboards, toilets and floors.
I've been looking for disinfectant products everywhere, and sometimes it can be difficult to get one as it's always out of stock.
Recently I came across Kleenso Kill Germs Disinfect from Kleenso Resources Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian-based manufacturer and distributor of the Kleenso and Pesso brand of household cleaning and pest repellent solutions. 
The company established in 2003, and mainly promotes no harmful chemical, use safe ingredients, preservation, and non-poison to produce and preserve their product quality.

If You are in Kuala Lumpur, You Must Check in These Restaurants

Today is 11th April, and so it is the 25th day of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia.
How's everyone doing so far?
It's quite unbelievable that we all have been staying at home for more than 20 days.
During this MCO periods, other than cooking day and night, writing blogs, creating IG contents, I also listing down the things that I plan to do after everything is stable.
Do share with me in the comments section below about your daily activities during this MCO periods, I would love to get some ideas since we still have 3 more weeks to go. :)
Well, the other day I was thinking, "What is the thing I miss the most? What do I want to do the most after MCO is over?"
I miss traveling for sure, but I don't think it's safe to go anywhere now even the MCO periods ended.
And the second thing that I miss a lot is the cafe-hopping adventure; I miss having a cup of hot Americano at a nice cafe, enjoying the atmosphere, taking pictures with the decorations, watching people coming in and out, having good laughs with my friends etc.
So, I went through some of the websites, compiled a list of the cafes, and here's the 5 different cafes that I would like to share with you all today. :)

Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream @ Murad

Hey guys!
Still remember about the Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Cream that I shared in last February?
If you haven't read it, you can go read it now at HERE!
I've shared my full personal review together with the before and after pictures after I've used it for almost 3 week times.
And, I'm still using it since then.
So today, let me share another beauty review about the Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream, from the same Murad Resurgence Series which mainly to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity to reveal youthful-looking skin.
So, no matter how old are you, this Murad Resurgence Series will be the best for you to fight all the lines on your face, and also help to get a revitalizing boost.
I personally like about this series as I can see some visible changes on my overall skin condition, and the eye cream really done a good job in reducing the lines on my eye areas.
For this Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream, I've been using it for more than a month, and so here's what I've got for you all!

Online Groceries Shopping at youbeli @ OctaPLUS

Hey guys! How's everyone doing in the first week of April.
I hope you all are staying healthy and safe during this coronavirus crisis.
The second phase of the Movement Control Order (MCO) has just started, with stricter rules to be enforced from 1st April till 14th April 2020.
Government has tighten restrictions on public movements including shortening business hours for essential services in order to step up efforts to stop the spread of the Covid-19.
Honestly speaking, I think MCO somehow does change our lifestyle.
I've not been to any big supermarkets to do my groceries during this period; I usually stocked up on my groceries at the mini-markets near to my house because I want to avoid the big crowds and long queues.
I saw some online news showing that the supermarkets are usually have long queues and big crowds, which worry me so much.
Most of the times, I will buy the freshly groceries, including fresh vegetables, meats, fruits at the mini-markets near my house, and then I'm also taking online grocery shopping on dry food, personal care and household products as I stay in.
As usual, I go on the OctaPLUS to check if there are any online stores offering the essential groceries I need because I wanted to get some cashback on my purchase. :)
That way I will be in a win-win situation, where I will get cashback and at the same time have my purchase items delivered right in front of my doorstep!
Right! I don't have to worry about any social distancing anymore!

