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In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, health has taken center stage in the lives of many, including my own family.
The past few years have been a journey of heightened health consciousness, particularly since both my parents contracted the virus.
While they have recovered, their health hasn't been the same as before.
This experience has made me more vigilant about seeking out effective supplements to bolster their immune systems and prioritize their overall well-being, with a special focus on respiratory health.
I stumbled upon GKB Tiger Milk Mushroom, a fungus health supplement developed by GK Bio International Sdn Bhd, a company specializes in probiotics and fungus health products with certifications including GMP, MeSTI, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP to guarantee highest product safety, quality and manufacturing standards.
If you've been following my previous posts, click HERE, you might recall that I've shared insights about GKB products before.
GKB Tiger Milk Mushroom specifically aims at relieving cough, cold and sinusitis; a good thing to have now, because a lot of people are worried about breathing problems in the current climate.

Health History About Tiger Mushroom

Here are some health stories related to the Tiger Milk Mushroom.
The Tiger Milk Mushroom became well-known in 2022 when the former Prime Minister of Malaysia shared at a big meeting about biotechnology that it helps him with a long-lasting cough.
This special mushroom grows in tropical forests in places like Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.
People believe it grows where mother tiger nurse their babies.
For centuries, it's been used in traditional medicine to treat many health issues like asthma, coughs and even cancers. 

Back in the 1950's and 60's, almost every Chinese family had it as medicine for coughs and colds.
It was also used for serious illnesses like cancer.
The Tiger Milk Mushroom got attention in 1664 when a traveler from Europe heard about it in Southeast Asia. He then wrote about it in his diary, calling it "Tiger's Milk" because locals used it to treat tough diseases. 

In 1890, Sir Henry Nicholas Ridley, who started Malaysia's rubber industry, talked about the medicinal value of Tiger Milk Mushroom. He tried to grow it but failed.
That same year, Cooke wrote about it scientifically based on a sample found in Penang.
And today, it's known as Lignpsus Rhinocerotis/L.

Benefits of The Tiger Milk Mushroom

GKB Tiger Milk Mushroom is effective against lung and respiratory problem, sinus issues, allergies, chronic cough and asthma, making it a versatile and valuable natural remedy for promoting respiratory health and overall well-being.
In addition, because it's been used to treat coughs and bronchitis for a long time, some traditional healers think it might help against the recent coronavirus as it boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation, helping the respiratory system heal and fight diseases better.
So, it's like a full package for improving respiratory health and preventing problems.
It is suitable for individuals dealing with various respiratory issues, including smokers, chronic cough, sinus problems, asthma patients, viral respiratory infections, and chronic bronchitis.

Main Ingredient

GKB Tiger Milk Mushroom contains the main ingredient, 490mg of Lignosus Rhinoceros Mycelium.
The Tiger Milk Mushroom fungus used in this product is manufactured with patented liquid fermentation technology, to make sure the bioactive compounds are highly preserved and no residue is produced.


GKB Tiger Milk Mushroom comes in a straightforward packaging designed for ease of use.
Each package consists of a box containing two packs. Inside each pack, there are three strips.
Each strip contains 10 vegecaps, making a total of 60 vegecaps in one package. 
This simple packaging of GKB Tiger Milk Mushroom not only ensures convenience for storage and portability but also provides a sufficient supply of vegecaps for regular consumption.

One thing I like about GKB's packaging is its clear presentation of key information.
The active ingredients, indications, and dosage instructions are prominently displayed on the box.
This straightforward labeling ensures that consumers can easily understand what the product contains, its intended purposes, and how to use it correctly.


For optimal results, take 1 capsule of GKB Tiger Milk Mushroom daily after a meal.
With consistent daily use, each box provides a month's supply, ensuring you receive the full benefits of this natural supplement for respiratory wellness and immune support.

Jakim Halal Certification & Malaysia's Ministry of Health (KKM)

GKB Tiger Milk Mushroom has both Jakim Halal certification and approval from Malaysia's Ministry of Health (KKM).
This ensures that they meet standards for halal compliance and have deemed safe and suitable for consumption by regulatory authorities in Malaysia.

Where to Purchase 

In summary, Tiger Milk Mushroom serves as a comprehensive support for respiratory health, promoting lung function, bronchial health, and overall respiratory wellness.

GKB products are sold in KPJ Hospital, IJN Hospital and many pharmacies including:
1. Whole Malaysia: Alpro Pharmacy and Watsons
2. Central Region: M Care Pharmacy and Leo Pharmacy
3. Melaka: Farmasi Big Tree, Farmasi Limbongan and Farmasi Tanjung Minyak
4. Penang, MEDS & VITS Pharmacy, Pure Pharmacy, NuCare Pharmacy, Bliss Pharmacy, Guan Pharmacy and Island Retail Pharmacy
5. Perak: HTM Pharmacy
6. East Coast: Lau & Tan Pharmacy, Farmasi Nazen and Farmasi Ehsan
7. Southern Region: The One Pharmacy, You Pharmacy and AcePro Pharmacy
8. Sabah: LifePlus Pharmacy and Pearl Pharmacy
9. SarawakL Trinity Pharmacy, Hometown Pharmacy and Mana Pharmacy

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