A bottle of wine @ La’Vin Winery

Today, I am going to share a nice little place for your wine.
I passed by La’Vin Winery many times whenever I was at Kuchai Lama for food hunting.
But, I never get the chance to walk in since Lik doesn't drink :(
Glad that I finally make a point to visit with my drinking buddy after I came back from GuangZhou.

La’Vin Winery is a little beauty wine shop, with the creative decoration and adornment.

You can feel how pleasant the entire environment is by just glance through from outside.

The in-house furniture are all so unique in a way they arranged each of them at the right place.

Look! The wooden boxes and chesterfield sofa are just perfectly match when putting them together.

They have a nice selection of wine but it is a bit too way pricey.
Most of the wine cost at least RM130.00, not cheap if you compare to what you can get from the supermarket, but I guess the entire atmosphere has win them all!

The staff was friendly and he gave us his recommendations after we told him our preference.
After all, we choose this bottle (cannot remember where is it from) which cost us about RM150.

We both kinda like the taste, not very sweet, not very sour, just moderate, just gentle!

For a furniture expert like me #lol  I truly adore how they created such beautiful atmosphere with all the tables and chairs.
I happen to like the decor in there, and I think it's really relax and comfortable.

They even did a great job on their lighting and wall painting!

Well, if you are looking for a cozy, and comfort place to drop in for a glass of wine,  I am sure this would be the right place to complete your lovely evening!

La’Vin Winery
No 19, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8,
Kuchai Entrepreneur Park,
Kuchai Lama, KL, Malaysia
Tel:  019-613 3999
FB: La’Vin Winery


I started my shopping addiction from in-store to online since 2 years ago, when online stores increased tremendously in recent years.
It's because:
#1 You sometimes can get better deals from online shops compare to the physical shops,
#2 There are more choices out there for your selection,
#3 The most important is you can shop 24/7 and take as much time as you want before making the decision!

Yet, one of the cons of buying online is sometimes it becomes difficult to find products you are looking for as well as the best offers and promotions due to more and more new online shops appeared.
For a online shopper like me, it would be much easier if I can check and compare different brands at one time whenever I look for a specific item.

Well Well Well, if you also encountered the same problem I have, let me introduce iprice to enhance your online shopping!
Aside from Malaysia, iprice is also available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.
They offer varies of the latest and best coupons, discounts, promotions and voucher codes on a single avenue for shoppers before they browse on their favourite online shopping stores.
It helps shoppers to save more and also eases the online shopping experiences.

It is a one stop shopping destination that let you easily find any product online, from fashion, electronics, home & living, beauty & health, hotels, airlines and many more.
You can search all these products available at Iprice, with more than 1000 brands in one platform such as Coach, Aldo, Sony, Adidas, Oppo, Canon, Vincci, Lenovo etc.
At this section, you are now easy to compare which brands have the best discount of the certain item you are looking for.

Besides, they also cooperated with exclusive partners and brands such as everyone's favourite Zalora, Lazada, Reebonz, Style Tribute, Bebe, Romwe, my beloved travelling partners Airasia and Agoda and many more for the getting the best vouchers and deals in town.

Well, after knowing all information about iprice, it's time to learn how it works.

As for vouchers and deals, all you got to do is view the coupons of the day on the website, and checkout the awesome offers and coupon vouchers which might interest you.
Once you selected your preferred offer, simply click on the button to get the code or the offer, you will then be directed to the selected store and you can just shop right away from there.

For the voucher or offer codes, remember to key in the coupon code upon your checkout.

I did a simple example from Zalora for your reference, Hope it's helpful!

As for the discount code, it usually reflects a discount on certain products.
In this case, you just follow the link to the retailer's special offer by clicking "got to offer" button and enjoy shopping while saving money at the same time.
How cool is it?!

That's all for today's sharing!
Before ending the post, please do not forget to sign up to their newsletter @ iprice.my to enjoy more amazing deals during your online shopping.
I am now going to shop for a high heel from Zalora and also a holiday package to Seoul from Aisasia! LOL!

Conjuring Spirit Premiere Screening

It was nearly 1 year since my last movie review.
Thanks to Seeties Malaysia and Grabnocost, I had the opportunity to watch premiere screening of "Conjuring Spirit" before it release at the cinema.

The premier screening was held at Cathay Cineplex eCurve, on 7th April (last Tuesday).

It was nice meeting up with the Seeties bloggers on that night.
Glad to catch up with old friends; Audrey, Cecilia and Jane, also good to know new friends; Eddy and Selina.

At first, we all thought this is an English movie from the same director of Conjuring.
But then, we only found out it's actually a production from Vietnam. #laughdie 
Anyway, thanks again for the movie tickets, if not I will never get the chance to watch a Vietnamese movie (at least I know I won't spend money to go to the cinema.#lol)

The story happened in an old apartment.
Lan and her son have experienced strange things in their apartment from day to day after they moved in. She cannot move out because the rent there is very cheap and she cannot afford more than that.
So, she decided to investigate the true story behind this apartment.

There are few scenes that scared me off like when Lan was inside the bathroom by herself, a hairy ghost lady showed off with red dress, and whenever the music boxes open with the creepy music etc.
Some scenes are true enough to shock and scare me off!

The movie is now showing at the cinema.
The movie said "Open the box if you dare" and I would say "Buy the ticket if you dare"!

Btw, I have created a new hashtag #hippomovie on Instagram so I can share the movies I have watched.
Please feel free to follow me @hippo19
So see you there!

Who I met in GuangZhou

Finally, I have time to blog about something.
Something about what I have been doing in March.
If you follow my Instagram @hippo19, you probably got the updates that I have been away for a month.
From Vietnam, to Bangkok, and then to GuangZhou
Honestly, it was exhausted! Flying too much sometimes can kill!

I don't have much to write about Bangkok and Vietnam because they were just a short trip.
Although I have been to China many times, it is still good to write about it, so that I can read everything again to remind me of what I have been through after sometimes.

March in GuangZhou is hot, not as cold as it supposed to be for Spring.
I don't really enjoy the weather in GuangZhou because the sky is always so grey.
This post might disappoint some of you as you cannot find delicious food & beautiful scenery photos, also no good place to introduce, but only sum up the people I have met from all over the world.

You will definitely not leaving China without seeing Jenny!
Always look forward to see her to share stories together.
Glad to see her with more confident than before. Great job!

Have been knowing Justin for many years, about 5 years ago?!
He is from Taiwan, but he is taking care his family business in DongGuan.

Sami is very helpful and nice people to work with.
I always ask for good advice when it comes to logistic.

The trip to GuangZhou not only meetup with people we have known, but also meeting new people for future business opportunities.
I think they are very nice people to work with, at least the first impression was pretty good.

Yupa comes from Thailand, but she stays in Shanghai for many years.
She speaks very fluent Mandarin, also write good English.
Working with her has no worries because she is such a kind heart and detail person.

Another new people I met up at the furniture show, Linda.
I was a bit shy when she asked for a pic with us :p
Guess can see it from my face lol

Another great thing about this trip is to meet up with Robert and David.
The beer will serve wherever Robert and David are there. Haha

I like Robert, he is our UK partner who stays in Leeds.
I admire his business-minded, also his humorous and straightforward.

He is David, David Hoyle.
It's my second time meeting him, hopefully third time would be in UK!
David is passion about his works, and he can be very fun with beer talks.

Tom, from Hong Kong.
A very generous and well experience man.

Last but not least, a great dinner with people from different countries; Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.
Well, I guess it would be good enough to end this post!

Stay tune to my next post, it's gonna be food post!