Sunday, July 22, 2018

Moist Diane @ Japan's Leading Hair Care Brand

"When your hair looks good, it improves your self-confidence".
Agree not?!
So, how should you take care of your hair in a hot and humid environment all year round in Malaysia?
Moist Diane, Japan's leading silicone-free haircare brand, has launched it's new Perfect Beauty series, with total six shampoos and six treatment products to fulfill different needs and requirements of Asian hair.
The new hair product series have combined the wonders of nature and the powers of science, which is the renewal of their signature Argan Oil to address the hair concerns of Asian women have, such as frizzy & coarse hair, damaged, permed, & coloured hair, dry & dull hair, flat hair & sensitive scalp, oil scalp & dry ends, and lastly weak hair prone to breakage.
The wide product range can help to differentiate which hair care needs would meet your specific hair care needs.
Ever since the new Perfect Beauty series first launch in Japan in September 2017, the product range has hit a million bottles in just 10 days!

The new innovative formulation from the Moist Diana's new Perfect Beauty series is not chemically harmful to the hair.
The shampoo products are formulated without sulfate, paraben, silicone, and also it's totally safe for colour-treated hair.
The treatment products are being sulfate, paraben free and also formulated with colour-safe ingredients.
In addition, all the products are enriched with the goodness of ECOCERT certified Organic Moroccan Argan Oil and customised with Beauty Keratin in an elegant and pretty pump packaging designed with the brand’s trademark diamond shaped pattern that resembles a luxurious fragrance bottle.

Other than special ingredients of the Beauty Keratin and Organic Moroccan Argan Oil to give healthy and beautiful hair for all Asian ladies, the full range of Moist Diane Perfect Beauty also powered by three types of features, include:
#1 Nano Repair Matrix: helps to detect damaged hair and allows nano-sizes Organic Argan Oil and Beauty Keratin capsules to be absorbed into layers of the hair, repairs and nourishes the hair structure.
#2 Nano Repair EL: an unique ingredient that is activated by heat from the hair dryer. Once it detects the heat, the Nano Repair EL penetrates into the hair shaft to boost hair elasticity, radiance and resilience giving supple hair.
#3 Moist Diane Original Gentle Cleansing Complex: it gently cleanses and rejuvenates the hair without any burden. In addition, it helps to removes impurities and dirt from the hair and at the same time, providing care for the hair with its rich lather.

#1 Extra Smooth and Straight (orange): Cuticle Keratin infuses moisture back into dry and coarse hair, tames frizzy hair and smoothes damaged hair cuticles.
#2 Extra Vital (pink): Vitalizing Keratin nourishes scalp and restores hair strength and vitality.

#3 Extra Damage Repair (black): Amino Keratin provides deep intensive repair to gaps and holes on the hair surface.
#4 Extra Volume and Scalp (red): Volumizing Keratin adds body to flat, limp hair and soothes sensitive scalp.

#5 Extra Moist and Shine (cream): Platinum Keratin helps restore moisture and creates more surface area to reflect light and form a natural "angel ring" glow around the crown.
#6 Extra Fresh and Hydrate (blue): Feather Keratin leaves hair hydrated, light and airy.

Moreover, the Moist Diane Perfect Beauty series had also gone through several tests such as Hair Damage Test, Hair Smoothness Test, Hair Lustre Test, Hair Manageability Test, User Satisfaction Test and Hair Strength & Elasticity Test to ensure all the ingredients give the best results to the users.

President of Mandom Malaysia, Dexter Lee: "We are grateful to be able to launch Moist Diane in Watsons. As we all know, Watsons is rated as Asia’s No. 1 Health and Beauty retailer, we have trusted and valued Watsons support for the brand. When we first launched Moist Diane Argan Oil Shampoo series back in 2015, our distribution in Watsons started at just 180 stores. As of today, we have expanded to more than 2,450 Watsons stores nationwide. I am excited to announce the new series of Moist Diane, the Perfect Beauty range, the renewal of the signature Moroccan Argan Oil series."
Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia, Caryn Loh: "We are pleased to have one of Japan’s most sellable brand in hair care available at Watsons. At Watsons, we constantly pay attention to the needs of our customers and one of the top concerns of our customers are getting the right hair care treatment. With a vast number of brands available to address hair care needs, it is important that our customers can differentiate which hair care brand would meet their specific needs."

