Linola @ Good News For Rough, Dry, Cracked and Sensitive Skin

It's important to treat our skin good so that we don't need to bother of itching and irritation.
No matter it's dry skin, cracked skin, rough skin or sensitive skin, all these skin problems can cause much discomfort and painful.
Linola, is a well known pharmaceutical skincare range developed by Dr. August Wolf in Germany since 1957.
The brand has continually gone through countless research and development exercises over the decades, and now it is the No. 1 preferred medical skin care by pediatricians in Germany.

Linola innovation resulted in preparations containing linoleic acid, which act like vitamins from food to stay healthy.
Linoleic acid plays an important role to get rid of skin damage which caused by a lack of linoleic acid, and also directly aid skin regeneration.
That's also how the Linola name came about, which involved with linoleic acid.
This active content is formed to keep the outermost skin layer sealed from the inside so that not too much moisture can be lost.

Linola is fully formulated and produced in Germany.
The key ingredient, Linoleic acid, certified that it boosts amazing protective, regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties.
Linola is not just a common range of products made for dry skin, it is also heaven-sent for chronic and acute atopic eczema sufferers.
It's not only helps with the healing but also with soothing the itchiness and inflammation that comes with the condition.
It can also help to improve specific skin problems such as dry, itchy scalp, psoriasis and chafing.

There are wide range of products under Linola, such as:
#1 Linola Lotion (200ml) @ RM79
#2 Linola Shower and Wash (300ml) @ RM69
#3 Linola Face (50ml) @ RM69
#4 Linola Hand Lotion (75ml) @ RM35
#5 Linola Foot Lotion (100ml) @ RM55
#6 Linola Protective Balm (50ml) @ RM55
#7 Linola Forte Shampoo (200ml) @ RM69
#8 Linola Sun Lotion SPF50 (100ml) @ RM79

Linola Lotion, is No.1 standing in Germany that holds the best supportive medical care category, and has the testimony of the product's efficacy in 2012 and 2013.
It is formulated with linoleic acid and rich vegetable oil, which developed especially for all forms of dry and stressed skin.
This Lotion is most suitable for very dry skin as well as eczema sufferers.
Result shows that improvement of skin hydration can be seen after 2 weeks of treatment with Linola Lotion.

Linola Hand, is developed to meet the special daily skin care requirement of very dry, rough or cracked skin on the hands.
It contains oil-in-water emulsion and valuable vegetable oil which rich in linoleic acid.
It is free from urea (suitable for sensitive skin), preservatives, silicones and mineral oils.
The internal result said that the irritated skin has decreased after application of Linola Hand over 8 days.

Linola Shower and Wash, has been especially developed for gentle cleansing of dry skin or skin that is susceptible to atopic eczema.
It contains clear microemulsion-gel, vegetable oil that rich in linoleic acid.
This shower wash is skin-friendly pH of 5.5 and free from mineral oils and parabens.
Significant increase of skin hydration up to 24 hours after single utilization of Linola Shower and Wash.

It's important to know what to look for and use the right product in order to reduce the chance of bacteria or other harmful substances to penetrate our skin.
Thanks to Linola and PR by EverQuest for such great event.
Linola products are now available exclusively at all Caring pharmacies nationwide.
Do share Linola with your friends and families who suffer from skin dryness and dehydration problems.

Swanicoco At Watsons @ Korea's Top Bio Cosmetics Brand

I'm a huge fans of K-beauty! Are you?!
I love Korean beauty products because I think they always are more advanced, and also won't cost a bomb in your wallet.
Besides, Korean products always come with attractive and adorable packaging no matter it's an expensive or cheap products.
My lady-young heart here just couldn't resist buying them. :)
대박! Watsons Malaysia is bringing another new skincare product, Swanicoco from Korea to us!

Swanicoco's brand name, meaning pursuing the elegance of a "swan" (feminine), and "coco" meaning "coconut" (offering botanical natural cosmetics) as well as "cuteness" in French.
Swanicoco started it's brand from simple natural soap making, then slowly moving to natural ordinary skincare products.
After all the trial-and-error process, Swanicoco has successfully passed numerous inspections and underwent improvements.
In order to rise to the top bio cosmetics brand in Korea, Swanicoco has a strong philosophy in making sure all products obtain from first grade quality of raw ingredients, engage in ceaseless bio development research to create a natural bio system.

