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PGMall @ Maybank QRPay 20% Cashback

I guess most of you know that I love online shopping, after sharing some interesting online platforms recently on my blog. #lol
Online shopping is no longer a rarity in this world, especially in the face of the current pandemic.
There are number of reason why we all like to go for online shopping, not only it keeps the desire for convenience alive, it also has make more enjoyable by helping to save money with every purchase you make.
I remember my first online experience is few years back with Taobao, a foreign shopping platform from China.
Well, online shopping was not so popular in Malaysia during that time as e-commerce was a new business concept that was still not very familiar to the local consumers.
However, in recent years, many traditional brick-and-mortar stores are shifting to online basis.
Compare with the oversea shopping platforms, I find Malaysia has better customer services, smooth communication, easy access, fast delivery etc.
Apart from that, local expenditures will also be rewarded such as cashback and discount which are the huge encouragement for me to spend on these local platforms.
PGMall, is another online shopping platform that I recently came across through my girlfriend.
It's my first time knowing about the PGMall, so yea let's dive into this online shopping mall together and see what are the numerous advantages and benefits they offer. :)

Libresse® @ Introduces “KNOW YOUR V” Campaign to Raise V-Zone Awareness Among Women

Hey, ladies!
Let's talk about our lady parts today.
How much do you actually know about your intimate parts after you and her have been through a lot together for so many years?
I guess it's not a surprise that a lot of you do not know very well about this little essential piece of your body parts as we do not have a proper education about it at the school and also sometimes we tends to forget about it easily as we can't see her properly. 
A recent survey conducted by Libresse®, a female hygiene and health company, revealed that V-Zone knowledge is low among Malaysia women; with 69% who have mistakenly identified a diagram of a woman's reproductive system, 63% of respondents have not seen and know what a vulva was, and also found that almost 4 out of 10 women feel uncomfortable using the world "vagina" in conversations, perpetuating the cultural taboos surrounding V-Zone conversations.
Indeed, we should not let our shyness to hold us back from talking about our intimate part, it's important to know and talk about our intimate parts in order to prevent women from taking the appropriate action when faced with common problems like infections or lead to a delay in identifying symptoms of serious health conditions.
So today, let's prepare and learn our intimate part together through the "KNOW YOUR V" Campaign from Libresse®, a "V Boardgame" to break down taboos and educate you about the V-Zone, with real-life scenarios to gain social confidence.

OctaPLUS @ Shop at Reebonz and Get Cashbacks

Hey guys! How's life going on?
Can't believe it had been nearly 2 months of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, I hope everything goes well to all of you.
As the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) has been extended for another 4 weeks, from 12th May until 9th June 2020, I guess I will still gonna stay at home as much as possible if it's not necessary to go out.
Honestly, this pandemic experience has a great impact on everyone including me.
For me, it changed the way I behave and think in a way, most importantly I learn to be more appreciate and thankful what I have in life.
As I also see lots of businesses are now taking their online presence seriously, we get to purchase the goods we want online without entering someone's store to shop.
I think it's a good move as online purchases is better than conventional walk-in in order to reduce the amount of contact, lesser change of hand, lesser infection.
No doubt that I have been spending more time online; other than purchasing primarily essential goods like groceries, household supplies and even health supplements, sometimes I also cannot stand not spending money on things I don't need such as clothing and handbags. :)
You know that, shopping somehow can make you feel happy and satisfied.
So, that's the reason why I'm here today to share a new shopping website that I found the other day while I was looking for a new handbag to cheer up myself. #lol

Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong @ Hong Kong

So guys, here's the Hong Kong hotel review post for your all.
I received some DMs asking me about my stay in Hong Kong, so I decided to write a blog post about it and hopefully it gives you detailed information on every pieces of the Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong.
I knew about Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong through my friends, but indeed this hotel is quite famous in Hong Kong based on its location, affordable and cleanliness.
Like I said in my previous post before, I've been to Hong Kong many times and also have stayed in various hotels before, from a budget one to a high-end one; however this is surely my very first time staying around Mongkok area, probably because I always thought that the hotels in Mongkok are pricey due to its convenient location, and surprisingly this time I found an affordable one that worth the price. #yeayea
We stayed at Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong for a couple of days, and we are happy about it.
So without any further ado, let's have a hotel tour with me right away!

Instagram-Worthy Places in Hong Kong @ Hong Kong

Finally, I'm back to Hong Kong!
It's been about 5 years ago since I last visited Hong Kong.
For me, it's been quite a long time because I used to travel to Hong Kong for at least once a year.
Hong Kong is really one of my favourite city in the world, and I miss this gorgeous city that full of excitements so much!
The city is always very busy, but it has the beautiful night view with the most incredible skyline, it also has the street foods like curry fish balls that I like, and one of my favourite things to do in the city is to shopping. #hehe
So, me and Lik booked our trip just 3 weeks before we departed in early January.
We traveled from Malaysia to Hong Kong on the 27th January, just few days before the Covid-19 outbreak occurring in China.
We were about to cancel the trip, yet when I asked my friends in Hong Kong, they said Hong Kong is safe to visit at that moment.
So we thought it's safe to do so.
Along the trip, we were very cautious; we wore the surgical face mask without taking it out during the flight, we brought many hand sanitizers to sanitize our hands every seconds, we avoided going to crowded places, and also make sure we used anti-virus spray every time before we entered to our hotel room.
It was a stressful trip ever.
After we came back, we also did our 14-days self quarantined at home to self-monitor.
If you were to ask me again, I think I will not take the same risk again; it's not worth as it's not just the risk to yourself, but also the risk from you families, friends and your loved ones.
Thank god that we both are okay and do not feeling sick or unwell after the trip.
On a side note, I'm hoping you all are safe and try stay at home all the time since the outbreaks continue at several countries, including Malaysia too.
Take care and stay safe, everyone!
So, without dragging it too far, me and Lik did not visit those mainstream attractions since it's not our first time visiting Hong Kong, so we just went to the interesting sights that we never been before, basically they are the Instagram spots that I always wanted to visit.
I've compiled all the photos with some details to share with you guys, so let's get started! :)