Mykōri Dessert Cafe @ Bandar Puchong Jaya

"I can't eat anymore, I'm so full!"
"Do you want any dessert?"
Sounds like you?! #hehe
Well, I think I am one of them.
I always believe no matter how much you eat, there is always a room for dessert.
Dessert makes you happier and put you in a good mood.
If you are one of the dessert lover, then you shouldn't missed out this post because today I'll be blogging about a brand new dessert cafe that I've visited in 1 week ago, .
Shall we start now?

Mykōri Dessert Cafe is located at the second floor along the shop-lots near to the Pasar Raya Wai Hong, Bow Wow, and Moonlight Cake House.
If you aren't sure, you can find the place with Waze by typing Mykōri Dessert Cafe. #easyjob

The cafe design is simple with no fancy decorations, but created a very cozy feel to the interior. 
The timber wall and furniture create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, totally a relaxed atmosphere to the customers to enjoy their premium Japanese desserts. 

Quiet zone and also a great area for photo shoots. 

Smoking is allowed only at the specially designed balcony section. :)

Feel free to serve yourself with the free ice green tea and water.

Mykōri Dessert Cafe is a new dessert cafe which just started their business in 2 weeks ago.
So, it's a very new cafe at the Puchong area; however I am sure you will want to go back again and again after the first visit because the desserts there are very unique and delicious!
Bet one time visit is definitely not enough for you!

Shibuya Toast is the Japanese Honey Toast.
It comes with 4 different flavours which includes honey, strawberry, banana and matcha.
All toast bread sets come with a scoop of ice-cream, and cut into equal nine pieces which is easier for sharing.
I also realized the toast breads are not so oily like the others, as I heard they actually made their own toast breads

Strawberry Chocolate Toast @ RM19.50, comes with vanilla ice-cream, honey, chocolate drizzle, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream.

Matcha Adzuki Toast @ RM17.50.
The crispy toast bread has the green tea ice-cream, honey, red beans, as well as whipped cream.

Taiyaki is the famous Japanese fish-shaped cake, with the most common filling of red bean in Japan. 
It is also the main signature dessert at Mykōri Dessert Cafe.
However, the texture of the Taiyaki is different from the others because it is made with the same ingredients of croissant. 
The Taiyaki at Mykōri has total 4 types which includes ham and cheese, triple cheese, Adzuki red bean and chocolate banana.

For the cheese lover, I am sure you will fall in love with the Triple Cheese @ RM7 for one piece. 
It has made out of three different cheeses, and that's why the Taiyaki has a strong and great smell of the cheese.
Besides, the greatest part of the triple cheese is you can pull the cheese and form a looooooong string of cheese while savouring the Taiyaki. 
Interesting, isn't?!

Come! Let's challenge who can get the longest cheese string! #hehe

Some people just don't like the smell of the cheese; so you can go for a healthier choice which is the Adzuki red bean @ RM6 for one piece.
It's yum at first taste and very filling as well.

Tayiyaki also comes with the filling of ice-cream whereby they named it as Taiyaki Ice-Cream.
It has 2 different ice-cream flavours which are Matcha Adzuki and Vanilla Brownies.

Vanilla Brownies @ RM8, with the stuffing of vanilla ice-cream and chips.

Matcha Adzuki @ RM8 with the stuffing of green tea ice-cream and red beans.

Mykōri do have premium "ice kacang" as well! #lol
The Kakigori is definitely one best Japanese Shaved Ice for us to be pampered since Malaysia has all day long hot weather. 
It has 4 different selections which are strawberry, chocolate brownies, melon and matcha.
I really enjoyed the quality of the ice because it's like powder snow which melts so smoothly. 

Melon Kakigori @ RM26.00.
All the rock melon balls are freshly served, and arranged with the Aloe Vera and almond flakes. 


Matcha Adzuki Kakigori @ RM17.00.
It has a very rich taste of green tea flavour as the Matcha is imported all the way from Japan.
The shaved ice includes matcha & vanilla ice-cream, red bean, dango, puree and green tea sauce.

