Friday, March 30, 2018

Physicians FormulaⓇ @ 2018 Healthy Makeup Collection

Hello loves! Beauty event strikes again!
This time, it was the launch of Physicians FormulaⓇ's 2018 Healthy Makeup Collection.
It's not my first time sharing the makeup products from Physicians FormulaⓇ, and I think they are one of the makeup brands that offer affordable pricing but don't skimp on quality.
If you don't know about the Physicians FormulaⓇ, the brand started in 1937 by allergist Dr. Frank Crandall.
The reason he created the brand is because of his wife, who suffered from lupus and longed for makeup that wouldn't aggravate her sensitive skin.
With that reason, Dr. Frank created every one of the products from Physicians FormulaⓇ with the concept of "healthy beauty", whereby all products are carefully crafted and tested to meet their strict requirements.
The makeup products are hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin and eyes and created without any of the 150+ known harsh ingredients found in other personal care items.
And this year, Physicians FormulaⓇ wants to bring out a much healthier makeup products to ensure the health and beauty of your skin.

These are the brand new healthy makeup collection from the Physicians FormulaⓇ which includes foundation, primer, bronzer, lipsticks, mascara and eyebrow coating.
All these brand new beauty products are incorporate skincare technology to give complexions the perfect balance of coverage and care.
Look at the packaging, don't you think the colours and shapes have so much of summer feel! :)

#1 The Healthy Foundation @ RM79.90, with SPF20 protection, is the first ever full colour range foundation line from the Physicians Formula.
It is lightweight, buildable, and breathdable foundation that formulated with Physicians Formula's proprietary brightening complex (Chinese Wu-Zhu-Yu Extract and Hyaluronic Acid) to improve the appearance of skin tone.
Also, the ingredients of Vitamins A, C & E Antioxidant Blend are safe and suitable for sensitive skin types to create a healthy coverage.
The foundation offers 5 different shades, from a light-to-medium-to-dark level of coverage.
I'm sure you will get a suitable shade to brighten and even out your complexions with their brand new healthy foundation. :)

#2 Murumuru Butter Bronzer @ RM69.90, is an ultra luxurious bronzer that infused with authentic Brazilian Murumuru Butter to deliver a radiant goddess glow onto skin.
It contains ultra-refined pearl and soft-focus pigments to smooth skin's texture, brighten skin tone and deliver a gorgeous bronze glow.
The summer-feel packaging is a dual compartment compact, which comes with a mirror and unique sponge spatula applicator that specially designed to be used with the creamy bronzer formula for a flawless application.
This bronzer is available in 2 shades, includes bronzer (medium shade) and deep bronzer (darker shade for 2018).

Apart from that, the same Murumuru Butter also comes with the Butter Blush which designed to smooth skin texture, brighten skin tone and deliver a gorgeous blushing glow.

#3 Spotlight Illuminating Primer @ RM69.90 contains five unique filtering luminescent pearls for optical blurring and optimal radiance to instantly brighten and even your skin tone.
You can use it as a base or a foundation for an incredible age-defying properties and visible skin correction.
The primer is suitable for all skin tones and types with the special ingredients of Vitamin E & A Antioxidant Blend, Age-Defying Actives China Wood (Tung) and Rapeseed Oils.

#4 Brow Last @ RM49.90 is an innovative fiber-infused brow formula proprietary which blends of vitamins B & E to create fuller-looking, natural brows instantly.
It comes in 4 different shades to match with your eyebrow colours, such as blonde, light brown, medium brown and dark brown.
This eyebrow coating is long-wearing, water-resistant, transfer-proof, smudge-proof and budge-proof brow treatment for impressive results.

#5 Killer Curves Mascara @ @ RM49.90, featuring lash-lifting polymers and volumizing collagen, which delivers the perfect combination of curl and volume.
It also comes with an unique hourglass brush that allows every lash to be accentuated.

#6 New Butter Highlighter @ RM52.90 is available in 2 perfecting highlight shades, which are the champagne (darker) and pearl (lighter).
When I had one swipe on my skin, I can feel the texture is soft, thin, silky, and airy second-skin wear.
The highlighter is formulated with luxurious Murumuru Butter, and claimed to deliver a long-lasting, full metallic coverage buildable for a gorgeous highlighted finish.