Moist Diane Perfect Beauty series are now exclusive available at selected Watsons stores nationwide.
It is available a vast range six shampoos and six treatment products that suits to your hair care needs at RM31.04 for one bottle (450ml).
For more information, you can check out Moist Diane FB page at!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

MR. D.I.Y. is Now ONLINE! @ Beli Online MR. D.I.Y.!

I've got some very exciting news to you all!
MR. D.I.Y. has officially launched it's E-commerce platform to make your shopping experience at MR. D.I.Y. a breeze!
MR. D.I.Y. is Malaysia’s largest home improvement retailer which mainly selling household, hardware, electrical items at very affordable prices.
They created it's own tagline, "Always Low Prices", to promote its brand value of affordable pricing which has been successful in garnering 128 million customers yearly.
I guess many of you have heard about MR. D.I.Y. before, and probably have also purchased from the their store at least once in your life time.
And now, less the hassle, more the ease, you can buy a bunch of household stuffs without leaving your house!

HabisLah...MR. D.I.Y. Boleh Beli Online now! :)

MR.D.I.Y. has more than 550 stores across throughout Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia, and continue to grow successfully in Asia-Pacific.
The online catalogue covers the same products and pricing that you can find at their physical stores.
It carries more than 20,000 types of products across nine departments, includes hardware, household, electrical, car accessories, stationery, toys, gifts, sports, jewelry and cosmetics.
Yet, they may offer special discount codes or promotions once in a while through its website, so probably buying through online can help you save a bit?! :)

There are four key features of the MR.D.I.Y. online store:
#1 Free Shipping
Customers can enjoy free shipping to their homes within Peninsular Malaysia with no minimum spend required for any order below 5kg.
#2 MR.D.I.Y. Express
Customers in Klang Valley can also request for express delivery where their purchases will be delivered to them within 24 hours with a small fees charge.
#3 Collect @ MR.D.I.Y.
With Collect @ MR.D.I.Y., customers can purchase an item online and collect it in person from any of selected 25 stores within the Klang Valley.
#4 MR.D.I.Y. Guarantee
MR.D.I.Y. Guarantee means that customers who purchase on the MR.D.I.Y. online store will have seven calendar days to return the item(s) to be exchanged or refunded subject to terms and conditions.

MR.D.I.Y.’s Head of Marketing &E-commerce, Mr Andy Chin: "The new E-commerce platform points to another progression, that of keeping up with the times and also being a pioneer in the way business is conducted in this region."
He believes that the new platform will be able to cater a diversified market of tech savvy individuals, who never had time or had least interest to visit physical stores and also provides a convenient shopping solution to help solve a lot of the customer’s problems, such as those who want to buy in bulk, urgent purchases, limited mobility as well as cost-saving concerns when it comes to petrol and parking fees.
On the other hand, MR.D.I.Y.’s brand ambassador Adibah Noor had launched its campaign with the bold tagline "Nasib baik tak beli tadi! MR.D.I.Y. murah lagi!" since 2017. This year, Adibah endorsing MR.D.I.Y.’s new tagline "Habislah… MR.D.I.Y. Boleh Beli Online!" again!

Dear online shoppers, there are lots of promotions and prizes to be won when you shop online at MR.D.I.Y.!
#1 From June to August 2018, shoppers who purchase from the website will enjoy RM5 off and free shipping.on their first purchase with a minimum spend of RM10.
#2 All successful online transactions during the contest period (June, July and August 2018) can enter a lucky draw to stand a chance to win over RM68,888 worth of prizes, include an iPad, an iPhone X, a MacBook Pro, and also MR.D.I.Y. vouchers worth RM50.
#3 For the month of July 2018, MR.D.I.Y. will be collaborating with P&G to offer exclusive P&G products with offers of up to 35% off in all stores and online.
#4 Smashing deals online with discounts up to 40% for brands such as MR.D.I.Y. house brand, as well as other reputable international and local brands like WD-40, Shamood Anakku, Coido, OHOYO, Pritech, Staedler, GAP, IVON and Eveready.

