Golden Triangle, Mae Sai Market & Doi Mae Salong @ Chiang Rai Thailand

Hello Hello!
Sorry for my long overdue traveling post.
It's been a busy month for me, morning to night!
What I mean morning to night is I getting up early in the morning at 8am, and then reaching home at 11pm.
Then, I stay till midnight to update my blog.
I don't even have enough rest in the weekend! :(
May is coming soon, I hope things are gonna get easier. #fingercrossed
Today, let's throwback on my previous trip to Chiang Rai, and finally this come to the last write up of this full Thailand trip!

We only spent 2 days in Chiang Rai before we head over to Chiang Mai.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to explore Chiang Mai because of the infection in my tear duct system.
If you follow me on my blog, I took the earliest flight from the Chiang Mai airport, and was admitted to Sunway Medical right after I touched town in Malaysia.
It was very disappointing because I never travel to Chiang Mai before. :(
Hopefully, my Chiang Mai trip is on it's way coming!

Btw, on the second day, we have our first stopped at the Golden Triangle.
Since I wasn't feeling so well, I slept almost the whole way there.
Then I woke up with this beautiful view!
Love the sugar maple tree because it's quite unusual to see it in Malaysia.

This is the main gate of the Golden Triangle.

The Mekong River.

If I have chance to come back in the future, I wish to take a boat ride on the Mekong River and enter Laos.

The next stop is the Mae Sai Market for some shopping.
It's one big open air market with many different shops.
If you love shopping, you can find many things such as handmade bags, souvenirs, socks, lingerie, clothing etc.
There are also some great local restaurants here.

There are many temples in Thailand.
And, Wat Phrathat Doi Tung has a focal point whereby the whole Chedi was decorated with gold foil, no matter it is on the lotus petal base, the body, the bell and the top part of the Chedi.
It's good to see!

We decided to overnight up at the mountain of Doi Mae Salong.
Some breathtaking scenery can be viewed during your trip up to the mountains.
But the road is is quite scary with lots of sharp curves, so it is better to get a local driver to drive you there.

The Tea plantation.

Thank you everyone for the memorable trip! #love

Sunrise view from our room in the morning.

If you visit in right season; If come here by renting a car for a road trip, then you can have a stop at the strawberry farm.
It's really fun and I get very excited because I can pick the fresh strawberry.

So, I guess it's the end of the post.
Though I wasn't feeling well, I had a great day spent in Chiang Rai.
I wish you enjoy your trip in Chiang Rai! :)
Last but not least, hopefully I got the chance to visit Chiang Mai soon!
Love, xxx

Budget Fine Dining @ Marco Creative Cuisine, 1 Utama

Honestly, I don't know how to appreciate fine dining.
I always think that it's not worth to pay so much for very little portion, and also I feel a bit stressful to eat at such a high-end restaurant.
Sometimes, fine dine can be very time-consuming because you may need to wait much longer for a single dish.
However, Marco Creative Cuisine at 1 Utama Shopping Mall had just changed my mind!
✔ It has a combining casual with an elegant environment.
✔ It serves nourish and affordable 7-course meals.
✔ It is less time-consuming because all food serve within 50-60 minutes.
What's more? Let's read on! :)

Marco Creative Cuisine, just started to greet their customers on 27th March 2017.
It has a brand new concept with the creation of modern, tasty, and creative cuisine.
The restaurant is located inside 1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing) on the ground floor, just opposite PapaRich and Pasta Zanmai.

The first time I entered to the restaurant, the "casual-look" fine dining restaurant makes me feel hip.
It involves 62 seats with an excellent ambiance and decor.
I really like the idea of a white table with Tiffany blue chairs which bright up the whole atmosphere.

At Marco Creative Cuisine, each delicious plate represents a culmination of the chef owner, Daren Leong.
From the selection of ingredients, preparation, cooking to food presentation, each dish at Mrco created with knowledge and care.
Every dish is made from scratch, right from making stock and butchering poultry in-house.
So, press a few pause while you are enjoying every bites of the dishes from Daren.

For the special 7-course cuisine, it only costs @ RM78++ per person.
Other than the palate cleanser and appetizer stay fixed, you can choose your preferable soup, entree, main course, desserts, and drinks among 3-6 options.