#7 Healthy Lip Velvet Liquid Lipstick @ RM45.90 available in 9 highly pigmented shades that range from nude to bold, includes #1 Bare With Me, #2 Tu-Lip Treatment, #3 Berry Healthy, #4 Nut-ritious, #5 Red-storative effects, #6 Fight Free Red-icals, #7 Vitamin Beet, #8 Raisin' Immunity, and #9 Noir-ishing Plum. 
The rich creamy lipstick offers a long lasting wear with a cutting-edge, ultra-hydrating formula provides a soft satin-matte effect with incredible adherence to lips without setting in fine lines.
Also, the key ingredient of avocado oil has renowned for it's healing and regenerating properties. 
I'm loving this lipsticks so much since it is so comfortable to wear it without drying or making my lips feeling cakey. 

Once again, my congratulations to Physicians FormulaⓇ for the brand new 2018 Healthy Makeup Collection launch.
For me, a makeup product is not about how famous the brands and also how pricey the products are, most importantly the products can bring out the desired effects and also protect your skin to be healthy.
Physicians FormulaⓇ is exclusively at Watsons nationwide, do check it out when you visit any Watsons store.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

One Day Trip In Yilan City 宜蘭 @ Taiwan

I love Yilan City in Taiwan.
This is my first time being there, and I will definitely want to come back again.
I think Lik and my parents would enjoy Yilan City like I do. :)
Yilan is such a peaceful gateaway place to visit, especially after the busy itineraries and big crowds in Taipei city.
It's more like a small vital town, where you can get a feel of countryside with natural landscape and greenish picturesque. 
I think this city is best to sit back to relax, take a good time to walk around beautiful places, and also enjoy the local delights that only available in Yilan.
Some of my friends have seen the pictures I posted on my social medias, and they all got impatient sending me messages and asking me about this place.
So, my travel diary in Yilan City is finally here! :)

Sadly, our day in Yilan was a rainy day. :(
Getting caught in the rain was bad, and also walking around the city with a wet umbrella isn't much better.
Luckily, we traveled to Yilan with a private driver aka tour guide.
Mr. Tai picked us up from where we stayed in Taipei city, and then we started our trip at 9 in the morning.
It took us about 1 hour from Taipei to Yilan, yea it's not so far indeed.
You can actually travel by the public transports, but since my friends prefer to cut all the hassles, so we got Mr. Tai to cover us up. :)

One of the reason I wanted to visit Yilan is because this place is the hometown of my favourite illustrator aka author, Jimmy Liao 幾米.
Jimmy Liao is a Taiwanese illustrator as well as a picture book writer.
It's fun to read the works from Jimmy because there isn't a lot of text but with colourful drawings along with some meaningful short texts.

We first arrived at Jimmy Liao' Gallery.
The surrounding gave me a happy fairy tale feeling; everywhere is built and painted so wonderful.
Colours are everywhere on the walls, woodwork, and props.

"当美好的东西来临的时候,你会很自然的闭上眼睛" (幾米, 地下铁)

I was like a happy kid enter to the beautiful kingdom of heaven!

There is a bookstore of Jimmy Liao, where you can shop for all Jimmy Liao books, collections, stationary and merchandises.

After that, we arrived at Yilan Station 宜兰车站.
We supposed to walk from the station to the Jimmy Liao Park, but since it was raining so we went from one place to another by Mr. Tai's car.
Thank you so much to Mr. Tai for all the help and care during the trip. :)

Right across the station, it's Diu Diu Dang Forest Park丢丢噹森林.
The park is designed and decorated based on Jimmy's illustrations which filled with children's innocence and fantasy.
Kid will love it here!

Finally, we arrived at the Jimmy Square 幾米广场.
The first stopped was at one of the famous picture books from Jimmy Liao, Turn Left, Turn Right 向左走, 向右走.
This famous book has also gone on the big screens in 2003 by Gigi Leung 梁咏琪 and Takeshi Kaneshiro 金城武.

