Why You Should Go For R32 Refrigerant Air conditioner from Mitsubishi Electric?

This month, Mitsubishi Electric has launched their new R32 Refreigerant MS-HN series Room Air-Conditioner.
I was lucky enough to be invited to their launching event last week. #thankyouverymuch
It might be your first time hearing about R32 Refrigerant Air-Conditioner, since most of the current air-conditioner that we use now in Malaysia has the R410a system. 
Mitsubishi Electric brought in R32 system with more environmental friendly system to the mass which is Zero Ozone depletion properties (ODP) and 675 Global Warning Properties (GWP) that comprises only 1/3 of the R410a system.
It's okay if you not sure what is R32 system, because that's what the topic for today. :)

The main purpose of having the R32 refrigerant system is to gear up for a greener tomorrow as it comes with an environmental friendly refrigerant.
This gas does not only increases energy consumption efficiency but due to its low toxicity and is a chemically stable compound, it is definitely more environmental friendly.
This R32 system might be very new to us, but this system has already started in Japan in 2013, and followed by Australia, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries.
Starting in early Q2 this year, Mitsubishi Electric start bringing in this system into Malaysia, starting with its official launching of R32 Refrigerant MS-HN series Room Air-Conditioner in past week.
Their main mission, is to bring comfort and better lifestyle to the consumers and environment.

How to Identify R32 Model?
Yea, how we can differentiate R32 model among the others?
All R32 air-conditioner has clearly labelled on the bottom of the indoor unit.
Also, you can clearly see the same label on the side of the outdoor unit as well as the carton box
Make sure you pick and pay for the right one before you make a purchase.

5 Star Energy Saving Series
The whole product range of R32 refrigerant air conditioner has attained the FIVE star Energy Label in accordance with the latest energy efficiency grading standards.
The complete range includes GK series (Deluxe Non-inverter), HK series (Standard Non-inverter), FH series (Deluxe Inverter), and GJ/GK series (Standard Inverter) of Mitsubishi Electric.
The 5 star energy rating has symbolized Mitsubishi Electric has designed and built the finest air-conditioners that save energy and cost while also reducing the world's carbon emissions in order to benefit the environment.

Easy for Cleaning
One of the major components of the indoor unit of R32 is that vane can be easily dismantled for cleaning, because of it's easy-clip removable design.
With this hassle-free Easy Clean design, ones can easily clean their own air conditioner and yet, save cost as well.

Durable Electronic Metal Housing
As a consumer, we probably won't be paying much attention to the interior parts. 
This special box, which is also known as housing plate, actually covers the electronic circuit.
Holding the MEQ (Mitsubishi Electric Quality) principal, all Mitsubishi Electric Air-Conditioners uses metal housing plate instead of the commonly used plastic material.
With this, it can protects the electronic from dust, also ensuring its reliable operation and preventing fire in the event of a short circuit.

Nano Platinum Filter
The 3D mesh surface area size has been increased, thus, the filter capture area has is increased as well.
These special features do not only give better dust collection performance, but also raise room comfort to a higher level comparing to the conventional filters.

Easy Ownership Program ((E.O.P)
In conjunction of the new launching R32 system, Mitsubishi Electric has introduced the "Easy Ownership Program" (E.O.P) where they want to guarantee product performance with affordable cost to consumers.
Starting from 1st April to 30th June 2017, every purchase of the MS-HN Series will get a FREE 10-feet Japan Specification Copper Kit which worth RM250.
The special 10 feet tube is made in Japan with special material, whereby it is anti UV, and also doesn't scratch like the standard plastic material in the market. 

Although R32 has more benefits compare to R410a, the pricing is very reasonable with selling price starts at RM1,299 (1 hose power air conditioner).
MS-HN13VF/MU-HN13VF @ RM1639
MS-HN18VF/MU-HN18VF @ RM2539
MS-HN24VF/MU-HN24VF @ RM3179
All pricing inclusive GST.
Besides, all products come with a 2 years general and 7 years compressor warranty.

R32 system is said to be the next generation in refrigerants in the future.
So ladies and gentlemen, if you are looking for a new air-condition for your room or house, or maybe if you are someone who cares about energy efficiency and global warming, do consider Mitsubishi Electric R32 system, because R32 system with lower global warming potential is better than R410a.
Do check out more information at their official website at http://www.mitsubishielectricmalaysia.com/.


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