K-Drama ~ Marry me Mary

So hectic! Has been busy with work these weeks, lots of issues to solve, and lots of things to brainstorm.
Again, I fall into insomnia these days.
I hate insomnia.
I used to have insomnia 2 years back when my surroundings didn't go smooth.
That's why I started my gym session.
I need to do something to kick the insomnia out of my life.
It's bad that it comes back again, prob things not going so right recently.
But I am sure it will be good again, just BE POSITIVE!

Let's forget about all the problems! Kick them all out!
Today, I wanna share a recent K-drama that I have just finished last night, Marry Me Mary.
Have been watching all Jang Geun Suk's dramas after the virgin piece of You Are Beautiful.
For those who doesn't know about JGS...
Da! Da! Here he is!

He is cool.
He is cute.
He is pretty. (I think describe him as beautiful is much right than handsome =P)
He is sweet.

Btw, this is my second post about K-dramas.
Besides go to the gym after works, I will just stick my butt in front of the TV before I go to bed.
I know I should't watch that frequent, but it just becomes a daily routine job, almost like an addiction in my life, cannot get rid of it.

Marry Me Mary/Mary Stayed Out All night (it has 2 different names) is a 2010 romantic comedy series. It is starring by Moon Geun Young, Jang Geun Suk, Kim Jae Wook and Kim Hyo Jin.
I would describe it as a sweet, romantic and funny drama because it's all about the young loves.
Young loves always very simple and pure.

This drama gives me so much of feels, not because of the pretty JGS, but the way it captures the scenery in Korea. It just so so so beautiful!
Prob because this drama was taken during the winter session.

I always think weather like winter, spring are prettier than summer.
Maybe that's because I don't like summer at all, I hate hot weather.
One of the good thing you can do during the cold weather is wearing many layers to bring out your fashionable mix-and-match.

Dating, holding hands, hugging during cold weather is so romantic!

This is a beautiful shot! 
It just make me so wanna get marry with Korea! (Nah, not Korean, but Korea =P)

Oh man! This is so sweet!
Cuddling, snuggling, with the snow is sweetness overload!

This drama just hit me, also the OST.
I have been replaying this song, She's mine lately.
It's a soulful song which perfectly match for Wi Mae Ri and Kang Moo Kyol in the drama.

If you are K-drama fans, I bet you have already watched it.
But if you haven't, I hope you will watch it.
And you will like it! Trust me!

Good Night xoxo!

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