Visit Taiwan Kaohsiung 台灣高雄 @ Where to Go and What to Eat?

Hello everyone!
I'm back to continue my travel blog about my trip to Kaohsiung.
I last updated my travel post in Sept, thanks for staying with me. :)
So, some of you have asked why I choose Kaohsiung for this trip.
Well, one of the main reasons for my choice was to experience life in a smaller city and find relaxation, as big cities tend to feel somewhat stressful to me.
Additionally, I also found out that Kaohsiung is conveniently close to Tainan, just less than one-hour ride on a high-speed train, this allowed me to explore two places in one trip, which sounded like a great idea. #hehe
Besides, Kaohsiung is also Taiwan's second largest city, boasts a rich history as a port city, influenced by various foreign cultures such as the Dutch, Japanese and Chinese, which have a lasting impact on its culture and development over the years.
So I thought it would be great place to explore more about Taiwan.
In my previous blog post, I shared information about our accommodation in Kaohsiung, you are feel free to read my full review about the Greet Inn at HERE, where I included special pomo code that valid till Dec 2023. 
And today, I'd like to talk about the places we visited, and the delicious local food we enjoyed during our trip.
I hope you'll enjoy reading about our adventures in Kaohsiung!