GETHA Windy Latex Pillow & Windy 360 Latex Pillow @ GETHA Malaysia

What's more important than having a good sleep?
Having the right mattress is one thing to help you sleep better at night, but not to forget that having the right bed pillows are also playing an important role in giving you a good sleep.
I learnt from my mum; a right pillow is not only comforting, it also helps in supporting the intricate structures of your head, neck, shoulders, hips and spine.
When getting a right pillow, it helps to prevent your discomforts such as back and neck pain, as well as shoulder, hip and other forms of joint pain.
So today, I'm here to share my recent purchase with GETHA, a world leading manufacturing of natural latex foam mattresses and bending products in Malaysia since 1969.
The brand owns a 50 years of manufacturing experience and has been fifth-time winner of World Branding Awards, from 2015 to 2020.
Two weeks ago, I've purchased two pillows from their classic pillow collection; GETHA Windy Latex Pillow & GETHA Windy 360 Latex Pillow, and hoping my personal review will give you some useful information about GETHA products and also help you to choose the right pillows for you and your family.
So, let's start it off with the GETHA Windy Latex Pillow!

Visiting Lisbon & Sintra for the First time @ Portugal

YAS! I'm finally writing the last travel post for my trip in Spain and Portugal.
This post is all about the main attractions to go in Lisbon and Sintra, and also the local food I had in Portugal.
It's my first time visiting Portugal, and I'm already feel madly in love.
I remember I've read one online article about the 40 most beautiful countries in the world, and Portugal is one of them in the list.
Feeling so blessed that I can now cross off Portugal from my travel list.
Portugal is really one amazing country to visit; the people there are friendly and nice, the weather was fine, much better than the previous days in Spain, and also I enjoyed Portuguese food too.
So, we went to Portugal for almost 2 days; we arrived in Lisbon late in the afternoon from Seville, spent a whole day in Sintra on the next day, and then following by a half day tour around Lisbon city before our night flight back to Malaysia.
The itinerary in Portugal wasn't very rush, so we actually have enough time walking around and taking pictures at those places that the tour agent arranged for us.
So, let's start my love in Portugal. are you ready?

Guess Pringles Chips’ Mystery Flavour to Win RM20,000 Cash Prize @ Pringles Malaysia

I love potato chips because they are so delicious.
Do you feel so?
I'm always so addicted to potato chips, especially I like to munch it while watching Netflix, rushing for a blog post or doing some random stuff.
When it comes to snacking, what's your favourite brands?
My favourite brand is Pringles, a firm favourite at parties and gatherings galore.
Pringles has known around the world for its unique saddle-shaped, stackable chips, and the brand exists to bring out everyone’s playful side.
Whether you’re craving for a snack with a kick, or something tangy and spicy, each well-seasoned Pringles chip is a crispy delight, and never greasy on the fingers or in the mouth.
And starting from this month, Pringles is releasing a new mystery flavour that leaves you guessing what it is, and to make it even more exciting, you could follow the clues and win RM20,000 cash prize if you guess the mystery flavour correctly!
One lucky winner will bring home a cash prize worth RM20,000, that's really so excited!

Shop More and Earn More Cashback @ OctaPLUS

Hello guys!
How's everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing good and stay safe.
As for myself, I was not doing so well in February.
Due to the Covid-19, I've been self-quarantined at home for 14 days after I came back from my CNY trip in Hong Kong.
Then, after the 14 days self-quarantined, I again locked up myself at home for another week because I have eyes infection due to the tear duct system that I mentioned before.
So basically, in the month of February, I didn't go out often, just couched at home and killed my times by watching dramas, writing blogs, and also do online shopping. #hehe
I'm now really an online shopping addict, because I even buy my groceries online too. :)
We should feel lucky and thanks for such a wonderful network!
So, do you still remember about the OctaPLUS that I blogged in January?
It's a new online platform that gather all the best deals and discounts around the internet and put them in one place, so that you can rest assure to get the best deals for your online shopping.
Now, whenever I wanted to shop online, I will check with OctaPLUS before hand, so that I won't miss the chance to collect the cashback.

