Jin Ye Ye 金爺爺 @ Chinese New Year Hamper 2020 "Good luck and Prosperous Wealth" Delivered to Your Doorstep

The brand new year of Rat is around the corner.
Well, Chinese New Year is not only about feasting, it's also time to think of the festive gifts to send to your families, relatives, friends, co-workers and clients, to show your appreciations and gratitude to them.
Jin Ye Ye 金爺爺, a professional gift basket brand in Malaysia, has come up with various gifting options to meet all your demands in this coming Chinese New Year.
If you never heard about Jin Ye Ye before, Jin Ye Ye was created about a decade ago since 2008, with inspiration of gift-giving practice to expresses one's gratitude and appreciation to the family and loved ones during festive season.
The brand started off as a seasonal cookies retailer, to share their joy, love and happiness to their nearby neighborhood, and slowly they had successfully transformed themselves to be a hamper specialist in 2010.
Along the years, they have created different types of hampers based on their customers' needs, such as special occasions and during festive seasons.
At present, Jin Ye Ye has a well-established sales network with 200 sales outlets throughout the Malaysian mall, and also a very successful online sales store. 

This year, with the theme "Good Luck and Prosperous Wealth", Jin Ye Ye has made great efforts to break through the traditional hamper stereotypes by launching extraordinary products that stand out in the market.
There are variety of hamper choices; with different price ranges, come in different packaging shapes, sizes and materials, and also each gift basket is packed with different products that bring well wishes and blessings to friends and families.
This surely will be the customers' favourite brand of seasonal gift.

For instance, Blessing Well-Being basket hamper that worth RM208 are packed with bird's nest with American ginseng, white fungus and rock sugar, essence of chicken with American ginseng and cordyceps, dragon horse braised king top shell in abalone sauce, selected fa choi, graded dates, superior Pu Er tea, and one bottle of an imported red wine.

Brilliant Fortune @ RM418 that packed in a prosperity fortune rack includes New Moon Bird's Nest with American Ginseng with white fungus and rock sugar, New Moon Premium Japanese abalone, Jynns Premium Australia abalone, premium abalone slice, selected ginseng slice, as well as high graded yao zhu.

Each packaging is created in an unique design, and also comes with a Chinese New Year gift card.
Not only you give your receivers delicious products, but they can also re-use the packaging for decorations too.
Like the golden basket and racks will definitely look good and be a great addition to your home.
In addition, there will be free hamper delivery service provided within West Malaysia too.  

Jin Ye Ye’s mascot is inspired by the God of wealth, since the Chinese pay more attention to a family reunion and enthusiasm. 
The God’s face is full of smiles and spring breeze, symbolizing the endless luck and blessing. 
Managing Director of Jin Ye Ye, Alan Tan: "each of Jin Ye Ye’s product has different names, which represent the message and blessings of the gift givers to the relatives and friends. We have always been in the quality, packaging and meaning of the basket. Constantly innovating, I hope that this fine tradition with heritage can continue."

Jin Ye Ye's ambassador, Nancy Sit 薛家燕, from the famous Hong Kong's TV series, has been a synonym for kindness, happiness and blessing with her motherly character at "A Kindred Spirit", "Virtues of Harmony", "Return of the Cuckoo" etc.
She is also the spokesperson of Jin Ye Ye for three years continuous.

In conjunction with the new launching celebration, Nancy Sit specially flew from Hong Kong to Malaysia to attend the launching ceremony. 
She shared her gift-giving experience, and also her family's feelings and enthusiasm towards the coming Chinese New Year celebration.
Nancy also added that during Chinese New Year, it is a necessity to give gifts. 
Every year, her biggest problem is finding the right gifts to give when visiting her relatives and friends. 
But now, she doesn’t have to worry about finding the right gift as Jin Ye Ye’s hamper series is tailor-made to suit the likes of different people; whether you are giving a gift or receiving a gift, you will feel the intimate blessings that Jin Ye Ye has prepared for everyone.

A selfie with Nancy Sit :)

So now, you know where to grab the Chinese New Year hampers for your friends and families during the festive season.
You do not even have to go anywhere to send your hampers, just simply pick up your gift at https://www.jinyeye.com.my/ and arrange delivery it to let your loved ones know your appreciation and loves to them.
That's so convenient and save your time, isn't! #yea
Lastly, wishing you all a happy Chinese New Year in 2020!

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