Score Run 2017 @ Conquer The City

Recently, Marathon becomes a big hit in Malaysia.
I remembered my first run was with my best friend, Wan.
She invited me as she promised that we will have lots of fun.
Well, she didn't disappoint me at all!
I enjoyed the run very much, and I felt that finishing a marathon is a kind of achievement, especially when you think it is impossible to finish it
From that day onward, I'm looking forward to join Marathon events.

My first run with #Larian Sehati Sejiwa. :)

And this year, I'm all ready to have my second run with Score Run 2017!
If this is your first time hearing about Score Run, it is a Marathon event that covers three "S" to create an enjoyable experiments to all participants.

#1 Smooth: They ensure the smooth delivery from registration, to entry pack collection, to the event proper and subsequent proceedings.

#2 Safe: The event takes into consideration the safety and security of participants as well as the crews.

#3 Sexy: The little creative extras from exciting event concepts, impressive buildups, top-notch event merchandise designed by award-winning designers can differentiate a Score event from any other.

This year, the Score Run 2017 is going to kick off the heart of Kuala Lumpur's golden triangle, Berjaya Times Square and stop at nothing to conquer the urban jungle.
Details of the run is as below:

Date: 9th April 2017 (Sunday)
Time: 5.30am (21km), 6.00am (12km) and 6.30am (6km)
Venue: Berjaya Time Square, KL
Fees: RM90, RM85, RM70 according to the race categories

However, you can get special discounts at RM10 off if you book your attendance before 31st January 2017. #hurryup

The run covers 3 categories:
#1 21km half marathon
#2 12km competitive run
#3 6km fun run

Participants entitlements are given according to the running categories, which includes:
#1 Dry-fit tee with your personalised name
#2 Finisher medal
#3 Finisher tee
#4 E-certificate
#5 Race bid with timing chip
#6 Award for Top 3

The designed dry-fit tee for 6km and 12km participants.

The special dry-fit tee for 21km participants.

Waits no more to challenge yourself at Score Run 2017!
Head over to the official website for more information.
Peeps, let's rock the city together!!!

Pink by Pure Beauty @ The Pore Perfection

Pores are the skin concern for many women of all ages and skin types.
For me, I often have clogged pores all around the edges of my nose, sometimes it can be very annoying because it gives my skin an unwanted bumpy look and feel.
Well, if you also have pore problems such as clogged pores, pigmented pores and sagging pores, you will be keen on The Pore Perfection range from Pink by Pure Beauty.
It is a new product range from Korea to help young ladies in pore purifying and skin refining.

I am glad to receive the invitation to attend the Pore Perfection range launching party from the Pink by Pure Beauty.
Thanks for such a dreamy pink evening!

Pink by Pure Beauty presents the Pore Perfection range with 6-in-1 pore care from #1 deep cleansing, #2 sebum regulation, #3 pore minimizing, #4 pore tightening, #5 hydration and #6 refine skin tone.
The range is formulated by using the 4 key ingredients includes Pink Clay, Jeju Volcanic Ash, Jeju carbonated thermal water and MAT-XS Bright.

#1 Pink Clay consist of 100% natural dried ingredient, and pristine minerals.
It provides a deep absorption of toxins and clogged oil from the skin while avoids skin irritation and dryness. Also, it cleanses the excess sebum and balances the stress and sensitive skin.

#2 Volcanic Ash is a precious natural resource that extracted from Jeju Island, contains zero harmful heavy metal and safe to be used as cosmetic raw material.
Jeju Volcanic Ash absorbs sebum or harmful matter of outside environment, leaves skin purified.

#3 Carbonated Thermal Water is the best quality carbonated thermal water from San-Bang Mountain in Jeju, which includes 13 minerals and for great hydration.
The purified groundwater helps to hydrate the skin from inside-out, and also allows carbonate acid to leave skin moisturized and refreshed. It also helps to keep the skin collagen fibers, firmness, plumpness, and also wash out the pores without too much harshness.

#4 MAT-XS Bright is a mix ingredient with Java tea leaf extract.
It is proved by the clinical evaluation that this ingredient is effective in reducing sebum production, reducing shiny appearance and decreasing pore size.

Basically these Pore Perfection range is effective to solve the pore problems by deep cleansing, refine skin tone, hydration, pore tightening and minimizing.
When I tested on my skin, I find the texture of the products is very watery, moisture, and fine.
Also, it absorb very well after a few seconds.

Pink by Pure Beauty has received many positive feedback from their customers and they are confident that this unique Korean formulation will be one of the favourite skin care for young ladies.

It's such a lovely gift from Watsons Malaysia and Pink by Pure Beauty! #thankyou
The full range of The Pure Protection from Pink by Pure Beauty is now available at all leading Watsons store nationwide, in 3 range starting from cleansing foam, toner and following by essence.

It's always happy to see a number of new cosmetics and skin cares added to racks at Watsons stores.
Well, that's not surprising at all because Watsons is always ahead in product innovation to provide the variation within their stores,
So now, head over to Watsons, and get The Pore Perfection range from Pink by Pure Beauty to solve your pore problems!

Watsons Malaysia

Popcorn for you? @ The Magi Planet Popcorn

Any popcorn lovers here?
I love popcorn! It's my most must have movie snack when I go to the movies.
Well, instead of the traditional caramel popcorn we can find in the market today, we now have wide variety of choices.
A Taiwanese franchise called Magi Planet Popcorn has made a waves in Malaysia with it's new innovation flavours of Crystal Salted Caramel, Cornsoup, Tayoyaki and Chili Cheese!
Popcorn lovers! Say you are excited now! #hehe

The Magi Planet Popcorn is great!
I love how crunchy the texture is and also how light in different flavours.
I'm sure you will never stop to have it again and again once you try it!

