Haruharu @ Breakthrough Fermentation Technology Korean Skincare Series in Malaysia

Before the invention of refrigerators, Korea developed and adapted fermentation techniques that enable food to be kept over a long period of time.
Same goes to the medicines and cosmetics that used by women at the royal chambers, they also adopted the same fermentation method in the past to enable things to be stored safely for long periods.
The unique fermentation technique has established reputation of safe, non-invasive and harmless for the skincare products, that's why the same technique has been highly applicable and attractive to the Korean beauty trend.
Just like the Haruharu, developed by Korea's top notch natural fermentation experts of OK Bio Lab that debuts the Wonder Skincare series and Prologue Mask series in Malaysia to suit the lifestyle of users.
Both series feature a wide range of products that basically involve fermentation of natural plants, such as ginseng, tea, flowers and herbs to address the common signs of dull tone, aging, dry skin problems that most women have.

Robinsons Kuala Lumpur, Shoppes at Four Seasons Place @ Jalan Ampang

Hey guys!
Whether you are on retail therapy or window shopping, I have a new place for your next stop!
Robinsons has officially launched its highly anticipated flagship store, Robinsons Kuala Lumpur, Shoppes at Four Seasons Place in Malaysia now!
It was such a great pleasure to be invited to celebrate the launching together with the VIPs, special guests, celebrities and artists on the special night.
It was truly a fun night with a lot of curated shopping and retail experiences, exclusive gifts, special promotions, fun activities, giveaways that reflecting the unique Robinsons touch.
So, let me be your tour guide and bring you to walk around the new Robinsons Kuala Lumpur, with the latest trends, exciting promotions and wonderfully curated products!

DIY Chocolate Workshop at Harriston Chocolate @ Taman Shamelin Perkasa

Halo! Any chocolate lovers here?!
I have some fun facts about chocolate that I would like to share with you. :)
#1 The ancient Aztecs in the valley of Mexico believed that cocoa seeds were the gifts of Quetzalcoatl, the god of wisdom.
#2 Cocoa seeds were believed to have magical power, thus harvested and made into drinking liquid, used in sacred rituals, marriage, death and as currency.
#3 Melting chocolate in your mouth increases theta brain waves which trigger relaxation that makes you feel happy.
#4 Eating a small portion of chocolate could improve the brain's ability to do mathematics and have better understanding on information.
Something interesting to you?! :)
My mathematics are poor that I probably need to feed myself with more chocolates. #lol
Anyway, I had my well spent afternoon with Harriston Chocolate on the last weekend.

AveenoⓇ From U.S.A @ AveenoⓇ Daily Moisurizing Lotion

These days, I realized many people I know are prefer to use personal care products made with natural or organic ingredients compared to before.
I think that's because they believe natural or organic ingredients in their personal care products are to be more effective and safe to their skin.
If you also like to put natural ingredients on your skin, you've come to the right place because today I'm going to talk about a new personal care product that can help to soothe, restore, and protect your skin with the power of oats!
AveenoⓇ, the most trusted U.S brand, as well as AveenoⓇ Baby, ranked as #1 U.S pediatrician trusted brand for the use of active natural ingredients has arrived in Malaysia now!
If you never heard of this brand before, let's come to discover and explore it together!

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Buffet @ IOI City Mall

The "All You Can Eat" buffet restaurant is one of my favourite places to go to.
It's always a great choice because buffet has multiple choices whereby you can eat-all-you-can for one fixed price.
The only problem is I do feel too full and too guilty afterwards. #hehe
One of my favourite buffet restaurant is the Pak John Steamboat & BBQ, which I have been visited a few times since they opened their very first outlet at eCurve.
It's totally worth to dine here compared to most other buffet restaurant.
And today, I would like to bring you all to explore the second outlet which just newly opened at IOI City Mall.
Get ready, let's go!