If you love a bit sweeter, you can pour the puree that prepared at the side.
I would recommend you to pour a little bit of puree before all.

If you enjoy strawberry flavour, go for the Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori @ RM21.00.
The thick milk is made from the fresh strawberries and that's why it has a strong strawberry taste.
Comes with fresh strawberry, cheesecake, graham cracker crumbs, strawberry puree and whipped cream.

The price is all worth it with a little bit of surprise of the cheesecake layer at the bottom of the shaved ice. :)

I really enjoyed my dessert moment at the Mykōri Dessert Cafe, not only because of it's friendly environment, but also the generous flavouring desserts that they created.
If you asked about my recommendation of each types, my choices are #1 Strawberry Chocolate Toast, #2 Taiyaki Triple Cheese (but actually Adzuki Red Bean isn't bad also), #3 Match Adzuki and #4 Melon Kakigori.

That's all for today and I do hope you will have a great moment at the Mykōri Dessert Cafe!

Mykōri Dessert Cafe
Add: No 6-2, Jalan Kenari 18A,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel: 6016 908 1990
Opening hours: Tue - Thu 2pm - 11pm, Fri & Sat 1pm - 12am, Sun & PH 1pm - 11pm (closed on Mon)
FB: Mykōri Dessert Cafe 

Experience Korea @ Hartamas Shopping Centre

Korea Korea! I miss Korea!
It's now been a year since my last visit to the country with my girl friends.
I miss the shopping spree and food like there's no tomorrow in Myeongdong, Hongdae, Ewha, Insadong, Dongdaemun and so on.
I actually was planning to visit again this year, just for shopping, but couldn't find the right "kaki".
Who wanna join me, for the next trip? #hehe
When I was shouting out inside my heart and burst my cries on how much I miss Korea, all of sudden it was like my prayer been answer as I have been invited to the Korea fair which is happening at Hartamas Shopping Centre.
Well, at least my desire been fulfilled by just pretending being in this fair for this time. #lol
Experience Korea, here I come! 

The Experience Korea is happening from 27 September till 1 October 2016, at Hartamas Shopping Centre.
Since Hartamas area is not only the prime locations for the Malaysians, but also acts as home for expats from other countries especially Koreans, and Japanese; therefore this fair is meant to share the culture, connect and experience with the visitors and shoppers of Hartamas Shopping Centre.

The fair is happening around the mall at the concourse area which showcasing the Korean products such as food, fashion, lifestyle, culture and more.
So, let's see what they have at the fair!

Korea is famous with their instant noodles, which they named it as Ramyun.
The noodles are thicker and always accompanied by a spicy broth whereby I think they are so much better than ours.
If you can take very spicy food, challenge the Samyang Chicken Hot Spicy Fried Noodles!

Seaweed is one of the Korean classic food and also my mum's yummy must-buy snack in Korea. 

Topokki is one of the famous street food in Korea.
Perhaps you can try make your own Topokki at home?

Would you like some cookies?

Honey Citron Tea is one of my favourite drink from Korea as it is known as one good solution to have for daily drinking.
It is safe for the daily drinking because it's a kind of herbal tea in Korea.
Get the tea with the warm water can help relieve the sore throat, as well as coughing because it has the great source of Vitamin C.

You don't need to fly all the way to Korea to get the banana milk, you can now get it at the Experience Korea in Hartamas Shopping Centre. #hehe

After all, what should I get then?! #hmmm

Other than all the packaging foods, you can also experience the hot Korean food from The Manna Stall.
They offer Kimbap, which is a Korean dish made from white rice, with various other ingredients such as eggs, vegetables, fish cakes, and rolled in seaweed.
They also have Japchae which is a Korean glass noodle stir fry with meat and vegetables.
There is also Topokki if you would like to try some.
Pretty much all yummylicious!

Skiing is the best thing to do in Korea during the winter season.
If you have a trip to Korea in December, you can check out the ski tour package at Daemyung Resort.
The tour includes 3 days in the ski resort and 2 days in Seoul which cover not only the ski activities, but also the K-culture and K-food.