#1 Crystal Salted Caramel 玫瑰盐焦糖
This popcorn has a blissful balance of salty and sweet taste, as it coated with special prepared sugar cane sauce and lightly salted with Himalayan pink crystal salt. 
Caramel favour is said to be sweet, but this has a very moderate taste in sweet which goes well with the salt level.

#2 Cornsoup 玉米浓汤
The crunch of popcorn not only covered with corn powder, but also a bit of ground black pepper just to give an extra kick of it.
You will pick up a deliciousness of sweet and salt in combination.
I would say this is the best choice for corn lovers!

#3 Tayoyaki 海苔章鱼烧
This is one of the most special flavour which combines savoury fried octopus and specially selected seaweed.
Both seaweed and fried octopus are so fresh which taste very much like real with popcorn.
Seafood lovers are gonna delectably addicted to it!

#4 Chili Cheese 辛起司
The layering cheddar cheese seasoning flavour that combines with salt, sugar and spicy make all the difference.
Well no worries that the spicy level is acceptable for everyone, including kids.
It' has the strongest flavour compare to the others that much satisfy your taste bud.

So, why Magi Planet Popcorn is highly recommended?
#1 Finest Ingredients, with no trans-fat, and low calories
#2 No preservative at all
#3 Hand-made by highly trained chef instead of popcorn machines
#4 Every pieces are fully popped to crispy popcorn
#5 Use new packing technology from Japan to keep the popcorn fresh and crunchy

For the wrap, you can now purchase the best package of 4 x 110g and 4 x 50g (include 4 flavours of each) at just RM150!
What's more? Key in promo code IVYLOVEPOPCORN to get RM10 discount off during your checkout at
Order now and get savings along with healthy snack for you and your family before the code expire on 20th April 2017!

I am a happy girl now with all the healthy snacks! #ohyea!

Markets 21 @ The School Jaya One

Hello all!
How was your weekend?
Did you get a chance to visit the Markets 21 at The School Jaya One? :)
It's okay if you missed it, because I took many pictures to share with you all!
I spent my Saturday afternoon with Lik at the bazaar to do our CNY shopping as well as food hunting.
Besides, I also managed to find some interesting booths selling unique handmade stuffs for this time.
Overall, Markets 21 is pretty fulfilling for us!

Markets always held at least two times in a year, and it is always a 2-days event.
And this time, Markets 21 held from 14th till 15th January.
The bazaar always hugely popular attracting not only the vendors, but also large crowds.

There were more than 10 apparel stalls selling fashion clothing, from vintage wear to fashion wear. 
And most of them are selling at price with no more than RM50!

Got myself a simple stripe top at just RM39.

Also a few accessories stalls selling necklaces, earrings, bracelets, sunglasses and watches. 

I bought a good quality choker at just RM20.

There were so many gorgeous crafts you can find at the Markets 21 too, such as customized watercolour cards. 
The painter painted on the spot, and then put into a wooden frame for you. 

Here's a collection of some hand draw postcards.

I got a bottle of facial scrub from VIP at RM20.
All natural ingredients products such as body scrub, facial scrub, foot scrub, lip scrub and body balm are 100% handmade with love. 
I tested it on the same night, and pretty satisfy with the result.
Lik said my skin is brighter and fairer. #hehe

All mini bouquet sets from Fleur Lab are handmade with dry flowers and some other ingredients such as cottons.
I truly in love with their creative and colourful bouquets.
Valentine's day is coming, check them out for special gifts to your loved ones!

Perhaps do your manicure at CRNailz?!

Beautiful phone cases are everywhere!

Need some special hair care products from Japan?

In addition, there are also many different performances arranged by the organizer to the shoppers and vendors, such as awesome show battle, acoustic performance (my favourite), shopee auction, buyer x seller stage challenge and many more!

Move on to the available food stalls and food trucks.
Nowadays, food trucks are getting popular at the bazaar.

Favourite bubble tea, hey!

BBQ pork at the Ticklish Ribs & Wiches. 

Wanna have some BBQ sausages, bacon, chicken sticks etc?

The food area was packed with many eaters. :)

While you shop at the Markets, make sure you drop by at Pop by Jaya One too!
I have mentioned Pop by Jaya One in my previous post here before.
Pop by Jaya One is a pop-up retail store that has no limitations for you to showcase your creativity and ideas.
It offers you an entrepreneurship opportunity to kick-start your hobby into a business platform.

If you are looking for an offline platform to sell your products, you can consider the Pop by Jaya One for your business at just RM800 per week.
With this arragement, you don't have to wait for the weekends anymore to pop open your store! #haveyoudoneit

I enjoyed this shopping place so much because it is spacious to walk around with different individual stores.
There are tons of variety of clothing and accessories, whereby you can mix and match your one single OOTD with different unique stores inside one big department store. #wow
The best thing about it is their pricing are all very affordable!

Cute ribbon hair pin!

Shopping at here can dry up my wallet fast! :(

Not only ladies fashion, you can also find men fashion, and sports wear there. 

Check out the bargain corner as well, where you can take advantage of their best deal there.

Can't wait for the next Markets organize by The School Jaya One.
Anyway, for more updates about the Markets and Pop by Jaya One, do follow them on their FB page:

Pop By Jaya One: