UNIQLO LIFEWEAR 2022 Fall/Winter @ Today's Classic

Hello everyone!
It's the second week of July.
This week has been an amazing and fruitful week for me; I've been doing good and completed most of the pending jobs on hand in a week, especially the tax submission that I dragged for monthsssss. #lol
Anyway, how are you guys doing lately?  
I believe most of you are returning to "normal life", I realized things are getting very normal in the outside world; no more working from home, people started traveling around etc.
For me, I also go out more often than last month; meeting friends, visiting new cafes, dining out, and also joining some physical events too. 
It's been 3 years since my last events, and I really miss attending events; seeing friends, meeting new people, taking photos, chit-chatting etc, the feeling was great! :)
So, if you are outside, don't forget to follow SOPs; wear face mask, hand washing, and keep good hygiene.
Right, today I'm going to share with you guys about the first physical event that I went after all the 3 years lockdowns and restrictions, which is the Uniqlo Lifewear 2022 Fall/Winter new collection that I attended on last Wednesday. :)

Lucca Vudor @ Stylish & Comfortable shoes from Singapore

Whether I'm off to work, traveling overseas or attending a wedding, it's important for me to have a pair of comfortable and supportive shoes for all-day wear. 
I've had quite a few bad experiences with poor quality shoes, where the shoe suddenly came completely off the sole while I was traveling overseas, it was such a shame that I had to run to a random shop to ask for glues to stick it back. 
Also, there was one time when I wore a wrong high heels to my friend's wedding, which not only make my feet feeling so uncomfortable, but also causing my feet so painful for the whole week. :(
From that time onwards, I no longer wearing uncomfortable shoes in my life anymore, because I always remind myself that wearing the wrong shoes or bad quality shoes can lead to several problems with my feet; not only injure and scar the feet through blisters and cuts, they also negatively affect foot health, posture and well-being in the long term.
Also for myself, I always think that a pair of beautiful comfortable shoe is worth to invest as not only it protects my feet, but also can be one of the easy and quick way to give my daily outfit a boost. :)
I love shoes, prob lost count how many shoes I have on my shoe rack. :)
Whenever I try on a comfortable shoe with nice design that fits me well, I will just buy without a second thoughts. #hehe
I recently came across Lucca Vudor, a footwear from Singapore which I never expect myself to love them so much. :)