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Sinful Seafood and Dessert @ Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City

Hey guys, the weekend is here!
Do you have any plans?
It may be a great chance to have a gathering with friends and families. :)
Well, last weekend, I paid a visit to a new restaurant located at Plaza Arkadia.
This is my first time visiting Desa Park City after knowing about this place for a long time. 
Upon my first visit, I was pretty impressed with the surrounding.
Despite the recent hot weather in the city, the place was crowded and happening with a shopping bazaar, restaurants, cafes and bars.
After done some shopping around the bazaar, I had my lunch date with my friends at one of the newly opened restaurant, Sinful Seafood and Dessert.

Gumbatte Towards 1 Million Gum Health Checks Campaign 2019 @ Systema

We all think that we take care of our teeth and gums everyday.
We brush our teeth morning and night, and also go for annual check-ups at the dentist.
Some of us even floss.
But, do you really know how healthy your mouths are?
Over 94% Malaysian adults suffer from gum disease, one of the major causes of tooth loss.
Yet, oral health is often perceived as being less important than general health but this neglect must stop due to the seriousness of the issue because poor oral health is often associated with other health problems.
So,  Let's do some gum self check today!
Gums look red? Bleeding gums when brushing? Gums bleed on its own? Swollen gums? Pus between gums and teeth? Persistent bad breath? Teeth look elongated? Gaps between gums and teeth? Loose teeth? Teeth moving from its original position? Pain when bite?
If you experience one of the above symptoms, you should seek advises from your dentist right now!

Pork Noodles Fans MUST TRY @ BB Sun Kee Restaurant 信記豬肉粉

Recently, I came across a very nice pork noodle that I want to highly recommend it to the pork noodle fans.
I'm a huge fans of pork noodles since I was teenager.
I often crave for pork noodles, because I enjoy eating a soup dish.
I used to satisfy my pork noodle cravings at the Penang Rood Pork Mee located at Bandar Puchong.
I went there at least once to twice a week whenever I thought of eating pork noodles.
Till recently, I found that pork noodles from BB Sun Kee Restaurant tastes really so much better.
I actually posted this place on my IG stories whenever I visited the place, so if you've followed me on my IG @mizhippo, you probably already knew about this place. :)
Well, let's cut all the craps and follow me to enjoy a hot and flavouful pork noodles at BB Sun Kee Restaurant!

DORAEMON Pop-Up Store @ Gateaway@Klia2 Mall, Sepang.

If you asked me what's my favourite cartoon character in my childhood days.
The answer definitely goes to DORAEMON!
I remembered when I was a kid, I read and watched a lot about Doraemon together with my siblings.
My parents really bought a lot of books and video tapes about Doraemon (wondering where are all these comics and video tapes now) :)
Doraemon is a famous Japanese manga and anime that loved not only by all Japanese children and adults, it is also one of the most famous cartoon characters in all over the world.
I think everyone of us like Doraemon's pocket with all the amazing tools that Doraemon uses to help Nobita everytime at everywhere.
For me, another reason that I like Doraemon is because he always makes us believe that one day our dreams will come true if we work hard on it.
So, if you are also a fans of Doraemon, Doraemon is now here for you in Malaysia!!!

The Most famous K-Drama Filming Location in Seoul @ Ihwa-dong Mural Village

I watched quite a few K-dramas in last two month.
Completed the Memory of Alhambra, and Encounter/Boyfriend in January, and then the Priest, The Beauty Inside, and The Last Empress in February.
I love the story line of The Beauty Inside and I think this is one of the best K-drama in 2018; I also quite like the Memory of Alhambra because each plots are interesting yet the ending was so killing; I watched the Encounter/Boyfriend because of Song Hye-kyo but then I fall into Park Bo-gum in this drama; well, I think Priest is not really my type of drama.
And, I just finished The Last Empress during last weekend, and I have to say that this is really a best one if you do not like romance dramas.
The storyline really impressed me because each episodes will leave a big question about what's going to happen next, and that's why I had a crazy K-drama marathon during the weekend.
Oppsss, I think I've dragged too far from my today's topic, let't come back!
So, during my last trip in Seoul, I visited one of the famous K-drama filming place with my Korean girl friend.
Gail asked me if I have any places that wanted to go, and the first one that came into my mind is the Ilwa-dong Mural Village.
I wanted to go to this place for a very long time, because I've seen this place appeared in many K-dramas before, such as the Rooftop Prince, Failing For Innocence, The Doctors, Goblin, Strong Woman Do Bong-soon, Are You a Human Too?
Also, if you watched the latest Encounter/Boyfriend starring by Song Hye-Kyu and Park Bo-gum, this is also the shooting place at the ending of the last episode.
Without further ado, let me show you how beautiful the Ilwa-dong Mural Village is!