TIME Internet @ The Fastest 100% Fibre Home Broadband Service in Malaysia

I'm pretty sure that many of you would agree with me that Internet has become an integral part of our lives.
We go online reading articles, sharing our special moments on social media platforms, voice or video call with friends and family around the world, and even watch streaming movies or dramas online.
Imagine when you watching a movie online, then the video starts buffering, or video stops playing in the middle of a great scene, this scenario can be very frustrating and I think I wouldn't have good mood to continue watching it.
Hence, a very good internet connection at home is critical for daily life in order to keep us constantly connected and also determine the upload and download speeds.
Recently, me and Lik are thinking to switch to a better Internet connection for our home.
Compare to the old days, we now spend more time at home watching online movies and dramas as we felt the movie tickets are more expensive now, and also we realized that we both spent more time surfing the net at home instead at office. :)

Restaurant Istimewa Lai Je 丽姐私房菜 @ Mahkota Cheras

My dad and mum always prefer to have Chinese cuisine when we have family gathering on every weekend.
That's why I've always wanted to discover and explore new Chinese restaurants in Klang Valley.
Last Monday, I came across a Chinese cuisine restaurant that newly opened at Cheras area.
It's Restaurant Istimewa Lai Je 丽姐私房菜, which created by the name of the owner, Lai Je.
The restaurant has been operated for a month, by serving a unique and complex process style of cooking with variations of steaming, braising, deep-fry, stir-fry cooking techniques.
Also, the fresh ingredients and sauces are very well prepared in order to provide a delicious flavour and appearance in all the dishes.
Indeed, I've already been there 2 times, and I can't deny they serve very tasty Chinese cuisine that really worth a try!

SHO in Malaysia @ SHO Wrinkle Lift Peptide Ampoule & SHO Wrinkle Lift Peptide Ampoule Mask

When you reach a certain age, your skin will undergo a series of changes, like uneven skin tone, rough texture, pigmentation issues, fine lines, wrinkles etc.
There is nothing out there that can stop these changes from happening.
Hence, it's very important that we should always listen to our skin and understand what our skin needs from us in order to get the best care to keep the flaws as best as we could.
My skincare routine usually very simple; from face toner, to an essence or serum and then a day & night cream.
However, I recently find out that the current skincare products are not very sufficient enough to my skin anymore, probably because of my age and also the environmental pollution.
I'm looking for some treatments to add into my skincare routine which can help revive and boost the my skin for better complexion.
As far as I know, skincare ampoules are like a supercharged serum with higher concentrations of active ingredients to target skin concerns such as fine lines, dullness, rough texture and infuse skin with a nature glow.
Think of it as a booster shot, ampoules are more potent than serums, which is non-sticky to give an immediate absorption, provide lasting effects, help to restore balance of our skin.
SHO (Special Homecare Origin) from South Korea has it's specially made of daily ampoule products.
Unlike the other skincare ampoules (use for a finite period of time), SHO ampoule is designed as a daily used ampoule whereby you just need to replace your serum or essence with SHO ampoule for better concentration.
It is said that their ampoule is 3x more effective and better absorption by the skin compared to normal serum or essence, and that's why it has been sold 10 bottles per minute globally.

Fernleaf Milk @ Made with 100% Milk from New Zealand

As some of you might know, I own my own business by supplying corporate workwear and company uniforms to clients, and also work as a full-time lifestyle blogger.
When I told my friends that, they always said: "Oh you are so lucky! You must have a lot of time for yourself."
Ya without a doubt, working for myself is fantastic, I can manage my own schedule and workload without having somebody breathing down my neck and also the flexibility is awesome.
But indeed, I've realized that I don't really have that much time in the mornings.
Most of my mornings are hectic, especially on weekday mornings because I'm always rushing.
I wake up at 7am, take my dog out a while, check emails, shower, makeup, do my hair, put on clothes, then it's time to go.
Honestly, I do not have much time to make an elaborate breakfast for myself.
So, what I actually do to make sure I have well nourished to meet the challenges of the day on a busy morning?
The answer is MILK!
Milk is like my alarm lock to wake me up with a full energy; not only it provides a feeling of satisfaction, it is also high in a range of contains essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins etc.

OSIM @ uLove2 Four-Hand Message Technology Promises Double the Enjoyment and Satisfaction

Over the years, OSIM Malaysia, the leading healthy lifestyle products company, focuses on inspiring individuals to take control of their well-being and work towards feeling great and looking good.
It's holistic business emphasizes on four complementary focuses; relax and relieve (stress-relieving and massage), tone and shape (body toning and calorie-reducing), check and measure (health monitoring) as well as clean and purify (air purifying, combating impurities, allergens and bacteria).
The brand has received a list of awards and accolades for their outstanding achievements and also expanded to more than 47 outlets nationwide.
This year in October,  OSIM has launched of it's latest uLove 2 massage chair that features the revolutionary 4-Hand Massage Technology.
This is the first massage chair in the world to emulate the four-hand massage technology that mimics the prevision of human masseur/masseuse. 
It's truly an exciting innovations in massage therapy which will be the world-first in wellness for a complete full body rejuvenation.