The journey of flavour starts with the Palate Cleanser.
It's like a reset button for your taste buds and to clear your mouth's memory.
Velvety Matcha-Lime Shooter covers a chilled lime snow, which gives you a cool and refreshing feeling before proceeding to the next.

Appetizer with Savoury Eclair.
The combination of Gruyere Flavoured Pate a Choux with Aubergine Caviar, Green Chile Pesto and Tomato Confit work beautifully in this puffed up pastry.
It's got a bit of spice to it, but mixes in nicely with everything.

Strawberry Gazpacho is the recommended signature soup from the chef.
Since it's not common to have cold soup in Malaysia, it could be a special chilled cold soup that worth a try.
It has a mixed of sweet and sour taste due to the blended ingredients that come from dehydrated strawberries, and microgreens such as mint, cucumber, and capsicum.

Savoury Ice-Cream Salad is a good choice with assorted baby leaves, heirloom tomato, seasonal microgreens, violet flowers, and savoury ice-cream.
The mysterious taste of ice-cream that made with sea salt and skimmed milk does hit the taste bud!
Anyway, if you like something really special, you may try the Chicken Liver Parfait which is a creamy chicken liver covered with a Brulee top, served with toasted bread and apple chips.

Main course that served on my table is the Duck Breast with Orange Puree and Roasted Beetroot.
It's one of the best signature main course that recommended at Marco Creative Cuisine.
The beetroot, orange puree with some Valrhona dark chocolate are a great combination when matched with full flavour of the duck.
I like how the duck meat was tender and juicy, also the burst of sweet, bitter and sour flavour!

Another highly recommended main course that you might want to consider is the Squid Ink Japonica Rice, which is a Japanese short grain rice cooked with squid ink, served with garlic mayonnaise, and accompanied together with seafood and omelette.

Desserts come with three different choices; Deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie, Raspberry Decadence, and Creme Brulee with White chocolate Sherbet.
Seriously, the dessert presentation look as good as they taste!

It's hard to choose one as all three different desserts have their own yummy sounding names on the menu.
But since I am a berry person, I get the Raspberry Decadence which is a luscious raspberry cheesecake with raspberry gel accompanied by lemon meringue shards and passion fruit gel.

Lastly, a single Origin, French Press Coffee ended my first experience of the 7-courses cuisine at Marco Creative Cuisine.

To conclude my dining experience at Marco Creative Cuisine, I think it is a special restaurant which offers unique cooking styles and culture in a stunning environment.
It is surely a worth-to-go distinctive culinary creations if you are looking for a decent one with affordable prices!
Do head to Marco Creative Cuisine with a try of their duck breast, savoury ice-cream salad, chicken liver parfait, and raspberry decadence!

Marco Creative Cuisine
Lot G146, Ground Floor (Old Wing)
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1,Lebug Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya, 47800 Selangor
Tel: +603 7731 8293
Opening hours: Daily 12pm - 10pm
12pm - 3pm Lunch Service
3pm - 6pm Coffee and Desserts only
6pm - 10pm Dinner Service

Let's Get Real With Libresse®

I got up early on that morning because I had quite a few appointments to attend.
I was feeling very weird while I was preparing myself for going to work.
But, I just ignored it because I thought maybe I didn't get enough sleep.
After I had my breakfast, I felt something wrong and I can feel a sharp pain from my tummy.
Oh No! My dearest came!
I know I cannot make myself get out due to the pain, so I called up and cancelled all my appointments for that day.
All I need is to lay in my bed all day long to have some rest.

I believe every woman must have their own period stories.
However, how many of you have the relevant experiences like those sanitary pad ads with girls wearing white, laughing, and dancing, skipping around with joy?
Have you ever wondered how realistic these behaviours are when women are having their period?

Feminine care brand Libresse has launched the "Let's Get Real" campaign to raise awareness and trigger women to rethink what is depicted as "realities" in sanitary pad ads as well as their period experiences.
They used a series of online polls which attracted more than 5000 respondents, Libresse shines a spotlight on honest consumer insights that acknowledge the challenges and hardships women encounter during their period.
And, the final result shows that most of the ads of the sanitary pads are irrelevant to the real life as they always portray women are so energetic and happy during the period process, in fact they are not.