Once again, a big round of applause to the MR.D.I.Y online store!
For more information, please visit

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Isaac Toast & Coffee @ 1 Utama Shopping Mall

The first time I heard about Isaac Toast & Coffee was from a friend of mine, who just traveled back from Seoul at that time.
Apart from the shopping spree she talked a lot about, she also highlighted about a famous toast she ate in Korea.
The way she described the toast was very unrealistic because to be honest I don't really like to eat bread.
Anyway, towards the end of our conversation back then, she reminded me again and again to try the Isaac Toast whenever I have the chance.
Well, for a person that never fancy about toast or bread, I really could not imagine how delicious it can be.
Unexpectedly, I had stumbled a chance to taste Isaac Toast in Malaysia on the last week.
To my surprise, the first bite into the toast had changed my view about a toast!

The third outlet of Isaac Toast & Coffee in Malaysia is located at 1 Utama Shopping Mall, after the first outlet at Gateaway@KLIA2, and the second outlet at Paradigm Mall, Johor Bharu.
If you don't know about Isaac Toast, it is a very well-known popular Korean breakfast toast in Seoul since 1995, with over 800 stores across South Korea.
Many Koreans like it and the queue is always long at one of the food stalls located at the tourist area in Myeong-Dong.
I have read a lot of positive feedback about their toasts, so I was very excited and couldn't wait to try it for myself when I knew the toast is finally hitting the town!

So, what is Issac Toast about?
It's a toasted sandwich started out with 2 slices of bread fried over the hot plate lightly, and then stuffed with a variety of classic toppings such as Kimchi, Chicken Ham, Turkey Ham, Tuna, Potato, Shrimp etc, vegetables and different signature sauces.
All kinds of recipes with different ingredients are really making the sandwiches sooooo tasty!

Chicken Bacon Cheese Special @ RM13, a toast filled with an omelette slice, a slice of ham and cheese, then added the shredded cabbages in between two pieces of bread.

The Kimchi Ham Special @ RM13 is the most unique one as it is stuffed with an omelette slice, a slice of ham and cheese, and lots of kimchi in between the breads.

Kimchi Bacon Special @ RM15 made up of the similar ingredients like the Kimchi Ham Special.
The only difference is the Kimchi Bacon is stuffed with bacon slices instead of sliced ham.

Potato Double Cheese @ RM13 is another tempted to try.
It is filled with an omelette, a fried hash brown, a slice of cheese, and then added some whipped cream on top of the other ingredients.

When you visit the stall, you will see all the toasts are freshly made on the spot, only after you made an order and pay at the cashier.

The toasts are served in hot and would be wrapped in a paper wrap after freshly made.

Isaac Toast is launching the Breakfast Set promotion only at the new 1 Utama outlet.
The Breakfast Set consists of a Chicken Bacon Cheese Special and a complimentary Yuja Tea.
The set is selling at RM10.00 and available daily from 730am to 10am.
It's certainly an affordable and filling breakfast set to kick start your busy day!

As for the rest of the days, Isaac Toast also comes out the Combo Sets for the toast lovers!
You get to create your own combo by picking one thirst quenching drink from coffee, ade or tea, and then one toast choosing from Potato Double Cheese Special, Kimchi Ham Special, Chicken Bacon Cheese Special, Kimchi Bacon Special or Tuna Special.
One combo set is selling at RM20 at all Isaac Toast & Coffee outlets, except Gateaway@KLIA2.

During my first visit, I tried the flavour of Kimchi Ham Special and Hot Chicken MVP.
The breads were toasted a little with an incredibly soft texture.
I can taste the sandwiches had a slightly sweet taste with their special sauce; it tasted a bit like honey or condensed milk, but it is surely not overly sweet.
Then, all toasts are filled with a special omelette that stuffed with corns, that makes the toasts even sweeter.
For the Hot Chicken MVP, the patty was nicely grilled, and the added shredded cabbages and few pieces of pickles are intensely crunchy and refreshing.
Kimchi Ham Special is a cool combo to eat; the kimchi slaw made the the whole thing spicy, flavourful and delicious.
It's really irresistible!
Really, upon the first bite, I'm loving the toasts straight away!

Though the toast may seems like a simple sandwich, it is really a good toast that worth to try out!
Now, I totally understand why my friend was so urge me to go try it out, and also why it is so popular in South Korea.
It's hard to describe how delicious the toasts are, but if you happen to visit 1 Utama Shopping mall, then be sure to give it a try!
I hope there would be more outlets coming up in the town so that it can satisfy my toast cravings when I crave for a warm comfort of toast! :)

Issac Toasts & Coffee
Lot LGK113a, Lower Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing)
No.1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya
Opening hours: Sun - Thurs 730am - 10pm, Fri - Sat 730am - 1030pm

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Travel with Hippo to Perth @ Travel Guides For First Timers!

