Where to Stay in Busan @ Ibis Ambassador Busan City Centre

Hey guys!
Welcome back to my travelog!
I've blogged about "Top 10 Things To Do In Busan For 5D4N" on my previous travelog, if you are interested to know more about Busan, you can click the link right HERE.
The post basically gives an overall view about Busan city and would be able to give you some travel tips when you traveling in Busan.
As for today, I'm going to share the hotel I stayed during my 5D4N in Busan.
I know there are a lot of hotel and Airbnb choices out there, so sometimes it can be really difficult to look for a suitable one.
So, if you are planning to go for Busan trip, I would recommend you to consider Ibis Ambassador Busan City Centre.
I must say that the hotel has far exceeded my expectations, and the stay was literally worth every penny.
It is clean, modern, and convenient.
I booked this hotel through the travel package from AirAsiaGo; I paid RM2000 just 2 weeks before my trip for the entire package with return airfare and 4 night stays hotel.
Without further ado, let's have a room tour with me now!

Prebiotic Series to Promote Enrichment of Skin's Good Bacteria @ Murad Malaysia

The surface of our skin is home to carefully balanced collection of trillions of living organism such as bacteria and yeast.
This microbiome that's made up of bacteria and yeast provides the skin with much needed nutrients and helps create a barrier against assaults which leads to a healthy and amazing looking skin.
Today, our preoccupation with anti-bacteria products and harsh cleansers not only destroys bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria that's maintaining our skin's ecosystem.
Couple that with the harsh environmental condition, such as exposure to allergen and toxin, as well other factors like lifestyle, age, emotion, community, diet, and hygiene products we find ourselves battling with skin issues.
In fact, 93% of people think that the skin microbiome and its homestasis play major roles in skin's health.
To help solve this problem, Murad Malaysia launched its latest invention, the Prebiotic Series to bring multiple benefits to power healthy skin!

Jason Mraz Brings Good Vibes to Kuala Lumpur in May 2019 @ Axiata Arena, BukiT Jalil

Hey guys!
April is nearly coming to an end, any plans yet for the new month in May?
If you don't, then cross off the dates on your calender and make time for Jason Mraz!
Jason Mraz, a multiple GRAMMY® Award winner is returning to Malaysia!
He will be bringing his Good Vibes Tour to Malaysia, on 13th May 2019, 8.30pm at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur!
This will be Jason Mraz's third show in Malaysia, followed by his first performance in 2009, and A Four Letter World tour in 2012.
Mraz fans! Start warming up your vocal chords for Jason Mraz now hey! :)

Top 10 Things To Do In Busan For 5D4N @ Busan, South Korea

It took me a while to think of how to start my travel blog in Busan.
It's already been six months since I traveled to Busan, and during the last few months, I received a lot of messages from you guys asking me about the attraction places to go, what are the important sights in the city, and also what are the must eats in Busan.
I remember the last time I went to Busan was about 3 years ago.
It was a very nice trip with my girl friends; though it was just a 2D1N stay in Busan with a basic overview of the city, but the city left me with a very positive impression and since then I always wanted to go back again.
This time, I brought my parents, especially my dad who never been to South Korea before.
I'm hoping to give my dad a good memory and impression about South Korea, so I decided to bring him to Busan instead of Seoul.
I think Busan is relatively easy to get around, people are friendly, and the city is not as crowded as Seoul yet pretty good for a relaxing holiday.
We traveled 5D4N in Busan, and I decided to put down a list of things to do and places to go in Busan for you guys, hopefully the post will be helpful for you if you're planning to go there.
Let's cut all the craps, and get it started!

Experience the New GOLD Standard @ NESCAFÉ GOLD

Hi guys!
I'm wondering if there are any coffee lovers on here?! :)
For myself, my day usually starts with a cup of coffee as it gives me the boost that makes me feel energized and awake to start my day.
If you are a coffee drinker like me, you came to the right place.
Today, I would like to enjoy a special moment with the superior quality of  NESCAFÉ Gold, a flavour-rich and aromatic coffee with you all!
As the world’s leading and preferred coffee brand, NESCAFÉ has been committed to remaining relevant in people’s lives by creating memorable moments through coffee for over 80 years in Malaysia.
Staying true to this, the brand today unveiled its new look and concept for its NESCAFÉ GOLD range, reaffirming its authentic, accessible premium appeal and ensuring the continued relevance of the brand with consumers.

Sun Life Malaysia @ The Kettlebowl Turns Three Fitness Party

It's the World Health Day on the last Sunday, 7th April 2019.
World Health Day is the day raises awareness of health issues and concerns around the world and provides an opportunity for people to get involved in activities that can lead to better health.
I've never celebrated any World Health Day before, and this is definitely my first time celebrating and also with a large group of people.
I was glad to be able to participate the one of the massive fitness parties in Malaysia, "The Kettlebowl Turns Three Fitness Party" that in collaboration with Sun Life Malaysia.
The fitness party was so happening with a stellar line-up of instructors, and each classes present a unique workout experience to the participants.
It was really a super-fun workout sessions, with many happy faces and satisfied souls throughout the whole event. :)

The 1st Oxygenated Water in Malaysia @ Oxgen Water

Without water, a human wouldn't last a week.
Without oxygen not even 5 minutes, a human would start struggling and brain cell start dying.
These are the two most important essences that every part of our body need to survive.
For that reason, Avani Oxygen Water Corporation Sdn Bhd have joined these two elements together and created the 1st oxygenated water in Malaysia.
This is the latest discovery of fusing the oxygen and tap water together to make one remarkably oxygen bottled water; giving access to a restorative punch of added oxygen whenever and wherever you need and also helping us stay perfectly tuned and running as efficiently as possible.
Last week, I came across the Oxgen water and I thought it would be good to share it around as this probably could be one of the daily product for maintaining good health. :)

First On-The-Way E-Delivery Service in Malaysia @ Boon4

Guys, today I would like to share with you all an easy way to earn extra cash.
I believe that earning extra income can change your life; you can pay off your debt, save for big purchases such as a vacation, become more diversified with your income streams etc.
Now, with a little extra car space and the flexibility to make a pit stop, you could cash in by picking up and delivering other people's stuff along your way.
If you are, say, headed from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh, happen to see that somebody is offering you to pay RM180, or maybe a shorter distance from Kajang to Klang that offering to pay RM50 for you to pick something up on the way, why not do it?
The pick up and e-delivery might only add a half hour to your trip and you're going anyway, so why not earn some extra cash in your pocket or maybe help defray the cost of petrol?
Here's how you can make money on your trip with the new on-demand service, Boon4.

What is Boon4?

Instant Spaghetti Ready in Just 3 Minutes @ Master Pasto

In this fast-paced society, all of us want things quick and easy because time is a valued commodity.
For some people, preparing and cooking a meal may seem like a drag that requires lots of times and efforts.
Everyone need a fast, money saving and easy way to settle everyday meals or for some people they may just want a simple meal to fill up their hunger.
Cooking can be a portrait as it requires a lot of prep work.
You have to go shop for groceries, come back home to peel and cut vegetables, prepare slice meats, stir fried each dishes, washing the cookwares etc. 
Though some meals are easy to prepare such as spaghetti which probably takes about 15 minutes, but sometimes even 15 minutes can seem like too much when you're on a tight schedule.
Well, Master Pasto heard you, and have responded to your needs as they have developed Instant Spaghetti that can ready in just 3 minutes!
No peel, no cut, no slice, just pour everything into and your meal is ready to serve.
The simple meal reheats quickly that ensures you have something warm and hearty in your belly everyday. :)