During the 5 days fair, there are daily activities chosen to be showcased as well, starting from 1pm onward.
For instance, traditional cultural dance on the first day, Korean kite demonstration on the second day, Korean traditional throwing sticks game (Toho) on the third day, Kimchi demonstration on the fourth day, and Samyang eating competition on the last day of the fair with great Korean products to be won.

Yea! Come to join all the activities and enjoy the Korea experiences that Hartamas Shopping Centre is offering at this exciting fair!

Awww! Please bring me back to Korea!
For more information about the fair, check out the FB page at or you can also contact Mira Rahman at +603 6201 8353.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil To Foam @ All In One Makeup Remover & Cleansing Foam

So, today's beauty talk is about all-in-one makeup cleansing foam.
For me, it is important to put on makeup before I stepped out from my house.
However, every time when I got home, I always could not stop myself from falling into bed without removing my makeup. #tootired #toolazy
I know! I know! Going to bed with my makeup on is very bad for my skin. :(
Sometimes, it's just so hard to push myself to go through my makeup removal ritual as I often need double-cleansing for my face.
Well, does it sound familiar to you?
Do you feel the same before?
Or you have ever felt too tired and lazy to remove your makeup after the long exhausted day?
Raise your hand now because I wanna introduce you a new cleansing foam which make your makeup removal task in an easier and quicker way!

The Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam is an all-in-one smart cleanser that removes makeup and cleanses skin in just one wash.
The new 2-in-1 formula from the Neutrogena Deep Clean is the perfect everyday essential cleansing solution for the busy and lazy woman, just like me!
It helps us to save time, effort and money to remove our daily makeup, dirt, oil without using two separate products, but at the same time, you are getting a healthy and radiant skin.

The new formula solution with oil-like texture can glide easily over the skin to melt away makeup.
When water is added, the transformation from oil-gel to soft-foam is effective to wash off dirt, oil and impurities without leaving any residue, but resulting clean, healthier and fresh-looking skin.
The cleansing solution comes in 3 types which are normal/combination skin (blue), dry skin (green) and brightening (pink).

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil to Foam is suitable for normal or combination skin.
It is enhanced with rosemary extract that rich in nutrients and antioxidants to keep the freshness skin.
It is effective for all skin types.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Hydrating Cleansing Oil to Foam is suitable for dry skin.
It has cucumber extract that helps hydrate and refresh your dry skin, leaving it soft, supple and moisturized.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Cleansing Oil to Foam is suitable for dull skin.
It contains mulberry extract which is rich in Vitamin C and B3 that enable to brighten your dull skin and reveals a visibly healthier glow.

3 simple steps to achieve a healthy, clean and radiant skin!
Step #1 Dispense 2 pumps (good enough for whole face) of the cleansing oil onto your clean hands.
Step #2 Apply a small amount of water to activate the transformation of oil-gel to a rich creamy foam.
Step #3 Slowly massage the foam all over your face, and rinse off/wash off with water thoroughly.

Here, I made a 2 mins video on how I remove my makeup with Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleasing Oil to Foam for you guys!
Hope you enjoy watching it! :)

My thoughts?
I like it's texture because it's gel-oil type is soft and gentle.
Also, it doesn't have any strong smell, which is a good thing!
I have combination skin, so sometimes my skin can be very dry after the cleansing.
I am surprise that this product does not leave my skin feeling dry, even though I didn't put my skin care right away.
But, if you asked me if this cleansing foam is able to remove the waterproof mascara or eyeliner; and I would say not really.
So, probably you need to take an extra step by using eye makeup remover before this.
Overall, removing my BB cream and foundation, this product does a good job by leaving my skin clean and moisturized!

Btw, Nuetrogena products are all dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic (do not clog pores).
Besides, these products also have undergone ophthalmological tests to prevent eye irritation.
So, you can rest assured when using it as it is even safe for sensitive skin.
The Neutrogena Deep Clean Oil to Foam are now available at nationwide pharmacies such as Aeon Wellness, Caring, Pharmacy, Guardian, and Watsons.
It is selling at RM44.90 for one bottle.
For more information, you can visit