Hello peeps!
Finally, I have time to blog about my beautiful journey in Perth.
Well, this is not my first time visiting Australia, but I think I'll never get bored traveling to Australia again and again. :)
Australia is always a pleasure to visit.
I have been to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and words just can't describe how much I love about this lovely country.
Love the natural wonders, nice weather, stunning architecture, dazzling beaches, good coffee and the friendly people there.
I'm so happy Perth is finally checked from my travel bucket list in early June.
The trip with my family and Lik was truly awesome and unforgettable.
We really enjoyed our times traveling around Western Australia for a week.
I will be seperating the post according to different days, and each posts will include the places that I've been to in Perth.
Will definitely try to include as much useful information as I could and hoping the travel posts will benefit those of you who are making your travel plans to Perth.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia.
Almost everyone I knew who has been to Perth told me that "Perth is boring", and even my friend who stays in Perth also told me that "There is nothing to do in Perth".
They might be right because most of the shops and shopping malls are closed at 5pm, and you probably got nothing much to do in the late evening.
After my trip, I realized that Perth is very laid back and less crowded, it can be one of the best cities for retirement. :)
Yet, I also found many fun things to do and places to see in this great Western state of Australia!
So let's begin the first chapter of the Travel with Hippo to Perth right away!


We confirmed the air tickets just a month ago before our trip, unfortunately the rate wasn't the best at that point of time.
We compared both rates of AirAsia and Malindo Air, and at the end we go ahead with Malindo Air even though the final price is slightly higher than AirAsia.
Malindo Air allows 25kg checked-in baggage for each passengers, provides free meals, in-flight entertainment, and also the flight flies from the international main terminal at KLIA.
Without any doubt, we happily embarked on a 8D7N trip to Perth, lasting from 7th June to 14th June!

8D7N Itinenary

Being a first timer in Perth, I had no idea how to arrange the destinations and itineraries.
I can't go without setting itineraries since I'm bringing my parents, sister and 2 nieces along.
So, I did a lot of researches on the attraction places, where to shop and also the must eat foods because I really hope to give them a perfect holiday in Perth!
Honestly, I was really excited to visit Perth for the first time after I planned the trip with a complete itinerary!

7th June 2018: Hello Perth → Dinner at Theo & Co Pizza → Grocery shopping at Coles
8th June 2018: Fremantle market → Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbor → The Roundhouse → Fremantle Prison → E-Shed Market 
9th June 2018: London Court → Explore around Hay St, King St, Murray St → Bell Tower → Elizabeth Quay→ Watertown Outlet Mall shopping Mall
10th June 2018: Wave Rock & Hippo Yawn at Hyden → Kulin Tin Horse Highway
11th June 2018: Blue Boat House →  Botanic garden → King's Park → St. Mary's Cathedral
12th June 2018: Yanchep National Park → Pinnacles Desert → Lancelin sand dunes 
13th June 2018: Explore Swan Valley → last minute shopping
14th June 2018: Bye Perth!

I was trying to put most of the Perth's attraction in this trip, yet I think I missed out the famous Margaret River on this trip. :(

Transportation in Perth

If you travelling to Perth, and planning on the outskirts of Perth visit, I think it is more convenient to rent a car so that you can get around the places like a local.
Also, by renting a car, it really helps you to access to everywhere, like do the groceries shopping.
There are many car rentals available in Perth city, and most of them provide almost the same rates and services on their cars.
I took sometimes to do the researches and it's truly blessed that I found Aries Car Rental which offers the cheapest rate after comparing with 3-4 car rental companies.

We have 5 adults and 2 kids along the journey, so we need a big car to fit everyone of us.
Kia Carnival Auto 8 Seater is really good enough despite the luggage accommodation on the first and last days that we have to take into our consideration.
We stow 6 baggage in the truck, and the extra baggage on unoccupied seat.
Anyway the overall performance, flexibility, and comfort of the Kia Carnival is perfect for us along the trip.

We total paid AUD838.90 (about RM2520), which means about RM360 per day rental.
The deal includes 7 days rental, unlimited kms and also the cost for the insurance & liability reduction. 
It's very important to get the insurance & liability reduction when hiring a car in Australia in order to cover high damages costs if there is any accidents happened. 

