Swissvita @ 3D Micrite All Use Eye Cream & Acne Solution Soothing Cleanser Cream

Hey pretties!
Do you still remember I blogged about Swissvita Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum in last year May?
That's my first product I've got it from Swissvita.
Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum is one of the star products from Swissvita which able to help you to cover any dark spots on your skin.
I have been using it for nearly half a year now; whenever I got any dark spots or marks on my face, and the repeated use of the cream apparently helps to removing annoying marks!
If you are looking for any serum that helps on this particular problem, you can check out my review about this product at HERE.
Today, I would like to share another 2 popular products from Swissvita, which is the 3D Micrite All Use Eye Cream and Acne Solution Soothing Cleanser Cream.

Ginnie Lam 林紀螢 @ Ginn Prestige Club

Hello, I'm here again!
Today, I'm going to share a throwback beauty event that I attended in two weeks ago.
This probably your first time knowing Ginnie Lam 林紀螢 from Hong Kong.
Ginnie is a beauty expert from Hong Kong who holds a number of beauty training qualifications such as Chinese medicines, anti-aging medicines, Chinese cosmetic science, nutrition, skin cytology, raw ingredients study, weight management etc.
She used her own personal experiences and knowledge to create her own skin care lines which is safe, with highest quality and cost effective for people with all types of skin conditions, even to the pregnant ladies.
Ginnie is also an ambassador of the Malaysia's I love Coffee & Tea s well as Malaysia's beauty fashion brand's program host.
Now you know a little bit of Ginnie's background, continue to read on to find out how Ginnie uses her skin care brand, "Ginn" to help the people who suffer from bad skin condition. :)

Althea Black Sparking Box @ Sparkle Your Way To New Year

I consider makeup is an daily essential routine for me.
What I meant is not a complete makeup but a simple touch up on the necessary areas like eyebrow, eyeline, basic foundation or just a simple lips gloss.
I'm not a heavy makeup person but I consider touch up on the facial area is a sense of politeness toward myself as I realized being in public area you would not know who would you meet and stumble upon with.
On the other hand, the reason being makeup can also really brighten up a person facial appearance and heightened a person self-confident.
The reason I'm pointing out this is because of my personal encountered with my ex one day at a shopping mall without any makeup on.
It was not my intention to shop for long but a quick in and out from the mall.
Guess what?! I bumped into my ex and he was with his new girl.
Totally caught on surprise that I failed to present myself in a proper manner and I was like "shit"!
He must be thinking "thanks god, I'm with another girl".
From that day onward, I promise myself that I will never leave the house without putting on makeup, because I will never know who I am going to meet today.

ID.AZ Dermastic Premium Sheet Masks @ Watsons Malaysia

Life changing.
Life is a non-stop trying and learning as our environment is a non-stop revolving with the new technology and new finding.
I'm quite an adventurous person that like to try new stuff because I believe without continuous trying we would never know what we really likes and dislikes in our life.
Among all the things, I like to try varieties of beauty products especially face sheet masks.
Apart from the cute packaging and marketing technique, I like to explore in the knowledge on what is the new technology, finding, ingredient and function that is in the small package.
I realized that face sheet mask is really a convenient beauty product that can fit the needs of every women, from A-Z.
So today, I would like to share a new face sheet mask from Korea not only to keep your complexion hydrate and brighter, but also provide nutrition to your skin. :)

Snow White Cream Gyudon @ Sukiya Tokyo Bowls & Noodles, Sunway Velocity

I visited Sukiya, a Japanese restaurant in last week.
Sukiya is Japan's No.1 Gyudon chain restaurant which offers delicious Gyudon at affordable prices and great services.
The restaurant started it's 1st outlet in Japan since 1982.
Now, they have more than 2000 restaurants in Japan, and also running their business in other 8 countries since July 2016.
In Malaysia, Sukiya has been established since March 2012, with 6 different outlets in Klang Valley, Putrajaya, Melaka and Johor Bharu.
At Sukiya Malaysia, they serve modern Japanese daily meal which is designed with Japanese pop culture in order to enjoy atmosphere like you are in Japan. :)

Fullhouse Signature Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid (CLOSED)

Let's talk about food today!
My last foodporn post was in early December? #Ithinkso
Hope you miss my food sharing as it's been almost a month since my last sharing. :)
Today, the food sharing is all about a wonderland restaurant at Fullhouse Signature, Sunway Pyramid.
I believe most of you must heard of Fullhouse, and also many of you might already been there for their food and drink.
After my last visit at 5 years ago, Fullhouse never leave me a good reason to come back for dine in.
But my recent visit took me by surprise, which probably due to the changes in their menu and their quality of food and services.

Julie's "What's Your Love Letter?" @ Spread Your joy; Share Your Love

Do you still remember when was the last time you picked up a pen to write something down to your loved ones?
When was the last time you shared you happy moments or excitements with your families and friends?
Are there any messages that you wish to tell your partner or best friend but just couldn't say it loud?
If you got the answers YES, well it's time to put down your mobile phone today and write down your love and share it with the people you care and love!
In conjunction with the celebration of the coming Chinese New Year in February 2018, Julie's encourages everyone to send their warmest regards to the people they care about and fill the air with love and warmth this festive season through their "What's Your Love Letter?" campaign.

The Art of Beauty, Eleanor @ Sasa Malaysia

Hello pretties!
I trust you're well and you've got a good weekend!
My weekend was not special, just hang at home doing the laundry and some house works, and also spending my time in front of the computer.
You know why?! Because I just can't wait to share with you all about a brand new exclusive beauty brand that I recently came across!
Here you go, The Art of Beauty, Eleanor from Japan!

8 Instagram-Worthy Spots at The KL Journal @ Traveloka & The Butterfly Project

Christmas is for fun, love and happiness.
I love Christmas, and usually I started my Christmas celebration from the beginning of December to share love with my friends and families.
My weekends in this special session are always full of many friends' gatherings, shopping for gifts, and outing with families.
How's your Christmas celebration? I hope yours one are great!
And today, I'm going to share one of the pre-Christmas celebration together with The Butterfly Project and Traveloka.
It's a pleasure to be invited as one of the bloggers to attend this exclusive 2 days 1 night staycation at The Kuala Lumpur Journal (The KL Journal).
The vacation was really fun by catching up with old friends and making new friends. :)

Looking Back at 2017 . Looking Forward to 2018

Oh boy!
First week of January 2018 just passed.
How's everyone's new year eve?
How's your first week in the brand new year?
I was so busy since the beginning of December and just realized I haven't write any new year resolution in my blog yet.
I enjoy writing down the highlights of the old year to recall, not only to recall what I have done in the 365 days, but also hoping for not repeating the same whole shit again in a brand new year.
2017 was good for me, just that I think I didn't really achieve my New Year's resolutions in 2017. :(
Anyway, I'm blessed with everything in the year, no matter it's ups or downs, because I believe all these made me to be a better person.