Meiishop @ 321Go Soft Launch Party

These days, there are many beauty online platforms to make our life easier and beautiful.
Sometimes, I don't even know which one I should go for, because most of them have almost the same products and brands.
Agree, right?
I guess after all the main concern is about the pricing, and services, perhaps?
So, here's come the Meiishop, a complete new online platform which offers a different online shopping experience to the consumers in Malaysia and South East Asia.

Meiishop is a unique and complete online platform, which offers the most extensive and up to date collection of beauty, cosmetic, and fashion products.
They are not only carefully selected the high quality in-house, but also imported products from anywhere in the world.

Meiishop's main objective is to create their own Meii Beauty Series.
The first wave of products are Meii-V Lifting & Brightening Mist, and Meii-S Moisturizing & Tightening Serum.
Apart from their own OEM beauty products, they also import beauty brands from other Asian countries such as Thailand's SHEENe, BSC, Purecare, ARTY, Erb, Mistine; China’s AISILA dental care and hygiene products; and Taiwan’s trend-setting fashion labels.

Besides all the beauty and health products, Meiishop also collaborate with reputable manufacturers to produce special merchandises and fashion items with the international designers, artists, and celebrities in South East Asia.
Danny Wan, is one of the Malaysia artist who is now producing and selling his own designed T-shirt at Meiishop.
Fans out there, do check it out soon at Meiishop's website!

One of the disadvantages of online shopping is you have to wait at least 3-5 days, sometimes a week to receive the goods.
At Meiishop, it only takes 8 hours to deliver to your door step from the moment you confirm your order!
How amazing it is, right!? #Iknow
Besides, Meiishop also supports multiple payment methods24/7 online shopping channel with 16 hours of live stream daily with products information, and distributes monthly e-magazines,
All these are to make sure the consumers have a whole new shopping experience at Meiishop.

Meiishop has integrated the frameworks of M2C, B2C and O2O since it has a complete range of shopping website, with user management system, digital payment system and an Apps.
It definitely works well for both shopping platform and entrepreneurship platform in the future.
Meiishop is not just about being beautiful, it’s about being beautiful and powerful!
Interested to know more about it? Head over to now!

Spa Warm Eye Mask @ Watsons Malaysia

Eyes are the window of the soul, do you agree?
That's why everyone said that you should not only take good care of your skin, but it's also important to take care of the skin around your eyes.
For instance, putting eye cream or eye serum will help to avoid wrinkles and fine lines.
However, I think that's not enough.
I think those things are useful, but I also think keeping your eyes relaxing is essential too.
Especially nowadays, we are not only looking at the computers daily, but also facing at different kind of other electric devices such as smartphones.
I am not sure about you, but my eyes are feeling much tired compared to before.
That's why I always looking for a solution to relieve and soothe my tired eyes.

Recently, I had tried the Spa Warm Eye Mask from Watsons Malaysia.
It was such a good eye spa to relax my eyes these days, with it's convenient and and comfortable used.
It comes with two different scents with Chamomile and Lavender; but I think you hardly smell the fragrance because the smell is very mild and gentle.

The eye mask has it's self-warming heat cell at 40
It warms up gradually without microwave or hot waters.
Which means, the eye mask begins to warm up right from the moment you open the package.
And, the heat will go off gradually after you take it off in 10 minutes.
So, it is definitely safe and convenient to moistens and soothes your tired eyes at almost everywhere such as breaks between work, before bed time, during travel, before events, or during relaxation. 

How to use:
#1 Remove eye mask from pouch.
The mask will start to warm up once pouch is opened.
#2 Place ear straps around ears
#3 Use for about 10 minutes
I used it for more than 10 minutes, probably extra 5-10 minutes, and the eye mask was still warm.

It's not my first time using this kind of warm eye mask, I have used the Kao Megrhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask from Japan when I was travelling to Hong Kong.
Compared to both, I find this Spa Warm Eye Mask is easier to wear and it fit well to prevent the eye mask dropping off from the face.
I think it's because they use better ear straps compare to the thin material that Kao Megrhythm used.
But, I think Kao Megrhythm is much warmer (sometimes it can be too warm if you put it on your eyes too long), however this Spa Warm from Watsons has just a moderate warm feeling.
Design wise, I think Spa Warm wins them all.
Don't you think the overall packaging is just so adorable?
Anyway, both eye masks bring the same benefits for relaxing and smoothing your eyes.

The packaging is super cute with the brightly coloured.
And the eye mask itself is so adorable to wear it anywhere.
I guess we have no excuses for pampering and refreshing ourself with this 10 minutes Spa session for our eyes everyday now!

