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Elevate Your 2022 with JACK ‘N JILL CALBEE’s Bowls of Joy

Spring is here, I smell Chinese New Year festival.
It's blessed that we can have CNY celebration with our families and friends this year where the past 2 years were affected by the pandemic badly.
Let me wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and hope you all will have a lovely warm celebration with your loved ones, but do keep all celebrations and gatherings safe and take care. 
Looking back, can't believe that we've been living under the pandemic for 2 years...and these 2 years have taught us to appreciate the little things in life, do not take things for granted and everyone can help in their own little way. :)
I believe these 2 years are definitely not easy, especially to the underprivileged Malaysian, who have been struggling before the pandemic, and the past 2 years must have made things even more difficult for them. 
With the challenging for many Malaysians and in the spirit of  #KitaJagaKita, JACK 'n JILL Calbee wants to herald the New Year of 2022 with its Bowls of Joy campaign built upon the true spirit of togetherness and festivity.
This unique initiative will see the popular snack brand making rice donations to those in need on behalf of their consumers with the purchase of just RM12 worth of JACK 'n JILL Calbee products. 
It's meaningful, right! :)

就这样 2021!

Writing a new year resolution is like a yearly routine for me.
Been writing this for almost 5 years since I started back in 2016.
It's always good to write down things happened throughout the year, and also the new resolutions for the brand new year, so when I read them back, it's like the flashback memories, and also to track my progress on the goals I made for the year.
I think that's the reason why I enjoy writing this post every year. :)
And in this 2021, I wish to putting it down in mandarin.
大概写了5年的年终终结, 还有新年计划, 今年就用中文记录2021吧. :)
就这样, 2021就快过去了, 说真的, 好像过得太快.
啊! Adult life is never easy! 人越大, 面对生活的挑战就越多.
不知道大家在这一年过得怎么样? 希望大家都平安快乐...

Astrum Ampang SOHO Transit @ A Transit-Oriented Urban Comfort

Ever since I started my first job, I have always wanted to own a place for myself.
Though I've married and have a home with Lik, this dream will never fade away, and perhaps I can have a Soho unit for working & chilling. :)
I always dream of a place that's enough for one person staying.
The place does not have to be very big, spacious enough with good amenities; a decent living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, and a good location to access to public transport easily.
But if you know the KL property, you shall know it's quite a challenge to find one at an affordable price.
If you feel the same, yea then you are in the right place! :)
I recently visited a new property development, Astrum Ampang, a modern inspiration embraces the "City Within City" concept.
The development creates avenues for residents to live their lives abundantly, all possible with the Setia Awan Group’s Hotel, Office, Park, Shopping, Connectivity and Apartment (HOPSCA) blueprint.
During my visit, I've taken some pictures and received some information about the property that I would like to share today. 
Please, have a seat, and welcome to the Astrum Ampang. :)

NACIFIC @ Positive energy shines through with Stray Kids

Hey guys! Have you heard of Stray Kids?
Stray Kids is an 8-member South Korean boy band, under JYP Entertainment, formed back in since 2017 through a reality show.
The 8-member consists of Ban Chan, Hyunjin, Changbin, Lee Know, Han, Felix, Seungmin and I.N to share the different legit musical talents. 
The boy band is JYP’s first-ever million seller and also hit to Billboard’s No.1 chart topper with songs “OH”, Noeasy and Thunderous.
If you watched the recent famous K-drama "hometown Cha-Cha-Cha which featuring Kim Seon-ho and Shin Min-a, Stray Kid's main vocalist covered an OST "Here Always" for this drama. 
I love that song so much!
And recently, Stray Kids have partnered with NACIFIC, a popular Korean brand, as their newest global ambassadors to gain global attention in natural beauty.
Check out more about the NACIFIC with Stray Kids by continue reading this post. :)

Ignite Your Skin Brightness with Neutrogena® Bright Boost

Hey pretties! 
Time flies, it's almost the end of September, and I just noticed that I haven't update my beauty blog since June. 
I've been so busy with daily routines even though I've been staying home for all time since FMCO started.
Well, life goes on no matter how, right?! :)
So, before we are heading to October, the final quarter of the year, I would like to share one of my recent skincare series that I've been using since last month.
Not sure if you realized that as we age, our skin's surface turnover slows down, that means the fresh, new skin that gives us that luminous radiance is now taking longer to resurface, and our skin tends to look dull and dehydrated with uneven tone and texture.  
If you do, then please continue to read on how the new Neutrogena® Bright Boost, their most revolutionary way to help your skin to look more radiant, brighten and well nourished everyday.