Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Swissvita @ 3D Micrite All Use Eye Cream & Acne Solution Soothing Cleanser Cream

Hey pretties!
Do you still remember I blogged about Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum in last year May?
That's my first product I've got it from Swissvita.
Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum is one of the star products from Swissvita which able to help you to cover any dark spots on your skin.
I have been using it for nearly half a year now; whenever I got any dark spots or marks on my face, and the repeated use of the cream apparently helps to removing annoying marks!
If you are looking for any serum that helps on this particular problem, you can check out my review about this product at HERE.
Today, I would like to share another 2 popular products from Swissvita, which is the 3D Micrite All Use Eye Cream and Acne Solution Soothing Cleanser Cream.

One of the reason I'm convinced with Swissvita is their products are mainly created to bring you natural radiance and beauty.
Instead of hiding the signs of aging, Swissvita helps to cure the aging problems such as wrinkles and fine lines with the combination of European and Asian technology innovations, and also their powerful natural extract that known as AC-11.
This special ingredient was inspired by Dr. Ronald W. Pero, and has successfully helping many people to look younger and beautiful. :)

First, let's talk about the Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream.
I have been eyeing this product ever since I know about it's existence because I have a very deep laugh lines around my eye areas.
Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Cream has won several beauty awards such as Watson's and Oscar beauty awards, and also has been rated 5 stars at Amazon.
This eye cream acts on:
#1 eye wrinkles
#2 puffiness
#3 aging
#4 dark circles

So, how to get rid of your eye problems with this eye cream?
#1 Dark circles and puffiness: the uniquely formulated product is known to visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles. It also brightens and targets signs of fatigue around eyes and diminishes puffiness.
#2 Wrinkles and aging: contains multiple active ingredients that nourish and heal discoloured skin, fine lines and wrinkles. This natural skin tightener enhances your skin's biochemical properties, giving an eye-lifting, youthful effect that makes your skin look younger and healthier.

This eye cream contains several ingredients such as AC-11 and B12, which are derived from a natural herb from the Amazon rain forest.
All ingredients are free from additive, alcohol sulfate, fragrance and paraben, and also supported by many scientific studies, so it's all safe to use.
Besides, all-natural and water-soluble ingredients also have been discovered to cure the body's natural skin tissue repair and slow down the process of skin aging.

The product is packed in an aluminium sealed package to prevent the risk of combination by external air pressure.
The container is also tested with stand high temperature so that it maintains it's effectiveness of the active ingredients.
Take off the lid, bottle cap and red safety ring, and then re-tighten bottle cap to open.
There is a sharp point in the cap will pole open into the foil.

The eye cream is very lightweight, which absorbs straight away and leaves my eye areas feeling moisture.
It doesn't leave any greasy residue and it actually feels hydrating right away.
I don't like heavy cream type eye cream, because sometimes cream type takes times to absorb, so this gel type works just perfectly for me in day and night time.

All you need to do is to apply a small dot of formula around cleansed eye area, and then pat the liquid into the skin.
It's suggested to use twice in a day, morning and night time.

The product claimed that:
#1 it has instant lifting in just 7 seconds
#2 it reduces dark circles and puffy eyes in 7 hours
#3 it reduces fine lines in 7 days
I have noticed a slight reduction in some of the fine lines around my eyes and also it increased hydration on that areas.
I hope you can also notice the same differences on these photos too.

Now, let's talk about the Swissvita Acne Solution Soothing Cleanser Cream.
According to dermatologists, it's the best acne face washes to keep a clean and clear skin.
If you have breakouts to blackheads and whiteheads problems and wish to get rid of them, this Acne Solution Soothing Cleanser Cream can make a big difference by exfoliating your skin and cleaning out dead skin cells and oils that clog pores.
Once your pores can breathe, your face will be acne free.

Swissvita Acne Solution Soothing Cleanser Cream is a medical-grade product which is suitable for oily as well as combination skin. 
It is packed with anti-inflammatory and also antioxidant to help treat everything from blackheads to breakouts, plus plant extract to balance out oil, especially in the T-zone.
In addition, this cleanser also can unclog and reduce the appearance of pores too. 

