Quality Consumers Trust At Prices @ Guardian Corporate Brand Products

In view of rising cost living in Malaysia, Guardian, the largest pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in Malaysia, is now offering everyone it's in-house Guardian Corporate Brand Products with assurance of trustworthy quality at affordable price.
Since Guardian corporate brand products are fully developed and produced under Guardian's management, therefore they are able to maintain quality, and also more reasonable priced to consumers.
During the launching event, I was impressed to see what Guardian is offering to the consumers with their commitment to quality standards, and exceeding them in terms of safety, ingredients, and processes.

Guardian partners with leading manufacturers and uses innovative formulations in the development and manufacturer of it's corporate brand products.
How to ensure Guardian delivers excellence, safety, quality and regulatory compliance across all it's corporate brands?
#1 All suppliers must first pass a professional third party factory audit before being approved to produce Guardian products.
#2 All products manufactured under strict quality control.
#3 Mandatory quality and safety checks are conducted before the products are marketed.
#4 Suppliers are monitored through ongoing third party factory audits.
#5 Surveillance checks will be conducted on products in the stores to ensure consistence and safety.

Now, Guardian Malaysia has more than 420 stores, serving over 3 million customer per month.
They have created 500SKUs of it's house brand products for all age groups which only available exclusively at Guardian stores nationwide.
All Guardian products combine with commitment to quality assurance, dermatological testing and money back guarantee, therefore, consumers can select it's product ranges with the peace-of-mind!

Bath & Body Range
Guardian offers a wide variety of  bath and body products, with dermatologically tested and proved formulas, with high quality ingredients, inspiring scents and an exceptional value.
The range includes Family Care, Fresh Care, Moist Care, Spa Care, Protect + Care, and 24h Rich Care.

The Guardian also provides four range of hand wash for different needs
It includes Fresh Clean, Moist Clean, Protect + Clean, and Kitchen hand wash.
Among the others, Kitchen hand wash is the highlighted one, as it developed with effective Malodor Counteractant Technology to wash away unpleasant and stubborn kitchen malodours such as onion smell.

Paper, Cotton & Wipes
All Guardian cottons are soft and gentle for every member of your family, include your baby.
The tissue range uses 100% virgin wood pulp without added fluorescent material, and also undergoes ultra-thermos process.
That's why the tissues are with ultra softness, extra strength and extra hygiene. 

Baby & Kids Products
Guardian offers parents effective, caring and affordable baby toiletries, and care set which includes milk and normal bath, shampoo, BB oil, milk lotion, liquid cleanser and baby wipes.

Face & Eye Mask
Guardian helps all ladies to achieve the glowing healthy skin by offering different face and eye masks with dermatologically tested and proven.
For example, the Embrace the Jeju Mask range gets the natural ingredients from Korean Island of Jeju, Guardian Fruit Masks are effective for naturally radiant skin, and Bye Bye Eye Mask improves every eye contour area problems.

Among the others, Guardian Butterfly Eye Mask is the most interesting one since because it shaped like a butterfly and it fits perfectly onto your eye contour area as well as expression lines.

Effervescent Vitamin Tablets
Guardian has introduced the functional, fun and convenient dietary supplement of Guardian Vitamin C 1,000mg + Zinc, and Vitamin B-Complex + Vitamin C + Minerals Effervescent Tablets in order to help you maintain a good healthy everyday.
Take one tablet and dissolve in cold water quickly every morning.

Surgical Support
Guardian's elastic elbow, ankle and knee supports are comfortable to wear if you have any brushed, sprained and weak elbow, ankle and knee.
You can wear these supports under your clothing and stockings at anytime anywhere as the fabric material is soft, elastic and breathable.
Besides, Guardian's sports wrist, ankle and knee supports are also made by durable neoprene material with Far-Infrared Red Technology for soothing warmth, and helps improve blood circulation.

I can totally understand how irritating and annoying the itchy mosquito bite can be.
For a mosquito bite victim like me, Guardian's BuzzAway is the best solution!
BuzzAway's bracelet, and patches contain specially formulated eucalyptus oil that effectively repels mosquitoes with progressively releases a eucalyptus scent for seven and three days respectively.
Also, BuzzAway's spray with wild tomato extract mosquito repellent ingredient which approved by EU and US EPA, is able to last for eight hours of long lasting repelling effect.

Oral Products
If you want a cleaner teeth, healthier gums, and fresher breath, follow the four-step method which all are available at Guardian corporate brand products:
#1 Brush your teeth to remove food particles and plague buildup.
#2 Floss your teeth to remove food and plaque that your brushing may have missed.
#3 Rinse with mouthwash to kill the germs that cause cavities and gingivitis.
#4 Refresh with a mouth spray throughout the day.

Guardian always developed their products with what's next in health and beauty, as they want to ensure consumers always have the best current trends with best ingredients, materials, technology and innovation.
And what's more! Guardian is giving 10% discount on all Guardian in-house brand products every first week of the month.
So, mark it on your calendar now to get extra saving at Guardian!


licha said...

Its always been my favorite drugstore. Even visited guardian yesterday to buy some stuff.

hiphippopo said...

Hi Liza!
Thanks for dropping by.
Guardian indeed has a lot of interesting own brand products now.:)