Day 5 - Snowing in Seoul

Seoul, the 5th day snowed a lot!

First place we went after breakie was Bukchon Hanok Village.
Bukchon Hanok Village is a Korean traditional residential area in Seoul.
It located between Gyeongbok Palace, Changdeok Palace and Jongmyo Royal Shrine.

It also known as "the street musuem in the urban core", for it's many historical spots and cultural heritage site.

Bukchon is a nice place for photo shooting because of the traditional houses.
They are very unique compare to the modern houses you see everywhere in the city.

The whole place just look so pretty especially with the snow!

After visited the small village, we went to Cheongwadae Sarangchae.

There was a short walking distance from where the bus stopped us to our destination.
How cold is the weather? My face expression has definately answered your question! :p

Cheongwadae Sarangchae is a history centre that offer a chance to follow the footsteps of Korea.

If you want to know about the history of Korea, this is a place where you can't miss out!

Korean drama is one of the biggest impacts on Korea tourism development!
I rememeber Winter Sonata is the drama which brought me to be aware of this beautiful country.

Everywhere's covered in snowwww~~

Can you see the snow?!

And finally we were here, Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace, is the most comprehensive and grandest palace built in 1395,
It is the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910)  by its founder King Taejo.

Not sure if we were too lucky or unlucky.
The weather forecast actually said there won't be any snow during that week!
How unpredictable to have such non-stop snowing on that day!

It was snowing at every corner, really heavily!

Here's my selca picture with the snow! So white!

Do you still remember the famous K drama 大長今?
Here is the shooting place inside the drama.
Too bad this area was still under construction during my visit, they are going to renovate the exact same like before.
Now I think I have an excuse to go to Korea again! Hehe~~~

Such a nice view, even though it was bloody cold!

Mum's beanie looks good on me!

The whole big Gyeongbokgung Palace is just about walking!

Some people might say we were so unlucky to have snow especially you gonna walk the whole day outside, but I would say we are so so so lucky because we love to see snow! Haha!

Stepping on snow which you will never have the chance to do it in Malaysia!

This is the 青瓦台.
Too bad that we cannot see the green roof because it has all covered by the snow!
Should be another excuse for me to come back again!

Can't stop taking pictures with the snow!

Before ended the tour in Gyeongbokgung Palace, MORE snow is coming!

No doubt, Korea has a beautiful winter especially with snow!

It's so good to have shabu-shabu during the heavy snow day!
It warms our body and cheer us up too!

We also had everyone's favourite Bibinbop!

When the others were busy shopping at Dongdaemun Market after our dinner, I have a special date with my friends in Seoul~~~MaSeong and Kon.
It was our first met after knowing each other 3 years through FB!

I know MaSeong through Kay.
He is a traditional chinese doctor in Seoul.
When I need help to translate a Korean song, he is the one who cannot run away! :D

And I know Kon through his brother Maseong.
Kon is a violinist in Seoul.
He is not only a violinist, but also compose his own music on his own.
Check out his FB link @ Violinist Kon 

It was so amazing to meet them in real!
It's a shame that we only have 2 hours, because I was too tired and I had terrible headache after the snow showering during day time.
Hope we soon will have chance to meet up again!
Thanks for coming to see me in Seoul!!!

Okay...time to end my today's post with my favourite picture with the snow!
How I wish we also have snow in Malaysia! Not winter maybe, but at least fall or spring? Some cold weather please!

P/S Many of my pictures on 5th day were very blur! I am not sure if that caused by the cold weather or I am still a new user with my new camera.
It's really sad to see most of the nice pictures turn into vague!
Well, now I think I have a super good excuse for me to go Korea again....
Agree not? Hehe!

Have a good weekend ya!!!

Vineria It @ BSC

When I was thinking to continue my post in Seoul, I went to a dinner gathering with old friends last night.
So, I changed my mind right after that as the food I had last night was too good till I can't wait to share first! Haha!