Ronda & Seville Day Trip @ Spain

After visited Córdoba & Málaga, we finally visiting the last 2 cities, Ronda and Seville in Spain before we left to Portugal.
We stayed at both Ronda and Seville for less than 24 hours, but you know what, I've already quick to fall in love into them when I stepped into the towns.
It's just like the love at first sight. :)
Ronda is a village in the Spanish province of Málaga, where we took about 2 hours plus to drive from Costa del Sol Málaga, while Seville is the capital of southern Spain's Andalusia region, which was about 2 hours drive from Ronda.
I find both of them are one of the most's picturesque cities, with the Ronda's Puente Nuevo that sets on the Andalusian mountain highland and the Plaza de España that holds the most spectacular spaces in Seville.
Both of them make me feels like in a different world.
I really have so much to share about my wonderful times at both cities, and hope you all can stay with me on another long post for today. :)

Tourist Attractions in Córdoba & Málaga @ Spain

Hello all! Welcome back to my blog.
Today, I'm going to continue blogging about my trip in Spain.
If you are new here, just stumbled upon my blog, and are interested to read more about my Spain trip, feel free to click on the label "Spain" on the right, then it will bring you to a page that full of my travel posts in Spain.
So today, I'm going to blog about Córdoba & Málaga, where both are the interesting cities with unique cultural heritages and plenty attractions to discover at every corners.
Well, let's first talk about the weather in both cities.
Since these cities are in South Spain, near the Mediterranean Sea, the weather temperature was like 27℃ - 29℃ though it's in the mid of October.
I didn't enjoy the weather so much because it was really warm, so I think if you are planning to visit these cities or I should said Spain, it would be better to plan starting from mid or end of November.
The weather should be more cooling and chilling if you don't like hot weather.
So, cut all the craps and let's get started about my journey now! :)

Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Cream @ Murad Resurgence Series

Been writing a lot of Spain travel posts in the past 2 weeks.
Wanted to thank you to those who have taken your time and effort to read them all.
Appreciate that so much!
So today, let's take a short break from my traveling posts, because I want to share my personal review about the new skincare products that I'm using for this month, which is the Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Cream from the Murad Resurgence Series.
Murad Resurgence Series are in green colour packaging, which mainly to target fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity to reveal youthful-looking skin.
If you followed me on my beauty posts, yea I've been using quite a few Murad series since last year, and can't deny that I really like their products and they do help to improve my overall skin condition.
Anyway, there are three types of skincare products under this range, and I'm using the Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Cream together with the Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream in my recent beauty routine.
And for this post, I will be sharing my personal review about the Murad Retinal Youth Renewal Eye Cream, and will do the review on the Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream on my next beauty post.
So, stay tuned ya. :)

I'm Finally Visiting La Alhambra Palace @ Granada, Spain

Finally writing about my trip at La Alhambra in Granada!
Traveling to La Alhambra has been on my bucket list since I watched the K-drama "Memories of the Alhambra".
"Memories of the Alhambra" is a series of mysterious incidents surrounding a new and intricate augmented reality game inspired by the stories of Alhambra Palace.
The drama is starring by Hyun Bin and Park Shin-hye, which is also one of my favourite K-dramas in 2018.
I remember in 2018, I also traveled to Ljubljana, Slovenia after watching the K-drama "Black Knight" starring by Kim Rae-won and Shin Se-kyung.
I wrote about Ljubljana in Slovenia at HERE, do check out the post if you are interested to read it.
Well, I'm so glad that I able to make it to La Alhambra in Granada for the first time in my life in 2019!
That's sooooo exciting!!!


My January was amazing!
As most of you know, it was my birthday month. :)
I used to blog about my birthday to remember every bits and pieces of the celebration, and also it's the day I reminded myself that I'm another year older. :)
I just checked my last birthday post was in 2014.
Though it's been 6 years I didn't update my birthday, bu my every birthday, every celebration were surrounded with happiness, filled with laughter, wrapped with joy, blessed with love, and of course celebrated with my fav cake. :)
This year, I told myself I must keep it down in my blog to remember this special day in 2020, because I am turning 40 this year!
I'm so thankful that I had so many beautiful and happiness moments surrounded with people I love the most, my family and friends.
Some of them are really great supporters to support what I love to do, some of them inspired me to be more positive in life, some of them taught me about appreciation of life.
I'm really grateful with everything in my life now.
So, back to my topic of this blog, I had total 6 celebrations this year, with different beautiful people in my life.

