Note to Myself 2023

Just took a few minutes to read back the new year resolution I wrote in 2021.
Sometimes I like the feeling when reading back the old posts, it reminds me of certain important events and parts of my life, enable me to experience back the emotion and feelings at that time, yet it's like a dream yet so real.
Reading back the past year post, I realized I did not set any targets for myself on 2022. 
I did not plan or set any resolution for year 2022 instead I told myself to live to the fullest. 
I want to live a free, peaceful and enjoy life; eat what I like, buy what I want and no more restriction in life. 
To my surprise, I indeed achieved it by looking back in each month of 2022; no plan, no dateline and no restriction. 
I let the time swift me around and I had live freely without thinking too much.
There are so many things (good and bad) to be grateful for and remember in 2022; here, I want to thanks everyone for the unconditional support, cares and patients that given to me, and thanks for showering me with lots of love from the people I met in the year!
2022, you has treated me well! 

Plant Origins Christmas Exclusive Event @ See Cafe, Arcoris Mont Kiara

Do you guys remember I blogged about Plant Origins before?
If you are new to my blog, you can check out my previous post about their products at HERE.
I have been a happy user of Plant Origins and also Signature Market (sister brand) for at least 3 years now.
Indeed, I am one of their "Platinum" member for years. #hehe
One of the reason I like about both Plant Origins and Signature Market is because they promote their food products without any preservatives and artificial flavours, and their personal care products are pretty much affordable, and most importantly they always offer a variety of gift sets which solve my gifting problems to my friends, families and clients during special occasions. 
I highly recommend you to check out their gift sets if you are looking for gift ideas to your loved ones, because I think they really did a pretty good job here. :)
I myself also can't wait for their Christmas gift set for this year. #hehe
And speaking about the holiday gifting season, I was very excited to be invited to their Plant Origins Christmas Exclusive Event located at See Cafe located at Arcoris Mont Kiara to check out their special arrangement for the holiday season in last week!

YIPPI x FIFA World Cup 2022 @ Koh Tiki Old Klang Road 泰式海鲜吧

Yes! The World's greatest sporting event, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is returned!
Any football fans right here? Raise your hands up!
I am sure football fans are all very excited to witness history and probably hosting a viewing party to get your friends and families together to scream at the screen for hours till the end of the match.
I was invited to join the viewing party to witness the Netherland vs USA match at Koh Tiki 泰式海鲜吧 located at Old Klang Road last Saturday.
I am not a football addict, but I had so much fun to gear up together with a group of my friends to eat, drink, and cheer for our favourite team!
It's my first time visiting Koh Tiki, and I love everything here, from the vibe to the food and the impressive atmosphere, I'm sure I will come back again!
So, without more ado, let me clue you in what's that night all about in this post! 

UNIQLO x MARNI Second Collection @ Winter Colors Interwoven with a Fusion of Simplicity and Creativity

Time flies! It's the first week of December now!
Can't believe we are celebrating Christmas in another 23 days from now. :)
December is always my fav month of the year, it's the time for partying and also family & friends gathering.
Also, during this time of year, I like to do my best to get myself switch off, relax and go to a long holiday to recharge my batteries. :)
Yea! I seriously can't wait for my upcoming winter trip in 2 weeks now! :)
Well, speaking about winter holiday, UNIQLO is back with the second collaboration with Italian designer MARNI, after the success of the spring/summer 22 collection.
It's my honoured to be invited to the launch of the latest UNIQLO x MARNI collection, the entire series features artistic & progressive designs with a wide array of wonderful highlights.
When I first looked at the bright colours and unique graphic prints on the clothings and accessories, they really lift up my mood, and also make me feel so excited and happy.
So good to have this fun and colourful collection just in time for the winter season around the corner, I am sure the colours and designs will surely brighten up the mood during the gloomy weather in winter! :)
After the long introduction, it's time to show you guys more about this UNIQLO x MARNI new collection!
Let's go!!!! xoxo