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AHC @ Korea's #1 Aesthetic Skin Care Brand is now at Watsons Malaysia

Calling all K-beauty fans, beauty addicts and skincare junkies!
AHC, Korea's #1 aesthetic skincare brand is finally here in Malaysia!
Let me start the post by telling the AHC brand story to you all.
AHC was first developed in 1999 in South Korea.
The brand is well-loved by aestheticians and dermatologists across Seoul as it honed its expertise, perfected its product, and created a philosophy unlike any other brand.
They work towards achieving best-in-class skincare products found in high-end aesthetic clinics at a reasonable price range, while sharing the experiences and benefits of aesthetic treatments with the broadest audience possible.
As Koreans always believe in perfecting the skin before applying any makeup for dewy, soft 'Chok Chok' skin, where hydration is key to resolve and prevent major skin concerns, including anti-ageing, dull and atopic skin, AHC prides itself in ensuring that hydration is a core benefit in every skincare range.
That's why the brand name of AHC stands for "Aesthetic Hydration Cosmetics".
Ladies, are you ready to find out the way of getting the Korean beauty secret with glass-skin; a clear, luminous, seemingly transparent skin?!
Let's follow me!

Get Down with New Bee in Town @ The Bee Publika

Last Friday, I visited The Bee located at Publika.
If you've never been to the place before, The Bee is a full-service bar and restaurant that has live music and shows several nights a week that ranges from local shows to nationally-touring acts and everything in between in Publika.
But for those of you who have visited the restaurant before, The Bee is now re-inventing itself to bring brand new unique experiences to the social scene; not only with a new look, but with a whole new programming as well.
There will be new food menu and brand new drinks list to the food lovers, and also a much larger space with a broad sound stage for music lovers to enjoy live shows and performances.
That sounds interesting, isn't?! Let's check it out now!

Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment @ Murad Prebiotic Series

Hey pretties!
Here comes my another beauty post in this month for you all! #winkwink
Do you guys still remember about the Murad Prebiotic Series that I blogged in April ?
If you would like to know more about the all-new Murad Prebiotic Series, you can check out the post at the link right HERE.
Well, Murad has been one of my favourite skincare brands ever since I started using their products in 2 years ago; my most favourite product is the Murad's City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF50 PA ++++, a very soft, yet non-sticky and greasy sunscreen to use daily.
This year, Murad introduces a new invention, Prebiotic Series with three different products to bring multiple benefits to power healthy skin.
And today, I will review the star product from the Prebiotic Series, Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment, so if you want to know my thoughts on the product, just keep scrolling to find out more yea!

UltraWHITE+ SPOTLESS Double Booster Serum @ Eucerin®

Over the past 3 years, I realized my face started to grow some dark spots, and my skin turned to be quite uneven, especially on my cheeks.
Though the dark spots are small, not so obvious to see, but it's still very ignoring because I know soon or later those little dark spots will grow bigger and bigger.
For sure, that would be a nightmare for me and I won't let it happen.
It's actually quite a surprise when I first knew about the changes on my skin complexion since I never ever missed out wearing sunblock when I go outside.
All this while, I thought as long as I wear a good sunblock, that would help ensure me entirely cover.
So now, I find that sunblock is no longer enough to get rid and also prevent the appearance of those dark spots and uneven skin-toned on my skin.
I definitely need a new solution or a new product for my skin protection!

What to Eat and Drink in GuangZhou 吃在广州 @ Guangzhou, China

Hey guys! Welcome back to my Guangzhou post!
My last travel post about Guangzhou was in 3 weeks ago, with the recommended place to stay, "Royal Stars Apartment Shamian Branch 珠光星御国际公寓(广州沙面店)".
If you are interested to check out the place I stayed during my trip, you can click HERE to find out more.
As for today's sharing, it will be based on my food hunting in Guangzhou.
Guangzhou is really a place for good food, some Chinese people even say that Eat In Guangzhou 吃在广州 to highlight the place is a food heaven.
For me, Guangzhou is the home of Cantonese cuisine where the tastes of food are much acceptable and decent to people compare to other places in China, like Beijing etc.
I've been to Guangzhou several times, my first visit to Guangzhou was the year 2009, and one thing I'm missing the place is their food!
It's not easy to find what's best to eat in Guangzhou, so I hope my post would give you some ideas where to hunt some good food and drinks if you are traveling to Guangzhou with your family and friends.
So yea! Are you ready? Let's go!