Althea's Bare Essentials @ Althea Korea

Hey pretties!
Time for some beauty gossip? :)
Today, I'm gonna share a completely brand new skin care products from Althea Korea.
Do you still remember the Petal Velvet Powder that I posted in August last year?
That was the first own line product from Althea.
And this year, Althea Korea has made it their entry into the skin care field, they are launching a new range of skin care products to save your skin!
The new skin care range contains 3 products with nourishing natural ingredients and easy execution; from contour cleanser, to primer water and fixer cream.
The new products aim to break down and simplify the K-beauty routine for the urban woman.
Woohoo! Are you excited cause I'm excited! :)
Yea! Shall we check on the Althea's Bare Essentials now?

Hippo x Budapest Hungary Travel Blog

Finally, it has come to the Budapest post of my Eastern Europe trip.
If you are new to my blog and would like to read more about my Eastern Europe trip, you can click on the label #EasternEurope on the right, and then it will redirect you to a page which contains all my posts regarding my trip in Eastern Europe. 
Well, before arriving to Budapest, I've heard so much about Budapest, can't believe that I finally made it to this beautiful place.
Budapest is the capital and also the most popular city of Hungary.
It is the largest city in the European Union, and that's why it is worth a paradise for explorers to visit.
Due to the limited amount of time during the trip, we only stayed in Budapest for one and a half days.
It's definitely not enough, so in this blogpost, I will be sharing the main highlights of my trip in Budapest.

The Not So Hidden Gem of Malaysia @ A Better Florist

Who doesn't love flowers?
Have you ever received a bouquet of flowers from someone that make you felt excited and happy?
The sweet and wonderfully thought of receiving flowers always give a joy.
I love flowers because they are lovely and the scents of freshness enlighten me.
Apart from that, flowers also beatify our surrounding and create an eye smoothing sensation to the environment too.
Flowers can be given as a gift or token of appreciate in any occasions, no matter it's a nice bouquet of roses or a pot of tulips to plant in the garden, there is no specific occasions that only can give flowers to because flowers can represent lots of different meaning such as "Congratulations", "Thank you", or "I'm sorry".
Indeed, flowers are beautiful, fragrant, and visual therapy!

Naughty Nuri's "Stand By You" Campaign @ Atria Shopping Gallery

I always wanted to travel to Bali.
One of the reasons I haven't been to Bali is because Lik went there before, and we always wanted to travel to a destination that none of us had been to in order to create memory in our travel diary.
That's why Bali always not in our travel list. :(
Though I never been to Bali before, I have heard many good things about the place, especially the good food in Bali.
When I first known about the Naughty Nuri's, a restaurant franchise based in Ubud, Bali is finally arrived in KL, I really can't wait to try their food.
Naughty Nuri'sserves different kinds of Balinese food and drink, and they are well-known for their "wicked ribs" and "killer martinis".
If you love Bali cuisine, you should put Naughty Nuri's into your food list.
But before your visit, let's eat "naughty" together with Naughty Nuri's in today's post!

Happy 5th Birthday to The Butterfly Project @ A Fun Unicorn Birthday Party

April update again!
I was thrilled to attend The Butterfly Project Malaysia birthday party in this year again.
It's my second time to celebrate, cheer and party together with the community and also the other beautiful bloggers.
Time flies so quickly that the 4th birthday party were still so fresh in my memory.
It's an honour to be part of the team with such a great support behind.
Throughout the years, I have gained so many opportunities in my blogging life, and also met many wonderful people to help me grow into who I am today.
If you don't know about The Butterfly Project, it's Malaysia's biggest beauty and lifestyle blogger community.
It's a place for you to pursue your blogging dreams and share your personal interests, experiences and reviews together.
Anyway, the birthday party that happened in the early of April was super great, and I was really overwhelmed by the unicorn party theme!
This gonna be a long post with many pictures, so get ready!

Chivas Regal Mizunara @ The World’s First Luxury Whisky

Konnichiwa from Scotland!
Are you a whisky fans?
If you are truly a whisky lover, don't miss this post as this is a new adventure into a new era of whisky world!
2 weeks ago, I was invited by Pernod Ricard, a wholly owned subsidiary and regional entity of wine and spirits which created by the merger of Ricard and Pernod since 1975, to renew my knowledge about the new whisky in Malaysia, Chivas Regal Mizunara.
For an alcoholic like me (I drink on every weekend), so it's definitely a hands up for me to check out the Japanese contemporary theme with the new Chivas Regal Mizunara for that evening. :)

WESTWORLD Season 2 Exclusive on HBO @ An Exclusive WESTWORLD Event At Sunway Pyramid

Calling out WESTWORLD fans!
The Emmy®-winning drama series WESTWORLD is back for a new session!
WESTWORLD is an American science fiction western thriller television series created by Executive Producers and husband and wife, Jonathan Nolan (Interstellar, The Dark Knight) and Lisa Joy (Pushing Daisies, Burn Notice) for HBO.
The story was inspired by the 1973 movie written and directed by Michael Crichton (who wrote Jurassic Park) and it's the HBO Original series winner of five 2017 Primetime Emmy® Awards and nominated for a total of 22 Emmys®.
With the first season airing back in 2016, WESTWORLD is finally here after keeping us waiting for a year!
The drama series returns for it's ten-episode second season which will be showing same time as the USA on 23 April 2018, Monday at 9am, encore at 10pm, exclusively on HBO (Astro Ch 411/ HD 431).
The series will also be available on HBO On Demand (via Astro GO) too.
Say you are excited about it, WESTWORLD fans!