很喜欢向左走, 向右走里的语录
"生命中充满了巧合, 两条平行线也会有相交的一天"

The Sound of Colours 地下铁 is another famous work from Jimmy, which has also been published to another movie by Miriam Yeong 杨千桦 and Tony Leung 梁朝伟 in 2003
The meaning of the suitcases of Sound of Colours is to carry the imaginations and memories of the travelers, accompanying them to continue exploring the journeys of their inner and outer worlds.

"我习惯独处与自言自语, 幻想一个人在城市里, 漫无目的的行走"

"总在跌跌撞撞之后才仿佛明白, 很多事情是不能强求的"

There are actually a lot more props to explore at the Jimmy Square, but since it was raining so we decided to just visit the highlighted ones.
I'm hoping to visit here again for the rest of the props. #fingercrossed

Before we had our lunch, we had a quick stop at the Kuchen Kennwort Museum 亚典蛋糕密码馆 to get some local pastries.
The signature product of the bakery museum is the German style cake namely Baumkuchen 元乐年轮蛋糕, which is like a tyre-round cake that consists of several layers.
Inside the museum, there is a workshop behind a big glass window to show how the cake was made with the big oven. :)

So many tourists came here for this special delights.
Other than the original version, R.Den Bakery also makes with other versions such as chocolate and rice.
Anyway, I still prefer the original flavours. :)

On our way to the lunch restaurant, we passed through a peaceful oasis of lush green countryside.
It's so beautiful!

Hungry! Time for lunch!
We went to Weng Yao Chicken 甕窯鸡 which was highly recommended by Mr. Tai.
He said this is a must eat when you come to Yilan.

A huge chicken mascot right at the entrance of the restaurant. 
Well, you shall know the main dish that we are going to have for lunch is chicken lol. :)

Before entered to the restaurant, we got to see how the chicken is made.
The chicken are roasted in huge earthen jar like what you see on the pictures.
The cooking needs quite a lot of process, like rotating the chicken every now and then to make sure the chickens are evenly roasted.

Can't wait to try it out!

Here's the specialty we had in Yilan, the Wen Yao Chicken 台湾宜兰古早味火山爆发甕窯鸡@ TWD650 (about RM88), and this is the price for a whole chicken as there is no other sizes available. 
The plate was huge and comes with a pair of gloves for you to tear apart the chicken without burning your hands as the chicken was hot when it's served on the table. 
You can see some mushrooms and garlic that were roasted togehter with the chicken, and also remember to dip the chicken meat with the pepper that served at the side.

It's a famous restaurant to have the local food in Yilan, as I can see many pictures of the celebrities come here for dining. 
Weng Yao Chicken 台湾古早味甕窯鸡
No 7, Section 7, Jiaoxi Road Jiaoxi TownshipYilan County, Taiwan 
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 10pm, Sat & Sunday 9am - 11pm
Tel: +886 0918 717 288

Awww! I miss the roasted chicken so much now!

The best thing to have a private tour guide aka driver during our trip in Yilan is we can arrange our own itinerary, and we are able stop at anywhere we like to be at, and take our own sweet time for pictures.
Another good thing about having Mr. Tai is he will suggests us where to go, and what to eat during the trip.

When girls were gathered together, we welfie!
Love you girls!

Before we headed back to Taipei city, we bought some JiaoXi Spring Onion Pancakes 礁溪蔥油餅.
Mr. Tai said our trip will not be complete if we have't try the spring onion pancakes.
The queue was long in front of the truck and we gonna waited for a while.

Mix the self-serviced sauces like soy sauce and chili sauce to create your own pancake.
We like it; the texture is light and crispy, and also have a nice crunch. :)
It's sweet and salty in every bite!

We also pairing the spring onion pancake with a cup of milk tea hey! :)

Glad that we spent a day in Yilan.
The trip was so fun and fulfilling as we got to see beautiful scenery, visit the attraction places, and eat the local food that we wanted to.
I hope you all like my Yilan's post for today.
Till my next travel post again ya!