Bangkok ~ Japanese Food

Hey allll! Hope you all had a good weekend off!
Today, let's continue the last Bangkok food post that I left over since last 2 months!

Uhmm...not sure if you guys ever try any Japanese food in Bangkok since we can easily find many of them everywhere in the town.
I bet some people might think it is unusual to have Japanese food since we already have so many in KL, plus it is so damn not local food in Bkk.

So, what made us ended up with Japanese food while we were in Bkk?
That's because my brother had a very bad stomachache on the last 2 days. 
We randomly snooped into a Japanese restaurant, Chabuton Ramen which located inside Terminal 21 mall.

It was a super long Q during the dinner time, we waited about 20-25 minutes to get a seat for 4.
Selfie to kill time while waiting!

Dad and brother ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen because they prefer the original taste.
It costs Thai130 for the small bowl, and Thai175 for the big bowl,

Me and my mum are spicy lover and so we had the Tom Yam Kung Ramen,
It's slightly expensive which costs Thai150 for the small bowl, and Thai210 for the big bowl

Grilled Gyoza is a side dish that you cannot miss out when you have Japanese food!
8 pieces for Thai80.

Their chicken tatsuta age is so juicy and crispy. A must try!
It is Thai80 for 4 pieces.

It you are looking for a good ramen in Bangkok, Chabuton Ramen would be a good choice for you.
Chewy noodles with the fresh braised pork have my rate of 9/10 for overall!

Terminal 21 is one of my favourite place in Bangkok.
Not to say about crazy shopping here, because things from here are quite pricey compare to somewhere else.
But, it is definitely a place you can't miss out for photo-shooting n Bangkok.

Some of the boutiques are actually selling the same things you can get from the Platinum mall, just you will pay more in Terminal 21 because you can try those pieces before you purchase.

Another Japanese food that I would recommend to you is the Fuji Japanese Restaurant.
This is the first Japanese restaurant that I tried when I first traveled to Bangkok; it is not only recommended by my bestie, but also my local Thai friends.

Chicken Yakiniku set @ Thai220 for my mum.

Sick brother had the Sukiyaki Pork @ Thai240.

Dad Gan's favourite Saba Steak set @ Thai260.

Me with the Shabu-shabu pork @ Thai180. Can't get over the pork in Bkk.

I am glad that mum and dad enjoyed the food here so much.
Dad said the prices here worth for the food quality as well as the air conditioning environment.

If you have chance to come here, I would highly recommend you to try their sashimi as well because you can get a damn cheap price with super fresh sashimi here.

I remember when I was a little girl, my dad always brought us to Penang, Kelantan, Kuantan etc during our school holiday.
Now, I am growing up to a big big girl, it's certainly my turn to hold their hands and explore different places that they want to see.
I hope I will be able to spend at least one holiday with my parents in every year!!!

Okay! Enough for the food post today!
I am going to enjoy the rest of my Sunday with a cup of cappuccino now!

Hello from Melbourne!

Oh Melbourne!
Can't believe I am back from Melb for more than a month now!
But, I still miss the trip so much, especially they have a pretty cool weather during their Spring season.

I am glad that we picked the right time to visit Melbourne except the rain on the 3rd day.
The deep blue sky plus the cooling weather is what we almost had everyday.

I been to many places that I wanted to visit such as the Union Lane with all nice and unique street arts.
If not mistaken, there have like total 8 best street art locations, and we only get to visit one of them.
We thought of going back on the last day for the other 7 locations, but the schedule was fulled with Lik Boy's friend gathering.

I would really want to die in this kind of nice weather man! *Hey, touch wood*

Had my first beer at the Ponyfish Island Bar, a nice place to have chill out n the city.

We started our first road trip to Great Ocean Road on the 3rd day.
It was a super long drive, took us about 10 hours for the round trip.
Of course, one of the reason is because we were not very familiar with the direction there.

Had my first Fish and Chips under the sun!
I will never do this in Malaysia definitely!

The purpose of the long drive is to see the famous 12 Apostles.

It was a very long drive, but it's quite worth while to be here.
Blue sky, clear sea, nice weather, what else can you ask for?

Because of the long hour drive, I took more than 60 pictures over there, indeed a real kiasu. Lol

Few friends asked me to fill in the Victoria Market into my itinerary.
Here you go~~~the Vic Market!

Love how clean their market is.
No wet floor and bad smell like we had in Malaysia.

Guess how much for the 1 dozen fresh oyster?
It's only cost $10 for the whole pack!!!
You definitely cannot get it in Malaysia for such fresh oyster at this price!

We want to feel the sunset in Melbourne.
So, we headed to St.Klida Beach in the evening.

Amazing view right at the St.Klida marina.

We stayed there for at least 1 hour plus just to enjoy the chill.

One of my favourite piece! *without any editing*

I am finally not single and available anymore!!! ♥♥♥ 
Lik Boy proposed to me after our long walk by the harbour.
It was so sweet of him for doing so!
I will probably make another post just about the proposal later. Hehe!
But, first let's introduce my husband-to-be~~~Richie Lau ♥♥♥ 

I never seen Kangaroo before, so meeting this big fellow is consider a must for me in Australia.
It's a shame that we only met a few of them at the Melbourne Zoo.
I was actually expected to meet more during my visit.

Melbourne Zoo is super clean and not smelly.
I think the animals must feel very blessed to stay here. Haha!

It was pretty a long day at the zoo which I probably will not do it in Malaysia with the super warm weather.

We done another beach travel which is my long waited Brighton Beach in the city of Melbourne.

I wanted to visit these colourful Brighton bathing boxes ever since I saw from my friend's post on FB.
Glad that my dream has come true!

There are about 82 Brighton bathing boxes with different colours and designs along the beach.
They are all too beautiful till I can't stop myself taking every single picture with all of them!

Let's LOVE Brighton Beach and LOVE Melbourne!

I have been struggling if I should visit the Eureka Skydeck since I got most of the answers from my friends are like yes or no.
So, basically there was no firm conclusion has been made after seeking their advises.
However, we decided to pay a visit since we have extra time to fit it into our itinerary.

I have been to many countries with this kind of city views, and most of them were actually turned me down except the Hong Kong one.
Yes, no doubt that Hong Kong has the greatest view after all!

It cost $19.50 of each person to see the city view of Melbourne from the 88 floor.
It is quite expensive for me as I am not the one who would enjoy this kind of doings. 


If you are feeling brave enough, you can consider to take a trip like we did on the world's only edge experience!
It costs extra $12.00 of each person.
You probably should just do it if you are already at Skydeck, just to gain another experience where you can't get it elsewhere.

Last but not least, some night view in the city.

The biggest casino, The Crown behind me.

The entire trip to Melbourne was fantastic!
Hey Melbourne, I will be back soon! ♥♥♥ 

I will share the food, coffee and dessert I had during my trip.
Hope you will continue to stay tune here till my next post!