Physicians FormulaⓇ @ 2018 Healthy Makeup Collection

Hello loves! Beauty event strikes again!
This time, it was the launch of Physicians FormulaⓇ's 2018 Healthy Makeup Collection.
It's not my first time sharing the makeup products from Physicians FormulaⓇ, and I think they are one of the makeup brands that offer affordable pricing but don't skimp on quality.
If you don't know about the Physicians FormulaⓇ, the brand started in 1937 by allergist Dr. Frank Crandall.
The reason he created the brand is because of his wife, who suffered from lupus and longed for makeup that wouldn't aggravate her sensitive skin.
With that reason, Dr. Frank created every one of the products from Physicians FormulaⓇ with the concept of "healthy beauty", whereby all products are carefully crafted and tested to meet their strict requirements.
The makeup products are hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin and eyes and created without any of the 150+ known harsh ingredients found in other personal care items.
And this year, Physicians FormulaⓇ wants to bring out a much healthier makeup products to ensure the health and beauty of your skin.

One Day Trip In Yilan City 宜蘭 @ Taiwan

I love Yilan City in Taiwan.
This is my first time being there, and I will definitely want to come back again.
I think Lik and my parents would enjoy Yilan City like I do. :)
Yilan is such a peaceful gateaway place to visit, especially after the busy itineraries and big crowds in Taipei city.
It's more like a small vital town, where you can get a feel of countryside with natural landscape and greenish picturesque. 
I think this city is best to sit back to relax, take a good time to walk around beautiful places, and also enjoy the local delights that only available in Yilan.
Some of my friends have seen the pictures I posted on my social medias, and they all got impatient sending me messages and asking me about this place.
So, my travel diary in Yilan City is finally here! :)

EnchanteurⓇ Perfumed Body Lotion @ Satin Smooth, 24h Moist & Radiant White

I'm not a body lotion girl, because I'm not those who like to spend time to put on body lotion.
Everyday, I try to keep my daily beauty regime as simple as I can.
But, since end of last year, I found out my lower legs tend to be very dry and flaky.
Then, it caused some intense itching, and also redness on my dry skin.
My girlfriend saw my skin problems, so she advised me to use the body lotions to moisturize my skin regularly which can help to combat dry skin and minimize resulting itchiness.
I started my body-care routine by applying body lotion on my whole body within five minutes of my shower to lock in my skin's natural moisture, and I can't turn back ever since then.
I have a few body lotions brand in my daily routine depending on my mood and surrounding feeling.
And today, I would like to have a short shoutout to my current favourite perfumed body lotions from EnchanteurⓇ which able to pamper you with lovely scents while keeping your skin beautifully soft and silky smooth. :)

Hada Labo Beauty Talk Show with Taiwanese Skincare Guru Liu Yen

I always enjoy beauty talks because the sharing is always a good way for me to gain some professional tips and secrets on how to take care of my skin, and also to make myself look better and better. :)
It's such a great opportunity to be invited to the latest beauty talk together with Hada Labo and the famous skincare guru Liu Yen all the way from Taiwan.
During the beauty talk, teacher Liu Yen shared the best beauty tips of using the Hada Labo hydration lotion, and for sure I have learned a lot more than I expected too!
Are you interested with the beauty secrets from the Taiwanese skincare guru Liu Yen as well?
I'm sure you do! So let's continue to read on to find out ya! :)

Lanconone® @ Unravelling The Joint Pain Paradox

Joint pain is a major killer of arthritis sufferers.
The pain is not only affect the patient physically, but also mentally; it worsening the arthritis as well as the patient's perception of their condition.
According to a research conducted by Arthritis Research UK, 80% of patients suffer from joint pain from times to times, and 60% of patients suffer joint pain everyday.
Most people experience this joint pain in their knees where the lifetime risk of developing knee osteoarthritis is now estimated to be about 45%.
Arthritis is not about an affliction of aging, it is an active, degenerative joint disease which causes the tissues of the joints to breakdown at an express rate.
Joint pain can be as much as physical disability as well as mental strain because it increases stress, distress and depression among arthritis sufferers.
Without treatment, arthritis will become worse over time and will affect all of the major joints in the body, including those in the spine, hands, hips, and knees.

Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine @ Damansara Jaya

I can eat Thai food anytime.
I love the harmonious blend of the spicy, salty, sweet and sour flavours that always sparkle my appetite.
Even though I have a filled stomach on that day, there is always a room for Thai food. :)
Recently, I satisfied my cravings and had dinner at the newly open Thai restaurant, Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine at Damansara Jaya neighborhood.
They offer a great variety of Thai dishes; whether you're in the mood for Tom Yam dish or a creamy bowl of green curry, Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine has enough to satisfy your Thai cravings.
Oh btw, it is also a pork-free Thai restaurant too. :)

Dr. Jou Derma Facial Mask @ Dr. Jou Taiwan

I'm a sheet mask addict.
I'm always on the hunt for new sheet masks to try out.
Everyday, I use different kind of sheet masks to improve my skin because I always believe that sheet masks can provide extra nourishment to our skin, and sometimes they can make our skin look ten times better. :)
Besides, they are also usually so affordable and convenient to use.
Just a 10 minutes application, your skin will look and feel healthy.
When I go on vacation, sheet masks are one of my travel essentials that I must bring along with me. :)
Most of the times, they became my SOS, especially when I went through a temporary period of dehydration due to the different weather conditions.
Last week, I was invited to attend Dr. Jou Derma Facial Mask official launch together with Dr. Jou
Jun Xu from Japan/Taiwan (He was borned in Taiwan but grew up in Japan).
Dr. Jou is a new brand created from the laboratory of the highly-acclaimed Dr. Morita (森田藥粧) facial masks, a well-loved for it's effective pharmaceutical grade facial masks.

Hippo x Graz & Vienna Austria Travel Blog

Vienna, I first heard of this romantic place from my sister.
She is a piano teacher, and has been to Vienna one time for her summer music courses.
When she came back from Vienna in 5 years ago, she shared with us how beautiful Vienna is, and how much she was in love with this city.
She said to us that we must visit this fascinating place one day.
Since then, I always dreamed of travelling to Vienna, and oh yea my Vienna dreams finally came true and left me a wonderful memories.
My first impressions of Vienna were fantastic; a mixture of old and new architectures are stunning and massive, the streets are packed crowd of people, an abundance of beautiful scenery to explore.
If you want a romantic getaway with your special someone, Vienna is really a choice you won't regret later. :)

Domino's Pizza @ Annyeong Haseyo To Samyeang Pizza

Hello all Kpop fans here!
Today I'm gonna share an exciting news with you together with Domino's Pizza!
Due to the K-craze in Malaysia has grown stronger especially over the recent years, Domino's Pizza introduced the creation of new pizza recipes with their unique sauce to go with it.
The new sauce, Samyeang sauce is the new base of Domino's newest pizzas which created from the perfect blend of spiciness and sweetness of the sauce.
The special made sauce will surely leave you craving for more pizzassss! :)

Grand Ion Delemen Hotel @ Genting Highlands

How's everyone Chinese New Year?
I'm not celebrating Chinese New Year in this year because my grandma just passed away a week before the festival.
It was a tough moment for my family, indeed until today I still can't believe she has left whenever I think of her smile.
Dealing with the loss of a family member is always difficult; my dad is very sad and obviously a hard time for him.
Every Chinese New Year, we had a big family dinner at my grandma's house, and then a vegetarian meals that prepared by my grandma on the first day of Chinese New Year.
So many happy and sweet memories keep flashing back.
Me and my siblings wanted to bring our parents to refresh mind and body during the long holiday, so we arranged a 2D1N trip to Genting Highlands on the 3rd day of CNY.
It's been a while since my last visit to Genting, probably the last visit was the Miriam Yeung Let's Begin Live concert in 2015.
Most of the hotels were fully booked during the long holiday, but it's lucky that we were able to hold 3 rooms at Grand Ion Delemun Hotel.
Grand Ion Delemun Hotel gave all of us a very positive feelings based on it's reviews and ratings on the websites, and also the pictures were truly attempting.
Well, after one night staying there, we thought it's not really worth with what we paid for it.