KitKat® Bar Dark with Southern Australian Orange Flavour

Hello KitKat fans!
Following the highly popular launch of the KitKat® Bar, NESTLÉ would like to share with all the Malaysians about their new indulgent variant, the KitKat® Bar Dark with Southern Australian Orange Flavour.
The new KitKat® Bar Dark is the first of its kind in Malaysia, offering an innovative marbling effect with an unique blend of swirled rich dark chocolate and chocolate orange.
The new variant is set to excite and take chocolate-lovers on an indulgent experience from the comfort of their own home or turn cozy moments together with friends into more indulgent sessions. 
I was indeed very excited about the new KitKat flavours because I love oranges and chocolates! #hehe
So, if you are chocolate plus orange fans, I am sure that you will surely enjoy the new KitKat® Bar variant, which tastes as good as it looks!
Let's read on to find out more about this new limited edition KitKat flavour!