The brand uses natural ingredients instead of artificial and chemical ingredients, such as grains, fruits, vegetables, and Korean medicinal herbs.
For that reason, Swanicoco is dermatologically safe, having no skin side effects and earth-friendly advantages.
They provide the assurance of providing excellent benefits to the skin; for example regenerating and controlling skin elasticity using organic herbal and botanicals sourced from all over the world.

Swanicoco's skincare product's range is huge, from toner, emulsion, ampules, cream, mist, pore care, mask pack, and face oil.
A. C Control Care Skin Toner & Emulsion is especially for acne-prone, oily and natural skin type.
The tee-tree leaf water and ceramides have the effects of the antibacterial and antibiotic to prevent and calm down pimples.

I love the strong Ginseng smell so much!
The Gold Plan Stem Pure Ampoule is suitable for all types of skin.
It's cultivated wild ginseng stem cell root and gold extracts can help to control the elasticity and damaged skin, moisture keeping and skin tone improving and nourishing.

Another ampule that worth to mention is the RH-EGF Pure Ampoule, which is also the star product from Swanicoco.
This ampule is also suitable for all skin type, especially to those who want skin regeneration and elasticity.
It contains more than 99% of EGF excellent regeneration power with addition of peptide for skin improving and preventing external stimulation.

Extra Hydrating Swan Cream is mainly for dry skin and severely dry skin.
It contains oil certified from organic farming, and fermented extracts with high moisture content natural cream.

Something to minimize your pore?
Perfect Pore Remove Clean Pealing Pack has completed test for low stimulation which effective managing of black head in pore, also it adhering to hardened sebum and well managing in pores.
It doesn't have a nice fragrance smell, but smell more naturally like herbs.

According to Kevin Hyun, General Manager of Swanicoco Korea, Swanicoco caters to all skin types and challenges.
It is the only brand trademarked with a special anti-aging fermentation process which gives a differential product offering to Watsons Malaysia.
He also proudly mentioned that one of Swanicoco's star product, the RH-EGF Pure ampoule promotes epidermal cell renewal with the Noble-Prize formulation of the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF).

Swanicoco believes that no matter how good the ingredients are, no one will use unsafe cosmetics.
The main components of Swanicoco's products are:
#1 Herb or fermentation extracts instead of purified water
#2 Ecocert approved raw materials
#3 Patented elasticity component by the French company Sederma
#4 KFDA approved whitening and anti-wrinkle functional component
#5 Currently applying for natural components mixing process patent.
I would say these product lines are positioned in mid-end range since most of their products are ranging from RM100 to RM250.

Love my OOTD, Yay or Nay? #hehe
Btw, Swanicoco is now available exclusively at Watsons Malaysia.
If you are interested to check out more other products of Swanicoco, you may pay a visit at your nearest Watsons outlet to find out more.
Or you can click on the official website of Watsons Malaysia to find out now!
Till next post, 안녕!

Dinner at Yangmingshan 阳明山 @ The Top 屋顶上

Last weekend, I met up with a friend at a casual day out.
While we were chit chatting, she told me she wants to go to Taiwan for holiday.
Out of curiosity, I asked her the reason of choosing Taiwan, and she said one of the reason she was attracted to Taiwan is through my Taiwan post recently.
Honestly speaking, I was overwhelmed after hearing her reply as I doubt that anyone would read my traveling blog. :)
This is truly a huge push for me to go forward and continue my passion. #thankyouverymuch
If you enjoy reading my blog, please leave me a message to let me know yea!
Today, in my travel post, I would like to share my dining experience at one of the top 5 restaurant at Yangmingshan 阳明山.