I like the packaging of this cleanser because it is packed in a plastic tube and has a flip cap on it.
The flip cap opens and closes to ensure no leakage of the product.
It's much easier to bring around especially traveling.

The cleanser comes in a creamy texture, and it turns into milky and foamy after adding some water.
It's completely fragrance free, and cleaning my face perfectly without any dryness.

Squeeze a small amount of cleanser onto hands or sponge and massage onto damp skin. 
After that, rinse it off and enjoy your fresh clean skin. :)
It can be used twice in a day, morning and night time.

The product claimed that it provides fast action to keep pores clear, and the treatment is effective for various types of acne.
Most of the acne conditions can be improved and cured within 1 week.
Overall, Acne Solution Soothing Cleanser Cream cleanses my face very well.
Though it is hard to tell if it really help to reduce my blackheads and whiteheads now, but it does clean my face well enough, and also making my skin feel so soft and smooth every time after I wash my face. 

Both of these lovely products can be purchased online at
Swissvita 3D Micrite All Use Eye Cream is selling @ RM115 (15g) & Acne Solution Soothing Cleanser Cream @ RM80 (100g)
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Monday, January 29, 2018

Ginnie Lam 林紀螢 @ Ginn Prestige Club

Hello, I'm here again!
Today, I'm going to share a throwback beauty event that I attended in two weeks ago.
This probably your first time knowing Ginnie Lam 林紀螢 from Hong Kong.
Ginnie is a beauty expert from Hong Kong who holds a number of beauty training qualifications such as Chinese medicines, anti-aging medicines, Chinese cosmetic science, nutrition, skin cytology, raw ingredients study, weight management etc.
She used her own personal experiences and knowledge to create her own skin care lines which is safe, with highest quality and cost effective for people with all types of skin conditions, even to the pregnant ladies.
Ginnie is also an ambassador of the Malaysia's I love Coffee & Tea s well as Malaysia's beauty fashion brand's program host.
Now you know a little bit of Ginnie's background, continue to read on to find out how Ginnie uses her skin care brand, "Ginn" to help the people who suffer from bad skin condition. :)

Big Congratulation to Ginnie on her first Ginn Prestige fans club in Malaysia!

At the age of 19, Ginnie had a very bad experience after she went to a beauty salon for a facial treatment and also after using different kinds of skin-care products from the market.
She ended up with several skin irritation, itchiness and inflammation such as big pores, pigmentation, acne scars appeared all over her face.
It was totally a worst nightmare for her.
She wanted to find a way to cure her skin condition by herself, so she has taken many courses such as skin-care & beauty, nutrition, Chinese medicines, natural ingredients etc to cure as well as enhance her skin condition.

In 2008, after Ginnie went through several researches and developments with her team, she finally developed a full set of Ginn Chinese herbal skin care products.
Ginnie has worked with several laboratories in different countries and under went rigorous selection, matching, testing and optimizing the formulation of raw materials in order to achieve a highly effective skin care products.
The brand, "Ginn" is created with a pure heart, together with a strong concept and a true spirit.
It also highlights how Chinese herbs can be the ingredients to make the skin's beautiful and healthy.

Ginn has received many testimonials from their clients after it has successfully improved the lives of many persons with sensitive skin, acne inflammation, hormone imbalance and porous skin.
Skin is the largest's organ in our body, so Ginn is more emphasize that a good skin care is not about having a good series of skin care products, but also must have an adequate nutrition, good water absorption, clean environment, and good metabolism rate.

After receiving many compliments and likes from Ginn's clients, Ginnie has successful created a fans club in Malaysia now!
By participating as a Ginn Prestige Club one year membership at RM1,000p, you will receive Ginn Skin Care set worth RM1,790, Ginn pamper gift set, and also has the chance to join their all kinds of beauty activities such as Ginn charity bazaar, charity event volunteers, skills training, beauty contest, performances, model training, nutrition regimen courses and many more.