Winnie came to KL from Sibu this week.
We didn't meet each other about 2 years since she moved back to Sibu with her family.
One of our friend suggested to meet up at Vineria located at Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC)
I have been to BSC many times, but seriously never heard of this restaurant before.
But thru the name, I guess it should be an Italian restaurant!

Vineria located right opposite coffee bean, and next to British India inside the BSC.

The sign is a bit old fashion yet the decor and interior inside the restaurant are pretty nice!

It is always good to catch up with old friends once in a while to see how's everyone doing!

We used to go party together in the old times.
Natalie and JitNee definately are good kakis to have lots of fun!

We orederd a bottle of wine before the dins started.
This wine has to be chill a bit before you drink it.
It's recommendated by Nat! * Good Choice*

The complimentary bread basket.
Not sure if I was too hungry, even the bread taste real good for me!

We ordered 2 starters.
This is Insalata Rustica with mushroom, roasted chicken and sausages (RM28).

The second starter is Antipasto Alla Vineria (RM56)
This is freaking good!
But bear in mind that if you are not a beef lover, you might not enjoy it!

We are actually quite full after the 2 starters.
So we only ordered 2 pastas for sharing among 4 of us.
This pasta has a super long name, Pappardelle Al Ragout Di Vitello E Agnello Con Funghi E Vino Rosso (RM39).
It's a slice lamb pasta!

This is the seafood pasta Linguine Ai Frutti Di Mare (RM56).
It comes with big prawns, squid, and mussels.
All seafood are damn fresh!

We truly enjoyed the food there so much!

It is not only for good food, but also the chilling environment and ambiance will make you wanna stay longer!

If you are an Italian food lover, this place you will not want to miss out!

Charles joined us a bit later after he finished work.
Pity him that he has to finish our left over food as we all too full after tasted a bit here and there!

Not sure when are we going to meet again, hope you enjoy your life in Sibu!
And our friendship will last forever even we don't meet that often as we used to be!

P/S The lighting in Vineria is definately not very good to take pictures.
All the above pictures were taken by our smart phones.

Hope you like the post for today!

G-133, Ground Floor
Bangsar Shopping Centre,
285, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, KL.
Tel: 603-2287 7889

March . GuangZhou

As said, my March was really busy, busy with all Furniture exhibitions that held in Asia.
I went to Singapore and Bangkok fair 3 weeks ago.
Then, rest a week before started my 1 week China trip.
March was really exhausted till I fall sick.
Anyway, today I am going to blog about my trip in GuangZhou.
I have been going to GZ many times since I started this job, just that I didn't blog about it.
Reason? Might because I don't really like the trip to China, it always too tired!

Started my trip with a cup of cappuccino while waiting for the morning flight.

*Sky was so blue* Flying off with MAS this time.
So, wish me safe flight!

Not sure if I was too hungry? The omelette set they served on that morning was pretty good!

Sometimes when I couldn't fall to sleep inside the plane, I will look through the beautiful sky from the window next to me.

I didn't use any entertainments provided by the airline, coz I was chasing the Kdrama, Phantom by So Ji-Sub. In love with him after watching the Master's Sun.

It seems a long flight for me although the flight from KL to GZ only takes 4 hours long.
I seriously just can't wait to get off from the plane!

Once arrived at GZ airport, we took a bus to DongGuan as we have few factories visit on the next day. Yea! Busy day starts right after the long journey!

We arrived at the hotel at 7pm sharp! Tired to max!
It was lucky that we got sponsored by the new supplier for such a great and cozy room!
It's really kind of them!

A must have after a long day travelling!

We had simple dinner at the restaurant inside the hotel.
Overall just good!

Had a very good discussion the next day with the new supplier.

Also a very good lunch with them.
Really appreciate all their hospitality during the stay in DongGuan.
Nice to meet you, Ceci!

After a day in DongGuan, we headed to ShenZhen for 2 nights stay.
This Shui Du Holiday Hotel is awesome!

Just cost about RMB599 and you can get such a big room. So worth it!

Before dinner, selfie in front of the big mirror.
I would like to have such big mirror in my room too!

