A Day with Publika

When Kay was here last month, we spent the whole weekend together.
It was a fun catch up with her and roommate together!
I always said spending quality time with good friends are the best thing to do ever!
We laughed. We shared. We talked. We gossip. Lots to do everyday!
Life is so good when good friends are around by your side. *Sweet*

On that lovely Sunday, with a good sunshine in the morning, we went for swimming before taking all good food in.
I love swimming! It is always one of my favourite sports. 

I always wanna bring Kay to Publika because it is one of my favourite place to spent time with.
I like the deco and all kind of variety choices that available out there. 
We passed by Coffee Société when we walked out from where we parked our car.

We think it must be good because the cafe was so busy, and full of people!
The whole environment is pretty cozy especially how they deco the interior.

Took a selfie of us before the food selfie. Haha!

Here comes our food!
Kay ordered the Croissant with smoked salmon, avocado salsa, hand boiled egg, mesclun mix, & hollandaise @ RM24.00.

I ordered the Bagel with baked macanoni, smoked chicke, societe hash brown potato, poached egg, & hollandaise @ RM24.00. 

We didn't try their coffee as I planned to go the Coffee Stain by Joseph after our breakie.
Heard of this famous coffee long long time, but never get the chance to try yet.
Too bad, the cafe was under construction on that day! Argghh...It was really disappointing!!!

Personally, I find the food is not so worthwhile for that prices. 
Sorry to say that but most likely I will not come back again if I have any other choices.

Coffee Société
Solaris Dutamas, 1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6211 5523
FB: Coffee Société

So, what to do next for our coffee addiction?
We walked around the whole Publika, from left to right, and from right to left.
Then we found Namoo On the Park at the corner inside the building. 

Namoo is quite a special cafe which not only served traditional Korean, but also Western Korean like burger and pasta.

I like how they present their menu in such simple and cute way.

Another selfie with Namoo.

I had a simple Korean classic @ RM8.90.

Kay has her Multi-grain cold honey latte @ RM10.90.

So, what's more other than just had a cup of coffee?
Namoo has a tagline "Korean dessert cafe and bistro".
So, I bet you will never want to walk away the cafe without trying their dessert. 

We ordered their sweet potato cake.
If not mistaken, this slice of cake cost RM11.90 (can't really remember).

Pictures tell a thousand words.

Look at our satisfaction expression! 
It is so 맛있었어요.(means delicious)!!!
A simple cake that tasted simply amazing!

You definitely must give a try on this cafe, at least their dessert when you are in Publika!

Namoo even features on 15 most beautiful cafes in KL

Namoo On the Park
Solaris Dutamas, 1 Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6411 6698
FB: Namoo On the Park

For dinner, we went to the Picknik Comfort Food after meeting up with roommate.

Too much of junk at noon time, so me and Kay decided to order something light for sharing.
A fresh salad to clean up the tummy.

A sauteed mushroom for filling up the tummy.

And, Carbonara with beef.

If you do watch the Masterchef Maysia, you must know Nik Micheal Imran as he is one of the finalist, also a owner of Piknik.
Walked to the end of the cafe, and you will find many of the reviews and interviews about Piknik and Nik Micheal Imran.

Do not judge things just based on the appearance.
Even though Piknik has very simple interior design, the food quality that served from them I would said is excellent!

Piknik Comfort Food Cafe
UG1-05, Block A4,
Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur
(Facing main road, above PapRich)
Tel: 03-6411 6499
FB: PikNik Comfort Food Cafe

Nothing much can be expressed from my heart.
But truly love you both so muchie!

Again, end the post with my outfit from that day.
Top: Bangkok
Pants: GuangZhou
Boots: Nile.com
Bag: Prada


I looked back many of my previous trips pictures.
Oh Man! I miss travelling! I miss holidays!
I wanna go to a holiday so much in next month, tried to plan a long trip, yet not sure where to go because most of the countries are having summer!
Nah..I won't want to spend my holiday during summer, I have had ENOUGH summer in Malaysia!
Not many choices other than Australia and New Zealand, but mum said we will want to plan a trip to Australia in next year CNY. So, I just have to hang on.
Probably I just have to postpone my holiday till Oct/Nov, wait till summer is gone.

While looking back all my trips leftovers in my drive, especially Europe trip in end of 2011
Well, if you want to know about my Europe trip at that time, go to Holland and Paris to check them out.
I actually still have lots more to update like Switzerland, Germany, Brussels etc throughout the whole trip.
Gonna spent sometimes to blog about them, if not all beautiful pictures will just lay in my drive forever!
Anyway, here's my leftovers from my LONDON trip!

Let's keep calm and go to London!

