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Online Groceries Shopping at youbeli @ OctaPLUS

Hey guys! How's everyone doing in the first week of April.
I hope you all are staying healthy and safe during this coronavirus crisis.
The second phase of the Movement Control Order (MCO) has just started, with stricter rules to be enforced from 1st April till 14th April 2020.
Government has tighten restrictions on public movements including shortening business hours for essential services in order to step up efforts to stop the spread of the Covid-19.
Honestly speaking, I think MCO somehow does change our lifestyle.
I've not been to any big supermarkets to do my groceries during this period; I usually stocked up on my groceries at the mini-markets near to my house because I want to avoid the big crowds and long queues.
I saw some online news showing that the supermarkets are usually have long queues and big crowds, which worry me so much.
Most of the times, I will buy the freshly groceries, including fresh vegetables, meats, fruits at the mini-markets near my house, and then I'm also taking online grocery shopping on dry food, personal care and household products as I stay in.
As usual, I go on the OctaPLUS to check if there are any online stores offering the essential groceries I need because I wanted to get some cashback on my purchase. :)
That way I will be in a win-win situation, where I will get cashback and at the same time have my purchase items delivered right in front of my doorstep!
Right! I don't have to worry about any social distancing anymore!

GETHA Windy Latex Pillow & Windy 360 Latex Pillow @ GETHA Malaysia

What's more important than having a good sleep?
Having the right mattress is one thing to help you sleep better at night, but not to forget that having the right bed pillows are also playing an important role in giving you a good sleep.
I learnt from my mum; a right pillow is not only comforting, it also helps in supporting the intricate structures of your head, neck, shoulders, hips and spine.
When getting a right pillow, it helps to prevent your discomforts such as back and neck pain, as well as shoulder, hip and other forms of joint pain.
So today, I'm here to share my recent purchase with GETHA, a world leading manufacturing of natural latex foam mattresses and bending products in Malaysia since 1969.
The brand owns a 50 years of manufacturing experience and has been fifth-time winner of World Branding Awards, from 2015 to 2020.
Two weeks ago, I've purchased two pillows from their classic pillow collection; GETHA Windy Latex Pillow & GETHA Windy 360 Latex Pillow, and hoping my personal review will give you some useful information about GETHA products and also help you to choose the right pillows for you and your family.
So, let's start it off with the GETHA Windy Latex Pillow!

Visiting Lisbon & Sintra for the First time @ Portugal

YAS! I'm finally writing the last travel post for my trip in Spain and Portugal.
This post is all about the main attractions to go in Lisbon and Sintra, and also the local food I had in Portugal.
It's my first time visiting Portugal, and I'm already feel madly in love.
I remember I've read one online article about the 40 most beautiful countries in the world, and Portugal is one of them in the list.
Feeling so blessed that I can now cross off Portugal from my travel list.
Portugal is really one amazing country to visit; the people there are friendly and nice, the weather was fine, much better than the previous days in Spain, and also I enjoyed Portuguese food too.
So, we went to Portugal for almost 2 days; we arrived in Lisbon late in the afternoon from Seville, spent a whole day in Sintra on the next day, and then following by a half day tour around Lisbon city before our night flight back to Malaysia.
The itinerary in Portugal wasn't very rush, so we actually have enough time walking around and taking pictures at those places that the tour agent arranged for us.
So, let's start my love in Portugal. are you ready?

Guess Pringles Chips’ Mystery Flavour to Win RM20,000 Cash Prize @ Pringles Malaysia

I love potato chips because they are so delicious.
Do you feel so?
I'm always so addicted to potato chips, especially I like to munch it while watching Netflix, rushing for a blog post or doing some random stuff.
When it comes to snacking, what's your favourite brands?
My favourite brand is Pringles, a firm favourite at parties and gatherings galore.
Pringles has known around the world for its unique saddle-shaped, stackable chips, and the brand exists to bring out everyone’s playful side.
Whether you’re craving for a snack with a kick, or something tangy and spicy, each well-seasoned Pringles chip is a crispy delight, and never greasy on the fingers or in the mouth.
And starting from this month, Pringles is releasing a new mystery flavour that leaves you guessing what it is, and to make it even more exciting, you could follow the clues and win RM20,000 cash prize if you guess the mystery flavour correctly!
One lucky winner will bring home a cash prize worth RM20,000, that's really so excited!

Shop More and Earn More Cashback @ OctaPLUS

Hello guys!
How's everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing good and stay safe.
As for myself, I was not doing so well in February.
Due to the Covid-19, I've been self-quarantined at home for 14 days after I came back from my CNY trip in Hong Kong.
Then, after the 14 days self-quarantined, I again locked up myself at home for another week because I have eyes infection due to the tear duct system that I mentioned before.
So basically, in the month of February, I didn't go out often, just couched at home and killed my times by watching dramas, writing blogs, and also do online shopping. #hehe
I'm now really an online shopping addict, because I even buy my groceries online too. :)
We should feel lucky and thanks for such a wonderful network!
So, do you still remember about the OctaPLUS that I blogged in January?
It's a new online platform that gather all the best deals and discounts around the internet and put them in one place, so that you can rest assure to get the best deals for your online shopping.
Now, whenever I wanted to shop online, I will check with OctaPLUS before hand, so that I won't miss the chance to collect the cashback.