You can contact Aries Car Rental at:

Parking and Petrol

One of the greatest thing driving in Western Australia is there are no tolls in the entire state of WA.
This helps to save some money since we are planning to drive all the way to Hyden and Pinnacles.
We total drove about 1487 km on the one week journey! #wow
The average of gasoline in Perth was about AUD1.55; however, parking rates in Perth is expensive, same as Melbourne and Sydney.
You may wonder what does 1P, 2P, 3P means in the signboard beside the roadside car park lot.
1P means you can park for 1 hour, 2P for 2 hours and so on.
The cheapest rate we came across was AUD2 for one hour, but the rate can go up to AUD6 for an hour depends on the areas.
Make sure you pay if you want to park your vehicle at the roadside, by following the instruction on the roadside machines.
Since we rent our car from the Aries Car Rental, they allow us to park under their premise for free if they have their outlets at the places we visit, such as Perth CBD that near to the Hay Street.


In June, I would said the weather was just perfect, despite the day we traveled to Wave Rock with strong winds and heavy rains.
The average weather during the week was in between 12 degree to 20 degree.
We had chilly weather on most of the days, then the weather got a bit warmer on our last 2 days in the city.
In Australia, winter begins at the start of June and therefore the sky gets darker early, like at 5.30 or 6pm.
So, it's better to start your day early if you are planning for any outdoor activities.


Everytime when I traveled with a group of friends or family, I would prefer to book an apartment or a house as I think that's the best way to spend quality time together during the holiday.
Airbnb works very well in Australia after I had a good experience in Sydney. 
We booked the City Spring Apartment with WA Stay, located at River Vale, which is about 10 minutes drive from the Perth city.  
The renting cost of the apartment is not cheap; we paid a total cost of RM6634 for 7 nights. 
However, we think the overall staying experience worth the value.

The apartment was big, which consists of a spacious living room, main kitchen, dining area, 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms.
On the other hand, the whole unit is squeaky clean, and really well-maintained. #thumbsup

This is the master bedroom with a queen-sized bed.
The room is roomy, nice and bright with TV mounted away from the bed.

The master bedroom also attached with a bathroom.
It has a walk-in shower's corner, and also a separated toilet inside the bathroom.

The second bedroom has one comfortable double bed for 2 person.

The third bedroom with two single beds.

While browsing the apartments through Airbnb, I noticed that most of the apartments in Perth have only one bathroom.
Glad that the Wa Stay apartment comes with two bathrooms, or else I'm sure it will be very inconvenience for us.
This is the second bathroom shared between the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms inside the unit.

There are washer and dryer in the bathroom.

Here's the dining area.

The kitchen has complete amenities, and equipped with fridge, microwave, electric kettle, full set of tableware, and cookware.
Yet, the area doesn't provide any salt, sugar, pepper or cooking oil if you want to do any cooking.

The view of the city from the balcony.

There are swimming pool and fitness centre located at the first floor, and we were allowed to use all the facilities inside the building with the access cards.
Overall, it was a great stay at Wa Stay Apartment, and we really couldn't ask for more!
Me and my family had the best time and I highly recommend you to stay here if you are visiting Perth with your families or a group of friends in future.
Sure you will like it! :)

Wa Stay Apartment in Perth link:

Portable Wifi

Wifi is one of the essential things when I travel abroad, so that I could update my social medias all the time, and also can navigate from one place to another one.
It's such an important tool when driving the car around in Perth.
You may purchase a local SIM card, however I think renting a pocket wifi is more affordable and convenient if you are traveling with a group of people.
I booked my portable wifi from Roaming Man, which includes 3GB for 4GB per day, and can be shared up to 5 different devices.
The high-speed wifi is unlimited but it will slow down to 2G or 3G once it reaches the limit per day.
Previously, I rented the pocket wifi from another company, however I think Roaming Man has a lighter device, and also the pick up kiosk is much convenient as it is located opposite the McDonald at KLIA.

Roaming Man offers wifi services to many countries, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Europe, US, etc.
They always have promotions from time to time, so remember to check out their wifi service if you are traveling abroad.

You can contact Roaming Man at:

I guess that's all about it for today.
I hope this little travel guide helps you to plan your trip in Perth.
If you have any questions, you can leave your message at the comment below, and I will try my best to help out.
I will be blogging about each tourist attraction in Perth and the photos I took there on my next posts, so stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts ya!