I traveled to London during fall season, right before winter says Hello.
It was a pretty good weather to travel despite the rains in London.
London rains quite a lot.

London was the last destination after all the others.
So, we can chill a bit, not so rush itinerary during our stay.

This is Westminster Abbey located in the city of Westminster London.

A must visit Buckingham Palace.
It is more than 300 years old and has total 775 rooms inside the palace, the whole palace is really big!
Huray! I got another sign on my travel passport!!

London is a beautiful city where you will always miss it.

I think everyone will just snap a pic with the red mailbox like I did. Lol!

I started to learn the song of London Bridge since little girl.
Can't believe I am standing right in front of it now, London Bridge!

The feeling of standing right in front of the London Bridge is just too amazing!
Of cause I have to drop another sign on my passport!

One of my master piece about London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down........

The tall round building behind me is the City Hall.
It's just located near to the London Bridge. 

London Eye is another attraction that you cannot missed out in London.

Ticket for the fast track is about £29.50 (RM 163.00).
If you asked me if it is worth while to give a ride, I would say yes, cause it is a totally different experience compare to other tracks.

These are the beautiful views taken from the fast track. 

Another master piece taken by me! Cool right?!

Look at the elegant London Eye behind me!

Whenever you miss home or Chinese food, just give a visit to the local China Town!
You can easily get the authentic Chinese food out there!

After the 10 days trip with the tour agent, I extended my stay in London because I planned to visit some other outskirt places like Stonehenge, Bath etc.
Besides, my friend, Zay from Scotland would like to spend few days with me, so we just grab the chance to catch up in London. 

We went up to the Tower Bridge.
Hello! 后面的路人甲!

All the scenery in London are just beautiful that you couldn't resist not to take more pictures!

We went back to the Buckingham Palace again for the Changing Guard Ceremony.
This ceremony attracts many visitors to be there, so I would advice you to be there as early as possible to grab the best spot.
Obviously we didn't get a good spot, and that's why you only can see the back of the horse from my picture lol...Haha! 

The ceremony starts at about 11am, and last for about 30-40 minutes.
The walking distance from Tower Bridge to Buckingham Palace is just about 30-40 minutes, not too far especially you can take pictures with the scenery along your walking journey.

Taxi in London is another must take picture.
You will feel like a big boss when you sit inside the taxi because it has huge space inside the car, like sitting inside a Limo. 

Zay told me we must visit the Icebar London.

The standard ticket cost £13.00 to £16.00 (RM71.50 - RM88.00).
The price includes a cocktail and a thermal cape with gloves. 
Make sure you make a booking before you go because I heard it always fully book.
And guests are allowed to stay inside the bar for maximum 40 minutes only.

It is quite a fun bar, where you step into a cold sensory environment with walls, bar, tables and even your own personal glass are made from crystal clear Torne River ice which is harvested from the pristine winter wonderland of Jukkasjärvi in Northern Sweden.

Check out their website here!

I traveled London city everyday with their underground, it is so easy and convenient by using their simple Oyster card.

Love the underground logo everywhere!

I also visited all kids' lover M&M store.

I think I made more than 30 pictures just inside the store.
Haha...Everything just too cute to take pictures with!

London has very nice night view.
Plus the weather is just nice, so it is good to walk around the city and snap pretty pictures.

Look! Jersey Boys is in the town now!

Zay took many pictures for me throughout the trip.
Thanks so much for all the difficult jobs! Haha!

The old building behind me is the train station in London.

Another must take picture in London, I guess. Hehe!

Other than visiting the outskirt of England, I just do lots of city sight-seeing and shopping!

Another must go attraction place in London, Big Ben

The name of Big Ben is often used to describe the tower, the clock and the bell was given a name of Great Bell actually.

Another view with the London Eye!

All about walking, seeing, snapping pictures, and shopping in London!

Oppsss! Sorry to disturb!

We are on our way to Trafalgar Square.

We passed by the National Gallery located at Trafalgar Square.
It is free admission, but too bad we are not the museum fans lol.

During my visit that time, it was almost the Olympic games.
So you can see lots of  staffs and decorations that related to Olympic in London.


After Trafalgar Square, we went to Lillywhites.

Did some shopping at Lillywhites.
A very crowded place, but I think you shouldn't miss out this shopping attraction in London!

I bought a new jacket, and just wore it on the spot! Haha!

I know Broadway shows are the famous one in London, but we didn't get the chance to watch it.
I was a bit regret that I didn't get to see one, probably a good excuse to go back again!

I love London!!!
Even if you ask me now after 3 years plus, I still said I love London!
Hope to revisit this lovely place again and again!

Lastly, thanks again so much to Zay who spent a lovely holiday with me!
I hope we will meet again soon, either London, Scotland or Malaysia!