Bla Bla Bla Thoughts

I am not doing so good recently!
Stressed with different things around me.
I don't sleep good, too much of thinking. 
I wish I am still a little girl that do not have so much of worries T_T

Work is not as smooth as before.
Many problems, but no good solutions.
Worked here for 6 years, I am feeling tired with the same issues again and again.
I wish I am a boss now!

So many people asking about my marriage!
Not only from my family, but also every single friends whom I met recently.
I hate it and I stress about it.
True that it's the age to get marry.
Then again, I think marriage is all about "are you ready", but not about "your age". 
I wanna say it loud again!
"We will announce the date when we are ready, so please please please stop asking!"

# 3
Did you realize people nowadays like to talk about property.
"Have you got your own property?"
"Not yet?! Oh...You better get one quickly"
Besides, people are looking for second income,
so many of them start mlm businesses, which is easier.
I realized less true friends exits nowadays.
People just getting so reality.
So blue!

# 4
I think I am not good in social.
I have problem talking with new people.
I always don't know where to start and what to say.
I don't have confidence to speak!
Maybe I afraid of being wrong.
I hope I can improve.

# 5
Too little has been done in my resolution list 2014,
but time runs too fast.
I hope to finish all to do list in every year,
but never succeed
My determination, I wonder!


It's Friday again.
It's another weekend again.
Get all negative out of the mind,
and get all positive energy for a good weekend.

I will try my best!
To keep the great things on going!


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