Thursday, December 14, 2017

Kinohimitsu UV-Bright @ An Effortless Way to Protect Yourself From The Sun

Last week, I was on the phone with one of my girl friend.
We talked about skin cares and shared the current products we are using now
She sent me her recent picture and asked me whether her skin condition look improved (she had bad breakouts when I met her in May this year).
After I saw her picture, my first reaction was "You still not using any sunscreen, because I can still see a lot of dark spots on your skin"?
She said "Yes, I'm not using any".
I was totally shocked and told her how important the sun protection for our skin as we are exposed to UV rays everywhere we stand, no matter it's at outdoors or indoors.
I will not leave my sunscreen no matter where I go everyday, even though I'm just staying at home.
I'm just too afraid of skin darkening and skin pigmentation.
If you feel the same way as me, then you should really check out the functional & instant drink, the Kinohimitsu UV-Bright Drink that can help you to achieve brighter, fairer, clearer and younger luminous skin!

Kinohimitsu Malaysia has relaunched one of their key products, Kinohimitsu UV-Bright at Watsons Sunway Pyramid.
The purpose for relaunching the product is to bring back awareness to the public on the importance of sun protection, especially during the year end travel session.

Kinohimitsu UV-Bright is a functional drink for perfect fairness.
It is known as a form of:
#1 repulses the formation of melanin
#2 reduces pigmentation
#3 brighten skin tone from the deepest layer of the skin
#4 Anti-aging purpose
#5 eliminate spots
#6 prevent sunburn

Kinohimitsu UV-Bright is able to protect your skin against harmful UV-rays for up to 9 hours.
It is therefore most suitable for daily use, and also during travel or holiday.
For me, I think it is best to use for beach holiday because it is able to protect your whole body from the sun.

One of the key ingredients from the Kinohimitsu UV-Bright are Grape Seed Extraction (OPC), which is known as one of the most amazing anti-ageing component.
In addition, OPC also repairs damaged cells and elastic to restore skin youth, and prevent free radical damages by providing comprehensive antioxidant.
It also locks in moisture in the skin, keeping skin hydrated and firm.

The other 2 star ingredients in Kinohimitsu UV-Bright are Grape Polyhenols and Apple Polyhenols.
These ingredients provide antioxidant and whitening effects which given 20 times of Vitamin C and 50 times of Vitamin E.
They continuously break down deposits of melanin (pigmentations) in the skin, repulse dark spots which have been formed and inhibit new formation of melanin.
What's more?! Skin brightening effects can happen as soon as in just 6 days!

One of the highlight of the relaunching of this event is the product exchange activity.
#1 All the attendees are encouraged to bring their sun block product to exchange 2 bottles of  Kinohimitsu UV-Bright for free.
#2 For those who sign up any travel package with Golden Tropic will get Free RM20 Kinohimitsu UV-Bright discount voucher from Kinohimitsu, which can redeemable at Watsons outlets. 
#3 Kinohimitsu also will offer a free bottle 50ml UV-Bright drink daily for selected travel package.
More info can refer at

Oh! I love the taste very much as it has a very nice taste of berries and grapes.
Kinohimitsu UV-Bright is 100% natural and safe.
Drink 1 bottle for each time to obtain the best results and see a difference in your 6 days and 21 days of skin renewal.
It is preferably drink in the morning or before any outdoor activities as our skin tends to get in contact with more UV rays during the day.
Remember to shake well before drinking and also the taste is excellent when chilled!

Kinohimitsu UV-Bright is now available at all Watsons' outlets and other leading pharmacies.
If you are interested to try out this product, you can now grab the Kinohimitsu UV-Bright (1 box with 6 bottles) @ RM39.90, instead of RM RM95.30.
This special promotion is valid from now till 31st Dec 2017.
Well, for online shoppers, you can also purchase this product via Watsons' E-store at too.

Monday, December 11, 2017

"Double 12" 24 hour Holiday Sale @ Taobao 淘宝 & Tmall World 天猫

Women love to shop. Well, not all of us love it, but I believe many of us do, right?!
I love shopping too, especially online shopping.
I started shopping online about 6 or 7 years ago.
When I first started online shopping, the most common things I shopped online are fashion clothing, shoes and household stuffs.
Then slowly I also purchased skin care and makeup products through some reliable websites too.
There are many pros and cons buying things online, but I think I'm lucky that most of my shopping experiences were pretty positive.
One of the frequent websites that I usually go online shopping is Taobao.
And, do you know why I love to shop at Taobao?!
#1 It's CHEAP! (At that price and quality, you can't really ask for more!)
#2 I can get the latest fashion (My friends always ask me where I got my clothes from)
#3 It has many choices (you might be lost somewhere while you're browsing)
#4 Compare pricing (many of them can offer lower prices on same or similar products)
#5 Enjoy the feeling on receiving parcels (I always feel very excited when I received my parcels)
All in all, I really love shopping on Taobao! :)

12th December is on it's way, do you have any plans to celebrate this special day with your loved ones?
Whatever plans you have, I'm here to double up your happiness together with Taobao 淘宝 and Tmall World 天猫!
Guess what?! Alibaba Group's Tmall World is launching it's "Double 12", a 24 hour holiday sale in this special festive season!

