Bancream Cover-Gel @ Reduce excess body fat & cellulite

All girls want to get in good shape, that's why many of us spent our lifetime to search for the right methods to lose weight.
I do not desire to have a skinny or petite body shape, but I do hope to have a fit body.
I do exercise, I go to dance work out 2-3 times a week.
I cut down my daily carbohydrates during days and nights.
Also, I used many different slimming gels and creams every day and night.
I tried many brands before such as Cosway, Korea Rushup, Korean Wonder patch, Dorra, Marie France Bodyline and many other brands.
So far, I kinda like the results from the Korea Rushup slimming essence.
I always believe that with the help of trusted slimming product, it does bring difference.
To me, it's just an extra effort to help upkeep my body. :)

I'm happy to receive a new slimming gel in the last week to try out.
It's Bancream Cover-Gel, a product from Thailand.
This product has been the leading slimming gel in Watsons Thailand for two consecutive years.
It has sold over 20,000 tubes in every month, and has awarded to the Female Beauty Awards in 2015.

The main objective of this gel is to help women to gain confidence by effectively reducing excess body fat and cellulite, allowing them to enjoy nourished, toned skin and a get a better figure.
It uses natural formula without any drugs and developed using concentrated plant extracts and innovation from countries such as USA, Japan, Spain and Korea.

The gel creates both Venotonic and Lipolytivc effects which can stimulate better blood circulation for the applied area and metabolic rate can be increased.
It claims to have the benefits of:
#1 Reduce cellulite or orange peel skin
#2 Reduce stretch marks
#3 Help to burn excess fat
#4 Stimulate better blood circulation

The gel can be applied twice a day which is morning and night after shower.
It is easily absorbed into the skin, so no need to massage.
It's not like those slimming hot gels or chili creams that can burn your skin, Bancreams has a formula with an enjoyable cooling sensation during application.
You can apply at the areas like thigh, tummy, buttocks and arms. or any other areas that you want to blast the fats away.
The results are effective and can be seen within 7-14 days.
Of course, if you want a faster result, you should combine it with a proper diet and regular exercises.

This gel is slightly different with the other slimming products I used before.
The texture is more like a jelly type and it is very cooling when you have it on your skin.
The smell is refreshing too.
What I like about it is it absorbs into the skin readily.

If you are interested to try this product out, Bancream Cover-gel can be purchased at Watsons and Guardian outlets in Malaysia at retail price RM69.90 (100g).
For more information about the Bancream Cover-gel, you can hop over to their official website at or FB page @BancreamMY.

Do check out the short video of the Bancream Cover-Gel before you end this post too!

Attraction Places @ Melbourne City Center

I have been to Melbourne three times.
The first time was on business trip, and I visited Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.
The trip was short and rush, indeed I didn't have enough time to explore this place.
The second time was with Lik, which was the first time I truly enjoyed Melbourne.
We stayed there about 7-8 days, visited most of the attraction places such as Great Ocean Road, Victoria Market, Melbourne Zoo, Eureka Tower and so on.
And my third time visit was together with Lik and my parents as well.
I will never be bored throughout the country because it has countless things to do and enjoy with, such as their good coffee, best affordable wines, variety of food, many great places to go from the inner city to the outskirts. 
I actually told Lik that we should travel to Melbourne at least once a year since we have our aunt and uncle there. 
Lol! I am just looking for an excuse to keep traveling. #hehe
I have shared the best food and wine place in my previous posts, you can click on the Melbourne album to check them out.
So for today, let's talk about the Melbourne city center!

We stayed at Wantirna South, which is about 45 minutes drive to the downtown area.
Since our cousin has an extra car, so we would drive instead of taking the public transit.
Parking at Melbourne city is very expensive, because I heard that the government do not encourage their people to drive. 
Lik found the cheapest parking rate with AUD19 (about RM57) a day during weekdays at QV Mall.
Well, to obtain the  discounted rate, all you need to do is spend AUD1 at any QV retail stores.
That's a very good deal as I'm sure spending AUD1 is pretty easy inside the mall.

