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Travel with Hippo to Perth @ Yanchep National Park | The Pinnacles | Lancelin Sand Dunes

Here's come the must visit attractions in Perth!
After a couple of days exploring and relaxing in Perth CBD, it was time visit some natural attractions.
We decided to take a road trip up to Lancelin to visit Yanchep National Park, The Pinnacles Desert and Lancelin Sand Dunes.
It was about 3 hours plus drive from the apartment we stayed in the city.
The journey was nice; the road was clean with nice scenery, and we saw many rainbows on our road trip which was great!

Travel with Hippo to Perth @ What's Best to Eat in Perth

Welcome back to my travel blog to Perth!
Visited Perth for the first time and many people actually told me that there isn't much things to do and foods to enjoy in the city.
It sounds to me like a boring city.
But, after my first visit, I think I doubt it, because I found quite a few must-eats in Perth.
So, in this post, I've compiled all the eateries that I experienced during my stay.
I hope you guys can try them out whenever you visit Perth. :)

LAB 11 @ LAB11's Full-lift Shampoo and Soft Mask Series

Hair is an important part of our appearance.
It enhances our personality, and also sets the tone for our entire look.
A bad hair day is just a bad day, do you agree with that?
When your hair is too fine, too frizzy, too dry or hair with dandruff, your self-esteem will seriously affected.
I've got fine, thin and flat hair, so I 'm always struggling with styling my hair.
And recently, I've noticed a visible hair loss either a receding hairline and also thinning at the crown of my head. #ohgosh
If you also facing the same hair problems like me, or having a bad hair condition, LAB11 Full-Lift Shampoo and Soft Mask series probably will probably save you!