In conjunction with the special day of 12th December 2017, there are million of products will be featured with special discounts on the Mobile Taobao app.
The holiday sale will run from midnight on 12th December 2017 for 24 hours.
A wide range of products are waiting for you with unbeatable prices and discounts on Taobao and Tmall marketplaces; from fashion clothing to accessories, and then home and living products.

During the "Double 12" celebration, there are many exclusive promotions available to you, such as:
#1 Cashback offers: With a minimum spend of RM200 on Taobao, you will get RM20 cashback if you pay with Malaysia E-banking.
#2 Sea freight promotion: Get an instant deduction of RMB20 on sea freight charges.
#3 Win exclusive Secret Santa Boxes with a host of goodies from Taobao & Tmall: With purchase of RM12 through the Mobile Taobao app.

Hurry up and download Taobao Mobile App on your phone today and shop all the great deals from your phone on 121217!

In addition, from 10th till 12th December 2017, you are welcome to visit Tmall World's Secret Santa Box "Double 12" celebration, 3-day roadshow at MyTownPark, MyTOWN Shopping Centre.
There will be hundreds of exclusive giveaways, prizes, and a host of fun-filled activities for you!

Many performances such as dancing and singing have been lined up during the three-day celebration.

You can also "Gift Catcher Interactive Game" where you can stand a chance to win treats and goodies by just downloading the Taobao Mobile app at the event.
If you are lucky, everyday at 130pm and 330pm, you can also stand a chance to walkaway with one "Lucky Secret Santa Box" for yourself!

So, guys! Now get ready to shop and spread the holiday cheer to your friends and family with Tmall World and Taobao!
To find out more about 12.12 holiday sale, head over to or download the Mobile Taobao app!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

AirAsia BIG Loyalty eStore @ Get FREE Flights When Shopping Online

Hey guys!
Do you guys still remember the AirAsia BIG Loyalty programme that I posted in September?
If you miss out the post, you can check it right here.
AirAsia BIG Loyalty programme is the world's first Freedom Flyer Programme which allows you to earn AisAsia Big Points easier, faster and better!
Wanna get free flights from AirAsia, make sure you sign up for the AirAsia BIG Loyalty programme to earn more points!
And for today, I would like to share another great tips to help you earn more points by buying things online through your AirAsia BIG Loyalty card!

Last week, AirAsia BIG Loyalty has unveiled the eStore, which is the latest lifestyle pillar offering by AirAsia’s loyalty programme, to offer BIG Members in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia to shop online and earn BIG Points at the same time.
There are over 150 lifestyle and travel brands on one platform, that allows more than 13 million BIG Members in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia to enjoy a seamless online shopping journey where purchases will be delivered straight to them, and every RM1 spent earns 1 BIG Point or more.
This points-earning certainly earn faster than you fly with AirAsia!

So, how does it works?
Step #1: Log into your BIG Member account or register for one, free of charge.
Step #2: Browse shopping deals by clicking on the eStore tab on and choose from a variety of lifestyle or travel brands.
Step #3: Select the brands you wish to shop on and click Shop Now/Book Now.
Step #4: You will be directed to a page where you can view essential shopping tips as well as the terms and conditions to ensure you earn BIG Points.
Step#5: Thereafter, you will be directed to the brand’s website to start shopping.
Step #6: The BIG Points earned from your successful shopping purchase will be automatically credited into your BIG Member account within 45 - 60 days.

Some tips to earn BIG Points from shopping on eStore:
#1: Do not click on any coupon websites.
#2:  Enable cookies on your device and use the same device throughout the shopping process (e.g. mobile, tablet, desktop). Ensure that the shopping transaction is made within the same tab.
#3. Whitelist AirAsia BIG Loyalty with your Ad Block software. Kindly ensure that there are no pop-up blockers active upon visiting
#4. Ensure that the Terms & Conditions are read and complied.
#5. Ensure that a click through is made from for every subsequent transaction (even when purchasing from the same brand)

The estore currently features over 150 exciting lifestyle and travel brands, such as Uniqlo,, Photobook, b-liv, 11street, Digi, F.O.S, Fave and ezbuy in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
There will have more lifestyle and travel brands are coming on board to the eStore soon too!
For every transaction made on eStore, members will earn BIG Points as in:
Malaysia: 1 BIG Point for every MYR 1 spent
Thailand: 1 BIG Point for every THB 10 spent
Indonesia: 1 BIG Point for every IDR 4,000 spent

AirAsia Group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes said the eStore is a fantastic way to reward their loyal members with the opportunity to shop for what they like and earn BIG Points in return.
It's an effortless way to help the members fly for virtually free by doing what they enjoy doing, which is shopping online, and brings them a step closer to making their loyalty and low fares.

