Beverly Hills Polo Club Offers Different Fragrance for Every Occasion @ Watsons Malaysia

Love at first smell, do you agree with that?! :)
For myself, I think attractiveness isn't just a matter of good looks, but also having a good scent is just as important as looks.
That's why I feel myself not properly dressed if I leave the house without wearing perfume.
I must dab or spray a little something on before leaving home, otherwise I don't feel "right" all day.
Thankfully, the perfume industry nowadays always provides us with innovative new smells to make us stand out from the crowd. :)
And this month, Beverly Hills Polo Club (BHPC) has currently launched the new series of their fragrances.
The latest new scent is evocative, that it can trigger a memory in an instant and remember the perfume our mum used to wear, or when we get a whiff of freshly printed ink on a new magazine and remember our school days that we really feel it.
It is for this moment, for the instant feeling that a spritz of perfume can deliver, that we choose our fragrances.
From office influence to evening charm, the Beverly Hills Polo Club fragrance collection has you covered.

Jin Ye Ye 金爺爺 @ Chinese New Year Hamper 2020 "Good luck and Prosperous Wealth" Delivered to Your Doorstep

The brand new year of Rat is around the corner.
Well, Chinese New Year is not only about feasting, it's also time to think of the festive gifts to send to your families, relatives, friends, co-workers and clients, to show your appreciations and gratitude to them.
Jin Ye Ye 金爺爺, a professional gift basket brand in Malaysia, has come up with various gifting options to meet all your demands in this coming Chinese New Year.
If you never heard about Jin Ye Ye before, Jin Ye Ye was created about a decade ago since 2008, with inspiration of gift-giving practice to expresses one's gratitude and appreciation to the family and loved ones during festive season.
The brand started off as a seasonal cookies retailer, to share their joy, love and happiness to their nearby neighborhood, and slowly they had successfully transformed themselves to be a hamper specialist in 2010.
Along the years, they have created different types of hampers based on their customers' needs, such as special occasions and during festive seasons.
At present, Jin Ye Ye has a well-established sales network with 200 sales outlets throughout the Malaysian mall, and also a very successful online sales store. 

Hippo in Spain & Portugal | 2019

Hey guys!
Welcome back to my travel post!
If you follow me on my Instagram, you're probably like: "we get it, Ivy, you went to Spain." :)
Yeap, I took 2 weeks off from my work to travel to Spain and Portugal with my parents and younger sister back in early October this year.
This time, we traveled with the same tour agent we used to travel with, Golden Tourworld Travel (GTT).
I think this probably our 4th time traveling with GTT group to Europe.
Though we felt quite disappointed with the tour leader during our last trip in Eastern Europe, GTT still our first choice when it comes to the tour arrangement for the accommodation, food and beverages, and also transportation.
The company usually provides 4-5 stars hotels, as well as good tasting of local food and drinks during the trip.
Me and my family are very satisfied and truly enjoyed this trip; our stays at all hotels in Spain and Portugal were excellent, we get to try variety of local cuisines at most of the places, and also the tour leader, Marcus is very knowledgeable, funny, entertaining, and helpful. :)
And now, I'm just a little excited to share about the entire trip with you all! :)
I've no idea how many photos have been taken during the trip, maybe 5,000 or 6,000?! #lol
It's gonna take sometimes to organize and edit the photos before sharing them with you all.
So, in this post, I will be sharing all the places I've been during the trip, and will go deep into each places with you later.
So, do stay tuned ya! #winkwink