Beautiful Days in Cuenca & Toledo @ Spain

Here comes the post about Cuenca and Toledo.
It's true that no trip would be complete without visiting Spain's major cities, like Barcelona and Madrid when you travel to Spain.
I've blogged about Barcelona at HERE, and also Madrid at HERE, do check out the links if you are interested to know the places I've been.
Though the big cities in Spain are fun and exciting, I actually realized there are also many small towns around Spain are way not to miss out.
The little towns deliver plenty of charm and beautiful scenery; quiet alleyways, amazing streets, undiscovered gems that you can't find in the hustle and bustle of larger cities.
Valencia is one of them, HERE's the post I've shared in few days ago.
And for today's post, I wanna share another two significant towns in Spain, Cuenca and Toledo.

Review + Discount Code + Pomotion for SUDIO FEM @ Sudio, Sweden

One of the essential things that I always bring along on my travels is a pair of earphones.
I use the earphones to listen to my favourite music on the plane, especially during for the long flights and long transits.
Besides, I also use this amazing gadget to block out the background noises and unwanted distractions; I turn the volume up as fast as it will go so that I can feel on my own.
These days, wireless earphones are popular and it's true that it's not hard to find a true wireless earbuds with good sound quality, excellent battery life, or even noise cancellation.
I've been looking for one since end of last year, wanted to make myself to switch from a traditional headphones to a wireless earbuds this year.
Glad that I've found a suitable one at Sudio, a lifestyle brand from Sweden.
I recently brought the Sudio FEM wireless earbuds to my trip in Hong Kong, and also made a short video about the little earbuds on my IG feed @mizhippo, do check it out and gives me some loves. :)
And here's a long post of my personal sharing about Sudio FEM with you all.
Oh well, if you are looking for a Sudio discount code, just scroll to the bottom and it's right at the end of this post.

Visiting Madrid for the First Time @ Madrid, Spain

Madrid is the capital of Spain.
We spent two nights in Madrid; however since we traveled through a travel agency that have fix itinerary to follow, we only had about 24 hours to walk around the city of Madrid because we had a stop at Cuenca when we drove from Valencia, and also spent a morning hanging out in Toledo.
I will blog about Cuenca and Toledo in my next separate post.
So, the first impression about Madrid was doing well.
I was impressed with the colour, the vibrant, the architectures and buildings that I saw.
But the city was super crowded, lots of people walking, shopping, eating on the street.
And of course, we did a lot of walking in Madrid too; strolling around the city, enjoying the sights and visiting most of the popular attractions in the city.

A Day Well-Spent in Valencia @ Valencia, Spain

Hey, I'm back here again to share my travel diary!
Today, I'm going to talk about Valencia, the third largest Spanish city.
Valencia is a charming Spanish city, which divided into the old town and modern complex.
Both old and modern form a fusion that makes the city stand out from the rest of Spain.
I like Valencia upon my first arrival at the city.
The weather was nice, people were friendly, food was delicious, beautiful streets filled with old historic buildings that giving cool vibes.
It took about 4 hours drive from Barcelona to Spain, but totally worth it!
So, here's the places I've visited when I spent a day in Valencia, are you ready to spare some times with me in this beautiful city? :)

Aveeno® @ Provides Effective “Four-in-One” Relief on Dry and Irritated Skin

We always present to the world our very best selves, by making sure that we got the perfect hairstyle for our face, that our face look gorgeous all time, that we smell good.
But what about our skin?
Skin is the largest organ on our body, yet we tend to ignore it.
So, today let's get into the game, guys!
Let's take proper care of our skin, which includes using body lotion that use of natural ingredients.
To help women around the world discover a naturally beautiful life, Aveeno® is a brand that offers a complete line of comprehensive skincare solutions featuring the Active Naturals Colloidal Oatmeal.
The brand has unlocked the power of a natural ingredient, "oat" through scientific advances, and discovered ways to nurture and transform the skin to an enhanced state of health and beauty.