Ask yourself, when you are having period, can you actually dance, wear white or light coloured clothing, wake up bright and cheerful, and be super active and do sports?
We all know, getting period can be very uncomfortable on both physical and emotional, it can also lead to some seriously embarrassing moments too such as period leaks through your clothes and pants. #ohno
Right! According to the online polls, 9 out of 10 women agree that ads should be more realistic about what women go through when they get their period.

Well, every month when I had period, I usually have mood swing and get emotional very easily, Lik sometimes get annoyed about it. #iknow
Besides, having tummy cramps and bloating is one of the PMS symptoms I have before my period is coming.
When I have period, I hate doing some serious exercises because I am so afraid of overloaded period.
In general, when a woman is having period, she is not going to be cheerful and energetic, but feels tired, in pain from craps, and not sleep well.

How about you?
What do you really go through during that time of the month? 
What do you think of pad ads yourself? 
Do you think they need to reflect what it’s really like to have period? 
Come join the ‘Let’s Get Real’ campaign advocates to kick-start honest and accurate representations of what women go through and speak up your what's real on Libresse® at!

Hair Colouring At Only RM48.90 @ Hair Color Expert

Hi guys!
I'm back from Taiwan trip with my university mates.
Well, I really enjoyed myself and I trust everyone must had a good time too!
I think we took at least 2000 pictures for a one-week trip, that's a bit crazy, I know!
Anyway, today I want to talk about the new hair saloon I went before my holiday.
For me, I always think that it's important to have facial, get your hair done at least a week before your trip, to make sure you look like your best self during vacation. #haha
So,the place I went this time is a new hair saloon in Sri Petaling, which just opened about 6 months ago.

Hair Color Expert located just a few shops down at Coffea Coffee in Sri Petaling.
It has a very young look signage with an unique pink colour and cute little octopus logo. :)

The complete hair colouring involves total 6 simple steps, and it took about 1 hour and 15 minutes to finish.
One of the most important thing about this saloon is they offer a very affordable fixed prices, starting from short hair @ RM48.90, medium hair @ RM68.90 and long hair @ RM88.90.
All prices include basic treatment after the hair dyed.
My hair consider the medium length for them, so basically short hair is for those who have boy cuts. 

Besides, they also claimed that they only use premium qualitynatural friendly, and ammonia free of healthy colour series.
By considering it as just hair colouring saloon, it is surprising that there isn't any strong chemical smells compare the other saloons I visited before.

The saloon looks very simple since it only offers hair colouring service to the customers.
The interior looks very hipster with the colourful tables and chairs.
Customers can move around, and stretch your body while waiting for the wash off.
The saloon also provides some drinks, like coffee at the back.
So, just make youself like your home!

The colour consultant, Sean who has more than 20 years of experience in colouring hair, will help and give you his professional advice about your hair colour decision.
He is also the one who mix and match the right colour according to your request before the hair colouring process.

Sean said my hair colour was mixed up with 2-3 colour layers at the highest tone 7.
So, it's either I go for a darker or lighter shade to cover up the mixture tones.
I can't accept any tones which is higher than 7, so this time I decided to go for a 5.
Glad that Sean suggested to add a little bit of purple into the brown colour I picked so that it won't look so dull and simple. :)

Excited with my new hair colour!

About 30 minutes later, get the chemical washed off and then added a layer of hair mask.
After that, waited for another 10 minutes before rinsing off for the second time. 


Finally, here's the outcome!
You can see my previous colour was totally faded, and it look so frizzy and dry.
Compare to the new one, the new brownish purple covers my previous colour evenly.

It's not easy to notice the purple colour when you stay indoor.
But, it's obvious under the sunshine.
Anyway, the purple colour lasted only a few days, kinda disappointing.
Next round, I want to add a bit more because I think purple look pretty good on me. #lol

Overall, I am very happy with the service I received from the Hair Color Expert.
The result of the hair dye is pretty good, and I received many compliments from my friends about it.
I personally think it's a worth try hair saloon to go for if you are looking for an affordable and good quality one.
Thank you to Hair Color Expert for pampering and making me beautiful before my trip!

Hair Color Expert
11,Jalan Radin Bagus 3,
Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 603 9544 2089
Opening hours: Everyday 10am -  8pm