Chateau De Charles @ Balakong, Sri Kembangan

Anyone loves wine?
Raise your hands up because I wanna introduce a new casual yet stylish dining restaurant to you guys.
Lately, I'm in love with drinking wine; I keep some good wines at home so that I can enjoy a glass of wine after winding down from a long day.
And of course, I also like to go to different bars or pubs to enjoy one or two glasses too, that's the atmosphere where I can laid back and have a good time.
I came across my current favourite wine bar, Chateau De Charles which located at Balakong, Sri Kembangan through a blogger dinner night invitation from PostMag.
It was very impressed first night going to Chateau De Charles; chilling & hanging with delicious food & drink, meeting up with new & old friends over the bar, and with good music playing all night long.
Thanks for the perfect night!

Best Girlfriends Photography 闺蜜照

It's nice to have a friend.
Someone to laugh with, talk to and cry with.
The bond of friendship grows from sharing good times, working through some bad times, and caring about the life of another person.
A good friend can be your shoulder to lean on, your helping hand when more than two are needed, your quiet ear to hear a story that you wants to tell.
I always think that a true friend is a priceless gift in our life, and I'm glad that I have received it from both my besties, Kay and Wan.
Both of them are the greatest friends in the world to make my life complete.
People said it's important to have a friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile, and I couldn't agree more.

NYX Professional Makeup @ Sunway Pyramid Mall

Hello pretties!
Today, I want to do a quick and short update regarding the NYX Professional Makeup.
For those who don't know about NYX, it's a professional cosmetic brand from Los Angeles (LA).
After having their first and second stores at Sogo and IOI City Mall, they now opening the 3rd store at Sunway Pyramid Mall.
It's actually my first time stepping into their store, and I was totally impressed with NYX.
NYX carries a full range of complete cosmetic and makeup products that you can think off with every shades, colours and tools.
Also, the products are not expensive at all, it's quite affordable to bring everyone a beautiful look.
If you are a beauty buffs, you should prepare your wallet and then go discover the NYX Professional Makeup today. :)

Hippo x Ljubljana Slovenia Travel Blog

I haven't been blogging much about my travel stories lately.
I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting for so long about my next destination in Eastern Europe.
Can't believe it's already the second month of the new year.
In January, I had been caught up with many events and product reviews.
My own business has been keeping me quite busy as well in the same month.
I'm definitely not complaining about it, indeed I'm very happy about all the exposures and opportunities..
I'm trying my best to keep my travel journals on going, so make sure you don't forget to drop by at anytime. :)
Today, I want to share a throwback to when I was in Ljubljana.
Ljubljana is one of my favourite cities that I'd been to during my Eastern Europe trip.
It's a very beautiful capital and largest city in Slovenia.
The city is quiet, and has so much to offer to visitors.
Continue to read on and you will know why I'm loving this place on my first sight when visited Ljubljana.

Max Fashion @ 1 Utama Shopping Mall

Hey guys!
Chinese New year is around the corner, have you done shopping for a brand new year yet?
Or you haven't started anything?
If you are still looking where to shop with good choices and affordable pricing, come to the newly open Max Fashion which located at 1 Utama Shopping Mall!
You can still do your last minute CNY shopping, hunt new clothing for yourself, your parents, husbands or wives and kids.
Max Fashion is certainly a perfect shopping heaven for your whole family as they have everything under one roof, including casual clothing, office wear, sleepwear, bags, shoes and etc.

Tokuya, a Japanese Shopping Experience @ Arcoris Plaza Mont Kiara

This year, Lik and I had made a decision to restore our current home.
Restoring or refurbishing means we want to renew and update the current home condition by adding or installing in new elements or tools to improve our current living condition.
It also means that spending money and time in researching and planning how we want to refurbish every areas of our home including the kitchen area is necessary.
We been looking for inspiration, design ideas and even finding retail stores that are specialize in home improvement.
Apart from that, budget or cost of improvement is our main consideration when coming to the final decision.
We spent most of our weekend in looking into new sofa, curtains, dining tables, chars, TV cabinet, console tables and etc.
At the same time, we also want to change many kitchen tools and accessories around our kitchen.
We been loitering around and we came across Tokuya, an all-in-one Japanese retail store at Arcoris Plaza Mont Kiara, offers a lot of affordable yet valuable items under one roof that are suitable for home improvement.

Boat Noodle @ Empire Damansara

Any Boat Noodle fans here?
Welcome in!
Today's food post is about the new menu that newly launched at Boat Noodle.
Well, if you've never tried Boat Noodle before, you should have try it at least once.
This is my first time dining in Boat Noodle house even though they have been around for years and this is my first experience dining in the restaurant.
It's definitely something different to try out. :)
Boat Noodle mainly serves Thai Street Food, named Kuai Tiao Ruea in Thai, which is a Thai style noodle dish with strong flavour.
It is a delicate dish which originates from the floating markets of Ayutthaya in Thailand.
The portion of each bowls are relatively small, but it's full of aromatic and delicious taste from Thailand.

NeutrogenaⓇ @ 2 Easy Steps for 137% More Moisture

Moisturizing is an important step in our natural skincare's routine.
The right moisturizer helps to keep our skin healthy and looking beautiful.
Some may don't know why moisturizing is so important, but indeed there are so many reasons why moisturizing is such as important part of any skincare routine.
Without a good moisture skin, your skin leave without dryness, redness or even irritated skin.
Especially now we are living in an urban environment, whereby our skin barriers everyday trigger by 5 main aggression such as heat, humidity, pollution, cold and wind.
Skin barrier is the first line of defense to prevent external aggressors from entering and at the same time stops excessive moisture from escaping.
When your skin barrier is healthy, it regulates the balance of water and salt retention, keeping your skin optimally hydrated.
However, if your skin barrier is damaged by the urban aggressors, then your skin complexion will block to maintain it's regulate moisture, leaving skin weak, dull and dry.

Bio-Oil® @ Save Your Scar & Stretch Marks

I seldom wear short skirts, not because I don't like it, but I just don't feel comfortable and confident in wearing mini skirts or short dresses.
When I was a child, I itched and scratched my mosquito bites almost everyday, which resulted to many scars on my legs.
It's a kind of relief from scratching but it actually lead to a long term skin wounds, infections and scarring.
Indeed several red marks and deep scars that left on my leg make me feel ugly and and sadly imperfect.
When my dad saw the black spots, he asked me to cover them with foundations or face powders so that they look less obvious.
Lik always wants me to wear long skirts or dresses instead of the short ones.
There was a guy's friend saw my scars, he commented on the dark spots on my leg and said "Why do you have so many scars on your legs?"
To be honest, I do feel sad and depressed.

Don't Miss Out on The Perks As A First-Time Home Buyer

Buying your first home is a daunting and exciting process.
The process is not as straightforward as buying goods from a store shelf; a lot of complicated processes and procedures are needed for real estate transactions.
For example, if there is affordable housing development on Penang land for sale, you must register yourself with the State Housing Department before you can be considered for the application for affordable housing.
Also, as the prices in the real estate market soar higher and higher, so does the average age of first-time home buyers.
Luckily, the government has put in place a number of schemes to aid the younger generation in acquiring their first home.