Murad Blemish Control & Murad Age-Reform @ MURAD

Malaysia is always hot and humid.
Putting a layer of thick, heavy or rich face serums and moisturizers on a 36-38 degree day are enough to make us break out into an uncomfortable feeling.
I don't like it!
If you have been a reader of mine for a while, you probably already know that I normally have a combination skin type whereby my T-zone can be very oily while the other parts are pretty dry; so my picks for the skincare products are always lightweight, chill that will not burden my skin, but at the same time will keep my skin hydrated, glowing, and feeling fresh throughout the stickiest of hot days in Malaysia.
So, if you are interested in knowing which serums and moisturizers I have in my current collection now, you should just keep on reading to find out. :)

Travel with Hippo to Perth @ Swan Valley

Hello guys!
This is the continuation of my Travel with Hippo to Perth stories.
Long overdue,  I know, so here comes the last travel post in Western Australia.
Thanks for those who stayed with me from the first post till now, I'm deeply appreciate for that.
If you are new to my blog, and are interested to read more about my Perth trip, feel free to click on the label "Perth" at #Hippoaroundtheworld on the right, then you will be redirected to the page that full of my travel stories in Perth.
I've shared all the places I went in Perth, and also what's best to eat in Perth as well.
Hope you guys find the information I shared are useful if you are visiting Perth for the first time.
And today, I would like to share a new attraction place in Perth, Swan valley that I visited before we flew back home.
So, shall we begin now? :)

How to survive alone in the Wilderness @ Travel Tips

I'm a wanderlust.
I love exploring nature, meeting new friends, learning about different culture, and I love to write blogs to share the things I discovered on my travels.
However, Lik always worry about my safety when I traveled by myself.
He always asked me what if I get lost in the forest or desert, and you have to survive by yourself while waiting for help.
To be honest, I have never ever asked myself “what would I do if put in the same situation?”.
There would be chances to suffer from hallucinations, dehydration, frostbite, hypothermia, and starvation when they spend several days in the snow, desert or forest.
There is also the risk of been attacked by wild animals.
For that reason, I created this post and hoping to give myself and also everyone here some crucial tips should you find yourself in this unfortunate situation.

Rose All Day Oil-Free Serum @ Physicians Formula

Everyday, I start my make-up with a light serum.
That's because I always stay at outside from early morning till late night, so I personally prefer a lighter coverage without feeling too heavy or burden, but at the same time helping me to keep my makeup last longer.
It can be very uncomfortable if I feel my face has too much stuffs on it.
So, my daily morning routine is very simple; starting with face toner, serum/essence, moisturizer, sunscreen, and then primer.
In the past few weeks, I started to apply the new Rose All Day Oil-Free Serum from the Physicians Formula as my face serum.
I've been introducing Physicians Formula in my blog before, I like their eye-shadow pallets, and of course their highlighters and bronzers are awesome too.
Physicians Formula Rose All Day Oil-Free Serum is a new brightening and tightening highlighter that they just launched in September.
Some people might confuse if this product a highlighter or a face serum since the product comes with a name of serum yet it functions as a highlighter after all.
So, today I'm here to talk more about it and also share my personal review about this new product from Physicians Formula.

Althea's Petal Velvet Sunaway SPF 50+ @ Althea Korea

When I was 16, my mum always nagging me to put on sunscreen whenever I went.
"Always wear SPF, whatever the weather and no matter where you are!"
It is very important to always use SPF to cover up and protect your skin from harmful UVB and UVA rays which will damage our skin all year round.
Not only that, the sun also plays a major role in prematurely aging our skin which causing the winkles, pigmentation, sun spots, reduce skin elasticity, and many other signs of skin aging.
So, it is really important that you need to wear sunscreen everyday.
I have girl friends who do not like to apply sunscreen.
The main reason is they cannot find the suitable sunscreen for their skin as some are either too rich or too thick and greasy which causing clog pores and breakouts.
If you are also have the same experiences like my friends, I've got a new sunscreen product for you today!
That's Althea's Petal Velvet Sunaway SPF 50+ PA ++++, a lightweight sunscreen that protects the skin from UV rays with a petal-like finish.

Moleskine Grand Opening @ Isetan, The Gardens Mall

Hello there!
How's everyone doing so far in November?
Oh! Don't forget that we only have about a month to complete the new year resolutions that we set up in the beginning of this year. #hwaiting
I have been busy during the past few weeks, hoping for a more relax days before the end of 2018.
Btw, today I will be sharing the grand opening of Moleskine that I attended during the last weekend.
Still remembered about the Moleskine, from Mila Italy that I shared on my blog in September?
If you are wondering what is Moleskine about, do check out my previous post at HERE.
This month, Moleskine is celebrating their grand opening at Isetan, The Gardens Mall with the launch of their limited edition of 007 James Bond.
Wanna find out some new designs from the brand, let's continue to read on to find out now!

Travel with Hippo to Perth @ Yanchep National Park | The Pinnacles | Lancelin Sand Dunes

Here's come the must visit attractions in Perth!
After a couple of days exploring and relaxing in Perth CBD, it was time visit some natural attractions.
We decided to take a road trip up to Lancelin to visit Yanchep National Park, The Pinnacles Desert and Lancelin Sand Dunes.
It was about 3 hours plus drive from the apartment we stayed in the city.
The journey was nice; the road was clean with nice scenery, and we saw many rainbows on our road trip which was great!

Travel with Hippo to Perth @ What's Best to Eat in Perth

Welcome back to my travel blog to Perth!
Visited Perth for the first time and many people actually told me that there isn't much things to do and foods to enjoy in the city.
It sounds to me like a boring city.
But, after my first visit, I think I doubt it, because I found quite a few must-eats in Perth.
So, in this post, I've compiled all the eateries that I experienced during my stay.
I hope you guys can try them out whenever you visit Perth. :)

LAB 11 @ LAB11's Full-lift Shampoo and Soft Mask Series

Hair is an important part of our appearance.
It enhances our personality, and also sets the tone for our entire look.
A bad hair day is just a bad day, do you agree with that?
When your hair is too fine, too frizzy, too dry or hair with dandruff, your self-esteem will seriously affected.
I've got fine, thin and flat hair, so I 'm always struggling with styling my hair.
And recently, I've noticed a visible hair loss either a receding hairline and also thinning at the crown of my head. #ohgosh
If you also facing the same hair problems like me, or having a bad hair condition, LAB11 Full-Lift Shampoo and Soft Mask series probably will probably save you!