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Mister Coffee @ Leading's Coffee Roaster in Malaysia (Review)

For those who are following my Instagram (@mizhippo), you guys would have probably known that I'm a coffee person. 
Having my daily caffeine fix is an absolute must, otherwise I'm JUST not so myself. #lol
I've never thought that I'd turned into a coffee drinker, as I had a clear sign that my body didn't tolerate caffeine well in 10 years ago; my heart rate rises. 
And my coffee drinking habit started since I had my first cup of coffee in Melbourne, at one of the local coffee shop that recommended by my client.
Ever since that cup of hot cappuccino, I'll never quit coffee again. 
At first, a cup of coffee works as a simple beverage for me; no matter cold or hot, espresso or cappuccino, non-matters.
Then slowly, I built up a liking towards coffee; I started wondering the origin of the beans, the different varieties in aroma, taste or even aftermath.
Now, I think I'm more than a coffee drinker, I'm a coffee lover!
I even get a coffee maker to brew my cup of joe at home, yea best thing about having a coffee machine at home is that I'm able to try different types of beans.
Not only getting the beans from the racks at the supermarket, I also surfing the net for coffee beans.
I tried a few since MCO periods, and Mister Coffee is one of the local coffee brand that I would like to share with you guys today. :)

PGMall @ Special Deals for KBBM, Public Bank, Maybank QRPay, Huawei & Oppo users!

Hello Hello!
Remember about the PGMall that I blogged back in May?!
Click HERE, and let me refresh your memory. :) 
PGMall is a Malaysia online shopping platform which established since 2017.
It is a homegrown online shopping platform, which has been rated as No.1 E-commerce platform in Malaysia after established in the market for 3 years. 
At PGMall, you can find a wide range of product selections, ranging from fashion, home appliances, electronics, books, home & living, food & beverages, sports & leisure, kids & baby, health & beauty, automotive to E-vouchers.
Just name it and you will get it! :)
Generally speaking, it's a great shopping experience at PGMall.
I've been online buying my home necessities from PGMall for the past few months, and it was good as it helps me to save my times and energy from traveling to the shops and shopping mall.
If this is your first time knowing about PGMall, and interested to start your first ever online shopping at this platform, I have some good deals for you all (only exclusive for new shoppers) #hehe

Carlsberg @ A Tribute by Liverpool FC fans in Malaysia to the Premier League Champions

With most travel on lockdown until further notice, we all can't travel overseas due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.
Every year, I usually go on three or four overseas trips with my families and friends.
I deeply miss the outside world!
We know that it's no way that we can think about traveling this year, and we also not sure when everything will be normal back again, or when we will be able to travel without fear.
So, the best we can do to cure our wanderlust desired is to plan or window-shop for future trips. :)
Due to what's happening around the world, Carlsberg enables local Liverpool FC fans to co-create an anthemic tribute to the new Premier League Champion.
So, if you’re a Liverpool FC fan who wanted to celebrate the Reds’ historic Premier League win with fellow fans but couldn’t due to Covid-19 social distancing, you’re not alone.
At least, not anymore!

Joker Breaktime, Seremban Station & Ayam Penyet Best @ Summit USJ

Hello readers!
Can't believe it's almost one month since I last blogged.
September was pretty good for me; works are keeping me so busy lately, which I hope good things are bound to happen soon since my business was completely standstill during the MCO periods. 
Anyway, I hope you guys are doing well, doing awesome in September too!
Yes, today is another food post again after I finished one in the last month.
I'm going to blog about three different eating places under the same roof, tucked away in the Summit USJ shopping mall.
Back in January 2020, I had a short visit to the mall, and I remember that was quite a nice trip as I noticed some interesting eating places inside the mall which makes me decided to revisit again in last week. 
So, without dragging it too far, let's continue reading it and find out more about the makan-makan places at the Summit USJ shopping mall. :)

A Journey of Flavours and Spirits @ Chiqui Don Damansara Heights

Hey guys!
How are things going? I hope all is well. 
It's September now, another three more months left until the end of 2020..
I know it's been a difficult year for everyone, but hang on there, soon we will welcome a brand new year and new hopes together! :)
Anyway, it's been a long time since I share about food and beverages.
Do you guys missing my food blog? Please say YES! #lol
And today, I'm back with a special dining experience, a gastronomic adventure of food and wine at Chiqui Don together with Albert Wines & Spirits Malaysia.
It was a great dining experience to learn how Asian flavours can be enhanced as well as Western flavours with the right types of wine. 
So, are you ready to check this out with me? :)