Meiishop @ 321Go Soft Launch Party

These days, there are many beauty online platforms to make our life easier and beautiful.
Sometimes, I don't even know which one I should go for, because most of them have almost the same products and brands.
Agree, right?
I guess after all the main concern is about the pricing, and services, perhaps?
So, here's come the Meiishop, a complete new online platform which offers a different online shopping experience to the consumers in Malaysia and South East Asia.

Meiishop is a unique and complete online platform, which offers the most extensive and up to date collection of beauty, cosmetic, and fashion products.
They are not only carefully selected the high quality in-house, but also imported products from anywhere in the world.

Meiishop's main objective is to create their own Meii Beauty Series.
The first wave of products are Meii-V Lifting & Brightening Mist, and Meii-S Moisturizing & Tightening Serum.
Apart from their own OEM beauty products, they also import beauty brands from other Asian countries such as Thailand's SHEENe, BSC, Purecare, ARTY, Erb, Mistine; China’s AISILA dental care and hygiene products; and Taiwan’s trend-setting fashion labels.

Besides all the beauty and health products, Meiishop also collaborate with reputable manufacturers to produce special merchandises and fashion items with the international designers, artists, and celebrities in South East Asia.
Danny Wan, is one of the Malaysia artist who is now producing and selling his own designed T-shirt at Meiishop.
Fans out there, do check it out soon at Meiishop's website!

One of the disadvantages of online shopping is you have to wait at least 3-5 days, sometimes a week to receive the goods.
At Meiishop, it only takes 8 hours to deliver to your door step from the moment you confirm your order!
How amazing it is, right!? #Iknow
Besides, Meiishop also supports multiple payment methods24/7 online shopping channel with 16 hours of live stream daily with products information, and distributes monthly e-magazines,
All these are to make sure the consumers have a whole new shopping experience at Meiishop.

Meiishop has integrated the frameworks of M2C, B2C and O2O since it has a complete range of shopping website, with user management system, digital payment system and an Apps.
It definitely works well for both shopping platform and entrepreneurship platform in the future.
Meiishop is not just about being beautiful, it’s about being beautiful and powerful!
Interested to know more about it? Head over to now!

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