Clinelle @ Clinelle Age Revive

When we reach a certain age, we always want to keep our skin younger-looking, because the concept of aging is so scary!
Ya, I totally agree with that!
It's very important for women to keep the skin looking young, plump and have fade wrinkles.
As far as I know, the perfect age to start the anti-aging skincare is about 24 years old.
Well in fact, the earlier you begin an anti-aging regimen, the more you can prevent premature aging.
There are endless anti-aging products in the market, but to be honest I found many of them are very expensive in the market.
Try to walk to a skincare brand counter at a local shopping mall and ask for their anti-aging series, I'm pretty sure the series will be much higher than the other series.
So, when I first known about the new anti-aging series from Clinelle, I was so excited till cant't wait to share it with you all because the brand do offer high quality products yet affordable pricing!

Formula 10.0.6 @ Clean Skin Starts Here!

Everyone wants to have a clean & clear skin.
There are so many products in the market can actually help you to achieve the beautiful skin that you always dreamed of.
If you were to ask me: "what are the secrets that could be keeping your skin clean, dewy and clear?"
I would be thinking clean your face thoroughly and use face masks as part of your regular skin care routine.
Cleansing is one of the essential for every good skincare routine, because it removes every last trace of make-up, pollutant or toxic chemicals, while face masks help address specific skincare concerns such as dullness or oily skin.
Now, you may be wondering, out of so many products, what products would be good to use?
No worry at all! I have the clean & clear skin solution right here for you!
That is Formula 10.0.6 which consists of three different products; Micellar Cleansing Water, Skin-Detoxifying Peel Mask and Skin-Purifying Bubble Mask!

A Latte Experience of A Whole New Level @ Sevenfriday Space

Ohhh! It's been a while I had my cafe hopping sharing in my blog.
I think I didn't really write a lot about my coffee stories at here, but I guess if you are on my Instagram @mizhippo, then you shall notice that I've been hopping and instagraming around Klang Valley quite a lot recently. #hehe
In Malaysia, the cafe-hopping craze has been a rising trend in the recent years, with tonnes of unique cafes mushrooming to appease the demands of cafe-goers who live to taste exquisite desserts complemented with premium coffee drinks.
In a way, visiting cafes has evolved to become a way of life, an avenue where people can get together and socialize, another place to sit and do work, or a place to get away from their busy lifestyle.
Just the last weekend, I came up a new place which I think you should check it out for your next coffee hangout spot with your friends. :)

Secret Nature @ Jeju in Watsons Malaysia

Modern people with busy lives like many of us are constantly exposed to stress factors and unclean environment which make our skin unhealthy.
Many factors such as air pollution, humid weather, dry air from air conditioning, work stress, lack of sleep are now part and parcel of our daily lives.
Not sure if you are aware that all these kinds of bad environmental elements can really cause our skin to damage.
In order to bring a healthier, safer beauty products to Malaysian consumers, Watsons is bringing a new South Korean beauty brand, Secret Nature all the way from the pesticide-free Jeju island farms.
Watsons believes that Secret Nature has a strong range of products to offer in nourishing the skin with clean Jeju ingredients to make our skin healthy again.

Travel with Hippo to Perth @ London Court | Blue Boat House | Botanic Garden | St. Mary's Cathedral

Hey guys!
First of all, I would like to apologize for not updating my travel post in September.
My last travel post was in August; if you are interested to find out about Wave Rock, Hippo Yawns and Tin Horse Highway, you can check out the post at HERE.
Seriously can't believe that it's already the first week of October, time really does fly!
But hey don't worry, I'm back now!
Today, I wanna blog about my time when exploring around the Perth CBD, like Hay Street, King Street, Murray Street and some other attraction places in the city, such as London Court, Blue Boat House, Botanic Garden, St. Mary's Cathedral etc.
We actually spent 2 days at the Perth main city because one day wasn't really enough since we really took our time to do our shopping and wandering around.
Ya, without further ado, let's check it out now!