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Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Buffet @ IOI City Mall

The "All You Can Eat" buffet restaurant is one of my favourite places to go to.
It's always a great choice because buffet has multiple choices whereby you can eat-all-you-can for one fixed price.
The only problem is I do feel too full and too guilty afterwards. #hehe
One of my favourite buffet restaurant is the Pak John Steamboat & BBQ, which I have been visited a few times since they opened their very first outlet at eCurve.
It's totally worth to dine here compared to most other buffet restaurant.
And today, I would like to bring you all to explore the second outlet which just newly opened at IOI City Mall.
Get ready, let's go!

TIME Internet @ The Fastest 100% Fibre Home Broadband Service in Malaysia

I'm pretty sure that many of you would agree with me that Internet has become an integral part of our lives.
We go online reading articles, sharing our special moments on social media platforms, voice or video call with friends and family around the world, and even watch streaming movies or dramas online.
Imagine when you watching a movie online, then the video starts buffering, or video stops playing in the middle of a great scene, this scenario can be very frustrating and I think I wouldn't have good mood to continue watching it.
Hence, a very good internet connection at home is critical for daily life in order to keep us constantly connected and also determine the upload and download speeds.
Recently, me and Lik are thinking to switch to a better Internet connection for our home.
Compare to the old days, we now spend more time at home watching online movies and dramas as we felt the movie tickets are more expensive now, and also we realized that we both spent more time surfing the net at home instead at office. :)

Restaurant Istimewa Lai-Je 丽姐私房菜 @ Mahkota Cheras

My dad and mum always prefer to have Chinese cuisine when we have family gathering on every weekend.
That's why I've always wanted to discover and explore new Chinese restaurants in Klang Valley.
Last Monday, I came across a Chinese cuisine restaurant that newly opened at Cheras area.
It's Restaurant Istimewa Lai-Je 丽姐私房菜, which created by the name of the owner, Lai-Je.
The restaurant has been operated for a month, by serving a unique and complex process style of cooking with variations of steaming, braising, deep-fry, stir-fry cooking techniques.
Also, the fresh ingredients and sauces are very well prepared in order to provide a delicious flavour and appearance in all the dishes.
Indeed, I've already been there 2 times, and I can't deny they serve very tasty Chinese cuisine that really worth a try!