Aison, Chuen and Matthew were heading back to Hong Kong the next morning, we decided to have a farewell gathering at a nice restaurant.
Yangmingshan has quite a few restaurants to go, but Aison recommended The Top 屋顶上.
The reason is because he has been there once with his Taiwanese friends, and said the food are good, night view is excellent, and expenses are not pricey.
I can't remember how many pictures we took on that night, so be prepared that this is gonna be a long post with tons of photos. :)

Yangmingshan is far from the city, so we took subway instead of taxi from where we stayed.
When we arrived at ZhiShan Station 芝山站, we then took a taxi up to Yangmingshan.
The taxi ride to The Top restaurant is about 15 minutes.

Most of the taxis in Taipei are 4-seater; and they won't allow you to get in if you have more than 4 pax.
However, there are quite a few 6-seater taxis there, but it's definitely not easy to catch one.

Credit to Aison who booked the restaurant in advanced; if not I don't think we can get a table upon our arrival due to the big crowds.
The restaurant looks so pretty at night with the outside lighting; somehow the entrance makes me feel like entering to a night club. #hehe

The Top is located at the middle mountain of Yangmingshan.
It's a big restaurant which has divided into multiple seating areas under the same compound.
All seatings were built according to the slope of the mountain whereby it includes individual private seats for couples, open space for groups, private room for party, and also bar area to enjoy the dreamy dazzling views of Taipei.

I recommend you to visit Yangmingshan at night as you can get the best night view of Taipei.
The night view at here is soooo breathtaking man!

The Top offers different kind of food, from deep-fried dishes, skewers, steak, to Chinese style cuisine.
I can't recall the food names and prices that we ordered, so I hope the pictures are good enough to tell you the food story at The Top. :)
Before the main courses served, we had appetizer of the fried squid ring and prawn salad.

Half crispy chicken has super crispy skinned, and the meat is well tendered and flavourful too.

I enjoyed the creamy curry prawns very much, especially dipping the hot steamy bun into the creamy sauce.

Vegetable has my favourite Madeira Vine.

Thai steamed Fish which made of lime, spicy and garlic sauce is so delicious and refreshing.

It's the tender chicken braised with garlic and ginger in sweet and savory sauce.

The noodles cook with the chicken braised.
I don't like it at all; though the noodle is chewy, the texture is so thick, and has a strong flour taste.

This is the most lovely chicken soup I had in Taiwan.

We enjoyed our dinner at The Top; with nice food, good ambiance, and great service.
I remembered we spent about RM60 plus for one person, includes few bottles of beer.
We think it's pretty reasonable, as you can't really expect the hawker prices at such unique restaurant, right?
In my experience, I think it worth the amount we paid for that night.

Before leaving Yangmingshan, we had a short walked around The Top.
It's truly a nice place to chill with a group of friends, couples or families.
Really enjoy the stunning night view of Taipei from the high mountain.
It's really beautiful!

Best friends welfie!

Girl friends SWAG!

I'm glad we're all together again after being best friends for many years.
A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation or being together always.
As long as the friendship lives in the heart, true friends never apart!
Cheerssss for our friendship forever!

The Top 屋顶上
Add: No 33, Aly 4, Ln 61,
Kaixuan Rd, Shihlin Dist,
Taipei City 111, Taiwan.
Tel: +888 2 28622255
Opening hours: Daily 12pm - 3am

Jonlivia Active Hotpants S5 + With Pocket & Jonlivia V2 Unisex Active Hot Belt

Finally, I'm on my first hotpants!
My friends were asking my opinions about the Jonlivia hotpants when they saw my previous Jonlivia Activewear Lifestyle Club post on my blog.
I told them I have to try it before writing this review, so this is it, ladies!
Hotpants has been very popular in the market as it helps to lose weight by increasing your body heat no matter you wear it in daytime or nighttime.
There are quite a few hotpants brands out there, but Jonlivia is definitely the one with trendy, simple design which will easily match with your any ootds.
So, how Jonlivia Hotpants works? Let's find out now!

Jonlivia is the No.1 hotpants in Malaysia to bring style into active lifestyle wear.
They have created quite a few active and shaper series, yet their signature product is always the hotpants. 
This best selling Jonlivia hotpants has been in the market for a while, yet they continuously modified and improved the design, cutting, workmanship so that it matches perfectly to everyone.
And now, the latest design goes to the Jonlivia Active Hotpants S5 + With Pocket.

