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Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserved | Suncheon Open Film Location | Naganeupseong Folk Village @ Suncheon, South Korea

I'm very excited to blog about Suncheon.
Suncheon is my most favourite place of this trip and I'm truly convince this is one of the most beautiful places in South Korea.
Many of you have been asking me about the places in Suncheon after seeing my pictures on my social medias, so yeap, here's the complete post for you all!
SUNCHEON, one of the most well preserved cities in both aspects of nature and culture.
It is a city located in South Jeolla Province, which is in the southeastern corner of Jeollanam-do, about an hour from south-east of Gwangju.
When traveling to South Korea, many travelers like to visit Seoul, Jeju Island, Busan, but in fact, Suncheon is definitely worth a visit too if you visit Korea.
Well, it's hard to describe in words how beautiful the place is, I think you just have to go, see it and feel it yourself.
It just offers a different kind of beauty in Korea, nothing like the busy street in Seoul, Suncheon is natural, quiet and calming.
Anyway, this post is going to be a photo-log, I've no idea how many photos have been taken in Suncheon; nonetheless, I hope you will bear with me and enjoy them. :) #promise

Hanhwa Aqua Planet | AR Trick Eye Museum | Maritime Cable Car @ Yeosu, South Korea

Hello there! It's me again!
Today, I'm back here to blog about the things to do in the city of Yeosu.
I've blogged about Songdo in my latest travel blog, if you missed it out, feel free to check out the post right HERE yea.
YEOSU, situated at the southern end of the Korean peninsula, surrounded by many islets and coastal beauties that draw in visitors all year round.
The region offers both natural and man-made attractions, which has been dubbed one of the most beautiful ports in the nation, where multitudes of tourists and residents go for enjoyable holidays and short weekend trips.
As it is surrounded by archipelago of the vast Namhae Sea which comprised of over 300 islands (most of which are uninhabited), Yeosu allows you to peacefully escape from the busyness of city life by connecting you with the surrounding nature.

Jack 'n Jill Calbee @ New Wavy Potato Chips Bring a Tasty Tide of Change

One chip, two chips, three chips....
Oppss! The whole pack is gone!
That's the common situation I always have when I'm holding a bag of potato chips with me.
I love potato chips, especially watching movies and dramas at home; that's why I'm always on the look for the new potato chips in town and get a few packs to keep in my house, just in case. #hehe
For me, potato chips is really one of the best snack companion, because it is classic, crispy, light and easily eaten by the handful.
Feeling so sinful on the last weekend that I was introduced to a new brand of potato chips that has a new wave of crispy, crunchy snacking experience accompanied by salted, chili and barbeque flavours.
So, are you a snack lover? Yay or nay?!
Come! Let's check it out with me now!