Princess Cruises @ Masterclasses with MasterChef Australia winner Diana Chan

Happy times do pass faster. :)
It's almost coming to the end of January, in the blink of an eye.
It's crazy how times flew and I've been sooo busy almost everyday; waking up early for work, attending events, meeting people, rushing blogposts, celebrating my birthday, catching up with friends to celebrate CNY together etc.
It's really a busy month, yet I'm feeling so blessed that there are so many good things are happening in January.
Just last Monday, I'm really glad that I was invited to Princess Cruises to meet Diana Chan, a Malaysian-born Australian cook and winner of MasterChef Australia for 2017 season 9 winner in person, and had the chance to see her in real life to make her own version of Yee Sang for this coming Chinese New Year.
Thank you so much Princess Cruises for having me!

OctaPLUS @ The Best Deals for your Online Shopping

Online shopping is the trend now.
Not only it is so convenient to get your items to be delivered to your door step with just a few clicks, it is also save your time walking to places to find the item you want to buy.
What's more?! Online shopping also offers good deals, promotions from time to time, and you can also earn cashbacks that you can cash out the money once you've reached the minimum cash amount.
Yea! I can't agree any more that online shopping nowadays are more fun and exciting!
Just recently, I stumbled upon OctaPLUS, a new online platform that gather all the best deals and discounts around the internet and put them in one place, so that you can rest assure to get the best deals for your online shopping by using OctaPLUS.
Wanna know more about OctaPLUS? Let's continue to read on to find out more!

Murad @ Murad Prebiotic 3-in-1 MultiMist

I love a good face mist, mainly because they are easy to use no matter where you are.
You just gonna close your eyes and spritz some mist directly all over your face, then your skin will feel refreshing and cooling instantly.
It's definitely a great helper for your skin for those days with or without makeup.
I recently came across a new face mist, Murad Prebiotic 3-in-1 MultiMist that not only works to refresh your face throughout the day, it also works as a primer before applying your makeup and also a set up spray to make your makeup last all day long.
This new face mist has immediately became one of my favourite beauty products after I've used it for about 3 week times.
For those who likes to use face mist or if you are looking for one that works well, you must check this out! :)

Fahrenheit88 @ Blossoming Into the New Year with "Bloom In Beauty" at Fahrenheit88

Hey guys!
How's everyone Chinese New Year preparation?
I'm still in the midst of doing my spring cleaning, house decoration, and also CNY shopping.
Spring cleaning and preparing Chinese New year decoration for home is the moment of the year that I enjoy the most, because this is always the best time for my family to gather and do something for the home together.
The nice decorations that full of festive mood is just so amazing. :)
Anyway, I wish you all have a great time in the Chinese New Year preparation and celebration. #enjoyit
And, if you are still looking for places to shop for your fashion apparels like clothing, shoes, accessories, handbags, or even cosmetic products, Fahrenheit88 Mall is one of the good places to visit because the mall has almost everything you need under one roof.

Intermark Mall @ Celebrates Chinese New Year with "Shanghai Splendour"

It's been a while since I last visited Intermark Mall in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.
I remembered the last time I visited the mall was in 2018, perhaps?!
Wow! Time flies! It's year 2020 now!
Yea so, as the new year is going to start in a couple of days, I went to Intermark Mall in last week as I heard the mall is celebrating Chinese New Year with the theme of "Shanghai Splendour"!
The mall is full of festive booths and colourful CNY decorations that filled with "Shanghai feel" which certainly gets you in some real CNY mood!
There are also many interesting performances taking place at the same time too!
In that case, I'm here to share what Intermark Mall has to offer to you guys in this red festive season! #excited