The State Library of Victoria
One of the main attraction that you must visit in Melbourne,
This library is the landmark and cultural icon of Melbourne, with it's beautiful heritage interiors and exteriors.
You gonna stay quiet while you are inside, because people come here for reading, revision, research, or even discussion.

I enjoyed seeing people playing the chess games outside the building.
It's fun to stay with them till they finish one game.
But I think it's difficult to practice this in Malaysia due to the warm weather.

Melbourne Chinatown
Perhaps, you can stop for some authentic Chinese food?
Or maybe just have a short walk to see the Chinatown historic buildings?

Just a random shooting at one of the alley at the Chinatown.

Parliament House of Victoria
It is one of the famous landmark that located at one busy road in Melbourne.
If you come here early, before 530pm, you can take a tour of the building.
This place is good for photography and that's why many couples have their wedding photos taken at here.

The building located opposite the Parliament House looks vintage and beautiful.
Indeed, it's a big hotel which named the Windsor Hotel.

Stanford Fountain
We took a rest at the long bench before we continue our walking journey.
The park is not very big, but the grass area is clean.
I almost fall asleep while laying on the green soft grass.

St Patricks Cathedral
It is the Cathedral church of the Roman Catholics in Melbourne.
The church looks stunning and the surrounding looks wonderfully elegant.
Getting closer and you can see how tall the structure is.

Eureka Tower
If you want to have a greatest point of view of Melbourne city, go up to the Eureka Tower.
Standing at the Skydeck stands at a staggering 297 meters above to see at each small, big, tall and short buildings in Melbourne.

Sandridge Bridge
It's always a nice walk at the Sandridge bridge because there are 128 glass screens presented the historic of immigration in Victoria along the walkway.
Walk slowly from the starting point till the middle of the walkway, then you will find the immigration info about the Malaysian.

Southbank Footbridge
They are thousands of love locks attached to the sides of the bridge during my visit, but all taken out in May due to the safety concern.
This is a nice place to hang out during weekends with friends because there are few pubs and cafes to chill out.

Flinders Street Station
My favourite attraction in Melbourne.
The redbrick and mustard coloured building can easily catches your attention from far away.
It's also one of the city's famous meeting places.

St Paul's Cathedral
Another beautiful church in the city, located right opposite to Flinders Street Station.
I think many churches in Melbourne look just beautiful like this.

Princes Walk
I like to do photo shooting at this area with the Yarra River and Princes Bridge.
It's always nice!
And I think it would be a nice place for the city people to get some exercise, and fresh air before and after their works.

Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex
It's an elegant place to visit in Melbourne.
The entire building is big which consists casino, hotels, spas, restaurants, pubs and bars.
For me, walking around the Crown plaza is the best thing to do in the evening because this area has the best lighting to see.

OOTD shoot in front of the Crown structure.

I know! The view is beautiful!

There is a Gas Brigades, also called Fireballs show outside the Crown plaza.
It's computer controlled fireballs release from eight ten meters high towers at night time.
It occurs every hour from Monday to Friday starting at 900pm till midnight, and the fire starts from 800pm till midnight on every Saturday and Sunday,
Trust me, it's an experience not to be missed on your trip.

My dad likes Melbourne so much after his first visit as he can see people here are so enjoying their life even though it's a big city lifestyle.
Melbourne doesn't have many historic attraction places to go like the other big countries, but it's a good holiday place to relax and unwind yourself.
Melbourne, to be continued.....

I Love Coffee & Tea Expo @ Empire Shopping Gallery

If you follow me on my Instagram, sure you will notice that I'm a coffee lover.
I even created my own hashtag #hippocaffeine to collect the coffee I have taken and the coffee places I have been to.
Everyday, I have to take at least one cup of coffee before I kick start my day.
Sometimes, I may need two, but depends how busy I'm on that day.
And, my favourite is always Cappuccino.
I came across I Love Coffee & Tea Expo through a friend of mine.
He said I should pay a visit since I love coffee so much! #greatidea
Glad that I visited the expo, because it left me a great impression especially to the brand new coffee brands in the market!