Decided to just had a dinner nearby the hotel.
We ordered quite a lot for just 2 of us.
Right, we couldn't finish all of them especially the fried rice which served the last!

Sorry to say so, but can't you just clean up a bit for your restaurant?
It's a place for food, how can it be so D.I.R.T.Y? 
Anyway, "Welcome to China"!

Wrapped up all the discussions in ShenZhen and then started the journey to Gz for the CIFF furniture fair!

Not my first time going with the high speed train in ShenZhen, but too many times.
It is fast yet it is too bored to stay inside for about an hour to GZ.

Check in the Landmark Hotel located at HaiZhu Square.
I would like to give a BIG thumb up for this hotel in terms of their service, room cleaning, friendly and helpful staffs! Awesome!

First thing to do after check in and drop off our luggage is to have a BEER!

Mr Jan! He is not only my good working partner, also a big brother and a good friend of mine!
We always enjoy drinking beer together when we are in overseas!

The food in GZ always good.
First day dinner already make all of us "slurp"!

We travelled from HaiZhu Square to XinGangDong where the exhibition is by subway.
It cost only RMB4 for one way.
You can get off from either PaZhou or XinGangDong station to the exhibition center.
It consider a long journey which is about 45 mins yet it is better than you stuck in the traffic if you go by taxi.
GZ traffic is not as good as in KL.

Overall, the first day was good at the exhibition, except the long day walk.

Had a good dinner at Lucy's cafe located at Shamian Island which nearby the Pearl River.

It is a must visit restaurant for us whenever we travel to GZ.

It consider quite a special restaurant in GZ because you can sit outside with the nice weather.
Plus it serves all kind of food from Chinese to Western too.

Get some selfie while walking from Shamian Island back to Landmark hotel.

My Favourite piece.
Oppss. Didn't realize my hair grown so long already!

The weather was pretty chilling! Nice!

If you visit GZ, probably you shouldn't miss out the Shamian Island.

The building at Shamian Island are totally different with the one you see in the city as this place was divded into two concessions given to France and the United Kingdom by Qing Goverment in the 19th century, and all the buildings are still remain the same old look until now.

It was a long walk from Shamian Island back to HaiZhu Square.
Took us about 1 hour back to our hotel, but it‘s all worth because of the nice weather and also the nice view along the walk.

It wasn't a good day on the second day in GZ.

While inside the subway.
Always pack and no seat for us!

The exhibition hall is crazy big in GZ.
It probably the largest exhibition center in the world with 12,174,000sq ft.

I know! I look extremely tired on my face!

This is the map of the whole exhibition center.

This is only a small part inside the exhibition center.
You couldn't imagine how big it is if you never been before!

Finished the second day with a great company dinner!
This is another must visit restaurant in GZ ~ Hong Xing Seafood Restaurant

They serve all kind fresh seafoods.

Quite an interesting place to give a try.

Didn't get the chance to take the food photo, but take some good pictures with cool people.

Great to catch up with Jenny and Joyce!
Overall it was a great night with great people!

Weather is getting bad the next day.
It rained the whole day! It's whole day non-stop raining!

Was pretty cold that day.
So we went for steamboat dinner at Beijing Road.

A random picture after the dinner.

Wet all day long!

Ended the night with a group picture.
Saying byebye to all British people who are leaving GZ tomorrow.
Nice meeting all of you!

Last day in GZ!
After half day at the exhibition, we went to Beijing Road for some sightseeing and shopping.

Look at the tall guy behind me :p

Me at Beijing Road!

What a coincidence that I met my hero Lee Min Ho there! Muacksss!

Always good to catch up with Jenny from PanYu.

Yea! Yea! Last dinner in GZ, and we all ready to go back home tomorrow!

Had a good big breakfast in the early morning before heading to airport!

Waiting the airport bus!
My face can tell you how much I miss my home!

Although the trip was exhausted yet I think I do enjoyed it.
Meeting new people from different places, tasted nice food along the trip gave me a another great experience in my life!

Thanks so much!

And I hope you enjoy reading it too!