It was nice meeting Ginnie during the event.
She is absolutely gorgeous, friendly, and someone who has a lot of knowledge in beauty industry for many years.
If you are interested to know more about Ginn's products, you can check it out at or join Ginnie's sharing her FB page
Last but not least, hope you enjoy reading this post, and I will see you on my next post soon ya! :)

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Althea Black Sparking Box @ Sparkle Your Way To New Year

I consider makeup is an daily essential routine for me.
What I meant is not a complete makeup but a simple touch up on the necessary areas like eyebrow, eyeline, basic foundation or just a simple lips gloss.
I'm not a heavy makeup person but I consider touch up on the facial area is a sense of politeness toward myself as I realized being in public area you would not know who would you meet and stumble upon with.
On the other hand, the reason being makeup can also really brighten up a person facial appearance and heightened a person self-confident.
The reason I'm pointing out this is because of my personal encountered with my ex one day at a shopping mall without any makeup on.
It was not my intention to shop for long but a quick in and out from the mall.
Guess what?! I bumped into my ex and he was with his new girl.
Totally caught on surprise that I failed to present myself in a proper manner and I was like "shit"!
He must be thinking "thanks god, I'm with another girl".
From that day onward, I promise myself that I will never leave the house without putting on makeup, because I will never know who I am going to meet today.

I know some people might think makeup is a chore to put on and you might also think it takes a lot of time.
But indeed, once you've got it down and make it part of your routine, makeup really doesn't take very long.
Well, my daily makeup only takes me about 10 minutes; starting from face foundation, to eye makeup shadow, then eyebrow and lipstick.
So today, I'm going to show you through each step of my makeup routine with the Althea Black Sparking Box that I recently use.
Are you ready? Here we go....

Step #1: April Skin Magic Snow Cushion 2.0
After wearing sunscreen, I apply BB cushions at most of the times.
I'm a big fan of BB cushion, because it's easy to apply and also I think it is the best for beginners.
I have been eyeing this April Skin Magic Snow Cushion 2.0 ever since it launched in the market.
This product has gotten itself an upgrade, which also received many good reviews from the users.
I'm so excited that I finally got my own to try it! :)

April Skin Magic Snow Cushion 2.0 is one of the Korea's biggest BB cushion products.
It promises moisture for your skin without compromising on good coverage.
It's made with a 45% water-based formula, which works to not only hide your imperfections but to improve them with it's hydrating and nourishing properties.
This product blends like a cream and comes in a sturdy compact with a puff and a mirror, making it easy to take in your bag with you to use on-the-go.

Before I applied it on my face, I first tested the product on my hand.
The first impression about the texture is it is light, not very creamy but slightly watery, and it's very easy to blend and get into the skin within seconds.

April Skin Magic Snow Cushion 2.0 is suitable for all skin types.
It comes in 3 shades; #21 light beige, #22 pink beige, #23 natural beige, and I got mine in the shade #23 because I prefer a more natural colour which is not too whitey for my face.
The usage is very simple; open the cushion and pick up product with the puff provided, then blend onto the skin for desired coverage.

For me, foundation is to make the skin looks more even-toned,fine-grained and smooth.
I really think this April Skin Magic Snow Cushion 2.0 has achieved my exceptions of a BB cushion.
I have some photos of the before and after pictures only on half of my face, you can see the cushion has really brightened my whole complexion, and covered all imperfections such as dark spots, pores and uneven skin tone on my left face.
I didn't use any concealer at here, just a sunscreen beforehand for a protection.

Step #2: Son & Park All That Smoky Kit
Son & Park All That Smoky Kit is created by the duo makeup artists of Son and Park, who are both famous makeup artists for celebrities and fashion editors in Korea and also worldwide.
The palette comes in a classic black plastic box-style with Son & Park logo on the front and a magnetic closure.
When the package open, it has a full case size mirror and a double-ended applicator for easy blending and application.
The eye shadow palette is small which is about the dimension of a cell phone, so it won't take up a lot of space in your makeup bag or handbag.