I Love Coffee & Tea Expo is organized by Forte Expo.
Forte Expo provides services and solutions to clients who do not have proper space to set up their own businesses.
The expo held at Empire Shopping Gallery.
It starts from 18th - 24th July, from 10am till 10pm.
It's not a big expo, only with total 7 vendors, but it's definitely nice to walk around and reach out toward the new coffee and tea in the current market.
Do not believe me? Let's check out each vendors in this post now!

Nanyang Essence is the first stall that you will see after you get off from the escalator.
The company has been in the market since 2000, yet just recently they have launched a brand new formula for their coffee ranges.

What makes Nanyang Essence so special compare to the others?
It's because the coffee has replace the sugar formula with brown molasses sugar which contains a variety of minerals like magnesium, manganese, copper, iron and potassium.
They have 2 types of flavour which includes #1 Nanyang Essence Super Rich White Coffee, and #2 Nanyang Essence Brown Sugar Milk Tea.

Hmmm, tell me which one should I get?! :p

Another highlight from Nanyang Essence is the Durian White Coffee.
What? Did I hear it right? Durian coffee? #lol
This Durian coffee is a gourmet coffee fuse with durian taste.
It gives a little twist to the regular coffee drinks, so the more you drink, the more you can taste the Durian.
It offers three varieties which includes #1 Kampung Durian, #2 D24 Durian King and #3 Musang King.
I personally like Musang King flavour more because it has richer in taste, however D24 Durian King just got a bit more sweeter.

Visited the second booth at Biogreen.
I have been knowing Biogreen for sometimes, but honestly I'm still not 100% sure on their brand as well as their products.
If you insist me to give an answer, well probably I would say they are a kind of brand that offers natural and organic products?

Dream Coffee Oatmilk has unique recipe combine roasted premium and organic coffee beans with other organic and natural ingredients.
Oh great! I got the answer correct! Organic and natural! #see!
This coffee has low calorie, high in fibre, promotes blood circulation, good for colon health, helps in weight management, improve skin complexion and minimize fatigue.
It's one healthy coffee that you can drink everyday to kick start your perfect day because it is made of organic oats and soya milk, that's why the texture is a bit rough than the normal coffee.

Another interesting product that catch my attention is the Pink Lady Oatmilk.
It's a healthy drink loaded with organic oats, 10 types of natural unrefined grains, beans, nuts and beetroot.
This product helps to increase blood count, reduce menstrual pain, menopause symptoms, promotes healthy blood circulation, constipation, malnutrition, anemia, and rosy skin complexion.
It's a good product that should recommend to all the ladies out there!

Huang Chen Hao Tea Art is one of the interesting modern tea owner that I have ever heard! Why?
#1 They are an authentic handcrafted teas with no chemicals.
#2 They work personally with the farmers in China and produce tea at the source itself without any middleman.
#3 They demystifying Chinese tea culture by sharing only facts and practical experience.
#4 They only source healthy tea trees and not commercialized tea bushes.
#5 Their quality control is maintained and all sources have supporting evidence.

This young lady is the daughter of the owner.
The family business has been in the industry for 30 years, and she has taken the family business since 1 year ago.
Do not judge her through her pretty appearance, she is the one who fly over to China for doing harvesting, withering stage, rolling tea leaves, leaves drying, and selecting out dead leaves and stems!

I like it's tea taste because it's smooth and sweet to the throat.
Believe it not, drinking the right tea can actually help your weight management!

Another highlight of Huang Chen Hao Tea Art is they allow you to customize your favourite design and put your own messages, logos and taglines on their existing packaging.
It's such a good idea that you can give personalized tea gifts to your families, relatives and even your business clients and partners.

