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Visit Taiwan Kaohsiung 台灣高雄 @ Where to Go and What to Eat?

Hello everyone!
I'm back to continue my travel blog about my trip to Kaohsiung.
I last updated my travel post in Sept, thanks for staying with me. :)
So, some of you have asked why I choose Kaohsiung for this trip.
Well, one of the main reasons for my choice was to experience life in a smaller city and find relaxation, as big cities tend to feel somewhat stressful to me.
Additionally, I also found out that Kaohsiung is conveniently close to Tainan, just less than one-hour ride on a high-speed train, this allowed me to explore two places in one trip, which sounded like a great idea. #hehe
Besides, Kaohsiung is also Taiwan's second largest city, boasts a rich history as a port city, influenced by various foreign cultures such as the Dutch, Japanese and Chinese, which have a lasting impact on its culture and development over the years.
So I thought it would be great place to explore more about Taiwan.
In my previous blog post, I shared information about our accommodation in Kaohsiung, you are feel free to read my full review about the Greet Inn at HERE, where I included special pomo code that valid till Dec 2023. 
And today, I'd like to talk about the places we visited, and the delicious local food we enjoyed during our trip.
I hope you'll enjoy reading about our adventures in Kaohsiung!

The First Japanese-styled Alpro スギ Pharmacy, the Alpro Sugi Pharmacy is in Malaysia Now!

I've never been to Japan before. #surprise?!
But I've heard many great things about the country from people around me who had visited multiple times.
They've shared their experiences with me, highlighting Japan is a fantastic place to explore.
First and foremost, Japan stands out for its extraordinary commitment to cleanliness and the genuine friendliness of its people.
Second, it's renowned for its remarkable spirit of innovation and creativity.
And thirdly, there are many incredible drug stores where you can shop till you drop.
I really hope to experience Japan for myself one day, perhaps as soon as next year. :)
In the meantime, while waiting for the right time to visit Japan, it's great to know that we can now purchase Japanese products from authentic Japanese drug store right here in Malaysia!
Yeap! The long-awaited moment has arrived!
Starting on 27th Oct 2023, Malaysian consumers can indulge in the famous drugstore shopping experience right in the heart of Petaling Jaya at Alpro スギ Pharmacy, the Alpro Sugi Pharmacy.
This means you can enjoy the essence of a Japanese pharmacy without the financial burden of travel expenses or the worries of excess luggage fees! 

Haircarebear from Australia is officially launched in Malaysia!

These days, more and more people are focused on staying healthy.
They're always looking for new and smart ways to boost their overall healthy and energy.
Eating healthy food, and exercising regularly are important, but I personally believe that taking daily supplements is also important for maintaining good health.
Recently, while I was shopping at Watsons, I came across Haircarebear that really caught my attention.
What first stood out to me were their cute, colourful packaging. 
I also found it interesting that their supplements come in the form of gummy candies.
Plus, they have a a wide range of supplements that claim to support different aspects of our health.
Just imagine how fascinated I was by the brand, I received a special invitation from Haircarebear to their big launch event on Wednesday.
There, I had the opportunity to learn more about this brand that's making significant contributions to the field of health and wellness.
In the next parts, I am going to tell you all about what I experienced at the Haircarebear launch event, including the new ideas and products that could change how we take care of our health.
So, let's start this journey together and discover what Haircarebear has to offer...it might be the key to making you even healthier and more full of energy! :)

Where I Stay in Taiwan Kaohsiung 台湾高雄 @ The Greet Inn 喜迎旅店 (With Discount Code "IVYKHH")

Hey guys! How's everyone doing?
We're almost at the end of September, and it's hard to believe that we only have 3 months left before we say goodbye to 2023.
Looking back on this year, I feel really lucky because I got to travel to few different countries and see the world with my own eyes.
If you follow me on Instagram @mizhippo, you probably noticed that I just came back from Taiwan.
This time, I decided to explore Kaohsiung and Tainan instead of Taipei, as I've been to Taipei before, and I wanted to see a different side of Taiwan.
I remember my first trip to Taiwan was approximately 13 years ago when I went there to attend some short courses, and then my most recent visit was 5 years ago when I traveled my university friends.
Taiwan is convenient for me to explore on my own because we speak the same language, the transportation system also makes it easy to get around, and I've always loved of Taiwanese cuisine, which is another plus for me. :)
Also, the people in Taiwan are indeed very friendly and helpful; I remember one instance when we were storing our luggage at the Kaohsiung MRT station, and a Taiwanese girl approached us and asked if there was anything she could do to help.
Honestly, it was really such a friendly and heartwarming gesture for us!
Speaking of the weather during our visit to Kaohsiung, we were lucky to have arrived a few days after the typhoon season in Taiwan had passed.
However, the weather during this trip was rather unpredictable, where we experienced 3 days of continuous rain and 2 extremely hot and sunny days, indeed it wasn't the most ideal weather for traveling. 
This time, I had the pleasure of traveling with my good friend, Venny, and it marked our very first adventure together during the 6-days 5-nights trip to Kaohsiung and Tainan.
Well, despite the unpredictable weather, we had a blast; enjoying each other's company, sharing hearty laughs, capturing numerous photos and videos to remember our adventures, and savoring the mouthwatering local food.
I'll be sharing all the details of our trip in my blog, but meanwhile, you can check out the highlights of my Kaohsiung and Tainan journey on my Instagram, where I've saved them in my highlights. 
And now, my Kaohsiung and Tainan trip will begin with a review of the Greet Inn 喜迎旅店 we stayed at in Kaohsiung.

F&N Celebrates 140 Years with a Tribute to its Heritage and Unwavering Support by Malaysians

In the bustling streets of Malaysia, you'll often come across F&N products that have earned the trust and loyalty of consumers.
Whether you're enjoying a fizzy can of soda on a hot afternoon, savoring the creamy goodness of condensed milk in traditional recipes, or relishing the flavours of their culinary offerings, F&N has become synonymous with pure enjoyment and pure goodness.
Just so you're aware, F&N's remarkable portfolio comprises a diverse array of over 20 brands and products, including 100Plus, F&N Seasons, F&N Magnolia, F&N Canned Milk, Oyoshi, Carnation, Teapot Sunkist and many more, which have seamlessly woven themselves into the daily lives of Malaysians.
These products have become an integral part of Malaysian culture, finding their way into homes, gatherings, and cherished moments.
From the refreshing taste of F&N's soft drinks to the culinary delights made possible by their cooking essentials, F&N has consistently delivered quality and satisfaction. 
And as we celebrate this month, F&N is marking a momentous occasions, the140th anniversary with special theme "Kisah Kita...Selamanya", alongside all Malaysians!
This milestone serves as a testament to the enduring presence and impact of F&N in the lives of Malaysians, enriching their experiences and creating lasting memories.