ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack @ Watsons Malaysia

I love using sleeping mask.
It becomes one of my skincare routine to fortify my skin.
I think the main reason that I like to use sleeping mask is because it is very convenient, whereby I can have it to perform its reparative functions while I'm having my beauty sleep and then wake up with a soft and hydrate skin.
I normally use sleeping mask twice a week but sometimes I use it more frequently, especially when I got back home late at night and wanted to cut down my skincare routine steps without applying too many products.
So, the fastest and the most efficient way to make sure my skin is well-rested and look more radiant and hydrated is to apply sleeping mask.
Sometimes, I really think sleeping mask is a kind of my skin saviour. :)
This month, I got to introduce a new sleeping mask all the way from Korea, which is the ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack.
It's not my first time using the skincare products from ID-AZ;, I've used their Dermastic Premium Sheet Masks before and done a personal review for that at HERE.
I've been using this new sleeping pack for about 2 weeks, and here's everything you need to know about the ID.AZ Face Fit CU-V Tensioning Sleeping Pack.

HOLIM Giant Tea @ Mid Valley Megamall

As a bubble tea lover, I am very excited to visit the newly opened HOLIM Giant Tea during the weekend.
HOLIM is a new beverage brand that was born in Malaysia just about a month ago.
All drinks are fully made in Malaysia, with an exceptionally high standard of specialty beverages as well as their freshly made Tapioca Pearls.
The name of "HOLIM" remind me of the Hokkien word (one of the Chinese dialect) of "Good to drink".
HOLIM not only offers milk tea, it also has different series of drinks to offer to the customers such as coffee, chocolate, juices, fruit-flavoured teas and smoothies.
The signature drink from HOLIM is their exclusive homemade brown sugar pearl milk tea, that has a very tasty tea aroma and also a freshly made and chewy bubble itself.
If you love bubble teas, let's find out more about HOLIM Giant Tea with me today. :)

K-Drama "Mr. Sunshine" @ Nonsan Sunshine Land

Hey guys!
Welcome back to my travel blog and today I'm going to bring you around the Nonsan province.
When I looked into the itinerary prior to the departure date, I was very excited about the upcoming visit in Nonsan, because this is the main filming location of the K-drama "Mr. Sunshine" by Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-ri.
My Korean girl friend told me that this is one of the must-watch dramas in last year.
Well, being a fan of K-dramas, I've for sure already watched it before the trip; so when I knew that we are visiting the filming location of Mr. Sunshine, it really boost my happiness.
Seriously, I really can't wait for that! :)
NONSAN, also named as "Nolmoi", meaning dusk(y) or yellow mountain, is a city in South Chungcheong Province, South Korea.
The origin of Nonsan's geographical name is from the small garden "nonmoi", which raise in the middle of farming fields, where rice paddies and mountain are said to reflect geographical features.
It's a quiet vast valley that surrounded by mountains and fields, so my first impression towards Nonsan country is the place is so friendly and peaceful.
Anyway, we only spent one afternoon in Nonsan province by visiting one of the main attractions at Nonsan Sunshine Land.

DPL Hair Removal @ Wax Candy, Damansara Uptown

Hey ladies!
Chinese New Year is around the corner, are you already well prepared for this coming festival?
I've already done shopping for my new clothes and new shoes, thinking about changing up the colour of my hair as well, but not very sure what colour to go for this time.
Any new hair colour suggestions out there? :)
Other than that, I'm also thinking to have a hair-free skin for the festival since me and my family are planning to have a beach holiday, so I visited Wax Candy with my girl friends during the weekend.
Well, there are plenty of ways to banish body hair, such as threading, shaving, hair removal cream, and many more.
You can get rid of any unwanted hair on your body, from the public to the upper lip to arm hair easily.
I usually remove my hair using hair removal cream as I feel it's more convenient for me.
I can just do it at anytime I feel like I needed to.
Then, my girl friend introduced a new way of removing the hairs, the DPL hair removal, which is the latest technology imported from USA.
I was very curious how the DPL hair removal works, so here's my first time experience that I'm going to share in this post. :)

Milk Peel Cream Mask @ Althea Korea

Milk is one of the healthiest food in the world.
But do you know that milk is not only give our health a boost, but also give beauty benefits to our skin?
There are a lot of extraordinary benefits of milk in our skin regimen, mainly to hydrate and replenish the skin, leaving the skin glowing and radiant.
For instance, you can use milk to take a milk bath, create a purifying mask for smoothen and refreshed skin, use it as a face toner to lighten the skin, soothes sun burned skin, mix it with oats to make an exfoliating scrub, and many others.
Now, who needs milk for their skin? #raiseyourhands
Lately, I've tried a new exfoliate mask that caught my interest which I'm here to share my honest review with you all.
It's the Althea's exclusive beauty product, Milk Peel Cream Mask, that able to give your skin smoothness and clarity everyday, helps to minimize pores and also removes dead skin cells.
Can't wait to know more about it right?! Let's continue to read on and find out more about it! :)

Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserved | Suncheon Open Film Location | Naganeupseong Folk Village @ Suncheon, South Korea

I'm very excited to blog about Suncheon.
Suncheon is my most favourite place of this trip and I'm truly convince this is one of the most beautiful places in South Korea.
Many of you have been asking me about the places in Suncheon after seeing my pictures on my social medias, so yeap, here's the complete post for you all!
SUNCHEON, one of the most well preserved cities in both aspects of nature and culture.
It is a city located in South Jeolla Province, which is in the southeastern corner of Jeollanam-do, about an hour from south-east of Gwangju.
When traveling to South Korea, many travelers like to visit Seoul, Jeju Island, Busan, but in fact, Suncheon is definitely worth a visit too if you visit Korea.
Well, it's hard to describe in words how beautiful the place is, I think you just have to go, see it and feel it yourself.
It just offers a different kind of beauty in Korea, nothing like the busy street in Seoul, Suncheon is natural, quiet and calming.
Anyway, this post is going to be a photo-log, I've no idea how many photos have been taken in Suncheon; nonetheless, I hope you will bear with me and enjoy them. :) #promise

Hanhwa Aqua Planet | AR Trick Eye Museum | Maritime Cable Car @ Yeosu, South Korea

Hello there! It's me again!
Today, I'm back here to blog about the things to do in the city of Yeosu.
I've blogged about Songdo in my latest travel blog, if you missed it out, feel free to check out the post right HERE yea.
YEOSU, situated at the southern end of the Korean peninsula, surrounded by many islets and coastal beauties that draw in visitors all year round.
The region offers both natural and man-made attractions, which has been dubbed one of the most beautiful ports in the nation, where multitudes of tourists and residents go for enjoyable holidays and short weekend trips.
As it is surrounded by archipelago of the vast Namhae Sea which comprised of over 300 islands (most of which are uninhabited), Yeosu allows you to peacefully escape from the busyness of city life by connecting you with the surrounding nature.

Jack 'n Jill Calbee @ New Wavy Potato Chips Bring a Tasty Tide of Change

One chip, two chips, three chips....
Oppss! The whole pack is gone!
That's the common situation I always have when I'm holding a bag of potato chips with me.
I love potato chips, especially watching movies and dramas at home; that's why I'm always on the look for the new potato chips in town and get a few packs to keep in my house, just in case. #hehe
For me, potato chips is really one of the best snack companion, because it is classic, crispy, light and easily eaten by the handful.
Feeling so sinful on the last weekend that I was introduced to a new brand of potato chips that has a new wave of crispy, crunchy snacking experience accompanied by salted, chili and barbeque flavours.
So, are you a snack lover? Yay or nay?!
Come! Let's check it out with me now!

Glamfox Fleurissant Lip Glow & Lip Gloss

Hey pretties!
I'm back with a new beauty review for your girls!
Have you ever heard of Glamfox before?
Glamfox represent Glamorous Fox, which is a famous brand from Korea since 2002.
The brand features 100% Korean-made lipsticks that not only give you healthy lips, moisturize your lips, but also an attractive packaging for you to carry it to everywhere with you.
The brand uphold to the "Golden Triangle" concept, which means they only use safe and efficient materials, exclusive technology of research and development, and also at a more reasonable price.
Since Glamfox offers quality products at affordable prices, that's why the brand is very popular among the teenagers in Korea, with more than 380 points of sale in Korea.
Sounds cool, isn't?!
Continue to read on to find out what so good about Glamfox and also how interesting their lipsticks are! :)

K-Live Hologram Theater | Monster VR Theme Park | Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon @ Songdo Incheon, South Korea

Hey guys!
Welcome back to my travel blog!
I hope most of you have already read my "Top 6 Must Visit K-Wave Destinations in South Korea".
I'm very happy that I can take you to all the places I've been and show you guys the hidden gems of South Korea.
And in today's blog post, I 'm going to take you to Songdo.
SONGDO, embodies the future of Incheon, which built on reclaimed land.
The province offers a number of attractions, from Central Park, to natural oasis in the city.
Since it is close to the sea, the man-made waterway is filled with sea water, and water taxis travel through the park.
Songdo not only offers a lawn and a promenade along a filed of reeds, it also has many futuristic-looking buildings, creating a harmonious combination of technology and the natural environment.