As they consider the hotpants is going to cover the skin for quite a long time, Jonlivia Hotpants is made of 100% best and genuine Neoprene material.
The reason of using this kind of material is because it is best to control the body heat while exercising, or just performing even a brisk walk.
It also helps to burn even more calories and excessive water retention in the body than you usually would.

Compare to the previous resolutions, the latest hotpants has also improved these flat lock seams to ensure the extra durability.
The flat lock stitch tends to look much cleaners and more appealing.

There is an inner secret pocket to keep your money and identity cards.
It's a great idea to protect your personal belongings against any pickpockets while you are exercising, walking or traveling.

Another specialty about Jonlivia hotpants is it claims that by wearing it while exercising, it promotes extra calories burn, and make you lose weight faster because you gonna sweat more.
As a result of this, the super absorbent allows the wearers to burn and sweat. and have those sweat reabsorbed into the pants itself.

I'm impressed with the design as I find it gives a slimmer appearance by holding the body tight from the loose skin and unsightly bulges.
Especially the high-waist design is perfectly good for holding in a tummy without creating a muffin top.

The active hotpants with the softest and most stretchable materials allows you to do any activities such as yoga, dance, gym, zumba, without any restriction.
I wear the hotpants for Kpop dance on every Thursday, it doesn't restrict my movement, but certainly keeps me move around freely.

Okay, so ya here's my thought after wearing the hotpants for a week.
Overall, wearing Jonlivia Hotpants is comfortable and flexible, but I think it really differ on individual.
For me, generally the pants makes me sweat to the max when I wore it, and it really have the tightening effect on my legs when I wore it.
But, due to my skin sensitivity, I'm not fond of the humidity atmosphere in between the skin and pants which causes itchiness and discomfort feel during and aftermath.
That happened when I wore it under the sun all day, but it is totally fine when I wore it just for 1-2 hours. 
My cousin on the other hand feels differently; she was totally fine when she wore it all day during her trip to Taiwan during summer.
So, if you asked me about my personal opinion, I think I will not recommend you to wear more than 3 hours in a day.
In addition, I also wear the active pants when I go to dance; the moment I took it off, I can see the amount of sweat is more than usual; anyway the excess water has being well absorbed in the pants.

Next, if you concern about your belly fat, I'm sure you will love the V2 Unisex Active Hot Belt because it is designed to work like a sauna belt to slim down your belly fat.
The Unisex Active Hot Belt is suitable for both man and woman, and also available in different sizes.

This hot belt not only helps to slim down your tummy fat, it is also good for lumber spine, stomach problems, period pain, and cold stomach.
Besides, if you required to have long periods of sitting and standing day-in and day-out, this hot belt is good for your back support too.


The hot belt is made from two separated pieces of fabric.
The first piece is made of Tourmaline, which is detachable like an insulating inner layer to raise your body temperature, to make you sweat.
And the second piece is made of Composite Fabric,
This material is going to be the outer layer, with much thicker form to absorb the sweat and ensure the sweat will not leave any marks on your clothing.

The way of using the hot belt is very straightforward.
Simply put it on your tummy area, wrap it with the adjustable strap, then cover it with your clothes.
It is not noticeable after you cover with your clothing, so you are free to do what you like.
Wear it 2 times a day for 1 -2 hours each is good enough.

I like the hot belt very much, because I feel very comfortable wearing it no matter where I go.
The description said that the hot belt will heat up within 30 minutes, but I think it heat up in less than 15 minutes.
The main reason I enjoy having it on me is because without any exercises, I still can feel the sweat and heat, although I'm just sitting on the couch, watching my favourite K-drama.
However, I think it would be good if the design can be wider so that it can cover my whole tummy. :)

Both Jonlivia Active Hotpants S5 + With Pocket @ RM188 and Unisex Active Hot Belt @ RM138 is now available at Jonlivia website at
Are you an IG user?
If you are, simply snap a picture wearing Jonlivia products, then hashtag your picture with #Jonlivia and #Bodyperfectingfashion, then you will get a thank you gift from Jonlivia.
Nothing to wait for? Go get your Jonlivia now!