Spa Warm Eye Mask costs RM23.90 per pack.
Each pack comes in 5 individual pouches.
It can be purchased at Watsons stores, as well as shop it online.
I recently fell in love with purchasing at Watsons online store, since it's so convenient and sometimes I can get better deals and free gifts too!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy today's sharing.
Do let me know if anyone of you have tried these yet. :)
Till next post!

Wat Rong Khun & Giant Buddha @ Chiang Rai Thailand

Chiang Rai has been in my bucket list for sometimes, and I am glad that I finally made it here in February.
It was such a great opportunity to visit Chiang Rai after the visit in Wangdang Uttaradit since it was just about 5-6 hours drive.
We decided to stay in Chiang Rai for 2 days, and followed by Chiang Mai before heading back to Malaysia.
Oh Chiang Rai! I always heard about you from my friends and families, and now finally I got the chance to visit you in person!
I felt so thankful!

Wat Rong Khun, is the main reason motivates me to visit Chiang Rai.
I have been wanting to visit this beautiful temple ever since I looked into the beautiful pictures from the internet in few years ago.
All the white pictures impressed me a lot, and I know this is one of the place I wanted to see it with my own eyes!

It took us about 5-6 hours drive from where we were in Wangdang Uttaradit.
I can't say it was a long drive, when we had a few stops at some local temples, and petrol stations.
Big thanks to our driver who gave us a safe journey all the way to Chiang Rai.

When I first met the white temple, I was totally shocked!
My jaw was dropped for the first time witness the unique temple, with it's all white painting on the unique designs and architectures.

It needs entrance fees at THB50 for one person.
Since it took me such a long time to visit this beautiful place, seriously I can't say no for paying it.
However, it doesn't mean that you don't get to see the white temple without paying an extra entrance fees.
It's just that you are not allow to enter and walk inside the temple.

Due to the popularity of this temple, be prepared with long ques, flooded with many tourists from different countries, and noises from the busy buzzing crowd.
It can be very annoying, especially when a temple should be quiet and peace to visit.

Everything in the white temple has an unique architecture, design, and impressive attention to detail.
Some figures are very special that you don't normally find at other temples such as different skeleton heads hanging on the trees, hundreds of ghostly hands over the bridge and so on.
It's a mixture of creepy and beautiful feeling.

No shoes are allowed when you walk inside the temple.
So everyone will be given a plastic bag to put your shoes inside.


The temple is still work in progress.
I can see the backyard is still expanding with a few more buildings.
I am sure it's gonna be a true big master piece in Chiang Rai after everything is completely finish.

I bought a silver prayer plate and put down my wishes before I left the beautiful temple.

Another temple?
#lol It's actually a bathroom!
My advice is do not leave the temple without visiting this special piece!

I truly adore with the passion of Artist Chalermchai Kositpipat.
I would say it's the best master piece to visit in Chiang Rai even though you need to pay an entrance fees at THB50.
I think it's all worth while since it might take you a long way to travel to Chiang Rai.
If you are planning to visit Wat Rong Khun, I would suggest you to visit in the early morning or late in the afternoon.
It was extremely hot when I was there at about 3pm.
With all the noises around, and the super hot sunshine, it can make you sweaty and moody on your trip.

Before the sunset, we went to Wat Huai Pla Kung Temple, where the giant Buddha located at.
Since it was kinda late in the evening, so there aren't many people over there.
It's quite rush for us, as we must capture as many pictures as we want before the sky went dark.

The big Buddha statue has total 9 story Chinese temple where you need to climb the long staircase to reach up to the hill.
There are some public carts available if you can't climb the stairs, however a small token must be given to the driver.

There is another lift to take you to the 25th floor, where you can see another Buddha located.
This cost you extra THB40.
We didn't go for it, as we thought we didn't have enough time, and the view from where we were already amazing and impressive.

The place with the pagoda, and temple is not yet completed.
Hopefully it will all done when you get there one day. 

My first day in Chiang Rai was great.
The weather is getting colder, and the most important thing is I get to witness how beautiful the white temple is.
On the second day in Chiang Rai, we visited Golden Triangle, a local bazaar, and a tea farm up at the mountain.
Well, stay tuned to my next blogspot of Chiang Rai so that you don't miss out!.

Water360⁰ By Watsons @ Watsons Malaysia

Dry and dehydrate skin can be very annoying and uncomfortable.
Sometimes, it can also lead to increased fine lines and wrinkles.
So, moisturizing is said to be the most important part of our beauty routine in day and night.
There are so many hydration products out there in the market, and today I wanna share a very cost effective hydration skincare series with you.
Sounds good to you?! #yea

Watsons Malaysia, the Asia's leading health and beauty retailer has recently launched it's own skincare brand range, Water360⁰ by Watsons.
If you have heard of this brand before, well this time they have changed to a new look, with the glossy gold cap!
The new packaging simply look elegant and classy! #dontyouthinkso

The Water360⁰ by Watsons has a complete skincare range which includes total 10 different items:
#1 Cleasing Foam (150ml)
#2 Toner (200ml)
#3 Water Drop Hydrating Mask (220g)
#4 Water Drop Brightening Mask (220g)
#5 Hydrating Spray (50ml)
#6 Lip Balm (3.5g)
#7 Facial Lotion (150ml)
#8 Intensive Moisturizing Facial Cream (45g)
#9 Hydrating Mask
#10 Brightening Mask

Prices of these products are very affordable which starting from RM8.90 to RM63.00 per item.