In addition, AirAsia BIG Loyalty CEO Dato Eddy Leong also mentioned that the eStore is the newest digital innovation that stays true to their dedication to reward members easier, faster and better.
Shopping on the eStore expands the ways in which their members can earn BIG Points faster than they fly since shopping is an everyday routine, and flying is just occasionally.
Now with the eStore, earning BIG Points will become a part of members’ daily life.

Lastly, I have good news to all AirAsia BIG Loyalty members!
There will be a special “eStore 12.12 BIG Sale” on the coming 12th December 2017!
#1: From 11th - 13th December 2017, there is a social media contest, whereby with minimum transaction of RM50 / THB 500 / IDR 200,000 can stand a chance to win exclusive vouchers or a grand prize of up to 160,000 BIG Points to redeem flights to Seoul, Osaka or Tokyo (no limit to the amount of entries per member).
#2: You can also earn a whopping 10X BIG Points during this sale to fast track you shopping rewards, allowing you to earn 1,000 BIG Points by spending on RM100, which equivalent to a return trip during the monthly Final Call Sale!
Guys, the countdown to 12.12 sales has begun, so get your elbows ready and standby the checkout counter at yea!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Greyhound Cafe @ Ansa Kuala Lumpur

How many days until Christmas 2017?
Time flies, it's another 17 days till we celebrate the Christmas again.
Are you excited to enjoy this holiday season with your families and friends?
I am! I'm definitely looking forward to it.
This year, I will want to spend a romantic dinner night with Lik, and also plan to bring my parents to a nice place to enjoy the special festive dishes.
While looking for a place to feast, I came across Greyhound Cafe, where they highlight some special signature dishes that allows you to fire up your Christmas in a refined and warm atmosphere. :)

Greyhound Cafe is originated from Bangkok, which now owns 14 outlets in all over Thailand.
The cafe has also expanded into other countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Malaysia and Jakarta.
There are 2 outlets in Malaysia, which located at Ansa Kuala Lumpur and Mid Valley.
Just recently, I paid my first visit at their first outlet in Ansa Kuala Lumpur, which has opened in Malaysia since March 2016.

When I first stepped into the cafe, it has the most welcome appearances on the interior and decorations.
The cafe has been replaced with black, white and grey tones, which has the same earthy feel and inviting atmosphere as always.
The furniture used mostly natural wood materials, and comfortable cushion lounge chairs which I love the most.
This cafe, definitely not only contemporary and stylish to dine in at here, it also an Instagram-worthy from inside and out.

There is a private room at the back of the restaurant which can hold up to at least 14 people in the room.
The room is an art form that brings nature with lots of flowers and plants.
Love that baby breath flower on the long table, it's just so lovely!

So much Christmas feel as well in the dining room! :)

Always, Greyhound Cafe offers a variety of fusion Thai food such as pastas, noodles, rice, sandwiches and burgers.
They even have many choices for vegetarians too.
Without any further ado, let see what I had for my dinner on the last 2 weeks at the Greyhound Cafe!

I started my dinner with the appetizer of the Grilled Yellow Pumpkin with Sesame Tsoyu Dressing on Mix Lettuce & Pomegranate Seed.
The sliced pumpkin is very well-seasoned grilled, and the green red lettuces at the top are fresh too.
The sweet and savory pomegranate seeds that sprinkle around the plate are the highlight of the starter.
And, I'm sure you gonna ask for more pumpkin after you dipping it with the sesame Tsoyu dressing on the side.

For the main course, I had the Grilled Salmon Steak.
It's a grilled salmon that serves with green anchovy sauce, Thai basil mashed potato, pomelo and pomegranate salad.
The green anchovy sauce gave me a totally different taste experience; that's because it delivered mixture tastes of bitter, sweet, salty and sour.

Always love pairing white meat with a glass of white wine.

My full course meal ended with the Greyhound's Signature Crepe Cake served with Berries & Red Ruby, where the layer cake is filled with lots of red ruby in between the cream thin layers.
The dessert tastes is just as good as it looks on the dessert presentation.

The Christmas bell is ringing at the Greyhound Cafe.
Do book a table and spend your Christmas here to try their signature dishes, as well as the other fusion Thai food on their menu.
I will see you on my next post soon!

