Buy 2 Free 1 Promotion Live Lobster @ Caffeinees

Calling all lobster lovers!
Calling all seafood lovers!
Yeah you got that right! Today I'm gonna share a live seafood place to cure your seafood craving!
You may heard of Chateau De Caffeinees, which located at Kampung Pandan before.
It shares the same compound as Black Market, and Yamaguchi Fish Market.
Caffeinees is a place offers fine coffee and various foods from east to west recipes.
And this month, Caffeinees is introducing their live lobster and giant lobster to all seafood fans!
Can't wait to find out, isn't it? Me too! #yea

Get ready and have some fun while exploring the different live seafood at the large big tanks.
In order to have an unique dining experience, you can pick your live seafood outside the restaurant from the tanks before you sit down.

There are different types of seafood, such as Live Lobsters, Mussels, Fresh Oyster, King Crabs, Tiger Prawns, Pearl Clams, Dragon Tiger Grouper, Geoduck, Jade Perch etc.
Not only good to see, but also fresh to eat!

Yea this Giant Canadian Live Lobster looks absolutely mouth watering! :)
Each lobster starts from 1kg weight, and it costs from RM288++ (1kg) to RM1488++ (5kg).
If you gonna try it, remember to book this Giant Canadian Lobster 2 days in advance before your visit.

Here's the Live Canadian Lobsters, and also one of the signature dish at Caffeinees.
Total weight is in between 400-500 gram, and it costs @ RM138++ together with the other side dishes.
I'm sure you will love it like I do because the lobster meat is so fresh, juicy, sweet and tender in each bite!

There are 2 types of Lobsters that I have up here; one of them is Poached Lobster with Garlic Butter Sauce and another one is Cheese Baked Lobster.
Poached Lobster with Garlic Butter Sauce is a sinful elegant lobster dish that makes the meat stays fresh till it melt-in-your-mouth tender.
Cheese Baked Lobster is covered in butter and cheese, andI'm totally convinced it tastes amazingly good!
For me, both cooking styles are just way too speechless and left me with one plate clean!

The big plate also comes with other side dishes as well such as fries, salad and bun.
I like the salad very much, especially it's souring salad dressing which helps to stimulate my appetizer!

The Live Canadian Lobster not only looks fantastic, but it also tastes very delicious too! #trustme
Each plate of lobster is @ RM138++, and you can now enjoy their Buy 2 Free 1 Promotion, which means a plate of lobster is only @ RM92++.
The special promotion starts from 15th July till 15th August 2017.

Overall, I would highly recommend not only the live lobster from Caffeinees, but also the other dishes from their standard menu.
I actually been to Caffeinees once, and totally love it.
The food was food, and I love their coffee as well!

Other dishes such as, Fried Chicken Wings @ RM18 which has a superb crispy golden skin yet the meat still so juicy inside.

Next, Caribbean Pizza @ RM27, has an extraordinary thin crispy pizza base, which topped with grilled chicken, onion and cheese.

Grilled Baby Tako @  RM14, that comes with grilled baby squids and sliced leek with sesame teriyaki sauce.

Lastly, a photo of my OOTD to end the post. #hehe
#1 Top: Korea
#2 Bottom: Hong Kong
#3 Sneakers: Taiwan
#4 MCM bag: Korea
If you guys feel like having fresh and juicy seafood, don't feel hesitate to pay a visit before the promotion ends ya!
Till then.

Chateau De Caffeinees
No 16, Jalan Kampung Pandan,
Kelab Golf Di Raja Selangor,
55000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 6 03 9284 6686
Opening hours: 10am - 3am (Mon - Thurs) and 10am - 4am (Fri - Sat)

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