Water360⁰ by Watsons has been a popular skincare products in Asia, whereby it has been sold more than 8.2 million pieces in 2016 in Asia till now!
The product range includes three main sources such as:
#1 Mineral Water: Glacier water from Alps, Allevard Hot spring water from France and Sea Mud Water from Canada helps to refresh and moisture the skin.
#2 Six types of minerals: Zinc, sodium, iron, calcium, 2 magnesium and silicon helps to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin.
#3 Zero mineral oil: Delicate caring for the skin.

You can always keep your skin hydrates while strengthens skin's resistance against environmental damage with Water360⁰ by Watsons.

Though I take care of my skin well, sometimes I can be very lazy to follow the step-by-step skin care guide too.
So, the best way is to apply the sleeping mask before I go to bed.
I am happy with the result from the hero product Mineral Spring Water Drop Hydrating Mask.
It keeps my skin so hydrate and refresh from the time I applied till next morning.
It has a non-sticky-texture, which is not heavy to your skin at all.
Also, it smells truly like an ocean, so so refreshing!

The Malaysian singing duo, Fuying & Sam who collaborated with Water360⁰ by Watsons with the release of their latest single, 有你真好.
The music video has reached more than 600,000 views, which also becomes the heavy airplay on leading national radio stations lately.

Water360⁰ by Watsons are suitable for both women and men with all skin types.
Also, compared to other major brands in the market, this skincare ranges are pretty affordable.
If you are interested to give a try on this product ranges, you can get it at nationwide Watsons stores, or online at

Before I end this post, here's the picture together with the singing duo, Fuying & Sam! ♥♥♥

XOX Mobile & Universal Music Malaysia @ Innovative Digital Music Content

I love music.
I think I have mentioned it many times not only in my blog, but I also created a special hashtag #hippomusic on my Instagram story to collect my favourite musics.
Besides, I also love to go to my favourite artist's concert.
Just last weekend on Saturday night, I was at the EXO'rDIUM Live concert at Stadium Merdeka.
The concert was awesome and successful; you can really see how much effort EXO has brought to us!
I can't believe the concert last for 3 hours although it was raining. #thankstoexo!
And now, I am looking forward to my next concert with BTS in Malaysia.
Love their songs, and also their dance choreography, they all are so energetic!
Seriously hope that Universal Music Malaysia will bring them here very soon! #fingercrossed
Well, for today's post, I'm not going to talk about the EXO concert, but to share the latest digital music content that brought by XOX Mobile and Universal Music Malaysia.

XOX Mobile and Universal Music Malaysia, the local arm of Universal Music Group, and also the world leader in music based entertainment, have cooperated together to present the first ever partnership to reward the XOX Mobile loyal's subscribers the brand new digital music content.
They came out the ONEXOX Universal Music Starter Pack, also known as ONEMUSIC Edition Starter Pack which are totally different with the other players in the market.
They believe their subscribers will feel appreciate what they delivered, especially the music lovers.

It was a great fun official launching at Sunway Pyramid Mall, together with ONEXOX in-house artists such as MTV VJsinger Fazurapop-rock group Bunkface, and singing duo Thomas & Jack.
Do you know that you can be one of the lucky fans to play in a futsal tournament with the member of Bunkface, just like the 10th anniversary concert they did in last year?
The only requirement is you must be one of the XOX Mobile subscriber. :)

Well, what are the attractive benefits to become a subscriber of ONEXOX?!
#1 10% discount on concert /showcase tickets
#2 20% discount at selected CD-drama outlets
#3 20% discount at Lazada
#4 Meet and greet or private gatherings with the local and international artists from the Universal Music family.
#5 Exclusive latest updates from Universal Music Malaysia
In one word, you are not only able to access the digital music, but also have a great chance to connect closely with your favourite artists or musicians from anywhere!

It was such an honour to meet and greet with the singing and acting duo, Thomas & Jack at such close distance.
Thank you so much to XOX Mobile & Universal Music Malaysia!
Well, you can also hold the same opportunity like me!
Go purchase the ONEMUSIC Edition Starter pack from now!
It's FREE delivery nationwide, or you can also purchase it via Universal Music Malaysia's distribution channels!

