Connor’s Stout Porter Draught, Now in a Can!

What's better than having a cold draught beer after a hard day of work?
Imagine an ice cold beer hits the throat with smooth and soothing refreshment to start your evening's rest and relaxation, sounds perfect, isn't?
I'm beyond excited to know that Connor’s Stout Porter is introducing another innovation with Connor’s Draught in a can, giving stout lovers the opportunity to ‘Taste the Good Times’ anywhere, anytime! 
Yea! We can now enjoy mouth-watering smooth draught at home without stepping out of our house.
With the first-ever use of nitrogen double-dosing in a can, which is also a first among all Carlsberg markets globally, you can now enjoy the Connor’s draught experience both at home and at your favourite bars. 
As a bonus, the new shake-before-opening ritual is not only surprising and fun, it’s also crucial in recreating the look and taste of premium stout straight from the draught tap.
To give consumers more reasons to enjoy the Connor’s Draught experience in a can, Connor’s is also introducing a slew of promotions throughout the months of April and May.
Continue to read on and find out the exciting deals and prizes from Connor’s Stout Porter! :)

Jornguan Thai Rice Snack @ From Little Farm Thailand

Hey guys! Let's talk about your favourite snacks today.
Some of you guys may find that eating snacks randomly will make you look fat as they tend to be fattening and also high in sugar, so am I.
I do not usually eat snacks, but if I do, I will always choose the healthy snacks that has healthful fat, a little protein, high fiber or maybe those baked snacks. 
Every since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, I had been stocking up different snacks while doing grocery shopping since I spent more time at home watching movies compared to before.
Snacks and a movie is such a great companion!
And recently, I came across a healthy snacks imported all the way from Thailand that I would like to introduce to all the snack lovers. :)
Right! Since we can't travel to overseas now, what's best you can taste the world from the comfort of your couch?!