Another tea booth that available at the expo is Hexin Tea.
Hexin Tea consider a more traditional tea compare to Huang Chen Hao Tea Art.
They mainly provide Oolong (Wu Long) Tea from Teochew in China.

There are so many Oolong teas in the market, but what makes the Oolong teas so special?
The main reason is they only harvested the trees which are more than 100 years old.
This is to ensure that they will able to produce the best Oolong Tea to their customers!

Teas from Hexin are 100% natural, no artificial and chemical additive.
So? Rest assured that you can enjoy your tea everyday with Hexin Tea!

HL Nest, is one of the outstanding booth at the expo because all the products are imported all the way from Japan. Konnichiwa, everyone! :)

Kuromame (Black Soybean), from Tamba Japan is the main highlight product from NL Nest.
There are several varieties of Kuromame in Japan but Kuromame from Tamba are one of the largest and considered the best.
If you never heard of Kuromame before, it is a kind of soybean that grown at least 6 months and harvested only once a year.
That's why this is a blessing and previous drinks in Japan that they usually serve to the VIP on their big days in Japan.

The original Kuromame looks like the black bean in this picture.
They smashed the bean and make it to a tea bag like this.
Original Black Soybean Tea contains 10 bags and it can drink in either hot and cold brewing methods.

Kuromame not only serve as drinks but also can take it as snacks.
This Roasted Black Soybean Healthy Snack with no flavourings added is suitable for diabetic patients, and it is a great snack between meals for weight management.

Kuromame also can be added to milk, and soy milk to provide extra nutritional values too!
It's like the sesame seeds which can be a great choice for your health conscious.

If you are looking for some detox diet drink, you should seek help from the Black Soybean + Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder.
It has a great help for losing weight, beautifying skin, anti-aging and detoxing diet!
Just take 1 sachet a day to prevent you from overeating. #hehe

Exfuse offers you their highlight products which are Seven Classic and Green Summa Cafe.
Both their products are imported from Florida USA, and each of them provide you the simplest way to consume at anywhere and anytime to maintain your health life!

Seven Classic is a multi botanical premium phyto nutritional products for optimum health and longevity.
It produced with 7 different kind of fruits and they only abstracted the best part of the fruits to produce the Seven Classic.

Green Summa Cafe catches my eye on how they prepared a coffee by just spraying 1-2 times in either hot and cold water.
Well, with this spraying method, I guess you have no excuses to skip your coffee time at anytime at anywhere!

When I wanted to buy the instant coffee from the supermarket, Super Food must be my first favourite brand to look at.
Recently, they have just launched their new coffee series, Super Essenso Microground Coffee in the market!
The new coffee grinds with 100% Arabica coffee beans in an oxygen free and ultra low temperature environment to preserve the essence of the coffee beans.
That's why the texture has a very smooth mouth feel!

Super Essenso Microground Coffee are avaiable in two packaging.
The red packaging is 3 in 1 and the yellow packaging is 2 in 1 which is less sweeter compare to the red one.
Both tasted the same good to me as they have deeper aroma and richer taste in every sip.

In the conjunction of the I Love Coffee & Tea Expo, they have an exclusive offer to you all!
#1 Purchase any 2 packets Essenso Microground Coffee, and get free Essenso Mug!
#2 Purchase any 4 packets Essenso Microground Coffee, and get free Essenso thermal flask!

Not only that!
You can also purchase a cup of hot coffee at RM1 and a cup of ice coffee at RM3 only! #whatadeal

Oh Man! Look how much stocks I have grabbed from the expo!?
Although the expo is not a big expo, but it is very interesting to know what are the new trends and products are out there in the market.
Wait no more and hurry up visit the expo today!

By the way, if you happened to miss out this expo, there is one big expo with more than 100 vendors is coming on your way.
Date: 28th till 30th October 2016
Time: 10am to 9pm
Venue: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
For more information about the expo, you can visit their FB page