Hippo Food Exeprience @ Wangdang Uttaradit

Today, let's get into food and beverages in Wangdang Uttaradit.
Me and Lik always travel to Thailand, well at least once a year for food and shopping, but eating like a local still takes us a little bit of work.
So, most of the time, we just went for the restaurants and cafes with most locals.
It's very lucky to have Lik's aunty, Kung, to be our tour guide during this trip.
This is also the main reason why we choose Wangdang Uttaradit as our holiday destination. #hehe
She brought us around to enrich our travel experience and get us behind the scenes access to Thailand.
Truly blessed to get to experience Thai culture in a different, and more personal way.

Let's wait no more and see what I have for you in this post!

First breakie in Chiang Mai, right after we touched down.
Headed to the food stall to fill our stomach with the local curry noodle.
It has the similar curry taste like in KL, apart from the bouncy chewy noodle texture and also the crispy crackers on the top.

A spoonful of chili flakes to bring up spice levels! #yea

Thai satay!
Very thin slice of chicken marinated in some Thai spices.

One more please, for sure!

Then, the first Thai lunch on the mountain.

I like the cold weather here.
The fresh air and blue sky on the mountain can simply make your mind and body relax.

Highlight of the lunch.
Fish Tom Yam, have you ever tried it before?
It's my first time.

Som Tam, the papaya salad is a "must" order at any Thai restaurants.
Also, Lik's favourite. :)

Dinner was so special on the first night.
Cim-Cum, is quite similar like the shabu-shabu.
Pork was marinated with raw egg, and then pour everything in after the clear soup was boiled!
One of my favourite local food, and till now I keep on missing it! #hehe

Grilled Dory Fish Set @ THB59, about RM7.50 only!

Highly recommend Swensens to all of you!
The ice-creams are soooo good, and the prices are very fair and reasonable.
You must try it when you are traveling in any parts of Thailand.

Sweet M Gold @ THB105, about RM13.40 only!

Nutty Banana @ THB159, about RM20.30 only!

Chocolate Lava @ THB175, about RM22.30 with a Lava cake!

Best restaurant at the downtown Uttaradit I must say.
Have tried out couple of dishes, and all were very delicious.
Recommend it to everyone if you travel to Uttaradit.

Khao Ka Moo, the pork leg on rice, my most favourite Thai food!

The Steamed Chicken Breasts on the bone stays sooo moist, and it's best to eat with their chili garlic sauce.

Crispy Pork Belly is so delicious till makes my mouth watery.
The meat is flavourful, the fat oozes into the meat, and the skin at the top is super crispy.

I love all dishes we had at this restaurant!

Thanks to our host, Kung and her family for preparing the home-made BBQ!
We really enjoyed it sooooo much!
The local BBQ is kinda different with ours in KL, but pretty similar to Korean BBQ.
You can choose to wrap the glass noodle and vegetables with either pork or fish, then dip the roll in the chili peanut sauce.
It's very delicious!

Living in the countryside is generally very relaxed and calm; not only that, the living expenses are also much lesser!
It's impossible to get a dry or soup noodle @ THB25, about RM3.20 in the city.

Best thing about Wangdang Uttaradit is they have a small cozy cafe which selling cakes and coffee.
Coffee in Thailand is very cheap compare to Malaysia.
I can easily get a good coffee at THB45, which is about RM5 only.
Somehow I think Malaysia has very expensive coffee. :(

Sticky rice is one of the famous food in Thailand, as I see the locals have it all day.

Very much disappointing that there aren't any mango sticky rices in Wangdang, but lucky enough to try something new, Jackfruit sticky rice.

Fish lovers, try their Fried Fish!
I can finish up one whole fish by myself. #lol

The Crispy Deep Fried Pork Belly also known as Moo Grob, is one of the famous Thai dishes.
You can either eat it all by itself or with one of their dipping sauce for the meat.
No matter if you eat with the special meat sauce or just the meat itself, the meat are still the best crispy and crackly. #superb

An authentic Thai food dinner before we left Wangdang Uttaradit.
I remembered I ate 2 bowl of rice on that evening, #haha apparently rice is the staple food for the Thai meals. #fatdie

Couldn't get rid of the Fish Tom Yam Soup.

Fresh fish everywhere in Wangdang, and also very cheap!

Thai Fish Cake, they look yummy, isn't?

Some spicy roasted pork?

A kind of local vegetables, which is very tasty and refreshing!
The texture is a bit like the square beans.

I love Thai food, and I really do!

I'm glad to know Thailand a little more throughout this trip, and also hope you enjoy reading my post too!
Of course, we don't only travel all the way just to visit Wangdang Uttaradit.
We do also planned a road trip to Chiang Rai too.
Will share about it in my next travel post.
Meantime, feel free to drop me a comment if you want to know more about my trip. :) 
Daume Ddo Bayo (See you again next time)!