Son & Park All That Smoky Kit consists of 6 shades:
#1 Clear Stone: perfect for shading or as an eye shadow base
#2 Toubu: a warm shade that best match with our skin tone
#3 Brass: a translucent peach colour with some white and gold glitters
#4 Brownie: medium warm brown that can use for contouring
#5 Iron Lilac: light grey colour with silver and gold shimmer
#6 Charcoal: looks like black colour which perfectly to darken the entire eye look. You can also use it as eyeliner too.

You can play around the eye shadow palette by mixing 2 or more shades on your eyelids to create a different looks for any occasions.
At here, I used the #2 toubu shade as a base colour so that it helps even out my eyelids before I apply the rest of the eye shadow shades.
Then, I put on the #5 iron lilac shade as the second layer to highlight my eyes, and follow by the #6 charcoal to darken my entire eye look so that I have a pair of bigger eyes. :)

I do believe the powerful of the eye shadow especially using darken colour can make your eyes look bigger and brighter.
I noticed my right eye looks smaller than the other because my left eye has double eyelid, so by putting eye shadow it somehow make my eyes appear larger and sharper (check out my complete look at the end of this post. :)

Step #3 Rire Luxe Gel Eyeliner (No.1 Kill Black)
Rire Luxe Gel Eyeliner is a new concept of eyeliner which provides:
#1 soft and long-lasting without smudge
#2 dries very quickly
#3 vivid colour and and good colour development
#4 water-proof, strong against swear and water
#5 in a sealed container to keep the product from drying for long

The eyeliner is an automatic type which used by rolling, and there is a sharpener that allows an easy shave.
There are many colours available such as brown, blue, burgundy, pink, white and khaki; but I got mine with all black because I always prefer black or dark brown to dramatically enhance and reshape my eyes to create a smokey eyes feel. :)

Since the product claimed that it is water-proof and long-lasting, I tested out the eyeliner on my hand.
After I let the eyeliner dry on my hand, I tried to rub the liner off with just tap water, however the colour didn't come off at all.
Then I tried to rub it off with my makeup remover, the colour didn't smudge on my first and second wiped, and only came off after my third wiped.

For myself, I like to use liquid eyeliner compare to pencil eyeliner because I think putting a liquid eyeliner is a lot easier for me.
But the advantage of getting a pencil eyeliner is you can use it as an eye shadow as well.
Simply draw a thick line on your eyelid and then blend the line naturally as soon as it gets.
As for eyeliner, you just draw a thin line from inside on the upper lid of the eye.

Eyeliner is a great way to take your makeup to the next level.
It can help make your eyes stand our, look bigger, or even change the shape.
So, an eyeliner is a must in your makeup steps.

Step #4: Missha The Style 4D Mascara
My first mascara is from Missha.
I bought it in Hong Kong through a friend's recommendation.
Missha is famous with it's mascara product and it's still the best selling product to date.
And this Missha The Style 4D Mascara not only provides length and volumes, it also helps to separate the lashes to give you a gorgeous look.

This simple yet impressive mascara is made with natural plant extracts so it doesn't irritate the gentle eye area.
The brush is slim, just as slim as the tube.
I like thin brush because it makes easy to coat every lashes including the inner and outer ones, also the bottom eye lashes too.

I'm a big fan of mascara, not because it gives me good volume and longer lengths of my eye lashes, I also noticed that with the mascara application, it helps to hold the powder from the eye shadow better to avoid the excess powder to fall over the face. #thisisverytrue!
Try it if you have an oily skin like me, and you will see the differences.

Lastly, don't forget to wear your lipstick or lip gloss!
Then, it's all completed now!
Do you like it?! :)

If you are interested with the products that I shared today, you can now shop online at
I will share with you the direct links of each products that I have used at below:
#1 April Skin Magic Snow Cushion 2.0 @ RM82.00
#2 Son & Park All That Smoky Kit (not available at this moment)
#3 Rire Luxe Gel Eyeliner (No.1 Kill Black) @ RM14
#4 Missha The Style 4D Mascara @ RM16
Althea's products go out very quickly, so do catch them before they run out of stocks ya!