Neutrogena® Capsule Sleeping Mask & Hydrogel Mask

Ever since I'm with Neutrogena®, I have never stopped using this brand because this is one of the most affordable brand at any pharmacies you can find, and also the pricing are affordable with worthy result.
I have used their facial cleanser, makeup remover, and face sheet masks for a year; indeed, I actually never thought that I would stick with this brand for so long, until I used and experienced it myself.
If you never try, you'll never know what is good for you. #youknowwhatImean
This month, I'm so happy that Neutrogena® has launched new face masks after having so many standouts in their product ranges.
So! Let's check out my personal experience with the newly launched for their Capsule Sleeping Mask and Hydrogel Mask.

Apparently, Hydrogel Masks are the face sheet masks and Capsule Sleeping Masks are formulated within individual one-use capsules.

The Capsule Sleeping Mask comes with 2 great selections, one of them is the
Neutrogena® Fine Fairness Capsule Sleeping Mask (red) and another one is the Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Capsule Sleeping Mask (blue).
Both Capsule Sleeping Mask can be purchased at any Watsons outlets @ RM12.90 (10ml)

The pack comes in 10ml size and I think it probably too much for one time use.
Well, you can share the amount with your mother or sisters if you would like to.
Otherwise, you can keep the balance in the fridge for next time use.
I personally love the packaging very much as it provides an on-the-go fix where you can use it anywhere and whenever your skin needs and instant boost.

Each sleeping mask packs with Niacinamide to make skin luminous and radiant looking.
Also, it is made with 100% natural origin Hyaluronic Acid to supply moisture continuously to your skin, and ensure your skin at an optimal hydration level as well as giving your skin an optimally hydrated, radiant, glowing and supple.
The texture is creamy but not in gel type.

How to use?
Step #1: After cleansed your ace, put on facial toner first or apply the capsule sleeping mask straight away.
Step #2: Not only apply on your face, the mask can also apply on your neck or any areas that you want to moisture such as elbows, knees etc.
Step #3: Apply for about 15 minutes to get all benefits just like doing a facial treatment.
You can also use the capsule sleeping mask as an overnight sleeping mask too.
After cleansing and toning your face, apply the mask evenly across your face and neck.
After the product is absorbed completely, leave it overnight and rinse off n the next morning.
The capsule sleeping mask is suitable for 1 mask 1 day.
For extra boost, you can keep the mask in the fridge before application.

My thoughts
Personally, I use a lot of sleeping masks, at least twice in a week or more than that if I came back home late and lazy to apply so many skin care steps.
This Capsule Sleeping Mask delivered a smooth and soft skin texture after using it.
I can instantly tell my face is more hydrated and moisturized.  
It has a very clear fresh smell like pure water.
The texture looks a bit creamy, but it's light when I applied it on my skin and also the creamy texture disappeared after some minutes application.
It's definitely great for dry skin to boost up your skin moisture level.

Neutrogena® Hydrogel Mask is the first to introduce Hydrogel Technology in Mask.
It's 100% paperless Hydrogel mask that delivers stronger efficacy from it's essence-gel making process and it's special obscuring effect.
It also comes with two different choices, which is Fine Fairness Hydrogel Mask (red) and Hydro Boost Hydrogel Mask (blue).
Both face sheet masks are avaiable at all Guardian outlets @ RM13.90 (1pc)

The difference between the 2 masks are the Fine Fairness Hydrogel Mask contains Niacinamide which leaves skin luminous and radiant looking, while the Hydro Boost Hydrogel Mask contains 100% natural derived Hyaluronic Acid, which replenishes moisture continuously, leaving skin optimally hydrated, radiant and supple.
It is said that one mask equals to one bottle of hydrating serum in 15 minutes!

The sheet mask is made of gel material, not a fabric or paper materials, so it is good adherence on skin which perfectly fit around your face.
When using Hydrogel recovery mask, the serum is absorbed into your skin as the hydrogel melts, and the gel can pack in much more nutrients, at least 50% more essence than a cotton sheet can.
Additionally, the hydrogel also helps to keep your skin directly in contact for longer with the nutrients without evaporating as quickly as a cotton sheet would.
Well, the dripping is less compare to paper sheet masks too.

Step #1: Tone your face after cleansing
Step #2: Peel white film backing from the mask sheet and discard
Step #3: Place hydrogel down on face and leave for 15-30 minutes
Step #4: Remove the mask and massage remainng products onto face and neck
Only use once a week.
Can be kept in fridge for extra instant cooling effect and refreshment.

My thoughts
After 15 minutes having the mask on me, I noticed my skin looked glowing, refresh, and also it plumping up my skin and leaving it feeling hydrated.
Even Lik noticed that as well.
I enjoyed the fragrance when it stayed very close to my skin, because it smells of some sweet fruits. :)
The mask design and material are comfortable which comes with 2 divided parts, whereby one piece is for the upper part (forehead) and the other piece is for the bottom part (chin).
It fitted properly on my skin, without falling off even I moved around with my housework.
Also, it is true that it is less dripping compare to the other cotton face sheet masks I use, the essence sticks very well on the gel sheet mask.
However, compare to the other face sheet masks I used, the package has very little essence left inside the bag, and also after the mask has been removed.

So, that's my personal experiences and sharing for the Neutrogena® Capsule Sleeping Mask & Hydrogel Mask.
If you are looking for good and affordable masks, you really need to try these products out for yourself!
Lastly, hope you guys enjoy today's beauty post!

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