Greyhound Cafe
Lot: No.02, Ground Floor, Ansa Kuala Lumpur
101, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL
(next to Lot 10 and Fahrenheit)
Tel: 6018 386 1228 / 603 2148 1188
Opening hours: 11am - 11pm (Mon - Thurs, Sun) 11am - 12am (Fri - Sat)

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Hippo x Salzburg, Austria Travel Blog

My first time in Austria, also my first visit in Salzburg.
Honestly, I knew nothing about Salzburg before my visit, and only got to know the Mozart's birthplace from my sister.
Then, I know there is a beautiful Mirabell Gardens from the world's famous movie of The Sound of Music through a friend.
Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria, and the city is not very big but with many hidden back streets to wander around.
My first impression about Salzburg is it looks like a fairy-tale-inspired with a fabled city of music, and also many splendid and majestic castles and palaces all over.
It's certainly one of the most romantic and beautiful cities I have ever been to.
I enjoyed every moments in this beautiful city very much!

Without further ado, let's discover this beautiful city through my Salzburg storybook now!

My day in Salzburg started with a great place, the Mirabell Palace & Garden.
It is one of the settings for the world's most well-known musical film "The Sound of Music".
Do Re Mi Fa So La Te, still remember peeps?! :)
That's also one of my all time favourite musical movie in my childhood, sooooo happy that I came here!

The Mirabell Garden is flown over the freshly cut green grass and colourful flowers everywhere.
It's a cute little garden to walk around and one of the must photo stop in Salzburg.

Though the garden is not very big, I love every moments in Mirabell Garden.
It's really a beautiful place, a beautiful place to capture beautiful pictures.

While walking towards to Mozart's birthplace, we crossed over the Makartsteg Bridge which connects the new and old city town.
The pedestrian bridge is very wide and nice to walk around, also a great spot with amazing views of the river and the bridge.

From the bridge, you can see an outstanding far view of the castle and palace.
Wish to go up!

There are so many wishes love padlocks in different colours that tied to the bridge barrier too.

From the Makartsteg Bridge, it's just a short 10-15 minutes walk to the Old Town of Salzburg, Getreidegasse.
It's one of the UNESCO World Heritage landmark to visit.
Inside the old town, there are many beautiful architectures and buildings with international fashion chains to wander around.
If you come here for Mozart's birthplace, you should take the chance to walk on this street.


One of the must visit popular attraction in the old town is the Mozart's Birthplace.
I think it's worth a visit no matter if you are a fans of Mozart not.
There are numerous original items, like portraits, personal items back into the 18th century were kept inside the museum.

Mozart was born and stayed in this nice yellow building with his family.
The building looks pretty small from the outside, but it is much bigger from the inside, which covering several floors.
Well, I think Mozart and his family will never thought that their little tiny house can be such an attraction after so many years later.

No pictures and videos are allowed inside the building.
So, the best photo stop at the museum is with the Mozart painting right in front of the entrance.

Headed to the Hartlwirt Gesellschaft for our lunch with the must have dessert in Salzburg, Strudel.
Strudel is a type of sweet layered pastry with a filling of cream, custard and apple inside.
It's too sweet for me; but if you enjoy very sweet dessert, then I think you will love it!

Felt a bit sleepy after the lunch, but we managed to have a photo stop at the Lake Millstatt.
Maybe it was just a short stop, so I find nothing fancy about this place but the changing autumn leaves and weather condition were so perfect to create a beautiful scenes out of the ordinary landscape.

Before the sky turned black, we drove about 1 hour plus to the Lake Bled.
Lake Bled is located in the Northwestern of Slovenia, and the Bled Castle that stands above the lake on the north shore is one of the tourist destination to visit.

We crossed from the lake to the middle of the island with the traditional wooden boats, pletnas.
And these pletnas are operated by standing rowers, which known as pletnars.
No life jackets will be provided, but the ride is certainly safe. :)

You can see the Bled Castle and the Assumption of Mary Church are surrounded by mountains and forests.
The entire view from the river is so gorgeous!

After landing, we have to climb 99 stone steps to reach the top, the Assumption of Mary Church.

There is a legendary tales about this place.
It is said that your wishes will come true when you listen to the church bell and ring it yourself.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to ring the bell because the church was under renovation during my visit!. :(

The whole place is surrounded by beautiful nature.
It's quiet and peace while you are at the top of the beautiful scenery view.

That's all I want to share about Salzburg, and to be honest, we were having short time in Salzburg.
We only stayed there till after lunch, and had to catch the time to the next destination in Slovenia.
I believe there are so many places that I not yet visit in Salzburg, and hopefully for the next time again.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, and don't forget to watch my Salzburg travel vlog! :)