California Raisins @ A Healthy and Tasty Evening with Chef Emmanuel Stroobant

How many of you here like raisins?
And how many of you know the goodness and benefits of raisins for your health?
Here's some key benefits of raisins that I wanna share with you all:
✓They are all-natural
✓They are naturally sweet and do not contain added sugar
✓They are fat and cholesterol-free and naturally low in sodium
✓They are a source of potassium (an important electrolyte that aids in muscle, cardiovascular and nervous system function)
✓They are a source of fibre
✓They are a source of concentrated nutrients
✓They are known to contain phytonutrients that suppress the growth of oral bacteria associated with cavities and gum disease
Overall, raisins are a healthful food and make a great addition to many diets.

Summit USJ Shopping Mall @ The Rational of the Chinese New Year Decor 2020

Chinese New Year is around the corner.
Have you started on your home decorations yet?
While I was doing my CNY shopping for festive foods and new clothing, there are so many shopping malls are all decked up in stunning CNY decos and festive music to spread the joys of the celebration for the Year of the Rat.
Those impressive mall decors are not only nice for taking lovely photos, but also gives everyone a festive and lively atmosphere for CNY good vibes.
The decos at most of the malls are really putting a lot of efforts and investment in it, some really creative and impressive.
Just like the one, Summit USJ Shopping Mall that I visited in few days ago, they completing the setup with recycled cardboard-made of adornments, such as Chinese calendar, rats, lion dances, fortune cats etc to welcome the beautiful spring festive.

Carlsberg Malaysia @ Wishes All Double Prosperity Offering Double Rewards in CNY 2020!

It is an honour and a privilege to be invited to attend the exclusive Pre-Chinese New Year celebration together with Carlsberg Malaysia on last Friday.
The Carlsberg’s Chinese New Year campaign for year 2020 is "Double Cheers. Double Winnings", where Carlsberg believes that good things come in pairs and also want to greet beer lovers double prosperity by offering double rewards to commemorate unique occurrence of year 2020.
I had a great time on that Friday evening; lots of fun meeting old and new friends, enjoyed delightful cuisines with great beers, and also created my first time painting koi fishes featured in Carlsberg’s CNY 2020 masthead.
I'm going to share the fun and laughter in this post, and also feed you the information on how you can win yourself a 3-litre Carlsberg bottle, Carlsberg Smart Mini Bar and also RM800 worth of groceries all paid by Carlsberg!
Excited, right?! #iknow 

Bits and Pieces in Barcelona @ Barcelona, Spain

Hey guys!
Welcome back!
I hope most of you have already read my Hippo in Spain & Portugal 2019 post, if you haven't, go and read now yeaaaaaa. :)
Like I said early in my previous post, today I'm going to dive deep into the places that I've been to in Spain and Portugal.
I will be separating the posts according to different locations, and will show you the attractions and highlights that must not missed out in both Spain and Portugal!
So, Barcelona is the first destination we visited during our Spain tour.
It was about 7 hours and 30 minutes flight from Dubai to Barcelona, and we landed at Barcelona airport at about 2 in the afternoon.
We didn't get to check in the hotel, but only freshen up a bit at the airport after picked up our luggage.
So, it was really a long and exhausted day on the first day in Barcelona.

Recap 2019, To 2020!

Time flies.
Can't believe it is the end of 2019 now.
2019 has been an up and down year for me.
Well, I can't say it is the best, but also not the worst year too.
I'm feeling so glad that I have my family, Lik and friends being with me all the time this year.
Looking back the new year resolution I made for 2019, I think I did most of them, except being an organized person (this probably gonna take another few more years to achieve lol), yet I'm happy that I'm taking my steps to be more socialize and able to communicate well with new people. :)
Writing a year end recap is like a ritual on my blog when it comes to the end of the year, so yea, this year will not be exceptional as well.
I'm going to write about the recap to keep all my memories and some highlights for 2019.
So, here's what I have for my best 2019.