New Peach Jasmine Nitro Cold Brew Tea @ The Coffee Bean & Tea leafⓇ (CB&TL)

Hey, it's Spring everyone!
Anybody up for a glass of fresh brew tea?
There is a new tea collection available now at the Coffee Bean & Tea leafⓇ outlets.
What's about that?!
It's the new Peach Jasmine Nitro Cold Brew Tea, the latest handcrafted Nitro Cold Brew which brewed cold onsite for 20 hours.
The special brew tea uses time not heat to create a rich bold flavour, and infuse the tea with nitrogen to create it's silky finish. 
If you love drinking tea, you should catch it up today!

OSIM uDiva 2 Smart Sofa @ OSIM Malaysia

After a long and busy day at work, all you want to do is relax.
Everyone has their favourite ways to wind down, whether it is hanging out with friends or eating a delicious meal at a nice restaurant.
For me, I always prefer to go back my home sweet home to enjoy a relaxing "me" time.
Just imagine, after a long day sitting at the cubicle or working station, your back is pain, your shoulder and your feet are discomfort; all you need is just sit back, relax and do nothing.
It would be a heaven dreams to be able to sit down on a massaging devices that can smooth the tiredness away without any extra efforts involved.
Well, a simple yet easy to use massage chair from OSIM would do the wonders!

A Colourful Tapas Trail with CAMPO VIEJO @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

It's my first Tapas Trail!
If you never heard of Tapas Trail before, it's a modern twist on the traditional Spanish style of eating, drinking and socializing.
The trail usually consists of 3 Tapas restaurants where the people get to taste some amazing food while enjoying a delicious glass of wine in each restaurants.
I have been to Changkat Bukit Bintang many times, but the Tapas Trail was still so fun and exciting.
It's so knowledgeable and interesting to spend the evening with, and also discover the restaurants together with Campo Viejo' wines.
So, are you as excited as I am to start the tapas trail with me now?

PSK Makeup Remover Cream & PSK Skin Purifier Pore Clarifying Balance Cream

To be honest, it's my first time knowing the brand PSK.
I took sometimes to study this brand and look for more information about their brand story and also their products since I'm always interested to get to know more the new beauty products in the market.
PSK, a clinically proven cosmetics and skin cares brand from Taiwan.
Under the philosophy "Natural Beauty", the beauty team at PSK focuses on using various natural extracts instead of high-concentration essences and ingredients in all their products to take care for the skin. 
They believe that the power of nature will provide the best result as well as real beauty to their customers.
One of the signature product from PSK is the Deep Sea Source Extraction Intensive Hydra Cream which has already sold at least 10,000 bottles and it's the most highly recommended hydra cream that recommended by the Taiwanese beauty bloggers. 
Oh! Hydra Cream, I'm eyeing on it now! :p

CARiNG Pharmacy Regular Membership Programme Mobile Apps

Keeping physical cards can be troublesome.
Imagine if you have 100 membership cards from different shops and brands, would you carry all these 100 membership cards in your wallet?
It sounds a bit silly to me, because I don't think I want to carry a big wallet or handbag to fit all these cards.
Minimalism is always the coolest lifestyle for me. :)
But if I don't place them in my wallet, I might have forgotten them and won't be able to get the benefits, rewards or even points collection.
Ok then, what can I do?
With the new CARiNG Pharmacy Regular Membership Programme Mobile Apps, I can be a smart shopper while keeping my principle of minimalism. :)
Not only I can save space in my wallet, I can also save money and earn points whenever I shop for my daily care, healthcare and medical needs from CARiNG Pharmacy!

EucerinⓇ ProACNE Solution A.I Clearing Treatment @ 14-Day Acne Clear Challenge

Nobody likes acne.
When I was at my mid of 20's, my skin condition was very bad.
It's hard to believe every time I shared my bad skin experiences with my friends as they see my face now looks smooth and clear.
After I came back from Michigan, I had a lot of acne which mostly small on my both left and right chins and also lower cheeks.
It has been my nightmare for a year, and during that time I felt extremely insecure and low self-esteem.
I cry about it, and most of the times I can't even bear to look in the mirror.
I've been to many beauty salons, and also tried so many different skin care products as well, but nothing ended up good.
It was extremely very frustrated.
It took me a year with my effort, time and money, and thank god that it eventually stopped.
I ain't sure how it recovered; yet I aet clean during that time, and also used minimum products on my skin in order not to burden my skin with too many products.
Even though my skin condition is better now #touchwood, my skin actually still very oily and causing many whiteheads and blackheads that sometimes will turn into an acne, especially around the the ear areas.
I first know about EucerinⓇ from my Korean girlfriend, she said EucerinⓇ is one of her favourite skin care product.
Recently, I got to know that EucerinⓇ has launched a new product for acne solution; well, this product indeed not only solve your acne problem, but also helps to improve your whiteheads and blackheads condition.
So, I thought it would be worth while to share it with you guys today. :)